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Add-Ons / [Brick] Speedrun Flag
« on: July 18, 2022, 11:59:52 AM »
Speedrun Flag
Version 1.1

Adds a little checkpoint flag brick, big checkpoint flag brick, and a basic speedrun event!

Bricks is under Special > Misc

Event works via Self/NamedBrick > speedrunTrigger [point of interest name] [start position whitelist].
Speedruns times are tracked from one point of interest to another, clicking the same point of interest a second time will end the run and reset the time.
Names must use underscores which get converted to spaces in the displays, and the whitelist can contain multiple start positions.

Prefs for max speedrun time (default 60s, past that it will automatically reset), resetting your speedrun on orbing, and resetting your speedrun on respawning.


Add-Ons / Vine Bricks
« on: January 10, 2022, 04:24:08 PM »
Vine Bricks
Version 1.0

A set of gridless vine bricks with variants to make building vines easy!

Requires a floating brick mod to use properly. Variants are cycled when you plant them, and can be overlapped by other normal bricks, meaning you can add in smallbricks where needed!
The second picture demonstrates this - lime bricks are standard 0.5 smallbricks.

The bricks are under Specials > Vines


Off Topic / happy new year
« on: December 31, 2021, 10:22:46 PM »
2022 time

whos ready

Add-Ons / Storage Events
« on: September 29, 2021, 08:08:23 PM »
Storage Events
Version 1.2

Farming V1's event storage system, ported for general use. Items are stored within the brick as part of events, meaning anyone with a wrench can edit its contents. Comes with RTB/Glass server prefs for trust requirement to access or deposit into storage.

Event parameters are number of storage slots (1-20), and 3 strings that contain the storage contents, which are space-separated datablock names.

Deposit items with the drop tool keybind (default ctrl-w) and pull items out with the centerprint menu controls (brick controls).

Accessing storage combines all enabled storage events and empty spots for display. Disabling an event prevents accessing its storage.

This feature allows things like toggling what storage is available, or locking off storage unless a key is used. Withdrawn items are placed at the withdrawer's feet.


Add-Ons / Among Us Crewmate ඞඞඞඞ
« on: June 08, 2021, 06:41:50 PM »
Among Us Crewmate
Version 1.1

bing bing bing bing bing bing bing.... du du du

Fully animated Among Us Crewmate playertype for your servers!

Supports most default avatar equipment and has hands only show up when you use tools/hold items. Also supports slayer uniforms, shoemod, and hatmod!
Has a 2x2x3 brick bounding box, when crouching 2x2x1.5 brick bounding box.

Known bugs:
- spearReady animation doesn't work properly

Look what you made me do Conan lol

Bonus music file for Blockland.
Alt Download:

Add-Ons / Simple Keypad Events
« on: March 11, 2021, 11:00:31 AM »
Simple Keypad Events
Version 1.0

A simple keypad event system to simplify making passcoded doors! Has VCE support to access and view the passkey, and can be used to create string patterns.

fxDTSBrick > inputPassKey [string] Appends the indicated string to the current stored input passkey on the designated brick (named brick or self)
fxDTSBrick > displayPassKey Chats the current passkey to the client who triggered the event.
fxDTSBrick > clearPassKey Clears the stored passkey on the indicated bricks.
fxDTSBrick > checkPassKey [passkey] [salt] Checks the stored passkey against the passkey in the event. When changing the password, make sure the salt field is cleared so a salt to encode the passkey will be generated.

will be automatically converted to

onPassKeyCorrect Called if the passkey is correct when checkPassKey is called.
onPassKeyIncorrect Called if the passkey is incorrect when checkPassKey is called.


To access the passkey with VCE, use <var:br:passkey> or <var:brick:passkey>. The BLID of the last person to edit the password (inputPassKey, clearPassKey) is also stored in <var:br:lastInputPassKey>.


Add-Ons / Control Bricks (Basic Pack)
« on: February 27, 2021, 02:36:06 PM »
Control Bricks
Version 1.2

A set of control bricks that fit and overlap within a 1x1f, for compact event control setups!

Has VCE support - <var:br:toggleState> to set/get the state the brick is in. Setting the var to a valid state number will change the brick's datablock + toggleState value.

These bricks use a custom event system similar to doors, with overflow/underflow events. If Event_onAltActivate is enabled, bricks with automatically come with the altActivate event.

Has a pref to disable the sound on changing a toggle state.

Note that due to the inherent abusability of this brickpack (can stack 30+ bricks within a 1x1f), the bricks are limited to admins only, unless a pref enabling them for non-admins is toggled on.

You will also need a way to plant floating bricks to put these on anything besides the ground plane - new duplicator has the /fp function to force plant duplications as floating, if you do not want to install a floating brick script for your server.


Add-Ons / Marker Lasers Weapon Pack
« on: February 04, 2021, 11:44:34 PM »
Marker Lasers Pack
Version 1.2

A set of laser weapons, with an automatic targeting mechanic!
  • Charge Pistol - Fast firing, fast recharging pistol
  • Charge SMG - Fast firing, automatic weapon with auto-aim support
  • Charge Rifle - Slow, semi-automatic weapon with auto-aim support
  • Markerlight Rifle - Twinlinked semi-automatic weapon that marks targets for auto-aim, both by handheld guns and drones
  • EMP Grenade - On explosion, slows and marks enemies within its radius, on top of discharging their laser weaponry. Instantly destroys drones.
  • Burst Drone - Deploys a floating burst-firing drone that targets and shoots marked enemies. Click your own drones to pick them up!
  • Rifle Drone - Deploys a floating heavy laser drone that targets and shoots marked enemies. Click your own drones to pick them up!

Weapons with auto-aim (SMG, Rifle, drones) automatically fires shots leading their target to greatly increase the chance of a hit.
You can see auto-aim and drone targeting demonstrated in the video below (click the image)

Players can have at most 2 drones deployed at once, and all drones will disappear on death. This is configurable as a pref (default 2, min 1, max 12).
Clicking to pick up drones is also configurable as a pref.
Use /clearDrones to clear your own drones, and /clearAllDrones as admin to clear all drones.


Add-Ons / ShoeMod v1 [+ Shoe Pack 1, Hand Shoes]
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:45:22 PM »
Version 1.0.1
By Conan, with contributions from peetman, irrel, Eagle517, and noroblo

A Shoe counterpart of Hatmod! Wear custom made, recolorable shoes ingame! Use /shoes to open the centerprint menu, and /shoehelp for a full list of commands.

/setShoeNodeColor without any parameters will tell you the list of valid shoe nodes you can set the color of.

Comes with a multitude of prefs and events that mirror Hatmod's prefs, as shown below.

For Shoe Makers:
I wrote up a doc explaining how to make shoes here:
Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have issues/report the issue via the repo - I'll help you out as needed.

The modding Physician Prescribed Desoxynod is largely the same as Hatmod - just export the meshes and create a simple settings.txt file. Refer to the released shoemods below + the documentation linked above if you need a reference.


Shoe Pack 1
Version 1.0

A basic pack of shoes! Includes BL Drip, Bunny Slippers, Cleats, Cowboy, Heels, Jam Jars, Jordans, Neon, Socks and Sandals, and Vans.

Thanks to peetman for the BL Drip model, and noroblo for the Jordans model!


Hand Shoes
Version 1.0

Two shoes made up of hands! Includes Blockhand and Open Blockhand.

Thanks to irrel for the Open Blockhand model!


Add-Ons / Blockland Drip [depreciated]
« on: January 02, 2021, 05:56:50 PM »
Blockland Drip
Version 1.0
By Conan and peetman

/drips or /shoes to wear ingame! Customize drip colors using /setDripColor, or reset them with /resetDripColors! Drips can be seen in first person.

Models by peetman!

Download Depreciated, please go download ShoeMod instead

Add-Ons / Cubescape Optimizer
« on: October 06, 2020, 10:03:43 PM »
Cubescape Optimizer
Version 1.0

Brick mod that provides variants of default cubes and a script to optimize default cubescape builds! To use, do /optimizeCubescape [name/blid].
Bricks can be found in the Baseplates category.

Note the addon is called Brick_CubescapeOptimizer to make it easier to find/enable, since it comes with a significant number of bricks.

it only applies to cubescape, and it checks for proper alignment. any other bricks are ignored

just to be clear:
- it checks for collision/rendering being the same. it ignores unraycasted bricks.
- it checks for color/colorfx/shapefx being the same
- it checks no bricks its removing is named or has events/item/light/music
- it checks for full trust between all the bricks it removes (as it may find bricks in a different brickgroup while attempting to optimize).
- it checks if the brick datablocks are the same (so it only merges 4x cubes with other 4x cubes)
- it ignores all modter


Also check out AutoPlateTerrain for generating grass on top of cubescape quickly and efficiently!

it's obvious that that's not far off
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Add-Ons / Brick - Toilet Paper
« on: March 16, 2020, 06:09:12 PM »
Toilet Paper
Version 1.0

Stock up now before they're all sold out! Comes with horizontal and vertical variants. Paper is recolorable.


Add-Ons / Hatmod - Surgical Masks
« on: March 15, 2020, 11:45:41 PM »
Surgical Masks
Version 1.0

Stay safe on your servers with these surgical masks! Hat names are SurgicalMask and N95.

Requires JakeBlade's Hatmod to work. Enable hatmod with this addon in your addons folder, and it will automatically be executed ingame.


Add-Ons / Glass Panes Extra
« on: March 02, 2020, 03:30:36 PM »
Glass Panes Extra
Version 1.0

A set of wedge, ramp, and filler glass panes to go with Brick_GlassPanes!

Features reasonably-accurate collisions and brick grid. As with the glass panes brickpack, these are all on water layer.


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