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Ok which one of you guys is this:

Muffin, you should stop... you know what happens to Anti-Furries and Anti-Bronies...

You don't seem to understand why those guys got banned. Also you must think I was born yesterday for even linking that.

[ShadpwsfeaR prepares the eldritch rituals, songs, and dances for the attrocity he is about to commit. He wears the bathrobe thik with the ages of dust hes produced whilts living in his foster step twin moms basement. he prepares his red black goth candle which he keeps under a pilow at night. he has only 1 pilow, which is the candle one, that is to say, the pillow is kind of waxy and gross. Anyway he does a lil chant]

ShadowsfeaR: Web Witching Wards and Watchtowers that be, stand guard while I surf the cyber sea. Transfer all Web files with speed and ease, with the blessings of the Cyber Gods, so mote it be.

[a pile of xtra large diapers begin to dance in teh air around ShadowsfeaR, melting, reforming, reshapign! a gross blob emerges from the diaper dancing, ShadowsfeaR has a huge bonerr right now. he doesnt even pull her pants down and slips the alchemysized XXXXL diapoer made of four XL diapers. woa is to be on humanity, the diaper fits him perfectly!]

ShadowsfeaR: damn sugar I havent been in jail since the time I sucked a pickle in front of chuckey cheeses

How furrie megathreads are born

PANEL 1. VincentTheGuy and some dog wriggle into the sloppy uterine folds of a tiny chamber connected to a confusing web of medical tubes and pincer things holding it in place. In the background there is VincentTheGuy holding a fairly impressive clipboard. The dog’s sand deposit butt is still sticking out kind of the flaps of the chamber’s entrance (VincentTheGuy went in first, little mother forgeter!) which is somewhat lovey but also a little revolting.

PANEL 2. Big bursts that are also giant and downright loving electric of electricity electrifies the sticky gross inner folds, through some kind of injection of powerful energy which is maybe the derivative of fireworks but inconceivably scary. This is going through the aforementioned medical tubes at the speed of sound. VincentTheGuy behind the glass drops his clipboard, and his mouth is now wide-ass dog open and kind of rounded, plus his eyes are bulging out of his glasses.

PANEL 3. The whole electric grid of Furryretard Province flickers on and off. Some gambling sonic cosplayer drunks are flipping out from not being able to see their sonic research in front of them, in accordance with the well-known scientific principles of light and vision.

PANEL 4. Out the back hole of the chamber which is basically what a bee has for a butt, except there is no stinger but something more like that elevated egg sac chute on the mother Alien from the second alien movie, a completely slimed-out green stack of stuff oozes out making VincentTheGuy dry heave and also laugh Asianly.

PANEL 5. Fox/pony hybrid business suit wearer stomps into the room, checking his watch, and swipes away a ton of the goop from the stack with his gargantuan hands-shaking hands and then hands a pile of the goop to a hole in the ground where it is vacuumed or otherwise disappeared through a sucking SFFFFFTT sound you can almost see.

PANEL 6. VincentTheGuy holds up a brand loving new thicker, heavier, starfox-powered Furry Megathred which supports a 16:9 aspect ratio and has a 4-inch slick loving screen, a 1.2 megapixel dope-ass camera, 1 GB of memory, the controversial but stunning Lightning Connecter and boasts tons of positive critical reception on and other websites for being probably the sickest, stufftiest thred made by Man

Dude you just 720noscoped my ass. Did you record it, add Dubstep and lens flare? If you didn't, it doesn't count. :(

A furry lawyer pipes in (he was referenced by forums user Bunyrichard9000) “I object Your Honor!” “This is a farce. I call to the stand Biloveual Dragon Raper Guy”

“I will allow this, as it destroys the credibility of this stupid retarded Anime babby's case”

Biloveual Dragon Raper Guy takes the stand

“I plead guilty, to drawing the Dragon Three-Way.. even the Dragon Cum spilling out. I used colored pencils, and I mixed the yellow and white to make the creamy color”

If this topic were in anywhere but Off Topic, sure you could go all "seniority" (which, by the way, is a terrible argument, because people can easily grow up ignorant and stupid) and go "UH DURR DIS IS A LEGO FORUM, Y U POST DIS?!?"


Retarded ANiME ROM furry dragon research lover baby idiot, you are being charged with getting your useless bitch computer-using ass beat like half a decade ago by YOURS TRULY before you even regged, how do you plead?

I'm contributing to the thread. GOD, what a bunch of whiners!

ShadowsfeaR: you know damn well the last time I went to Dogg-rassic Park to get the haircut by a wolf/fox/snake I left with a tattoo on my nuts, a Prince Albert, and I had a graphic on my ass hairs and I got a new tattoo on my chest that say 'Short richard Willie'

Night Fox: man this is some bullstuff...nodoggy wanna forget and stuff i gotta forget deers.. u know what the forget i did ..they found my soap ona rope.. oh stuff yall snuck up on me i was reading one of ShadowsfeaRs researchs.. thought it was playboy but it was playgirl more richards then a san fransisco cum fiesta

I'm not into fanfiction

but did you like that one episode on south park about red rockets?

If this topic were in anywhere but Off Topic, sure you could go all "seniority" (which, by the way, is a terrible argument, because people can easily grow up ignorant and stupid) and go "UH DURR DIS IS A LEGO FORUM, Y U POST DIS?!?"

But this is Off Topic, where things are posted that are not related to Blockland. And by extension, not related to Lego.

[ShadowsfeaR is standing in the diaper aisle of his favorit Costco shopping establshment, with measuring tape, trying to find teh right fit for his diaper fury fetish]

ShadowsfeaR [screaming, squatting all the way down!]: I'm a cowgirl and I'm riding on my horse bang dum bang and I'm shooting all around

if I was in a field with dogs why on earth would I go for a deer

[A frog-faced, flat-assed dog teenager walks into the bakery he works at and orders some bread]

Night Fox [talking to himself]: There is Cowboy Bebop. And Princess Mononoke. And what else? Oh. The Gameboy Advance. And Black Bible Saga. And the Sega Genesis. No… NOT the Sega Genesis.

Two races…

Frog-faced, flat-assed dog teenager: WOOF.

Night Fox: I just make the bread. I don’t sell the bread. You will have to purchase the bread from my associate.

[Cut to Night Fox outside his parents mansion, picking at some scabs and cryeing]

He just wanted an dog girlfriend

[Night Fox is flying through a waterfall. Oh, no he isn't. He is pawing at a Samsung Galaxy S3, trying to remember his password to I guess he was just imagining the waterfall? Who the forget knows, this retard is autistic.]

Night Fox [screaming]: I was not bitten autistic! I was born autistic!

Frog-faced, flat-assed dog teenager: Who sel bread here? [flustered] Herro? Who dis retard? Wheres bread manager? WOOF

But they stood in his way

[Action shot - Night Fox is getting beaten up by a pack of middle school black children. "Take retard boy's pants." "They won't fit you!" "Who cares. Humiliate this retard." "Yeah!"]

Night Fox [screaming, naked]: I am going to have to purchase a new Mr. Chew’s Furry Beaver account.

Night Fox’s Mom: No. You are going to have to get electro shock therapy.

The saga ends…

[Frog-faced, flat-assed dog teen is seen walking down the street with some Materials Science Ph.D candidate from Chengdu]

Night Fox [screaming, naked, picking scabs and surrounded by dogs in a field]: This was my last chance…[Hes crying, little idiot baby retardling]

[Night Fox gets stepped on by one of the dogs, which looks like it is going to pee on him. Nobody know what chance he is talking about, 'last chance' and stuff, that little retard autism loser. A bird freakeing poops right on his face and his parents roll up in a brand new Audi S6 to pick up their gay son. Everyone is crying.]

[Fade to black]


[Night Fox  is pictured kind of stumbling around in an open field with a pack of dogs] *Movie trailer voice guy speaks*

This Holiday Season…

[Night Fox  looks at a deer, or is it a loaf of bread in a bakery? Is this guy retarded?]

Night Fox : “My time as a virgin is over.”

He dared do the impossible…

They're not posting furry research, silly head. If they did that they would get banned.



And do you honestly think the mods read this loving subforum?

Uncalled for.

Yes I was told that the last time as well. But I'm not the one posting furry research on a forum about a LEGO game.

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