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Drama / Re: Gautier00 - Plagiarism and Intellectual Theft
« on: November 03, 2019, 04:56:57 PM »

Off Topic / Re: OG member checking in
« on: November 03, 2019, 06:33:43 AM »

Drama / Re: Gautier00 - Plagiarism and Intellectual Theft
« on: November 03, 2019, 06:31:43 AM »
mr. bones already confirmed their actual identity but i can guarantee this is nothing like how ana would respond

Off Topic / Re: who here has been to nova scotia
« on: September 20, 2019, 10:46:44 PM »
i wish i didn't

Off Topic / birthday
« on: July 21, 2019, 03:21:37 PM »

i'm 22

Off Topic / Re: Blockland Forums Tier List Creator v2
« on: June 11, 2019, 11:04:34 AM »

just in case i forget

Drama / Re: celau/edd - spam and autism
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:41:27 AM »
This thread has devolved into utter nonsense.
that's the goal every time another celau topic pops up, they try to drown it with nonsense every time

Off Topic / Re: is turkey & swiss good
« on: March 20, 2019, 11:41:28 PM »
No but really, lets all just agree that American cheese is awful.
it's best on burgers and grillchee, but yeah any other time is just why
i will mention though, american cheese is the same as any other cheese in terms of specific-cheese-hatred

General Discussion / Re: Crown's jailbreak - whats the appeal?
« on: March 18, 2019, 10:07:18 PM »
tezuni's, conans and pload's were all more chaotic, arcade-style jailbreak games that took all the good parts of the standard jailbreak and distilled them into something fast-paced and fun.  it still floors me to this very day that a single server not only survives them all, but consistently thrives on power fantasy alone.  hell, the same kind of setup beats out everything else time and time again on every multiplayer sandbox game under the sun.  it honestly feels like the server version of cheating, in a way -- you attract all the children and young teenagers who crave five minutes of power like another hit of dope and have all the time in the world to get it.

i imagine that's why it's called "confusing" in the title

Drama / Re: Sleep/Donnie
« on: March 06, 2019, 06:17:20 PM »
apex legends has a start forum argument feature? gonna go download this game now
i can't believe how far technology has come

tony would never act this autistic
not too often that you can rule out someone for being more autistic

Drama / Re: Sleep/Donnie
« on: March 06, 2019, 02:42:06 PM »
I didn't mock Donnie, but I gave him a stuffty attitude when he gave me one.
so many of your problems would be solved by just not getting into arguments in the first place, and especially if you didn't feel the need to be so vitriolic and dismissive in any argument you got yourself into.
if you felt the need to be an starfish at all, you shouldn't be arguing in the first place.  you chose to deliberately be as much of an starfish as you thought he was.

In celau's drama I made a point that wasn't even made - and that was not intended to make an argument, and apologized for coming off as trying to incite one.
you have a habit of jumping into arguments you were never invested in to argue points nobody needed to argue.
nobody made the point because it didn't need to be made.  everyone already understands why people kept discussing the topic, and having you lecture them like they're five and needed to be talked down to spelled pretty clearly that you either were there solely to take a jab at the "winning side" of the drama, or you just felt like everyone's a child who needs to be sat down and explained to every facet of social interaction.  nothing that you provided in that topic was necessary or insightful.

I interact with a lot of people from this community that I'd consider respectable people and get along with them well, so I disagree with you "pain in the ass for everyone" point.
if you look at the thread most people were trying to move on, and some told donnie to just relax; I said it was irrelevant and should be dropped when it got dragged out and Donnie wouldn't shut the hell up about it.
most people have enough sense not to go down that rabbit hole.  respectable people aren't saints that love everyone, it's just less frustrating to put up with it than it is to tell you off.  less frustrating to tell donnie to stop feeding you than it is to tell you to stop arguing with everyone for the sake of it.

Also it's not really up to you as to what points are allowed to be made and when either, I don't think it's up to anyone.
you're right, it's not up to me to make people (not) do anything and unfortunately, the most i can do is tell you why your points shouldn't be made.  which is exactly what i did in celau's drama, and exactly what i'm doing now.  the fact that you even have to say this is pretty strongly indicative that you want to continue arguing, including with me right now.  you can say i'm potentially strawmanning, but i have some pretty solid reason to believe that your intention is to argue for the sake of it (or similar reason).

I didn't brush anybody off as irrelevant either.
let someone else argue about this one mate. you brought up a PM from 5 months ago on a resolved issue that was annoying other users just to have a new topic to argue about.
I brought that up to make the point that you take to other forms of reaching people to continue your arguments, here you are proving that again. Don't take this out of context man.
in which you deliberately bring up a months-old argument that was intended to bring an argument off the forums, for the sole purpose of putting it back on the forums, then try to brush it off as irrelevant in another topic in which you made a completely ridiculous argument that reads very similarly to trying to incite another argument when the original argument was brought up to show you that you should not be arguing about things if you can't stop being provocative about them

ironically, he wasn't even the one taking it out of context -- you took it out of context by saying that he was only doing it to pester you.  he was putting it back into context for you.  you're the one who brought it up five months later to make him look like he harasses people for the sole sake of harassing people.

He wasn't 'calling me out' and nobody else was either, he was trying to incite the argument after I made it pretty clear I wanted to drop it and basically forced me to reply by citing some random forgeter on Reddit as me.
he was going out of his way to argue something he researched and provided sources for.  you, on the other hand, clearly stated that you were trying to be an starfish to him
... and added a snotty "more easy kills for me cause I use keyboard and am better than you" comment.
and at no point were you "forced" to reply to him at all.  you chose to continue, knowing full well you, yourself, egged him on.  you could've stopped at any time; hell, you didn't even need to start the argument in the first place.

if you really want donnie to stop "obsessing over" you, stop provoking him.  he isn't a saint, i'll tell you that much, but you being an argumentative, toxic twat isn't going to make anything better.

Drama / Re: Sleep/Donnie
« on: March 06, 2019, 12:56:52 PM »
donnie can be a twat at times but
... I wasn't interested and at this point found him to be pretty annoying so I just blocked him.
At this point I'm pretty much forced to reply to him ... so at this point I reply just to say it isn't me and I tell him to take a hint and forget off.
I theorize that he couldn't stop replying and had to continue to a conclusion because he really wants to know he's right/have a mental victory?
I reply telling him to forget off and whatever, he posts again, so I decided I'm just gonna drama this dude.
you spend so much time theorising and telling people that they're looking to be right all the time in an argument, yet you can't control yourself in nearly any discussion you include yourself in by your own admission.  so many of your problems would be solved by just not getting into arguments in the first place, and especially if you didn't feel the need to be so vitriolic and dismissive in any argument you got yourself into.  you dig your own hole, almost every time, and yet you're surprised every time someone cares enough to call you out on it.

...and I gave up on trying to tell him that as well and that finally ended this stuff.
> this topic

Whether I am right or wrong in my argument about peripherals is irrelevant...
... and added a snotty "more easy kills for me cause I use keyboard and am better than you" comment.
> mocks donnie; says the argument is irrelevant when he gets stuff on for it
not only is this argument entirely relevant considering you deliberately intended to mock him, your entire argumentative-for-the-sake-of-arguing personality is put on a pedestal and you wonder why this random man from the netherlands seems so annoyed with you in particular

I guess me and Donnie never formally ended our debate, so out of the woodwork he came and decided to chime in.
except he's entirely right; you have a habit of jumping into arguments you were never invested in to argue points nobody needed to argue.  he's telling you you're not the kind of person who should be arguing on these topics, considering you can't stand the idea of arguing in private instead of airing your dirty laundry and try to brush off everyone who calls you out for it as irrelevant.  evidently, the message didn't get through to you, considering you still feel the need to fight about it to the point that you need to make an entire drama on him that's almost entirely predicated on him calling you out on your bullstuff

frankly, if anyone's
obsessive and really loving annoying
it's you yourself; you spend countless hours peppering all your arguments with snide comments and dismissive strawmanning, making points nobody even needed to make, insulting whichever "side" of an argument looked more in the right, and generally being a pain in the ass for everyone who interacts with you.  you are not the right person to be making this drama, because all of the issues and arguments you present were a direct result of your own ignorant and provocative actions.

for your own and everyone else's sake,
Move the forget on and grow up

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