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Off Topic / Re: To the Blockland Forums: An apology, and thank you.
« on: January 03, 2021, 03:23:09 PM »
name rings a bell

welcome back, even if only briefly. i wouldnt have brought up my own drama if i was you, but you do you. glad youve grown up.
I know it's often considered a mistake to do that on the BLF, but it's almost the end, sooooo, might as well.

didn't you used to have an earthbound sunglasses-wearing crow as your avatar?
I did, yes! I think it might still be my steam avatar, I haven't really checked lately.

why are there so many apology posts lately, does guilt weigh so heavily over people who made a forum post over 9 years ago that bad?
I just looked at my old posts and realized that I had been a bit of an starfish way back when. It was mostly for a blast from the past, but it was kind of sucky just seeing how toxic I was, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Still had a ton of fun looking into the past posts and seeing a bunch of old users!

I wish I would've seen this post earlier, check your steam and/or discord (forgot I had yours). It's been nearly two and a half years.
I was considering logging onto steam and messaging you until you messaged me on discord.

It was really fun talking to you again! Honestly, you saw this post as it was current essentially, there wasn't much of an earlier to see.

ontopic: I have no idea who you are OP, but were you able to resolve your gender dysphoria/depression/PTSD? If so, how? I would love to hear your story if you get the time
I was for some of it!

Gender dysphoria: Yes! Transitioning was a huge thing for me, I remember just being so emotionally numb holding into the medication for the first time. Then I had taken them and it was such a huge difference, I remember being happier and smiling genuinely (not forced) for the first time in years. Nothing's perfect (especially with PTSD involved), but it's a massive improvement, and gives a stable foundation to work on.
Oh, and I'm no longer suicidal or overall apathetic after beginning transition!

Depression: For the most part, yes! It was resolved mainly because of the gender dysphoria.

PTSD: Not yet, but we're finally figuring it out after over a year of misunderstandings (therapists thinking it's some sort of anxiety thing yet it felt like I had none in that situation). I had been referred to a new therapist after my previous one suggested I try EMDR, which right now actually seems to be working, although it's in the early sessions. She's a lot different from the other therapists I've been to, but in a very, VERY good way. I honest to god thought it'd be relieving when someone else understood what I was saying, but it was surprisingly scary when I actually did feel understood with her. Still though, in the end I did wind up feeling better overall on certain aspects for the very few sessions we did, so I'm going to keep at it for as long as it works!

Overall though, I'm doing A LOT better nowadays than I used to, still a lot of work to go, and it'll be hard, but I can do it.

Off Topic / To the Blockland Forums: An apology, and thank you.
« on: January 02, 2021, 11:00:11 PM »
It's genuinely been a while since I've seen the Blockland Forums again, I thought about this place earlier today while I was stuck in bed finding myself extremely weak to the point of being barely able to walk since a few days ago. I thought it'd be fun to just explore what dumb stuff I posted way back when from the perspective of being much older, and having a much different perspective on life than I did even a year or so ago.

Since you can't register on the Blockland Forums anymore from what I heard, I guess this really is my last chance to see it all, before it all closes down in an undefined amount of time. I wonder if anything would ever replace Blockland come into the future?

I really do miss some of the users that I used to see so often, like Vegetarian Zombie, Kochieboy, and Gatysh (especially him! I hope he's doing a lot better nowadays!) and a few others that I hardly even remember since I barely remember anything outside of some great moments from my time here. The only things that really rang a bell was the presence of a... Let's just say pony RP (This was 2011, during the height of MLP), I remember acting like such a massive little stuff on there, YOU NOTICE ME, HEY YOU NOTICE ME, GIANT DRAGON DESTROYING EVERYTHING, that sort of stuffty RPer. I wonder if any of the people who hosted that RP then would actually remember me? Wouldn't blame you if you guys still hated my guts, kind of had very good reasoning to!
I also vaguely remember the Lord Tony and MLP fiasco that happened as well. It was a surprisingly lively place back then.

Well reading through my sent PM's, I saw some things that were cringeworthy, and some things that were "NO GOD PLEASE NO WHY, WHY ARE YOU WRITING RAPE STORIES YOU WERE 12 AT THE TIME OF WRITING THIS WHAT THE forget"
I found a really gorgeous picture out of it though, which is kind of nice given all the bullstuff I wrote I had to trudge through.
Here's a link if you want it (MLP related though, not my drawing):

Just reading through most if not all of my posts 2017 and earlier, it really does feel like I wrote almost nothing of value. A lot of attempts to be funny that just come off to me as toxic/cringy, some of them are funny, I guess? Actually, that's what it mostly comes across way back when, just me being straight up toxic, even for BLF standards. And for all the stuff I said/caused: I'm sorry, I actually feel bad for some of the stuff I did, and some of the massive problems I caused.

I guess it kind of makes sense, being plagued with multiple (at the time) undiagnosed mental (maybe even some physical?) issues will do that to a person. Untreated PTSD + untreated gender dysphoria is a pretty nasty combo I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Anyways, enough about me! Have a few old awesome threads and some rambley stuff/random questions!

Have an OMG SO ADORABLE cute snake thread!
Remember that one time Jesus was going to delete the planet?
Rughugger became a daddy!
Rughugger's daughter after a couple more years, she's so cute!

Wasn't there some sort of executive order made against Lord Tony as well? Something about banned from posting about ponies at all?

What sort of big things happened during like 2017-2020 blockland forums? All sorts of big things happened way back then, surely it mostly hasn't changed nowadays, just a few less with a lower population.

Any old blocklanders that you guys remember? It'd be awesome seeing a blast from the past from other users! (like Rughugger!)

And it's so weird just seeing this place mostly deserted now, the old massive Minecraft thread ending at 1.12, the MLP topic just straight up dead (which kind of makes sense I suppose, the fandom is basically dead at this point), the night and day discussion topics are just dead, the recent posts are now kind of sparse. It was bound to happen, I suppose. Nothing really gets to last forever.
But still, it's so eerie watching this forum fade into obscurity after investing so much time into it way back when.

I guess it's time to wrap this thread up then before I wind up staying up all night digging into BLF's history some more.

Does anybody here actually remember me? I'm genuinely curious now, I know I wasn't that memorable of a user.

And finally: I'm sorry for all the stuff I wound up causing, I was a really toxic starfish back then, and thank you for the great memories you all gave me though! And seeing some of the awesome old threads really cheered me up during this stuffty time, so thank you all for that as well!

Drama / Re: Blockland Forum didn't deserve borrowed time
« on: December 18, 2018, 06:17:34 PM »
What did he mean by this?
He's referring to how you won't ban Lord Tony. He is calling you biased because you won't ban lord tony.

Trymos just defined gender as nothing but stereotypes. And not 1 bit related to loveual preferences.
If by "loveual preferences" you mean loveuality, then sure, they absolutely are not related.

According to leftists that push the LGBT movement, also dislike using stereotypes as they arnt PC. And with infinate genders, and gender being just a loving feeling you have, there is no such thing as tranloveual anymore.
If you boil down being trans as a hobby, then sure...
...Things aren't that simple, however, there's a physical component to this: love hormones, namely Estrogen and Testosterone.
Everyone is born producing one of the two, but some brains develop with a reliance on the one they're not producing. As a result this causes psychological effects that depend on what coping mechanisms you end up developing to help with it. Depression, dissociation, BPD, and quite a few others. Sometimes the depression even develops early and stays for so long that it seems like it's normal, that's what happened to me. This results in euphoria after the depression has subsided even if only a little bit of it has. Don't ignore the biological component to our existence.

As far as expressing yourself goes, including presenting as the other gender: I'm of the opinion of who gives a stuff as long as it makes you happy and you're not truly hurting anyone. I never understood the TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) logic of us not understanding what a true woman is because we want to wear pretty dresses and makeup and all that. Same with the logic of the alt right where if we were born male then we have to stay male because science. (Even though all they cite is chromosomes which is nowhere near the big picture of the situation)

Why do we have to forget with other people for being different? Why can't we let other people just do what makes them happy without hurting anyone else?
Those questions aren't referring to you specifically bisjac, just society as a whole.

Trymos himself cannot define tranloveual at the same time as defending lbg rights, as they are contradictory to each other.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this, could you elaborate on this?

I just had to think about the blockland forums' reaction when I heard of this news. God damn it.

A whole lot of this argument stems from a massive misunderstanding of the differences between gender and love.
love is biological, Gender is social.
I understand most of this argument is about non binary people, but I need to make this clarification: Transgender people tend to replace love hormones which is a biological thing, so there is an element of changing one's love in there, just not enough to warrant a change in one's love for various reasons. It's not until SRS (loveual Reassignment Surgery) that it properly changes. Now for non binaries...

Gender is a social construct, involving clothing, mannerisms, typical activities, and various other things. A non binary person tends to identify with things in a way that lands in that weird middle ground between male and female, being impossible to align the person to a specific gender.
"But Trymos, I like (insert thing opposite to my gender)! So by your logic it must mean I'm non binary huh???"
This isn't true, because just about everyone likes something from the other gender, almost nobody is a stereotypical lovey woman or stereotypical muscular man, you can like something from the other gender and still be cis. The thing with non binary people is that everything lands in neither side, a combination of both, or it's constantly fluctuating between the two. (I believe this is called gender fluid)
This makes it impossible to really assign any gender if we just had male or female. This is the reason Gender and love are separate, Gender is social and therefore flexible.
love is biological and therefore not hugely flexible, although it can still be changed. (see: post op trans people)

I hope this helps clarify things involving non binary people. If you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask.
and yes i'm aware of the OP of the thread, i'm not happy about it and i'm trying to ignore talking about that on the blockland forums, thanks.

Trans woman here, your question is a bit confusing but I'll try to answer it as best as I can. I haven't gotten SRS yet, but I currently plan to.
I'm also going to assume you know little to nothing about trans people so I will try my best to respectfully explain things as though you know nothing about this subject.
But first...

this is the worst place in the entire world to ask this kind of question.
who the forget are you to say this? this is projecting dude, you don't know if that's how someone else feels about it.
i don't think you understand that for a while now at least MtF surgery has been 1:1.
MtF surgery isn't perfect, there is still a lot that could be improved upon, especially involving recovery.
i also do not think you understand that loads of transgender people do not go for surgery, and are completely fine with that.
listen man a lot of what you wrote is you projecting your own feelings about it on other people. ultimately what transgender people do is because it is what makes them feel comfortable in their body. love change or not, topsurgery or not.
How about you read intentions and where he is coming from rather than just what he says? He is making an effort to try and understand, maybe he is concern trolling, but answering politely and comprehensively will do wonders in helping other people understand who aren't trolls.
Yes, even if the person you're responding to is a concern troll.
true except for in every other case with lgbt threads, there are people being rlly loving nasty towards lgbt users/people just to be edgy
This is the Blockland Forums™, it is no secret that everyone here is really loving nasty towards everyone. You even acknowledged this in your first reply to this thread.

Now to answer your question...

edit: ik not all trans ppl get operations but in this thread im primarily focusing on those that do
This is what makes the question a bit confusing, but I imagine you do not know what HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy, which I will explain in a later point of mine) is so I will ignore this for now.
The reason it is a bit confusing is because you refer specifically to people who have gotten surgery, but have not given a question that is exclusive to trans women who have gotten SRS.

so i was reading a post from an person i follow and they said to not call trans people by their old name (like if someone goes male > female and their birth name is tyler, but they wanna be called veronica now) because it could cause them discomfort or dysphoria (which is unease or unsatisfaction with life) and i had 2 thoughts on this:

2: maybe they feel unsatisfied with life or uneasy because it reminds them that they arent really male/female, and that they are chasing something that will never be 100% authentic? (kinda sounds aggresive ik :c )
There are many, MANY ways this could be interpreted by us.
It could be exactly as you say, they have a thought process where they believe they aren't really male/female, and that they are chasing something that they think will never be 100% authentic. People who think like this generally are depressed/otherwise have self esteem issues.
Some could be upset because of the many, many years they have spent as a gender they are REALLY not comfortable with, and have a sort of PTSD about this.
Some could get upset because you're ignoring their legitimate request to treat them as they want to be treated.
It could be for any multitude of reasons honestly. But as far as authenticity goes, I'm personally in the boat of 2 special genders for every person: Person and starfish.
I don't think there's any more authentic of a life than a life you want that doesn't bring obvious harm to other people. Of course, life isn't always black and white but I think I got the idea across pretty well.

another thought i had about it was that it kinda reminds me of ppl who spend tons of money on plastic surgery, chasing some perfect image they imagine themselves as, unable to accept they way they look instead. they damage their natural, valuable, healthy and functioning body to look and feel better about themselves, but if they just learned to accept reality then they'd be better off is that im getting at. just seems kinda... wrong? unhealthy? idk cuz again i read a study that said that the most healthy treatment is to just go thru with it so maybe im wrong but in my own opinion, a life where u accept what u are and keep it that way sounds a lot more enjoyable than changing it and sacrificing the valuables that it came with.
The problem with comparing Body Dysmorphic Disorder to being trans is that the way they both function are considerably different.
BDD ends up being treated in a similar way to depression, therapy, anti depressants, the whole lot. There may be differences but BDD usually manifests itself as a sort of line of thinking(Not really sure how to describe it) while Gender Dysphoria (and in the same sense, euphoria) manifests itself due to actual differences between the body and brain.
Brains tend to vary wildly in terms of structure, but for us they tend to function more towards our desired gender and that involves relying on hormones, especially once puberty starts. There are problems before puberty, but they don't become especially severe for those who get dysphoria until puberty. This is mainly why HRT works for us and resolves one of the biggest problems pretty much immediately, they replace the hormones to that of what we need. Socially transitioning is also very important and it just so happens that HRT helps with that, a lot. For people with severe Gender Dysphoria, not going on HRT pretty much equals suicide.

HRT pretty much replaces Testosterone with Estrogen for MtF and vice versa for FtM trans people.

It's also important to note that going on HRT and socially transitioning only solves depression and related stuff caused specifically by Gender Dysphoria, obviously if you are depressed as a result of unrelated issues, for example, would not resolve the depression, although it may alleviate it.

Of course, brains vary wildly: There could be trans people who don't ever go on HRT but socially transition and there could be trans people who don't experience dysphoria but instead experience euphoria. As well as trans people whose Gender Dysphoria isn't so severe and, as a result, goes untreated for decades.

I hope this answers your thoughts and any misconceptions you, or other people, may have adequately enough. I tried my best to explain as clearly as I could, but it's hard to explain what being trans is like to cis people because our experiences are vastly different and it can be hard to see the other persons point of view when they're so radically different.
See hootaloo as an example: He lashed out at the OP because of something that is extremely obvious to the average trans person, but not obvious at all to the average cis person. This is why trying to understand the other person's point of view and his intentions are so important, it prevents situations like that from happening.

Anyways, again, hope that answers everything you wanted to know, if you have any more questions, just ask!

« on: July 09, 2018, 01:25:12 PM »
i'm currently working on a ghetto version of the old blockland forum theme for SMF 2.0

Off Topic / the nigerian scammers suddenly got real meta
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:49:48 PM »

they're officially self aware of their own futures.

considering the fact that people who don't have blockland technicially have a BL_ID of -1

...they would be considered smarter than all of us here by that metric, which is factually true so i can believe in this metric.

Off Topic / Re: ARG (or is it?)
« on: April 20, 2018, 10:55:54 AM »
what number do i fax the answers to?

Off Topic / Re: Blf, what do you think about transgenders?
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:35:08 PM »
You wanted him to define "loving up". Watch a video of mtf surgery and you'll understand
i still don't know what the forget you're getting on about

Off Topic / Re: Blf, what do you think about transgenders?
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:24:17 PM »
How about you actually watch a video of a mtf surgery?
how about you explain how this is relevant at all to my point?

Off Topic / Re: Blf, what do you think about transgenders?
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:55:55 AM »
im pretty sure most transgenders are decent human beings i just dont like the idea of loving up your body because you have a mental illness
define "loving up"

if it achieves an incredibly positive result to a situation where there are no positive results on other solutions, is it really loving up?

Games / Re: "Bully Hunters"
« on: April 15, 2018, 11:54:19 AM »
fun fact: this was a steelseries marketing campaign.

filenames of the pics were named as though they were meant for steelseries
the delivery network is an advertising agency

Off Topic / Re: day discussion topic i guess [day 641]
« on: April 14, 2018, 12:46:20 PM »

theres no real difference between yours and

personally wouldn't say no real difference. blight3 does change the layout of the forums quite a bit.
probably wont release it imo, it's mostly just personal preferences for myself here. i just wanted blight3's layout with a better color scheme, barely anyone uses blight3 i believe so it's probably not worth fixing some of the smaller issues in the design for features i don't use just to release it and have nobody use it.

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