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Drama / My time here is up.
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:39:21 PM »
It's about time I made this topic. It's about time I said this. And it's about goddamn time I secured my leave once and for all, and this topic is here to do that for me. If you don't already know, I am Rookie. I am Rookie, and I have not changed. I am still the autistic little stuff that nobody likes and this I recognize. I have been permanentally banned 6 times and have had countless temporary bans. I'm an starfish, and you deserve better.

My throat aches along with my heart, I have had so much fun here, and I've been here for over 4 years now, and I love all of you like my brothers. But I'm all out of cake, my expiration date is up and I'm used goods with nothing left to offer except my own insecure pathetic rants that nobody cares about anyway. This is not a cry for sympathy or for attention, this is Rookie's final stand among the only people that would have ever listened to him. You guys have been great to be around, but my parents disprove, and so do my grades, and my mental health, if there is any left. It is time I started being a real man who lives in the real world. I will only keep my best of internet friends on my steam list, and it is time I put this chapter of my life to rest, as it should have been long ago. I'm not a cat. I don't have 9 lives. I'm 5 lives overdue, and that is not acceptable at all. Not for the kindness and laughs you guys have given me.

I'm crying now.
Goodbye, guys.

User was banned for this post

I mean what made everyone against you? You could somehow change it all with some stupid believeable story
my mental instability if it even exists

What caused all of this? Do you know?
frustration to say the least

he is asking how long will it take for you to kill yourself approximately

that's what I collect anyway
when im all out of cake

So you just want to give up?
in what way do you mean?

whoa, okay
I didn't expect for you to pour out your emotions, so hold tight while I read this surely gut-wrenching tale of your life
well im not exactly wallowing in my pity, im laying the facts out right on the table unbias of my emotions

or, well, im trying

I was clearly being serious
what else is concerning you, your computer not working can't really be a problem that can make you hate your school again
well i guess you could say that everybody seems to think im mentally unstable and that my cries for help are just random spasms, and it followed me home, yay, so my dad hates me and my mom wont talk to me and my sister is a dumbforget. so now im stuck in this insecure state if im actually legitimately going apestuff or if im on a higher intellectual level than the average riverside cadet. either way, everybody hates me and i hate them back.

We all know this is for attention but there are people you can talk too at that place, right
hey nice prejudice

Games / Re: The Elder Scrolls Megathread - The Elder Strolls!
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:14:19 PM »
great thanks

Ive made two posts I obv have things to say
both of which are useless and pathetic attempts to start stuff which has already been started 7,000 times before

ur so cool
hey starfish
forget off if you have nothing to say here

first world problems
that's so depressing
not exactly

Games / Re: The Elder Scrolls Megathread - The Elder Strolls!
« on: February 03, 2012, 10:10:21 PM »
it gets to this point:

and doesn't progress. No smoke, no text, nothing. useless. loving. stuff.

well have a seat and tell uncle blue what went wrong
well i got home after a week of hell to find that nothing on my computer was working

oh laud here we go again rookie

what's the problem now? did ya flunk your semester?
no, i passed with almost all A's

but this place radiates frustration and the unfortunate chain of events that occurred today are really not helping

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