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Eh hem.

I said *A cop shot a baby*

mental instability

The answer was Fiscal Instability.


once master matthew starts making wage and having to pay income tax he'll be a libertarian

Wtf do you think made me turn hard left?

It was working this god awful slave wage and getting taxed by the same starfishs who claim to be "taxing the rich" or "eliminating taxes ". Neither of which have benefitted the working class.

money is an ambiguous number

Money is a trading asset.

Its worth fluctuates.

The reason for fluctation is a mixture of reasons, but for fiat currency its also how much is in circulation.

Each dollar is a piece of the money supply.

Depending how much you own, you own a percentage of the money supply.

The top 1% own an insane percentage of the money supply.

The rest are increasingly less percentages of the money supply.

5 billion dollars is an ambiguous number.

2 to 8% of the money supply is not.

There can only be 100 percent points of the money supply.

also billions of dollars is just an insane amount of money

even someone having millions of dollars can still only add up to a tiny percentage compared to someone having billions of dollars
the thing is that you can comfortably live without millions of dollars. im not as extreme as like booting all of the rich out of their homes and income but the general consensus is that the divide needs to be way more balanced than it is

I think even you miss the greater problem.

Its not about them owning billions or trillions of dollars

Its about how much of the money supply they own.

And they own an absurd ratio. Back in 2009 the top 1% owned 50% of the money. 

That was 12 years ago and things have only gotten worse. .

There needs to be a ratio based limit. Thats why taxation is always a percentage not a dollar amount. Atleast on the taxed amount... However the brackets themselves arent properly being adjusted or broken up.

When people like bernie say the rich aren't paying their fair share, it's because they hold more tax responsibilty for how much money they make.

However the rich have managed to lower taxes on themselves and raise taxes on the mid and mid-high tier class people.

We need a more advanced tax system that deals with stagnant cash and assets that exceed a certain percentage of the money supply in the high end of the tax brackets.

Yes, after a certain point, and if you understand tax bracketing this wont scare you, but if you do youll think we're "taking all their money!!"

But at some point a 100% tax bracket is necessary. A top. A lid.

If an individual can buy policy they have too much money.
If an individual can own even 10% of the land in the U.S. they have too much money.

There needs to be a line. Because money isnt an ambiguous number, its an amount of the money supply.

When money is printed and inflation goes up, the rich will tend to freak out and point at venezuela. However, the rich are the ones who suffer the most under inflation, not the middleclass and poor. So when they print money out the ass like they did last year, youll notice the rich got substantially more than any average american did.

Gotta feel bad for all the decent rich people that mm lumps in with the bad ones.

Oh my apologies, allow me to list the rich people who aren't evil:

Bruce Wayne
Oliver Queen
Seto Kaiba

Or it could be like when badspot added a "d" to that one user's name randomly a while back.

forget rich people.

Okay bumped.

Off Topic / Re: Music thread?| Ow forget, I stubbed my toe
« on: April 28, 2021, 01:15:03 PM »
I initially hated this song.

But after a few listens, it's actually loving great.

iirc reference to free life cheat code

ooh, okay.


Our hero Joe Biden to save us from the evil mastermind of Donald Annoying Orange!
Joe Biden is just democrat Annoying Orange.

Democracy is dead.

Anywho here's my totall done being left return post.

How to get rich:

Step 1: work hard.
Step 2: save what you earn.
Step 3: get your $300,000 allowance because you're parents are loving rich.
Step 4: stop eating that avacado toast and buying iphones.

Boom, liberals pwned.

this is a joke. loving rich wealthsplainers. "Stop being poor." forget off.

Itt: MM becomes a commie.

Oh well.

Like i said.

Call me a national socialist or a communist.

I no longer care. Othering is pointless.
Its time for change, and no amount of red scares will change that.

Regulating and socializing Healthcare and even the Housing Market is not the same as literally becoming karl marx.

But I'm taking the step no one in either populist side is willing to.

Im willing to call myself a communist or a socialist. Because those names are meaningless as they stand today. They're just scary oogy boogy words to make boomers and normies panic and vote against their own interests.

It must be said,
Don't be a bitch.
Bump the Thread
And Yeet the Rich.

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