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Help / CRPG zones
« on: April 29, 2019, 08:16:09 PM »
What do the zone plates in CRPG do exactly?

Games / Re: Anyone want to make a Rainbow Six ranked team?
« on: February 13, 2018, 09:59:49 PM »
Last a played, which was a few months ago, I was scraping the bottom of gold.
My steam's in my profile if you wanna add me. If you get a full team, message me on steam sometime.
I'm also looking to play overwatch sometime if you play that as well.

Games / Re: Whom be playing destiny 2 on pc?
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:32:30 AM »
by grinding and farming you mean logging in for half an hour per week to get 1-2 extra power levels and waiting till next week because of ~powerful engram~ progression
Nah, just wait until like, Year 2 and you’ll be good.

If they do things like the first they'll hopefully have a decent game and partially fix the stupid "progression" two years later.
I just can't believe I payed $70 for this game and the first two "expansions"

General Discussion / Re: B4V21
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:10:30 PM »
I can make a video tutorial of Torque Constructor on how to make a simple Blocko city. It's not hard, you only need a lot of patience and time if you want to do it perfect. Check out my map list on Peekarica.

Yes please. I have some experience with constructor, but it's been a long time and I wasn't ever that good with it.

General Discussion / Re: B4V21
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:27:45 PM »
Does anyone have any good mapping resources for v20? I mean as in making the models for the maps. It'd be cool to see some maps being made again, and I'd love to participate in something like that if there are any good learning resources.

General Discussion / Re: older blockland user check-in.
« on: July 30, 2017, 07:31:56 PM »
Got this game march-ish of of 2008 all because the "why to buy blockland" videos
I still love them
My eight year old self's motivation was the idea that you could walk inside your lego creations.

edit:Now a-days I don't play the game and I'm slowly merging out of even checking the forums.
Really hoping Ghost makes that blockland-ish game of his.

Games / Re: Blockland-Inspired Project (Build-Modifying Added pg. 3)
« on: July 15, 2017, 03:24:12 PM »
What do you think of making a blog or something for the development of this instead of using this forum?

General Discussion / Re: Blockland is NOT dead
« on: June 21, 2017, 03:37:39 PM »
See, this is more of a personal problem.

I'm fine with the community (other than the people who stuff up OT constantly), because I just never click on Drama.

It is somewhat a personal problem (and I choose not to go there as well), but I've seen a lot of new players drawn to the drama topic and to them Drama is our whole community. The Drama community is also a part of the overall community and that's just an issue with its current state.

General Discussion / Re: Blockland is NOT dead
« on: June 21, 2017, 03:03:30 PM »
The major blow was the removal of terrain and interiors. Players had more fun in those maps such as San Andreas or other Blocko city maps. If you were too lazy to build, you went to one of GSF maps, build some extra houses and you were done.

I think I'd have to agree that the removal of terrain and interiors was a mistake, but I think the real damage was done with the handling of player disappointment. From what I've seen, a majority of the community (that was and still is) wants/wanted maps back. I personally think the game is a lot less interesting now and it seems a lot of other people thought so too.

Honestly I think this discussion is just going in circles. It has been started many times over and over, and really it's clear that it's not getting through to everyone. "Blockland is dead" is just going to be another one of those things that new players and old players are going to find interest in dramatizing, as has been the case. The facts are that the game's population has taken a dive but it's not dead yet. Badspot is demonstrating he's very unlikely going to do anything to make the game better, and I think it's really up to the player base to determine how long this game is going to last. It always comes down to a case of someone just needed to put enough time and effort into doing something.

Now in the case of bringing back v20, I've seen the petitions for going back to v20 and all that, but I honestly don't know what you expect Badspot to do. We have some 300 active members, and probably the only thing that will entice Badspot is a large amount of money. Where would we get the money with our small community? I don't even know if that would be enough considering Badspot seemingly hasn't properly capitalized on this game in the last few years.

Honestly though, we complain and all that, but if the game is going to get better I really believe it's up the the community. With all the creatives and programmers on this forum we have all we need. The community just has to organize (an idea that I don't think is new). All I really see on the forums outside the add-ons section (and even sometimes in the add-ons section) is toxic behavior and a lot of incomplete projects (and that attitude has always been present in Blockland). Ultimately I think it's just been present too long and is finally burning Blockland out. It's partially why Ephialtes left, and it's cause for Badspot not wanting to put effort into this game anymore.

General Discussion / Re: Blockland is NOT dead
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:19:25 PM »
We could also help promote the game and various servers on YouTube via Let's Play videos, Let's Builds, etc. - that would definitely bring back old players or even new ones.

I think a proper "let's build" would be good. Though, it would have to be done correctly. It could be incredibly boring if it's not done correctly. As for let's plays, the ones that have been done just didn't seem anything special. At least not at this time. The ones that do exist (that I've seen) were mostly just jail rp's or one of the generic game modes. None of them were really focused around building.

You know what would be great, if someone documented the construction of a really large build. That would be something I'd like to see. Like someone making a large city, and each day they document what was new that day and after a time there's a giant city that has been made. I'd personally really like to participate in something like that. It would be a really good opportunity as a community project as well.

General Discussion / Re: Blockland is NOT dead
« on: June 21, 2017, 12:40:11 PM »
I think you can see why people think the game is dead. I mean, the population drop has definitely been apparent in-game and on the forums. Even without the statistics.
Personally, I really don't enjoy the game that much anymore either. At least not so much out side of my own server. It's for sure a different game when I started playing it in 2008, and well it is what it is I suppose. I think a lot of new players are just daunted by the complex mods and builds the more experienced players put out. Sure there are some freebuild servers and places for new players to do whatever, but I haven't really seen any new players doing anything that "new." They all just seem jump on this collective mindset of improving on what has been done and get bored trying. I really miss players making things like the default saves (both from pre-v21 and now). Like Beta City or that city on the counter on Kitchen, and I think the absence of those simpler but fun builds being created has made new players less interested. I dunno. When i started playing blockland there just seemed to be new and exciting things happening every day. Now? Not so much.

More people stuff on this forum than actually playing the game. lol
Also I'd agree with this, and I'd say a lot of our community on the forums is just toxic. Like seriously, I can't read the drama board without wanting to die.

I started a poll, and if anyone who has the game wants I can collect a list of active players.

there is literally no point in running both. you also will likely screw up your preferences if you do run both together.

Does Glass have a colorset loader? I only keep RTB installed for that, but I hate it.

OT: Get Glass


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