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Help / Re: Screen problem
« on: July 07, 2021, 10:01:12 AM »
Is this resolved?

To me it sounds like a problem with your system rather than Blockland.

Try updating your graphics drivers.

Off Topic / Re: Do you like mcdonalds, taco bell, or pizza better
« on: November 01, 2020, 11:05:41 AM »
McDonald's food tastes like its playplace smells: like feet and grease.

Off Topic / Re: Do you like mcdonalds, taco bell, or pizza better
« on: November 01, 2020, 11:03:14 AM »
Dunno what chain "pizza" is, but the other two are pretty gross.

I used to love McDonald's as a kid but now it's just garbage to me.

I don't think Taco Bell existed in Spain until recently, or at least not in my area, cause the first time I had it was now at 24 years of age and also, it's gross.

Development / Re: 2020/05/20 - Blockland r2023-r2031
« on: May 28, 2020, 04:02:34 AM »
Ugh can those who already own the game get just one last name change so they can change the name of a key with an ABSOLUTELY USELESS name which they didn't know they would be stuck with for an eternity?

One of my keys are named "siba & General" back when, you guessed it, I hosted a dedicated server where siba and I were hosts. Unless I'm gonna host another siba & General dedicated server, the key is now useless :cookieMonster:

Add-Ons / Re: General's Add-Ons [Update 2020/04/24]
« on: April 26, 2020, 06:18:05 AM »
does Loading Screen Slideshow still show when the server has a custom glass loading screen?
Could you test it for me?

Add-Ons / Re: General's Add-Ons [Update 2020/04/24]
« on: April 24, 2020, 03:06:11 PM »

WARNING: These add-ons are no longer supported by me, meaning that they are no longer updated and probably won't work on your game. The reason I included this section is so that people who like to play older versions of Blockland are still able to download them. These mods will not break your current game, they just won't run.

Client Mods

Map Lighting Fix v4
Developers: General

This mod fixes the broken lighting on maps, access settings via the options menu under the "Graphics" tab. Only works on V20.


Adjustable Plate v8
Developers: General

The title best describes the functionality of this map, it is another Plate edit which you are able to adjust to your own satisfaction in-game via a settings manager window. Changes are made instantly to the map with just a click, without requiring to restart the map or game. The manager is user-friendly and comes with a large variety of options to choose from.

Settings that you are able to change:
1. Sky texture and color
2. Visibility distance, fog distance and fog color
3. Sun light color, and brightness
4. Plate color
5. Water
6. Precipitation

You are also able to save the settings you have changed for future use. The map settings can only be changed by the server host, so you don't have to worry about changes being made while you are away or not in the server.

Special thanks to BAC for creating the original Plate map.

Type /mapSettings into the chat while on the map to open the settings manager, you can also bind a key for this command.

Screenshots (click to view large)

Sahara Desert v4
Developers: General

I am very pleased with how this map generally looks, especially the Dark version. This map has no secrets at all, I couldn't make any secrets with just terrain, so don't bother looking for them. Inspired by some photos I saw of the Sahara Desert, I managed to make my second Blockland map. Enjoy.

This Pack contains:
Sahara Desert
Sahara Desert - Dark

Screenshots (click to view large)

Sahara Desert - Sand Storm v4
Developers: General

I am especially pleased with this map, it doesn't look like I thought it would, but it still looks good. Just like the Main Pack of Sahara Desert, this Pack does not contain any secrets.

Required Add-Ons
Sahara Desert

Screenshots (click to view large)

Sahara Desert - Twilight v2
Developers: General

This Pack was originally for myself, it was a lighting test, I ended up releasing it to see how many people would download it. This Pack does not contain secrets.

Required Add-Ons
Sahara Desert

Screenshots (click to view large)

Slate Water v2
Developers: General

I thought I'd release this so here it is...

This Pack contains:
Slate Water - Day
Slate Water - Night
Slate Water - Sunset
Slate Water - Morning

Screenshots (click to view large)


Swimming Pool v3
Developers: General

This is my third Blockland map, but my first with an interior! I am very pleased with how the map turned out to look, I have had the idea of making a pool for a long time, but never got down to making it until now. This Pack contains one secret, see if you can find it, but don't cheat!

This Pack contains:
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool - Dark

Screenshots (click to view large)


Social Media Statistics v1
Developers: General

The mod obtains like/follower data from a specified Facebook or Twitter page and displays them as text prints on bricks. The mod is aimed at servers or people who have Twitter/Facebook pages they wish to advertise (In other words, get players to like you page by making them curious about wanting to see the counter increase, lol). That's pretty much it.

How it works:
To view followers/likes in-game, you need to name print bricks with the wrench accordingly:
  • Name the bricks you want to show Facebook likes "fb1-9", 1 being the single unit, 2 being the tens, 3 being the hundreds and so on.
  • Name the bricks you want to show Twitter followers "tw1-9", 1 being the single unit and so on...

So for example, say you have 1,234 followers on twitter (you wish, lol). Name a print brick tw1 and it will display 4, name a print brick tw2 and it will display 3... You should get it by now I hope.

By default the mod gets data from the sites every 5 minutes, this can be changed with instructions below.

You can only use these if you're Super Admin.

To manually update the counters, type the command /smUpdate into chat. 

You can change a few preferences by using the following commands below:
  • /smSetFacebook <pageID>  To set the Facebook page to monitor.
  • /smSetTwitter <pageID> To set the Twitter page to monitor.
Leave <pageID> blank to stop receiving data.

The IDs can be obtained from the following parts of the urls of your Facebook or Twitter pages:


By default the stats update every 5 minutes, to change this, update the variable $SM::TickRate through console, time is in milliseconds. Remember, Twitter and Facebook do have limits for the amount of updates you can do, so keep the number reasonable.

All these preferences are saved upon exit.

Required Add-Ons

Screenshots (click to view large)

Add-Ons / General's Add-Ons [Update 2020/04/24]
« on: April 24, 2020, 03:05:22 PM »
General's Add-Ons

Seeing as people have been messaging me for working links to my add-ons as the links on the old topic are broken, in addition to there not being much to do these days, I have decided to create a new topic to revive my (crappy) legacy.

Please message me if you discover any bugs in the add-ons which are listed as still supported, I may or may not repair it depending on how large the issue is or how bothered I am at the time I receive the report.

But perhaps most importantly, I have somewhat fond memories of this game and this community, and though I am now an adult and don't play this game any more, it will continue to be my favourite game. Keep being strange loners, Blockland community.



18 Degree Ramp Bricks v1
Developers: General, Tophius

Here's some extra ramp bricks for ya. The icons may look a little awkward, but until we can find a way of producing good-looking icons, they're going to stay that way.

This Pack includes:
18 Ramp 1x
18 Ramp 2x
18 Ramp 4x
-18 Ramp 1x
-18 Ramp 2x
18 Ramp Corner
-18 Ramp Corner

Screenshots (click to view large)

Extra Arch Bricks v3
Developers: General, Tophius

Here are a few arches which were not included with the default arch brick pack.

This Pack includes:
1x12 Arch
1x8x2 Arch
1x5 Half-Arch
1x5 Half-Arch Inverted
1x2 Half-Arch Curved
1x3 Half-Arch Curved
1x6 Half-Arch Curved
1x3 Arabian Arch

Screenshots (click to view large)


Fence Bricks v4
Developers: General

A few fence bricks to give your build a classical touch.

This Pack includes:
1x4 Fence
1x6x2 Arched Fence
1x6x2 Train Fence
1x8 Country Fence
4x4x2 Round Corner Bars
1x4x2 Studded Rail
1x6 Rail
1x8x2 Rail
1x4x2 Rail

Screenshots (click to view large)


Interactive Brick Pack v1
Developers: General, Tophius

A few interactive bricks Tophius and I have been working on for quite a while now (including procrastination time). The pack is a bit empty for now, but we'll add new bricks some time in the future.

This Pack includes:
2x2x2 Container
1x3 Door Left
1x3 Door Right
1x3x2 Door Left
1x3x2 Door Right
1x3x4 Door Left
1x3x4 Door Right

Screenshots (click to view large)


Plant Bricks v4
Developers: General, Tophius

Seeing as the previously released plant bricks were failed, Tophius and I found it a perfect opportunity to quickly complete and release our version of the pack. Enjoy!

This Pack includes:
1x1 Stem
1x1 Flowers
1x1 Bamboo
6x5 Leaves
4x3 Leaves
Sea Grass
Sea Grass Inverted
2x2 Bush
2x2 Flower
2x2 Petals

Screenshots (click to view large)


Round Corner Bricks v3
Developers: General, Tophius

Yep, finally completed after working on them for a long time... Have fun and enjoy!
Special thanks to Melting Plastic and Mr.LoL for finding bugs, and to heedicalking for giving us the Round Corner Wall idea.

This Pack includes:
4x4 Round Corner Full
4x4F Round Corner Full
4x4 Round Corner Macaroni
4x4F Round Corner Macaroni
4x4 Round Corner Wall
2x2 Round Corner Full
2x2F Round Corner Full
2x2 Round Corner Macaroni
2x2F Round Corner Macaroni
2x2 Round Corner Wall

Screenshots (click to view large)

Client Mods

Loading Screen Slideshow v1
Developers: General

Displays a loop of all your screenshots on the loading screen as on the Main Menu. Also adds fancy text to the load screen.

Screenshots (click to view large)


Cloudy Sky v1
Developers: General

Just created a skybox out of a cloudy panorama I found on the internet for your depressing atmospheric needs.

Screenshots (click to view large)


Evening Sky v1
Developers: General

I am aware that a similar sky to this one already exists by default, except I feel that the default one has a large contrast in colours which makes it look unrealistic and uneasy to look at.

I hope you guys like my version.

Screenshots (click to view large)


Social Media Prints v1
Developers: General

Currently only contains the Twitter and Facebook like logo for you to use to your own liking.

Screenshots (click to view large)


Advanced Vehicle System v1
Developers: General

Sometimes with considerably large builds, we need to place many vehicles scattered around the map to make the build usable in a server or game mode. In very large builds, the absolute maximum limit for vehicles may not be enough to fill the build with an adequate amount of vehicles, and usually using the maximum number of vehicles in a server causes a very slow connection to the clients connected to the server.

This mod allows users to place as many vehicles as they like on a server, while still maintaining a quick connection to all the clients connected to the server.

How it works:
When vehicles are not within a radius close to a player, they are deleted, meaning that the vehicle object is no longer causing strain on the players. When a player re-enters the given radius of the vehicle, it will be re-spawned.

The main cause of connection strain however is not by stationary vehicles, but rather by vehicles in use. Stationary vehicles act mainly as static shapes until they are in motion and therefore mainly cause rendering strain on the client side.

To fix the connection strain caused by many vehicles being in use at the same time, a limit for number of re-spawning vehicles has been implemented. The default number for this is 5. Whenever there are 5 or more people using vehicles, then vehicles which have been deleted will no longer re-spawn until the number of people who are using vehicles drops below 5 again. This makes it virtually impossible for more that 20 people to use vehicles at the same time.

You can change a few preferences by changing the following variables through the console:
  • $SRV::VehicleCheckRadius  << The radius of the check for players around any vehicle (default 150)
  • $SRV::RadiusCheckPeriod << The period for any vehicle to check for new players in their radius (default 1000 ms)
  • $SRV::MaxUsageSpawn << The number of players that can use vehicles before they stop respawning (default 5)

These preferences are not saved upon quitting.

If you do not know how to change these, then it's probably for the best sorry lol.

Baseplate Rules v8
Developers: General

A script created for the sake of keeping servers neater and organised, it disallows players from planting anything other than baseplates on the ground unless permitted otherwise.

This mod enables you to manage how people build on your server more easily, it comes with a built-in manager which allows you to modify its settings. However, the manager does not function if you are hosting a dedicated server and join it on a copy of Blockland which does not have the mod. In this case, you can use server commands to change the settings. Only server hosts can change settings, so you don't have to worry about anyone tampering with the mod while you are not in your server, the rule will also never apply to hosts. You can decide exactly which players have the liberty to build without the rule by simply adding their ID to the rule exception list, you can also choose which admin group the rule applies to. Lastly, if you don't need the mod on the server you are hosting and have it enabled, you can simply disable it in-game without the hassle of having to restart the server.

*** Please note that the mod does not and is not meant to work on Single Player / LAN games, so don't post it as a bug ***

1. Type /br into the chat to open the settings manager window.
2. In the rare case where the manager does not open on your dedicated server, type /BRcommandHelp into the chat to get a list of all the commands you can use to manage the mod.

How to use the manager:
1. To enable/disable the mod, click on the checkbox labelled "Enable".
2. To select which admin group(s) the rule applies to, select an option from the drop-down menu labelled "Applies to".
3. To add a player to the rule's exception list, enter their ID into the box below the "Add" button and then press the button. The box will flash red if the ID you wish to enter is incorrect or already on the list.
4. To remove a player from the rule's exception list, click their ID on the list and press the "Remove" button.


Windows ME Sounds v1
Developers: General

Some error sound from the old Windows Millennium operating system.

This Pack includes:

Windows XP Sounds v1
Developers: General

Here are a few Windows XP sounds to use on your bloko-computer.

This Pack includes:

Off Topic / Re: is my blockland reputation good?
« on: August 01, 2018, 03:40:18 PM »
Once upon a time, I was the guy who created a map that half the Blockland servers used at any time

Now I no longer have a rep :(

Off Topic / Re: Being a liberal is pretty cool
« on: June 28, 2018, 10:57:56 AM »
I think it's pretty cool to force ppl to live the way you want them to tbh


Off Topic / Re: yo how do you feel about candy corn
« on: June 10, 2018, 04:58:27 AM »
I'm European what's candy corn?

Off Topic / Re: What's your family's stance on body mods
« on: June 03, 2018, 01:56:52 PM »
Eh I don't like any body mods, they all eventually grow out of fashion or droop

Off Topic / Re: why does everyone use php
« on: May 27, 2018, 06:54:58 AM »
I actually think PHP is crap in terms of both performance and coding conventions.

But everyone seems to use it, so it's the industry standard.

Off Topic / Re: how do you feel about blf?
« on: May 26, 2018, 12:51:03 PM »
I feel like there's a cult of people who's lives basically revolve around the existence of this forum.

Without it they'd have to jack off a further 3 times daily to make their boring lives more interesting

Off Topic / Re: happy summer break blf
« on: May 24, 2018, 04:56:40 PM »
I'm a uni student so my summer started on april 22nd and it ends in october

really loving long

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