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the smart idea would be to act civil about this but of course people gonna want more gun control and other want less gun control and this was done JUST to fuel the fire and its gonna backfire on us all
not to mention that all this division that's been caused is exactly what the killer wants, the fact that semi-auto weapons are going to be banned in new zealand is one thing he was hoping would happen as a result of what happened yesterday, including all the stuff happening on reddit right now (people getting slammed for talking about it, i think) and like i said, division between a lot of people

Off Topic / Re: [for gods sake] epicgames launcher is spyware
« on: March 15, 2019, 01:49:17 PM »
i'm not sure if this was mentioned in the picture in the op, but this also pokes through your steams friends lists and such and gets your gameplay habits of the games you play on steam

people also have gripes with this because
1. it can or will lead to even more moneyhatting so epic knows what games to give on their store for free
2. literally GDRP violations
3. spyware (already stated in the op)

i've also gotten word that it still collected data even after steam profiles were set to private as a result of GDRP so that's a yikes
(edit: source is from the resetera forums, which the op of that thread made a way for you to replicate and test of how the epic store checks your steam stuff for friends and gameplay habits, but i haven't been here in a long while so i'm not sure if i can post a link to other forums)

edit 2: on second thought, i'll just leave images from that thread in here (pagestretch warning)

epic games had also responded to this problem yesterday, but theres a few problems with their response- i've unfortunately forgotten what the problems were, but i'll return to reading through the page to find it and update once i do

edit 3: also to note, from info gained from the article on resertera, it seems that the person that made steamspy is also an employee at epic games

Games / Re: ROBLOX Thread ⱽ⁴
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:30:13 PM »
RIGHT loving NOW
literally almost a one hit kill guaranteed i don't care how far away you are you will loving die in one hit from that thing
give it to a high ranker and have him with a trigger finger and your team becomes a sea of corpses

Games / Re: ROBLOX Thread ⱽ⁴ - Egghunt 2018!
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:02:53 PM »
wait until you meet the bfg+balltracker
you have no idea how many times i've gotten annoyed from that combination
this is evil
when ur one of the only person trying to cap the hill on ur team
You try having any fun with Phantom Forces anymore when your game keeps chugging at 5-15 fps and some forgethead with too much time and a mosin is having a field day with your whole loving team. forget video games.
also relatable, though i'm still able to have a decent time despite the game lagging to hecc
still though that sucks

damn man :(
how many times has he avoided it already tho?
i think he warded off cancer about 2-3 times (going off of memory), this one's most likely the one that does him in finally however
unless, again, insane luck grants a miracle or something happens

Off Topic / Stefan Karl enters the final stages of terminal cancer
« on: April 06, 2018, 04:42:31 PM »
you may already know that stefan got terminal cancer once again, but now he's entered the final stages according to this twitter post
Quote from: the twitter post
Stefan Karl, aka Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town is now in his final stages of terminal cancer.

He's now deleted social media to enjoy his final months with family.

Thank you for the childhood memories Stefan (heart)

he's got an average of a couple months to live (or so (from what everyone's saying)) and there's probably no chance of him fighting off cancer once again unless he gets insanely lucky

though apparently in the twitter the guy who made the post says that stefan personally canceled treatments and stuff to see what would happen/wanted to stop receiving treatment but that just sounds.. off, so i don't know what to believe honestly, but i think stefan entering the final stages is indeed confirmed and true

it's still a real shame (alternative: it really loving sucks) to see that stefan is most likely going to die from cancer, even after he fought it off before with the power of memes
maybe there is a chance he'll fight it off once again, but it's been said that it's incurable this time repeatedly, but, y'know, miracles happen sometimes.. who knows.

tl;dr (if you don't want that read): stefan karl deactivated his social media accounts to spend more time with his family with only a few months to live before terminal cancer kills him, as it's in its final stages now


edit (9:09 PM ((or my time, whatever)) so after numerous people said otherwise with info as to why logging stuff would be flat-out impossible unless you have NASA's internet or something, notsobot *doesn't* log your stuff, refer to metarios post below

i loving blame twitter

old topic if you wanna still see what happened before:

just apparently got pinged about this stuff:

(clickable image, leads to

if you look at notsobot's status:

what the forget do i trust anymore, who do i trust, is this legit is this also the next ARG

edit: what i wanna know is this true or is this bullstuff

unrelated: take a shot for every time i've typed "stuff" in this thread

Forum Games / Re: Corrupt the above user's wish
« on: December 25, 2017, 10:36:23 PM »
granted, but logan paul comes to your house, and shoots you with a shotgun.
i wish for my house to be across the street from a mall
granted but the mall is stuck in a limbo that is black friday all day, every day, all the time

i wish i got better at controlling vehicles in blockland

Games / Re: Destiny Megathread - PC Release 24th October
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:54:08 PM »
sorry for the bump

am i late to the party? finally got destiny 2 a few days ago on xbox one, had a nice ride so far

ign is Bloxer9000 (i know the name is stupid but i was younger back when i got my first xbox 360)


(clickable image)

god dammit

from the description:
We just learned that we have a lot of copyright strikes from the past 5 days, all on Streets of Rage music. Thankfully, we were given a 7 day grace period before being terminated. Let's just hang out and chat.

w h y

for those who don't know, brawl is a guy who usually extended a lot of music tracks from games like:
-super mario odyssey
-grand theft auto v
-sonic forces
-splatoon 2
-pilotwings 64
-final fantasy games
-pokemon games
-mario & luigi games
-mario kart games
-marvel vs capcom games
-basically a lot of games
there's a lot of extended music videos that are gonna go down the drain because of copyright strikes on streets of rage videos, iirc this is like 4 years of 30-minute music video extensions (from what i've heard)

stream doesn't exist anymore, problem was probably solved and brawl isn't getting terminated idk

Games / Re: Warframe Megathread - warframe confirmed path of exile
« on: December 16, 2017, 10:53:21 AM »
yo I just downloaded the game and have been really enjoying it, played like 6 hours just today. what are the benefits of playing with other players? I don't have many friends who play the game regularly.
depending on the group, you can:
you can do stuff for longer afaik
(for instance, easier to do survival missions for up to 20 minutes as is the usual before running out of there, sometimes they'll go to 30)
-more enemies spawn per player i think, so more stuff, idk
-you might get invited to a clan, which means more weapons and access to volt, zephyr, and banshee 'frames, plus a neat place to have a hangout
-you can make friends who may or may not help you out later on in other missions
-missions probably get easier than doing it alone depending on if the players are at least decent

mega oof, now they own family guy

Off Topic / Re: do you think aliens exist?
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:42:15 PM »
star wars

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