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Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: November 05, 2023, 05:24:55 PM »
They should put all government officials into a boxring and let them fight it out instead of sending young men to their deaths in a war that is started by old men. Its ironic how Annoying Orange was blamed that he would start a World War 3 during his presidency while nothing happened for four years. Under Biden's presidency, Ukraine and the Middle East are the absolute triggers for unleashing a devastating nuclear war that no one asked for.

The lag on Shores of Hazeron was reduced in the last years. Since 2020 the game had a free-to-play period two times. Now it is coming back in a single player version with possible private servers that can be hosted by the players.

holy stuff this is sick
Not until you see this. Still need to figure out how collision will work, fixing the glitched UV faces, etc.

did yall know that every other game engine in the world supports both "terrain" and "interiors"? and you can make whatever you want with them? these days most of them don't even cost anything

Already playing around with realistic interior buildings in Age of Time v3. Check it out here.

General Discussion / Re: Chervorzk development *RELEASE DEC 5TH*
« on: December 06, 2022, 01:30:09 PM »
I like the textures in retail... looks very moody!
You should check it out now, its released.

General Discussion / Re: Chervorzk development *RELEASE DEC 5TH*
« on: December 05, 2022, 08:14:35 PM »
Where is it bub  :iceCream:
I am currently porting it to Return To Blockland 1.045 - there's also a version for Age of Time v3, which I will keep for myself on the private server.

In Blockland Vanilla / Return To Blockland 1.045 there is a small problem with rendering shadows inside the buildings, but it wont really bother the players. For a very old engine version of Torque, this map still looks impressive.

Screenshot from Blockland retail. I cannot edit the map there, so someone has to correct the terrain textures for me. Map works well and everything aligns with the brick grid.

General Discussion / Re: Chervorzk development *RELEASE IS REALLY NEAR*
« on: December 02, 2022, 09:10:35 PM »
Any chance of a snow version? Can't wait lad.

I even made a winter version of the trees and bushes around the entire map, but here is the snow version. Ice cold and eerie vibes.

General Discussion / Re: Chervorzk development *RELEASE IS REALLY NEAR*
« on: November 29, 2022, 05:41:04 PM »

New video to show off the finished map in all its beauty. Tomorrow it will be released for the standalone mod, Blockland Classic Mod. I am curious to see how much of the lighting color I can get correctly in the Blockland Vanilla game since it has different sun values then the later TGE versions had. I hope that everyone likes the DayZ vibes in this video. I tried to recreate as much as possible of the DayZ skies and vibes.

Edit: oh wait, the sun direction feature was different compared to the newer Torque Game Engines.

was going to say he would private message but antares just posted lol
Yea, I fixed the sentence now to avoid confusion. I was writing that message when I was really tired.

this has not been true since 2020 post rce update, as his last post was march 2021, all the posts hes made since the update were moved topics and one requested bump, and he regularly goes months inactive (last active aug 14 2022 as of this post)
I was talking about the private messages. He sometimes replies if he wants too, but not very much.


there is no incentive to bring back terrain, not a lot of people play the game and literally nobody is going to make use of terrain, make maps or make builds on maps when there is no one to play with

a quote from badspot from an old thread:

I have found the quote. This was posted way back in 2014 and he does have indeed a point there. The problem with Torque engine has always been that you have to be creative, because TGE is so limited when it comes to game developing. In case you missed it from the GarageGames community, the water shader did in fact work with the terrain and interiors - the Modernization Kit for TGE is an example of this.

The suggested anti aliasing feature is to create more realistic depth and get rid of the pixels that make the game still look like old. When you combine the anti aliasing and terrain and interiors, you could have a new shining game and a final version. The modding community can then steamroll again with making more realistic maps, better then we had before 2012.

The problems with maps before their removal was in my opinion that low quality textures was also a problem. There is a sort of ghetto fix that if you use the right high quality textures and shrink them to 256x256, everything is still looking good. Chervorzk is an example of this. Back in the old days when I played, there were servers hosted with terrain maps for Team Deathmatch and Freebuild. It was kinda 50/50, there was a group that liked the Slate maps (e.g. desert, winter, rain, sea and grass version) and the other group hosted servers with terrain and interior maps (e.g. Bedroom, Kitchen, GSF maps and Slopes). There were always people playing, no matter which map was actually hosted.

But like I have said, the choice is up to Badspot. If I were a game developer I would at least have worked out a prototype of the suggested ideas and see how the community would respond to it.

Yeah I've thought about that. Haven't played AoT in forever, but yeah, would be really neat to see both the terrains and daycycle in blockland

Compared to the day and night cycle in Age of Time v3, the transition of lighting on the players look much better in v29. Would be cool to see it in Blockland as well.

this is why someone should port blockland to t3d :D
if terrain ever gets brought back it should also have a max size field so you're not limited to a 256x256 grid

Having a limited terrain size is still better. If you look at games that have a bigger game map, ninety nine percent of the time those areas never see a player. It would be unnecessary to load unused areas of the map. The unnecessary load can better be used to put in more detail in the map such as trees, foliage, interiors, etc. The maps in TGE kept the game compact and the players were closer to each other. The playing area was much more fun and cosy.

You might have to make a petition and post it to the BCC discord for people to sign to show any interest in bringing maps back. But even then, trying to get Badspot to update this game is going to be a task in itself.

Badspot replies once in a while / months in private messages if you have serious questions about the engine code or if there are any problems with the game or website.

Looks nice, but still want day/night cycle. I don't even care about the "shadows" part so much, as I generally keep them disabled, I just really want to keep the day/night cycle. It's nice for RPG servers and stuff
The day and night cycle would still work. Age of Time has a day and night cycle too (older version), but it still looks great with the terrain and interiors. See Age of Time v29 for example, another game by Badspot.

General Discussion / Re: Chervorzk development
« on: November 25, 2022, 11:45:01 AM »
kino. just such a huge shame that practically nobody will play on it :panda:
Quote from: Topic intro
This map will be made for Age of Time, Blockland 0002 and Blockland retail (older versions)

Hey all,

This is gonna be the best effort to suggest and to convince why the terrain and interiors should be brought back into Blockland again. Maybe its just better to get rid of the shadows and shaders and to introduce an anti aliasing option with water reflection. The Torque Game Engine terrain still looks outstanding with the anti aliasing and it could make Blockland up to date with other Indie games out there again, but in its own unique shape and form like Minecraft is. I really call out for a 'Great Reset' update for Blockland to roll back the shadows and shaders, and roll out an update (terrain and interiors, anti aliasing and water reflection) that will keep Blockland up and running for the decade to come. This simple features will explode the retail sales and keep people addicting again to Blockland, in a positive way speaking.

This features would not only make the terrain and interiors standout much better but bricks too! So even brick creations will look outstanding. If the suggestion above wont blow you away, wait until you see the differences in the pictures below. The newly introduced features WILL make Blockland look better and it will motivate people to make new, more realistic maps. Can you imagine an oil rig on an ocean map and let your fantasy go wild with building a brick boat next to it? Or having a team deathmatch on a terrain map where you can see the players much better in the distance instead of looking at a 10 pixel shadow block?

However, there is still a Golden Era waiting in the future for Blockland and its up to Badspot to make the choice.

Click the video to see how this concept looks like in animation

Terrain differences when water reflection and anti aliasing is introduced

Interior differences when anti aliasing is introduced - The aggressive pixel line is smoothed out and interiors look much better and more realistic, and it depends on the interior drawing skills of the person

Look how well rendered the ship is in the last picture with anti aliasing and the water is reflecting its environment a bit.

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