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Sinner stop being a Blockchip, you should really stop. You're not funny.

I'm done?

I really wish there was a place he could go to discuss these issues.

oops i actually found the mean girls reference hilarious my bad guys
but thats because im super gay and mean girls is my bible

In all honesty guys, the pics really weren't meant to offend anybody.

Or maybe you're just a loving idiot, mate ;)

See, and I'm not hurt because words don't hurt like rocks, lmfaooo.

You need to work on your jokes.

Calling everyone an starfish isn't very funny, especially when it's completely out of the blue.

Alright then. I didn't realize people were so soft skinned.

Listen you wanker, not a single person here got butthurt over your stuffty photoshops, we were loving confused.

Yeah, and it wasn't meant to be taken as a serious application to get in. Next time I'll have to type /s after the text.

If you can't understand the group is a bunch of people having fun

I do, and I am glad you guys are having fun. You guys are just flipping over nothing, however. It was meant to be a joke, and that is it. Not insult your discord, as I am sure it is chill as you describe.

why else would you tell them their name implies they aren't being serious? and if you didn't want in, why are you still here arguing/butthurt that your joke asking to get in has failed?

at this point you're just butthurt cause they didn't get your joke, and if you were in this discord I could probably count the number of seconds it'd take on my hands for you to get told to shut the forget up.

Back at it again with thinking I was seriously trying to get in. I'm trying to explain to you guys that I wasn't trying to bash the discord at all, and if you took it that way, I apologize.

what? I couldn't care less if people don't want to talk to me or my discord. You literally started this by insulting a group of people out of nowhere. It's loving hilarious that you're trying to play he victim card here

IT WASN'T AN INSULT. Are you numbskulled? Obviously you are apart of the newer generation of people too soft to take jokes? Hmm?
I don't even get it, how exactly is that a bad name to begin with? I hardly know what it implies but I don't think it goes back to any trouble making of any sort.

besides, the last person who should be telling people to wisen up here is you, I'm sure they don't want their discord spammed with memes either

Where did I tell people to wisen up? See? You act like I wanted to be apart of this, when I did not. Which is why I joked around about it. You guys are acting like I insulted your mothers to their faces on mothers day or something?

Nobody yelled at anybody until you forgets got butthurt over my pictures - which were intended to be comical, not hurtful.

I like that the only reason he would make such a handicapped post is because he's either butthurt he couldn't get in or just a moron  

And see? You have this personality thing going on where you think everybody wants to be involved with you and your group and whoever isn't is suddenly butthurt. You think that everybody desires to chat with you or something, which is not the case. Last time I checked, you were no one special. I don't even have discord installed on my computer, and I've never really heard about it up until this thread.

maybe don't greet a whole group of people by calling them starfishs, most people would reject you as soon as they saw this garbage

So all of the sudden you want your group to be taken seriously while still being called "the glory hole"?

... and yeah. You do look like a bunch of starfishs intentionally making a group have selective membership AND THEN bragging how great it is on here, lmfao. I don't understand why you don't see that.

You're calling ME the dumbarse when you're the loving one who thought it was a great loving plan to make a serious request and play it off as sarcasm when you get called out? Are you completely loving stupid? Is this supposed to be funny? Are you trying to make yourself look good?

Jesus roostering christ and agony, you sound like the kind of guy I'd loving use as a chopping board, you absolute plank. Right twat over here, stay well clear.

Alright, you got me. This looks like such a serious request to get into your circle jerk:

ok do i get a spot?????????

I don't really get why you're getting aggressive over the discord or making fun of it if you're not part of it and haven't seen what it's like. It's kind of a richard thing to do.

What's your motive for being rude? Do you just not like Nick, or is it something more?

My original post was not intended to be rude whatsoever. I became hostile when I was attacked after posting. The guys are acting like I am butthurt over not being in their discord - and trust me, my heart is not broken.

Hang on what the roosters

So first you loving ask to get in, you get denied and then you get all cunting defensive like "hey lol I was never gonna join anyway" and then you're saying Nick is getting defensive?

You sound like a right twerp in the weeds.

Sarcasm, my friend. Why the forget else would I make fun of this discord with pictures, and then ask to get in? Dumb ass.

lmao I didn't know calling someone out on a stuffpost is being defensive

Not a stuff post at all. Was completely serious.

Before I F5'ed this guy had some weird ass furry stuff avatar. Now it's semi-normal. Got a wee bit nervous there.

I don't get this
are you pouting cause you're not invited it? Because this post just demonstrates why you wouldn't be bake it handle a mature environment

Haha, I have no wish to be in this discord at all. Even if I was given the information, I wouldn't have joined.

Someone getting defensive over something?


ok do i get a spot?????????

Off Topic / Re: SinnerOG becomes a country music superstar
« on: May 08, 2016, 01:45:13 PM »

Off Topic / SinnerOG becomes a country music superstar
« on: May 08, 2016, 01:18:35 PM »
Graduating from my 2-year college this month and deciding to say forget it to school. I am devoting my time and effort into becoming a quote on quote, "country music superstar." While I can't play fiddle, guitar, or spoons, those will come with time.

First song so far:

Sitting on a pier,
Waiting for a fish.
Sippin' on my beer,
The thing tastes delish.

I think I got a big bite,
So let's reel him in.
Sippin' on my beer,
Catchin' some fish.

Got a corn-fed belle,
In my pickup truck.
She wants some fun,
I think I found some luck.

Foggin' up them windows,
Blarin' some Hank,
She wants to go muddin',
My Dodge Cummins™ is a tank.


When you guys see me on TV, just know I won't forget BLF.

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