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General Discussion / Re: is medieval roleplay lame
« on: May 24, 2019, 01:42:15 PM »
my own two cents: medrp seems more like a server for a large group dnd-esque rp, run by a team of dms, rather than a server for randoms to join in/participate. every time ive been there, i ended up never participating in the rp as it would have required a lot of effort, only explored the build on my default avatar and grew a few crops
rping is honestly only fun with close friends

This is actually something we're trying to "fix", or at least improve. Obviously we wouldn't punish people who are roleplaying with their friends, but from personal observation, our players don't always welcome newbies into the "meaningful discussions" and such, as they don't really know them. I've asked some players on the situation, and I've been told that they are concerned that randoms may not have a fitting character or could mess up their plans for character interactions. Of course, it is possible to join in, but just like how Conan put it, it does take some effort as well as patience.

For now we've made it so with the exception of diplomacy based cases, the events don't exclude any of the players, regardless of when they joined the server. Besides that I tend to use my characters to "recruit" new players into pre-existing groups or factions so they won't feel left out.

If you have any idea on how could we help the situation, please let us know.

roleplayers who are into epic erotic roleplay

While ERP is against the rules and has always been shunned on, I'd lie if I said that there hasn't been a handful of times when some brave souls have attempted to get real blocky. These cases have been a running joke in our community for ages, but I think that if someone, you know exactly what BL roleplayers are like sometime.

If that's the case, then why was I banned in 2017 for 'failrp' when all I was doing was walking around the build? Pretty inconsistent administration.

If that was really all you've done, and you weren't even offered the chance to explain that you weren't Fail-RP'ing, then the admin / mod was truly the one at fault. "Fail-RP" is short for "Failure to Roleplay", it's to prevent people from creating obnoxious or too unrealistic characters, such as spacemen who came from the future to spam internet memes in the chat, or epic dark wizards who can kill anyone with their minds.

I don't want to come out as if our ideology was that "all of our admins are flawless and literally anyone who says otherwise is just hating on us because we are popular", cause that is just false. The rules have went through a lot of changes and have been ultimately simplified down over the two years, and I won't deny that we had a handful of bad eggs in the admin team. As cliché as this will sound, no one's perfect, there's been a few times where the players have proved us that the admins misjudged their situation, and this swings the other way too, where we have to acknowledge that ten rules may be a bit too much to memorize at once for the average newcomer. This doesn't mean that the admins are just happy to ban players, and neither does it prove that everyone who breaks a rule deserves to be instant banned. That being said, like I previously stated, I honestly think the current staff is better than it was two years ago.

If you've been mistreated, I apologize in the name of the staff member, but even if you haven't you're welcome to come back.

I've only ever behaved like this with Drought because of how stuffty the server was, but when I actually tried MRP, the admin's were intolerable whenever I came across a server bug that prevented me from actually being able to play. I'm not a troll by default in RP servers but nowadays not a single one is worth taking the time to try out, the only fun I get out of them anymore is just by not taking the server seriously at all since obviously the admin's just don't care at all.

While I understand how infuriating it is to have a glitch prevent you from playing the intended game, please note that on average there is only one admin / mod for every fifteen players, but there's been times where I was the only staff on the server with forty players, we also get reports every 3 ~ 5 minutes, and just like the others pointed it out, many of these can turn into sits. I can assure you, that our intention wasn't to annoy or to ignore your request.

If you have any further complaints or questions, I'd be happy to answer.

General Discussion / Re: is medieval roleplay lame
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:02:15 PM »
    • I should be able to traverse the build with the sole intent on server exploration, and not be considered an 'issue'

    You are able to do just that, in-fact it's highly encouraged. The only exceptions to these are the ones that the players themselves limit off.

    • The whole 'beta test' thing is a straight up lie. No one who plays the server (admins included) could tell me what is actively being tested. The only reason they password the server is to keep out new players

    It's considered a beta, because we are still experimenting with the rules, as well as adding new features. For example, the current topic of discussion is food items and healing. Right now you can will automatically heal if you're well-fed, in-addition staying on beds do too, although at a slower rate, this is to simulate resting. It's currently considered a bit too generous. Another thing is trying to figure out what would be the ideal scale limit, players like to make their characters taller and shorter than the average, however setting it too too high or too low puts you at either an advantage or a disadvantage. We're thinking of some sort of penalties that would somewhat balance these out.

    Besides these, we have the usual weapon balancing issues, but the main reason it's still in beta is because we still lack many plans we'd like to implement before we could call it "finished". Of course we will still support and update it afterwards.

    Keeping new players out would be counter productive, since new characters are required to keep the server fresh and alive, for now we tend to see some new faces join every now and then. It's really to filter out people who aren't interested in roleplaying. In our philosophy, if a person wanted to roleplay, they would more likely ask around for the pass and join, considered to someone who's not as interested and just wanted to join because it was near the top of the server board.

    General Discussion / Re: is medieval roleplay lame
    « on: May 22, 2019, 12:21:25 PM »
    I feel like it would be fair to publicize some of the behind the scenes development on Medieval Roleplay to give a better insight on it.

    MRP was always a serious RP, if that isn't your thing, the server may not be fore you. That being said, I would lie if I said that a scenario where you sneak into the castle, get the key, arm yourself and sneakily start taking out people or slashing-and-hashing everyone that crosses your path don't sound like interesting idea, but on the other hand, if you just joined, made your character and decide to explore the map it wouldn't be too fun if someone murdered your guy for a petty reason.

    That's where the most infamous rule comes into play, being "No Random Deathmatch", aka a rule to prevent people from turning the server into a battle royale. Originally the rule was that you could only kill people on whom you have a vendetta on, and killing others was considered a rule break. This sort of put us into an uncomfortable situation. People who wanted to kill someone started vendetta fishing, meaning that they were just looking for an excuse to kill murder the person they don't like. Keep in mind that dying meant perma-death and no one wanted to lose their developed character in an RP, so 9/10 times if someone died, they reported that the the aggressor broke the RDM rule, even if he really wasn't, in hopes that he could keep his character.

    When these happened both players would've been pulled into a sit with an admin, who would had to determine who was wrong and right, needless to say, one of the two parties always left the sit with a bitter taste in their mouth. In addition, we had many cases that were just hard to break. For example, sometimes we had search through chat logs just to check whether someone had a valid vendetta or not, other times we had to determine cases where if a faction kills X's friend does he get a vendetta on each member of the group, even if they wasn't there and so on. It was pretty complex, and hard to maintain, we've been adjusting the rule for literal years to try to balance it out. If the admin appealed to the victim we got the "You can't even kill anyone" complain, if he took the attacker's side, we'd hear "Admins are stuff and biased" and such.

    Right now we removed perma-death, meaning that if your character gets killed you may get revived, however you'd have to roleplay out your injuries and you couldn't just go ahead and take revenge on the guy that killed you, as that would just put the winner of the fight at a disadvantage, thus making RDM much more of a minor offence, to the point where now if you wouldn't constantly try to kill people and aren't randomly attacking people without a word, you're more likely to get away with a single warning. There are two exceptions for it though, during events you can attack a hostile character without any warnings, and if you think your character is more charismatic to try to take a throne, you can gather your supporters, into one place (outside of the kingdom) and let an admin know that you would like to lay siege on a nation (so that we'd know that it's not just a group killing people for no reason, and make an event announcement for it). Keep in mind that the admin can delay it if some conditions aren't met (like the king of said nation not being on the server).

    Another problematic rule was the one to prevent metagaming. For those who are unaware, metagaming means using real-life knowledge in the roleplay, that your character isn't supposed to know, not exactly things like learning how to tie their shoes, but more like things like where characters are and who's betraying who. In the past, we had a very strict "no sort of metagaming" idea, which got a lot of people off the server. Eventually we changed our policy to be more laid back, and right now as long as it's not a secret group actively trying to conspire against someone, and it doesn't bothers anyone neither will it bother us.

    The third thing, we got some complaints about was "Fail-RP". MRP always aimed to let players have as much freedom in creating their characters as we can afford, however we had to eventually step in to prevent cases like brewing mind control potions or a medieval communist uprising (Yes, both of those actually happened in the server at one point).

    I don't think that most players who happened to break the rules did it because they were "just that toxic", or because they wanted to do bad to our server. For this reason, before the reopening we went over the ban list and cleared 75~80% of it, giving most perma-banned players a second chance. Literally everyone that has been banned for breaking the mentioned rules a brand new start, surprisingly many of the once banned players actually turned into our regulars. From my point of view, as long as a player doesn't actively ruins the experience of other players, there isn't really a reason to keep them banned.

    Some people think that admins are given unlimited power, which is pretty far from the truth. The admins also have their rules they have to comply. I won't say that we didn't have any bad eggs in the staff; we did have to demote a couple of people who turned out to be egomaniacs after a week or two they were given power, but I have confidence in our current team. If you feel like you have been mistreated by any of our staff members, don't be scared to leave me, or any of the super admins a message. As for myself, while I take pride in being an SA, in the sense that I get to develop something that others can enjoy, but I don't feel like it makes me feel any more "superior" compared to your average Joe. It's like you make some absolutely superb sandwiches, but you probably shouldn't tackle Gordon Ramsay.

    The reason why the server is passworded, while it's very easy to get the password is to filter out the players that don't really care for the server and join because there's nothing else to play. Since there's no other way to put it, if you join MRP without actually wanting to roleplay, I'm afraid you won't enjoy it too much.

    We often ask our players on what they'd like to change or see added to the game and they usually just say crossbows or hold occasional surveys, then LegoPepper, the owner of the server and I try to iron out what ideas could work and how could we adjust the server to appeal to new players, especially newcomers.

    The last thing I want to address is that we're not really big fans of drama. I don't really know why people suspect us to dislike other RP servers, but in all honesty, I do hope to see Draught and Snowblight make their return. The more servers and selections the game has the longer it'll stay "alive".

    I'm glad you took the time to check out our server and even happier if you enjoyed your stay. If you did not, don't be shy to let us know what can we do to improve our server.

    Thanks and have fun.

    General Discussion / Re: So what's the deal with
    « on: December 04, 2018, 04:09:00 AM »
    Basically the build is larger and better, reason the player count looks goofy is because the admins forget with the command to raise and lower it. Will be fun but needs like 60 players to fill the new map.

    We would absolutely love to have 60 or even more players, but sadly the server has already crashed thrice when the 51st player joined. If we can find a solution to the issue we would be glad to welcome more players.

    General Discussion / Re: So what's the deal with
    « on: December 03, 2018, 04:02:15 AM »

    As a Super Admin on SapphireServers, I'd be glad to clear up the confusion regarding our server.

    Our Medieval Roleplay server is currently passworded, as it's still only in the beta stage. There are a few changes and new mechanics we'd like to introduce and test out, before we open it up to the public. That being said we are happy to welcome most of the players who can put up with the occasional bugs, and the sudden change of rules. If you think you could deal with that, and would like to see the server for yourself, don't be shy to message me for the password.

    Having such a high playercount actually surprised me as much as it surprised you, I thought if we'd get 20 players, I'd be happy. However as we released the beta, players kept on joining to the point where their number crashed the server, which is why we've set the current limit to 40, (sometimes we are such daredevils we raise it to 45!!) it only seems that it's at a constant full server because usually when someone leaves, another one joins in less than a minute. I actually get 2 ~ 4 people messaging me to let them know once there's an opening.

    As far as I know all of the players who join were actual people. They walked, they talked and most of them played fair.

    While we did consider adding RPG elements to it, the idea was ultimately scrapped. Since you can find most of the equipment and weapons by exploring the map, gold only serves a purpose in player-made economy and roleplay. Every person you meet in-game is another player. (It's not as bad as Fallout 76, I promise)

    I think the hype could originate from the fact that the server has been in development for over a year, overtime we reworked most mechanics and rules, as well as extended the map with some new zones for the player to explore.

    The reason for the players to spawn in the Lost Woods (which actually is influenced by Kokiri Forest and the Forest Maze, good job on getting the refference!) is intentional. For those of you who played previously you may remember that it actually felt more of a Simon Says game than an actual forest, where if you took a wrong turn you'd be instantly sent back to the start of the forest. In the development, we made it more maze-y. The reason why the players spawn in it is that so we could see if it's too easy or too hard, and change it accordingly.

    Medieval Roleplay only opens up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as we're quite busy on weekdays. If you wish to join, please click here to check the counter until the third beta run.

    If you have any more questions, I'm happy to answer.

    Thanks, and have fun!

    That is barely negative whatsoever. Its just hin saying "stop treating someone so high and mighty" That is not even targeted towards the server, it's targeted to a user.
    Why are you deciding not to post actual proof about this alleged situation? If it was true as you said it was, you'd be happy to post all the proof in the world, yet you decide to act suspicious and censor out info.
    While it's nothing harmful, I'm more after the fact that before I shared the picture, he stated that I'm lying and pulling the whole thing out of my arse, however right after I share it, he instantly remembers a "barely negative" comment.

    Why are you deciding not to post actual proof about this alleged situation? If it was true as you said it was, you'd be happy to post all the proof in the world, yet you decide to act suspicious and censor out info.
    I have to love how hes stopped mentioning people being banned
    Once again I do not like doing drama, nor do I want to pull anyone into this. If I shared a name you would instantly start making up stories about how they're at fault.

    he realises he will get screwed if he tries faking evidence.
    Anyone, even you could've typed that message in either truth or to slander Paint, but we'll never know, due to your suspicious behavior and censoring important information.
    Well bloody hell lads, let's go over the list of people you exposed lying;
    LegoPepper lies about his bans and makes up rules.
    I lie a lot, make fake pictures and provide false information as well as fake "proof".
    All the SS admins are stuffty, and lie about your ban being valid.
    All the players that reported you stuffe talking our servers are also lying, them reporting the same thing is just apart of their well organised trolling.
    Drydess lied about you ranting.
    Valkerone lied about you having bias against the server.

    Sheesh lads, how can you live in such a cruel world, surrounded by liars, yet still managing to always say God's honest truth?

    All I said to him was "Stop talking about Sapphire like its high and mighty, whenever someone else hosts a semi-decent server it beats it." I dont know where he inferred that stuff from.
    So now you claim, that you indeed spoke about our server in a negative manner; just like how numerous players have reported? Wow, it seems like I'm not a liar afterall.

    And once again I will not provide any names on the players that have reported it, you are free to take your guesses.

    Who said I was gonna deliberately find them and message them???
    If you won't even message them, why do you even want the name? Once again, I will not give it.

    who was the user that said that
    I am not willing to give out any player names for you to message.

    Show us the reports and chatlogs then.
    It was reported on BLG, which sadly doesn't has a feature to show history. However I am not willing to give out any player names for you to message.

    for reference when op got banned from jailbreak for like an hour there was talk of starting up his own jailbreak
    you literally banned crown and then someone said something about you making jailbreak
    you followed by ranting about his server sucks lol
    This sounds incredibly similar to what happened to him in our case as well.

    And while I was not on the server to see or take screenshots, it's been reported by numerous players.

    I did not lie, but once again I am not here to convince anyone anymore, both OP and I know the actual truth and that's enough for me.

    Hiya dudes, I feel like I owe you an answer on why did we actually stopped replying, and I'm going to be 100% honest with you, we feel like this drama has reached a point where I feel like I already had my word and there's not much more that I can say, other than that I strongly doubt that I can convince any of you guys to change your minds, and vice versa. Unlike OP who just bumped a dead drama thread, we at SapphireServers don't aim to star in drama.

    We aren't really ashamed to accept our faults, that's why so many of the ban appeals get accepted, however OP is staying banned. From all I know he started up his own server lately, and as expected, he banned numerous of our staff members on sight, as well as claming that he is going to kill ours, to which I must wish you good luck.

    We didn't perma-ban Lord Tony on-sight either, we have given him numerous warns as well as previous bans; we kind of failed to see why would he even keep on coming back to our server if he would keep on complaining about how awful it is in the first place.

    With that being said, I really hope for this drama to die out soon, as I consider this settled; however if you still have questions, suggestions or ideas regarding the server, don't be shy to send me a message.

    Thanks and have fun.

    You focus on all the reasons in the ban - and focused on the "10" bans in that 2 month period, you focused on it, not me, pal.
    Sorry dude, but the way I see it you keep on hiding behind the fact that the ban claimed that it was ten bans, while it was actually seven. That's technically the main point why you think you should've been unbanned. I consider that focusiong onto it. Once again, as we have already claimed, seven bans is more than enough to get you perma banned.

    I never said I didn't want to contact him? He was offline and I asked you for my banlogs, not to contact him.
    If that is indeed the case then why did you complain about the fact that you had to speak to a 'messenger' of his, rather than Lego himself?

    Also yes, I may not be able to mimic someones voice but I could tell people I am ill/have a cold/in pain from a battle.
    I still do not think that, that's how it works. In my book, it is extremly rare when two people can mimic each others voice perfectly. Even if they are cold.

    That's not the point, I was misled by an admin that the rule didn't apply at all.
    While I don't know exactly what were you two talking back then, I feel like you're trying to play the victim card here. If an admins tells you that one of the rules don't apply, you should at least ask another about it, rather than taking advantage of it. You didn't even mention that Amir has mislead you in your ban appeal, nor when you got banned for metagaming, which leads me to believe that you actually didn't want it to be known by the admins, as you planned on keeping the method.
    However I do have to give it to you that Amir was trurly not a good admin, and he did quite damaged the server's reputition.

    Pretty sure the layout said to add one.
    The ban appeal format doesn't mentions anything about needing to add any polls. Just because there's a button that says "Add poll" doesn't mean you neccesarily have to click it.

    Stop reusing points I have already answered about 10 times please
    You are yet to disprove most of them.

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