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Off Topic / Re: Idle and Subpixel are no longer online??
« on: May 08, 2024, 08:21:17 AM »

Off Topic / Re: IDF VS HAMAS
« on: March 06, 2024, 07:32:59 PM »
Religion has its strengths and weaknesses but I doubt it is the sole/primary cause of this conflict. At a more fundamental level, all organisms have a deeply evolved purpose to further the reproduction of their own genetic relatives while eliminating competing organisms of a different genetic lineage. Palestine and Israel have conflicting religious and judicial goals. However, their goals are shaped by and reflect this emergent strategy to preserve ones' own family and community above all others.

If you took Judaism and Islam out of the picture, the conflict between the two sides would persist; The people in that region occupy one of the most densely populated resource-strained locations on the planet. Regardless of their intentions and desire for peace, living space will always be limited, and at some point one side (or both) will organize to further their own survival at the expense of the other.

Peace will only be found in anti-natalism and reproductive education. Less people means more resources and happier individuals. Any attempt to diffuse the war or come to a compromise will only continue the overpopulation of Israel and Palestine, and lead to an inevitable conflict in the future. Unless population control is implemented, the 'winner' of this conflict will have multiple civil wars, rebellions and internal conflicts in their future. For example, if Israel conquers Gaza and annexes their land, suddenly the various sects of Judaism within Israel's government will be at conflict with each other over who deserves to control the land. War will persist in one way or another, as long as people continue to reproduce without limit.

strongly agree - he should have at least had an opportunity to finish a full fledged game :(

life was truly unfair to him
i believe the work that he did was more than enough. his games weren't released commercially, but they definitely weren't fledgeling either. in jack and casie's current state, you can play for hours and still have loads of fun


what a forgeted up form of cancer. it must've impacted his breathing very much and looks like eventually it would've impacted his spine and brain. once it reaches that point it seems like surgery is too dangerous and can result in brain death

Off Topic / Re: Bushido passed away
« on: January 18, 2024, 12:00:21 AM »
this is awful. i never knew he was suffering so much. he discussed having a lot of personal issues that impacted his life and happiness.

he inspired me so much. a lot of my artistic and 3d modeling styles borrowed from his creativity. he always gave me hope as a game designer that people who believe in themselves can accomplish a lot.

it feels like yesterday when he said my first blockland gun having ADS would be a bad choice because it didn't need it. somehow that one interaction was all i needed to feel noticed by him and feel like my work mattered. what a complicated person.

nobody's saying you can't have ironsights on the model itself

we're saying you can't staple ADS on weapons that don't need ADS, and especially if you're explicitly modeling the weapon that you would be theoretically stapling ADS onto after weapons that are designed to not have ADS

basically, adding a sighting system to a gun for no other reason then to have a sight system on the gun is equivalent to adding a spoiler to a town car. you'd basically be making a gun-flavored rice burner.
very interesting and unique criticism and take on something so small. Gytyyhgfffff once said that the way Bushido thought about game mechanics was complex and deep in a way that couldn't be fully understood. it was somehow logical and silly at the same time, sometimes harsh, sometimes endearing. im sure there was way more to him than just his opinions but that was one of his most expressive features.

i wish someone would host a classic bushido-style deathmatch in his honor, with all his weapons from the old to the most recent.

Seriously? Are you ALL that loving handicapped? Obviously you have no sympathy of what goes on beyond doors. I don't need help. All you stupid forgets on this forum need way more help than I do. God are you all that loving dumb? You guys still hate me for all the stupid stuff even tho you let everyone else do this. YOU ALL NEED HELP. Not me. I'm livin my life.
I am very sorry you feel this way. I understand that it is frustrating to feel like nobody is taking your side or cares about the problem you are having. A lot of us have positive opinions on you and only wish for you to find peace. Your conflict with the people you listed sounds like it caused you a lot of stress and left you feeling betrayed and upset. What you're feeling is completely normal.

We also believe that your obsession with these people is unhealthy. They are clearly not worth your time or energy, and you most likely won't think or care about them 10 years from now. I personally wish you work towards a future where you find a group of people who make you feel happy and appreciate your jokes rather than isolate you and make you feel personally targeted. You definitely deserve a future where you are happy, so don't be afraid to take small steps towards it. Block these people that bothered you, and try to realize that they are not important, nor do they care about your wellbeing. Do what they cannot do- love yourself, set boundaries, and move on.

« on: January 17, 2024, 12:59:01 AM »
tfw you laugh at someone's erratic mentally deranged behavior for years and then discover that they are unironically criminally insane.

i dont know what disorder you suffer from but keep in mind bipolar psychosis begins around age 25 and you appear to be right around that age. consider that you're having a very self-absorbed mental breakdown right now and need help but you're refusing help and blaming someone else instead. that wont really help you in the long run

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 12, 2023, 12:24:28 PM »
the october 7th attack brings new meaning into the world of organized mass shootings. in the US, Hardcore Gamers are historically lone operators and don't have the support/time/weapons to incorporate rape and dismemberment into their attacks. now, people have seen what happens when a group of Hardcore Gamers organize with the sole purpose of causing suffering and terror. how long will it be until american Hardcore Gamers begin to mimic hamas, organize through private messaging channels, and execute attacks deadlier and more offensive than before?

20 people could work together to lay siege to a day care, for example. the gunmen who enjoy rape, would intentionally be sent into the day care in order to commit as much loveual violence as possible, while the other gunmen who enjoy gunfights and killing, would intentionally be placed outside the day care to keep law enforcement occupied while the rape happens inside. the delegation of psychopathic goals among the Flash Mobers make them more effective at achieving their individual and group goals of terror and violence.

hamas knew that the nova music festival would have more young women in one place than the kibbutz/IDF bases. it seems that they intentionally sent their loveually violent soldiers to the music festival, knowing they would cause the most damage and terror. the soldiers they sent to the kibbutz exhibited more murderous and combat-effective tendencies than at the music festival, probably chosen because they expected heavier resistance from IDF in the kibbutz. it's hard to prove that these were decisions made by hamas' leadership, or just coincidence. however, it makes sense from a strategic standpoint to send your lesser-experienced, rape-hungry suicidal soldiers to an open field with plenty of women to rape, than into a kibbutz or bases to fight battle-hardened IDF soldiers.

the gopro footage from the hamas fighters in the bases and deeper israeli territory hints that they were trained specifically for combat with the IDF. they were better armed and organized than the fighters at the music festival. the fighters at the festival had the easiest job, which was to simply shoot/rape/scare as many people as possible, and get them to flee on the road so the hamas ambush fighters could do their job (the ambush fighters definitely didn't have rape on the agenda)

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 12, 2023, 11:57:21 AM »
@phanto this is for you too lmao stop crying about evil hamas fighting the civilized democratic israel it's embarrassing.
i think you misunderstood my stance.
i want a third party to completely dismantle hamas and israel's government without the use of explosives, chemical warfare or civilian casualties. both governments are run by tribal, far-right xenophobes who have a complete disregard for the lives of others. they are both supreme threats to each other, themselves, and all human rights in the middle east. neither should have power.
hamas and IDF are armies, they will always seek to achieve their military objectives using whatever means are available to them. hamas, lacking the armor and technology to fight IDF head-on, uses terror to offend and provoke their enemies into urban deathtraps, where they become easy targets to IEDs and man-portable anti-tank launchers. IDF, lacking the numbers, intelligence, and forgets to give, use indiscriminate explosive ordinance to destroy said urban deathtraps and the hundreds of civilians that happen to occupy them.

there is no solution to the gaza/israel conflict, that involves either hamas or IDF. they ARE the soul of the conflict, and a safe, humane gaza or israel will not exist as long as hamas or the IDF exist too. only once both organizations are disarmed, willingly or otherwise, then will the people have the freedom to actually rebuild and work on social services, infrastructure, and defusing ethnic hostilities. IDF and hamas will only hinder those services, either by destroying them or destroying people's faith in a peaceful solution, or just destroying the people in general (that's where we're at now)

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 06, 2023, 02:17:57 PM »
did you not see the video where Hamas shoves a bunch of civilians in front of them as meatshields while continuing to shoot at the israelis and the israeli army doesn't just open fire?
no but i saw the video where an adolescent woman was filming israeli soldiers from her window and they decided to light her entire window up with gunfire. also saw the video where israel carpet bombed an entire truck convoy of refugees fleeing from the exact place they told them to evacuate.

there's a difference between "terrorist living in the house across the street" and "literally an entire tunnel network under your entire neighborhood that contains hundreds of terrorists and their stockpiles and infrastructure".
what isn't different between the two scenarios, is the civilians lack of knowledge of hamas' infrastructure. the people being killed do not know there is a complex tunnel system under their house. how could they know? hamas isn't just going around telling everyone "hey we're storing several megatons of explosives under your toddler's nursery, just so you have the right to know"

israel does put effort into warning civilians before their strikes. however, the time period they give for people to evacuate is incredibly short and the entire process isn't thorough enough to ensure that every person in the building is notified. israel needs to be deploying leaflets, sending people into buildings with gurneys and EMTs to evacuate the sick, elderly and young who are unable to evacuate themselves.

so what the forget do you think Israel should do when Hamas is firing rockets out of an apartment building and using schools as munitions stockpiles, wiseass?
anything but explosives. if you know a school, with civilians inside, is being used as a munitions stockpile, why the forget would you blow it up? israel knows the secondary explosive charges are guaranteed to cause even more collateral damage. they should be resorting to warfare that doesn't have the capacity to obliterate everything nearby. if Benjamin Netanyahu were inside that very school that hamas was using as an ammo dump, do you think israel would still resort to using explosives, that could possibly kill him? if not, why is it that they don't show any restraint when it comes to civilian children?

so let me get this straight, when hamas goes on rape, murder, and torture sprees and brags about it and makes it 2000% clear they're going to do it again every time they get anything remotely resembling an opportunity, you want Israel to NOT try to get rid of hamas? no. forget that.
i want a third party to completely dismantle hamas and israel's government without the use of explosives, chemical warfare or civilian casualties. both governments are run by tribal, far-right xenophobes who have a complete disregard for the lives of others. they are both supreme threats to each other, themselves, and all human rights in the middle east. neither should have power.

everyone remember this too: the source on the number of civilian deaths is the hamas-run health ministry. they blame literally every single dead palestinian on "israeli aggression" regardless of actual cause of death, including the palestinians that hamas gunned down for trying to flee to escape being used as meatshields. they also claim all deaths are innocent civilians, when the number actually includes plenty of their militants.
regardless of your theories about falsified statistics, most human rights organizations put the estimate of palestinian civilians dead at above 10,000. that number is super realistic, considering the footage of their bombing campaign, the civilian casualties (so many young children with their brains blown out), and the general landscape of gaza right now

there's no loving way a city with over 1 million people can look like this and not have death reaching the tens of thousands. even without the excessive bombing, people are dying every minute of starvation, infection, Self Delete, crime, and most of it isn't being reported because of the extreme danger of gaza and its awful living conditions. 10,000 is a realistic estimate, 15,000 is more of a propaganda estimate. either way, israel's war has caused almost 10x as many civilian casualties as hamas' attack on october 7. that's like, one Al-Aqsa Flood a week, for 2 months. in the first 2 days after october 7th, israel had already managed to cause as many civilian deaths than hamas.

i should also point out that israeli soldiers never raped anyone
rape is guaranteed during war. there may not be footage of israeli soldiers raping anyone, but it's definitely happened at some point during the conflict. every army (im not making this up) ever to go to war has armed individuals responsible for rape, mass rape or Flash Mob. psychopaths and sadists always end up in military service one way or another, and during the most violent of operations, they are the first to commit the atrocities.

unlike hamas, israel doesn't use rape as a tool of warfare. that doesn't mean that israeli soldiers don't rape people. there's already ample footage of israeli forces damaging/decapitating/needlessly shooting the corpses of enemy combatants. there's footage of israeli soldier tossing grenades into a mosque during prayer. the idea that multiple rapes have been perpetrated by israeli soldiers is plausible, but hamas has likely commit more love crimes than israel has.

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 03, 2023, 08:30:50 PM »
actually Israel has been remarkably restrained in terms of civilian casualties.
using explosives in a densely populated urban center is the exact opposite of restraint. yes, the precision of their strikes is impressive and the collateral damage is relatively low compared to, like, a nuclear detonation. however, any armed force that continues to kill civilians every day and makes little to no effort to reduce future civilian deaths isn't trustworthy, and shouldn't have weapons or funding.

if there was a terrorist living in a house across the street from you and israel was put in charge of neutralizing them, you'd likely be killed too, along with everyone in the nearby vicinity. they would keep bombing as many targets as necessary to reduce their perceived 'threats' regardless of how many civilians die in the process. you could die. your family, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, could all die, and they wouldn't stop to think that what they're doing is wrong. would you feel proud to watch your children die in an explosion, knowing that a few alleged terrorists were also killed? is that a necessary sacrifice, and if it is, why didn't the dead civilians at least receive some sort of consent form from israel? shouldn't you, as someone in the killzone of a high-explosive payload, have a say in whether your home will be destroyed?

there is no difference between hamas and the israeli army. both kill civilians, one intentionally as a tool of warfare, the other through sheer negligence and inconsideration for alternate means of warfare. in the end, non-combatant civilians with no say or defense from warfare, are dead. it's like saying hamas is showing 'restraint' because they didn't rape a baby when they burned and killed her. true restraint would've been not killing the baby to begin with. true restraint from israel would mean never deploying any explosive ordinance within 500 meters of a civilian structure.

that level of restraint is unrealistic for any army in this time period. until it is a reality, and warfare can be both clean and efficient, nobody should be at war, nor receive billions of dollars from other countries to continue violating people's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: November 19, 2023, 06:23:22 PM »
Israel vs Palestine RP build when?
israel vs palestine TDM would be nice, its rare to see a tdm with asymmetrical gameplay and goals. it would be the only game where killing civilians gives you bonuses instead of punishments

Creativity / Re: Drawings Megathread
« on: November 15, 2023, 06:30:58 PM »
we would have like a billion tank vehicle add-ons
glad to know that between tank mods and anime feet you chose the latter

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