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Off Topic / Re: would you kill mesothelioma
« on: Yesterday at 09:51:08 PM »
And by creating such a paradox instead of saving 6 gorillian jews you end up dooming the entire loving universe and phasing everyone out of existence.

You'd end up ironically becoming worse than mesothelioma

Off Topic / Re: would you kill mesothelioma
« on: Yesterday at 09:48:48 PM »
If you went from the present to the past to kill mesothelioma then it changes the future.

This ends up erasing your timeline and you end up potentially never going back to the past again.

This is a huge paradox lol

it was corona

Off Topic / Re: would you kill mesothelioma
« on: July 12, 2020, 09:41:52 PM »
SO you go back in time to kill mesothelioma.

But then you wouldn't exist because the future will be altered so drastically

And if you never existed then you never went back in time to kill mesothelioma.

GG retard you doomed your existence and the existence of the universe by creating a paradox

he's right though:

these are just two cities, but most cities around the usa/canada have the same proportions allocated to the police

And if everything else had a higher budget crime would go down and we wouldn't need a large ass police budget

Man it's almost like people have been doing that for years, *cough* 1986 *cough*

I know this has been happening for years but the fact it still keeps happening shows we need to reform the entire system lol

It's really sickening how we can combine two bills in one and disguise the terrible one under the "good" one to fool people into thinking they're doing the right thing

So were giving kids 10 years in prison for drawing on sidewalks and the gays rapeing the kids get what like 5 years and probation

gg congress

yup and they disguised it under the "anti-lynching" bill despite the fact lynching has been  illegal.

It's called murder

But we did it, we ended racism by making lynching illegal.

Writing on a sidewalk with chalk is considered vandalism.

So receiving potentially 10 years because the court wants to forget you is ridiculous

And a lot of religious vandalism is actually by the priest/rabbi themselves.

Wasn't lynching already illegal? It was called murder.

Oh and look they tacked on another bill making vandalism carry a 10 year sentence. Seems like they manipulated people and used anti lynching as a distraction

Wake up

police get 100 billion in funding.

While everything else gets nothing

ive seen a lot of articles about hatecrime against poc outside of election seasons

But they don't cover BLM

i follow tons of POC so no i see blm every year, year round.

but BLM is not covered by main stream media every year, year round. Only during election seasons

You talk about BLM like it’s an organized coalition

everyone is a pawn these days, police, antifa, BLM, etc

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