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General Discussion / Re: the BLF is now 15 years old
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:38:09 PM »
Congrats BLF. We'll be at 30 in no time

I'm really happy that Boomer has become an insult. Those losers were born into a post-WW2 economic boom, moved into subsidized homes, got medicare benefits--then turned around and destroyed the economy, created a housing crCIA, and adamantly oppose universal healthcare. What loving clowns.

Obviously, #NotAllBoomers. Bernie is OK.

Epstein actually paid me $60 to pose as the corpse in that New York Prison. I spent it on Destiny 2.

Off Topic / Re: Zealot gets a visit from the FBI
« on: August 24, 2019, 09:37:22 AM »
At 8:00 AM this morning I got a text from my mom saying that FBI agents were at her front door asking about my 'suspicious online posts.' She gives them my cellphone number since I'm in another town and says they will contact me. At 9:00 I got a call from the FBI and the agent asked me questions about my Reddit account. I made a joke account 4-5 years ago where I pretend to be a Mormon Missionary and try to convert people. The posts are really crazy but never make any threats or talk about weapons or anything. No hate speech either so IDK why they were so freaked out.

He reads off some posts to me and I explain that I'm joking. They had apparently been to our house yesterday also but nobody was home. He says that the FBI takes this stuff very seriously and that I could be expelled from my university for my comments. He talks about students getting expelled several years ago (for making actual threats) and I claim my account isn't threatening anyone and never mentions violence or anything. The agent sends me some screenshots of specific comments (he just took phone pics of his screen, lol) and I noticed that one of the pics was 5 months old. How long have the FBI been trying to track me down? He also asked me for my date of birth, full name and some other info before saying goodbye.

So uh, yea. McZealot is on the FBI most wanted.

How did they even find your address? There's just no way the FBI would go through this trouble to get your IP from reddit...
I have no idea how they found me. I'm guessing they asked Reddit to link it to my other accounts (which would use the same IP) where I've posted my real info before. Or they might have just tracked it to the address. When they showed up to speak with my mom they weren't sure which son it was (me or my brother) so they might have gotten Reddit to pinpoint the location somehow. When my mom called with the FBI there she said something about getting an IP address but I'm not sure if the FBI told her that or if she just assumed. They also weren't sure which car was mine and had my mom identify them.

After seeing the screenshots i call bullstuff. The FBI has way more important stuff to do and plus, you have no content which seems questionable enough to investigate.
Sorry bro, what do you want me to post? The agent's contact info? Cause that obviously wouldn't be cool. I was planning on recording my call to them (cause my mom texted me the dude's number) but instead they called me so I didn't have the chance to set up a recording. They called me at 9 AM yesterday after showing up at my mom's house. We spoke for like 20 minutes over the phone.

Feel free to think I'm full of stuff, but you're pretty delusional. Literally spent all day talking about this with my friends on Snapchat/Steam and if I was gonna concoct a crazy story it would definitely be cooler than talking to an FBI agent for 20 mins over my Reddit comments.

Off Topic / Re: Zealot gets a visit from the FBI
« on: August 23, 2019, 03:44:40 PM »
I think the craziest part of it all was that the FBI didn't know how to screenshot. They just had pics of the computer screen taken from a phone.

you can't tell me all of this and NOT post a link

just post a screen cap with details blurred out
Okay lol. I'll send you the whole account on Steam if you message me I just don't want to link it to BLF.

I’m calling bullstuff. Wouldn’t be the first time Zealot’s done this
This wouldn't be the first time I've been contacted by the FBI? Uh...

Off Topic / Re: Zealot gets a visit from the FBI
« on: August 23, 2019, 12:37:39 PM »
This is cool and all, but do you mind also linking the source of the comments in question?
I've linked it to dozens of people on Steam but I ain't linking it to BLF lmao, I don't want you guys blowing my cover. Esp when it's apparently under FBI monitoring,

post the account, i dont believe for a second that the fbi would be that concerned over a mormon on reddit
Sorry to disappoint ya, this 100% happened a couple hours ago. You think too highly of our government. Message me on Steam if you're real curious.

i would have a very hard time not trying to ask if this is really where my taxes are going, jfc
I said "It must be a relief to know it's a troll," and the FBI dude said "Actually it's very disappointing." I also linked them to RedLetterMedia on YouTube since a few of the posts they were concerned about were references to that channel. I asked him if he had was checking up on /r/Incels yet and he wouldn't say anything. Also refused to tell me how long they had been monitoring. When they spoke to my mom this morning they weren't sure if the poster was me or my brother.

Off Topic / -privacy snip-
« on: August 23, 2019, 10:38:19 AM »

Off Topic / Re: pride month thread
« on: June 06, 2019, 12:52:33 AM »
This was the first year in 5 years that I didn't volunteer at the local Pride Parade, since I've been in Colorado for 2 weeks. Kinda disappointing because I've got a set of photos from each year of the parade where we troll the homophobic protesters. One year there was a giant "IGNORE THESE starfishS" sign but last year we just waved rainbow flags in front of all the insane Bible verses they put up on posters.

WTF? Green Book won Best Picture? Nobody expected that. Even the crew looked really surprised when they got called over Roma and The Favourite. The Academy Awards are a joke. That's all, folks.

I hate the Oscars. Unfortunately, as a masochist I continue to tune in each year. These will be the worst ones yet. Black Panther is nominated for Best Picture, after all.

The opening 3-woman act was extremely cringy. They couldn't even find a host this year.

Amy Adams (Vice)
Marina de Tavira (Roma) ~ My prediction
Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk) ~ My pick
Emma Stone (The Favourite)
Rachel Weisz (The Favourite)

WINNER: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk)

Hey, they didn't screw it up.

Free Solo
Hale County This Morning, This Evening
Minding the Gap
Of Fathers and Sons
RBG ~ My pick & prediction

WINNER: Free Solo

Never saw it, but I'm not too upset RGB lost.

Mary Queen of Scots


I don't really care about this one.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (Wouldn't mind this one)
Black Panther (I also wouldn't be upset)
The Favourite (My personal pick)
Mary Poppins Returns
Mary Queen of Scotts (My prediction)

WINNER: Black Panther

One of the only awards it deserves. The Black Panther suit is pretty slick and the costume design all around was good.

Black Panther (I wouldn't mind much)
Mary Poppins Returns
The Favourite (My personal pick)
Roma (I'd like this)
First Man

WINNER: Black Panther

Cold War
The Favourite (Wouldn't be too upset)
Never Look Away
Roma (My pick, it's absolutely gorgeous)
A Star Is Born (My prediction. I will be pissed)


Wooh! They did it! The film is gorgeous.


“All The Stars” from Black Panther (I might kill myself)
“I’ll Fight” from RBG (Please no)
"The Place Where Lost Things Go" From Mary Poppins Returns (It was okay)
“Shallow” from A Star Is Born (My prediction but I want Buster Scruggs to win)
"When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings" (I love this song. HARDCORE rooting for Buster Scruggs)

I'm dropping my live updates bc I'm watching the rest with a group but I will write up about how pissed I am afterward. If Black Panther wins Best Picture I will never watch the Oscars again.

WTF? Green Book won Best Picture? Nobody expected that. Even the crew looked really surprised when they got called over Roma and The Favourite. The Academy Awards are a joke. That's all, folks.

Off Topic / Re: "No evidence of collusion" says Senate Intel Chairman
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:42:52 PM »

the reality is that you're politically grandstanding on a lego forum for literally nobody except yourself, probably because you're a social outcast who doesn't have the outlet to subject other people to this insane stuff
I mean it's obvious what you wanted from this thread, you want people to suggest that there is collusion so you can continue jerking yourself off about being right about this whole thing because your political identity is literally the only facet of your personality and you have pretty much nothing else to talk about otherwise.

I said this before, but your "Kimons" are gone retard, you've driven off all the easily baited libs already. Your (you)s are gone. Your whole shtick was completely unsustainable. My only suggestion is to log off and find another community to stain with your bullstuff
RIP matthew

Off Topic / RIP Zealot's Car
« on: January 21, 2019, 10:28:14 PM »
~snip for privacy~

Off Topic / Re: Did anyone else join the forums relatively young?
« on: January 21, 2019, 06:23:32 PM »

Off Topic / Re: It's Election Day! ~ Blue Wave 2018
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:27:25 PM »
excuse me HOLD THE PHONE one sec.

WTF kinda cursor is this.

Off Topic / Re: It's Election Day! ~ Blue Wave 2018
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:18:32 PM »
I never really understood why the democrats and republicans switched colors when the democrats are the socialist party

Also kind of cute there are still diehard liberals thinking they have a chance in this current political climate
lmao, I wish the Dems were a socialist party. The Dems are right-wing by the standards of most first-world countries.

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