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Game Modes / Renderman Haunting
« on: November 01, 2019, 01:59:19 AM »
Renderman Haunting

Renderman Haunting is a spooky adventure game-mode filled with challenges and mini-games along the way.

Renderman Haunting is an older server that I used to host every Halloween between the years 2013 and 2017. This game-mode is a packaged version of that server. This server went through many revisions, including a complete remake in between, before it reached the state it is in now.

Keep in mind that this is an older work, and I won't guarantee that it will be a high quality experience. You are free to critique it, just know that I've already heard it all for the most part. There are no plans to update this, except for minor patches and bugfixes.

NOTE: A Renderman mod is not included in the package. The game-mode is compatible with nearly every released version of Renderman, so go download one before playing! If you have more than one installed, the game-mode will load all of them.

Build by Lake (14128), Sparky Power (13315), A Random Man (17986), and Blades (15420)
Scripting, eventing, and lore by Lake (14128)
Custom bricks by Sparky Power (13315)

  • An adventure map with a forest, a cave zone to explore, and dark secrets to uncover
  • Saving checkpoints that you can return to
  • Collection challenges
  • Bonus mini-games
  • A wide open freebuild area
  • Usable with most versions of the Renderman mod

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Bonus Zones
Render Shooter v6
Shoot the Renderman statues, rack up points, get better weapons, repeat! Filled with secrets and special abilities at certain milestones, and an extra special reward if your server can rack up a total of 100,000 hits. Be careful, though--Renderman does not take kindly to this activity...

A multi-level maze that gets more difficult as you get further into it. Beware that this was never finished and does not have anything notable at the end.

Render Hall
A neat little reward awaits if you can make it to the end of the seemingly never-ending hallway.

Box v2
How long can you survive against Renderman in this cramped box using nothing but your surroundings?

...and more!
If you make it to the end of the adventure map, there are more bonus zones to check out.

Collection Challenges
The Eight Pages
Relive the days of Slender with this challenge; eight pages are scattered through the forest zone.

The Five ??????
Another challenge awaits past the forest.

The Goblets
Three lost goblets that can only be found in relatively obscure locations.

Download Package 8 MB - Includes the game-mode, music, and 47 required add-ons
Alternate download - Game-mode only

Part of the Renderman Collection

General Discussion / CityRPG 4 Alpha 1 - Update in progress
« on: October 12, 2019, 08:30:01 PM »

Live, build, and thrive in a city made of blocks. CityRPG is a sandbox-simulation styled game-mode that simulates the life of a blocky city.

Alpha 1 test: December 14, 2019.
Alpha 1 test 2: December 27, 2019.
Alpha 1 begins: January 3, 2019.

The CityRPG 4 Team
Lead Development
Lake “LakeYS” Youngs

Administration and Creative Direction
Alexander “PunisherLex” Friedlander

Snack Nsack Chocolate

We have taken note the many existing criticisms of CityRPG here on the forums. Every bit of it is being taken into account as we build the concepts for CityRPG 4. Input from the community is important to us, and we will be depending on it to improve CityRPG.

If you have suggestions, criticism, or ideas, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

This is a dump of my old projects that I worked on over the years, mostly between 2013 and 2016. All of it is unpublished code that I either never got around to finishing or didn't see a reason to release. Here it all is:

View on GitHub | Download

# QuickAdmin
- Found in: Server_QuickAdmin
- March 3, 2014
- Completion: ~90%
- Adds a suite of 'convenient' new commands, mostly geared towards moderating a server. Includes a farlands command, several "shortcut" admin commands, and a re-worked timescale command. The timescale command is most likely broken due to an update to the game that changes how timescale is handled.

# TeleportMe
- Found in: System_TeleportMe
- May 1, 2014
- Completion: ~30%, not functional
- Was planned to be a system where players could request to teleport to each other, with prompts and permissions similar to the trust system.

# Tool Equip Animation
- Found in: Server_EquipAnim
- May 17, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- An experimental server mod that "animates" a player's arm whenever equipping a tool.

# Tell Time
- Found in: Server_TellTime
- May 25, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- Small script that tells players the time when joining. Not sure what purpose I used this for.

# Jump Control
- Found in: Server_JumpControl (v1)
- August 2, 2014
- Completion: N/A
- A set of commands that configure how jumping works in-game. I was originally attempting an 'underwater' system where you could swim in the air. The code behind this later became the foundation for my Flappy Bird game-mode:

# Spellcasting Mod
- Found in: Server_Spellcasting - Old
- August 7, 2014
- Completion: ~60%
- A server mod that adds spell-casting commands. Inspired by the PointShop add-on for Garry's Mod, but with magical spells. Players collect points for spending time on the server and can use them to cast spells using commands. I briefly collaborated with Aoki on this project. There are probably a couple newer versions floating around, but this is the one I had on hand.

# Player Teleporting
- Found in: Server_Player_Teleporting
- September 7, 2014
- Completion: 100%
- Adds a Minecraft-inspired teleporting server command ('/tp PlayerA PlayerB')

# Anti Fetch All
- January 1, 2015
- Found in: Server_Anti_Fetch_All
- Completion: ~90%
- Blocks the "fetch all" client mod, never released due to having little use.

# Add-On Archive Checker
- January 18, 2015
- Found in: Server_CheckAddon
- Completion: ~10%
- Designed for an "archive" server idea I was experimenting with. Adds a command that checks the name of an add-on and, if it exists, returns a download link for the add-on. The folder that it links to has since been removed.
- If you're looking for something similar to this, check out Kenko's add-on archive:

# Anti Rapid Activate
- April 7, 2015
- Found in: Server_Anti_Rapid_Activate
- Completion: ~100%
- Adds a limit for /activateStuff to block rapid-clicking clients and autoclickers. Wrote around the same time as Anti Rapid Fire and Anti Fetch All, never released it because it was "hacky" and I didn't see anyone getting use out of it.

# Infinite Environment Water
- Found in: Server_Env_InfiniteWater
- August 7, 2015
- Completion: ~80%
- Adds a command that makes the environment water go up extremely high. Has an unfinished interface button. Wrote this as a request from a friend.

# Brick Finder
- November 15, 2015
- Found in: Script_Find_Brick
- Completion: ~100%
- Adds a command that teleports the user to a brick with a certain owner, color, and FX on it. I recall writing this for a specific purpose but I have no idea what for at this point.

# Add-on Loading Timer
- June 12, 2016
- Found in: Client_Loading_Timer
- Completion: Unknown
- Designed to test and record how long it takes to load each client add-on. I have no idea if this is at all functional.

# Impact GUI Edit
- June 26, 2016
- Found in: Client_Impact_Gui
- Completion: N/A
- An edit of the add-on selection GUI that makes the add-on list smaller. Never released because I didn't finish it and, even in its current state, had tons of bugs and compatibility issues.

# Player Logger
- 2014 - June 27, 2016
- Found in:
- Completion: ~80%
- A client-sided add-on that logs the names, Blockland IDs, and name history of each player that you encounter in-game. My original plan was to turn this into an alternative to the Return to Blockland ID lookup after RTB shut down. I attempted to include a playtime logger but was unsuccessful in completing it.

- I have also included my own ID logger history folders, containing info on over three thousand Blockland players. It can be found in the (2014; OLD FORMAT), (2015-2016), and (2018-2019) files. Check it out and see if you're in there!

# Joystick Mod
- 2015 - Around June 27, 2016
- Found in:
- Completion: 60%
- An attempt to add controller support to Blockland, including building and partial support for the game's interface. Written entirely in TorqueScript. This mod makes it possible to play through the entire tutorial using only a (compatible) controller. Yes, even the parts where you build and change brick properties. I included most of my notes in the README file in the repository.

# CakeBot
- 2013 - July 30, 2016
- Found in: Client_CakeBot
- Completion: N/A
- One of my earliest major Blockland scripting projects, my own personal chat bot. Shares the name CakeBot with my first ever Discord bot. The bot has a host of commands, games, and other functions. It has a timed announcer, a dictionary system, a (broken) auto-miner for Unlimited Mining servers, and more. The list of commands can be found in guide.txt inside the add-on folder.

- To discourage abuse, I have redacted parts of the code that handle sending messages in chat. Please only attempt to use in your own server, or with explicit permission from hosts.

# CityRPG Plus
- Found in: Server_CityRPGPlus
- August 8, 2018
- Completion: N/A
- A server mod that adds a few small tweaks to CityRPG. Wrote this for a friend that was hosting a CityRPG at the time. At the time of writing, I am attempting to revive this project here:

I hope that someone finds at least a little use or entertainment out of something in here. Feel free to use anything here for your own purposes.

You can find more of my work both in and outside of Blockland on my GitHub profile and my development Discord.

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll join me for my next project:

General Discussion / CityRPG 4 - Coming soon
« on: July 02, 2019, 06:04:49 PM »

       Discord | GitHub | YouTube

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce CityRPG 4, a better CityRPG for Blockland. Live, build, and thrive in a city made of blocks, inhabited by players like you.

The CityRPG 4 Team
Lead Development
Lake “LakeYS” Youngs

Administration and Creative Direction
Alexander “PunisherLex” Friedlander

Snack Nsack Chocolate

What is CityRPG 4?
CityRPG 4 is a new and improved CityRPG mod. CityRPG 4 is based on the existing CityRPG code, but it will be heavily modified, with portions of it rewritten entirely.

Why not make it from scratch?
Many developers have made previous attempts to write a CityRPG from scratch and fallen short. We want to avoid that. Rather than trying to rebuild the base yet again, we're going to focus on reworking and expanding what's already there.

What kinds of new features can we expect?
I won't name specifics just yet as it's all heavily WIP, but we have pretty expansive plans, both to overhaul and improve the existing game, and to add awesome new features. We will be taking feedback VERY heavily into account to make sure CityRPG 4 is the best it can be.

Will you release the mod?
Yes. CityRPG 4 is currently in a pre-alpha stage. Once it leaves pre-alpha, we will release it to the public. The entire mod will be open source on our GitHub.

When is all of this happening?
We're looking to host our first server sometime in early to mid august, and the first Alpha release of the mod will follow shortly after.

What will the build be like?
Our first run will be set on a tropical island city. There will be a little bit of backstory behind the island to be revealed. In the future, we are hoping to experiment with some themed CityRPG servers as well.

Is there a roadmap for the mod?
We have a roadmap on Trello, but it's currently private as it's a work in progress. We're planning to go public with it soon.

For the past 5 or so years of playing Blockland, myself and several friends of mine have been fans of CityRPG servers on Blockland. Around August of last year, I began working on a CityRPG server with the help of my friend PunisherLex. The original plan was fairly modest; we were going to host a simple server for fun, running on Ty's CityRPG with a basic map. I made a fixed up version of Ty's CityRPG (still available for download here) that we were going to host with.

In order to add in features of my own, I started work on my own branch of CityRPG, initially called CityRPG X. This was meant to be a small expansion, just polishing some things up, a little extra feature here, another feature there. As I continued to work through the murky code behind the mod, I started taking notes--ideas, issues, concepts, bugs, etc. These notes grew to overwhelming size very quickly, and I ended up moving to create a full-blown design document for CityRPG. Taking into account input from friends, players, and posts here on the forums, the outline for CityRPG 4 has grown to be much larger than I thought it would.

For the better part of the last 6 months, I've continued expanding these plans and working on the mod itself whenever I could. The goal now is to make this design I've set out for CityRPG into a reality. It's far from complete and there's still a lot of work to be done, but I think we're about far along enough to make a great spin on CityRPG and a fun server to go with it.

CityRPG 4 is currently in pre-alpha closed development, however there will be many opportunities to join us as the project moves forward. We'll be looking for help of all sorts, so stay tuned if you're interested.

In the meantime, we're still looking for help to join our early Alpha playtest! If interested, apply using the into below and either PM it to me or post it in this thread.

Info: Tasked with helping us test the mod for bugs. Our first playtest will be the Alpha 1 test, and will take place over the course of a weekend leading up to the server's opening.
Your in-game name and BL ID:
Your timezone:
Your Discord username (if any):
Past CityRPGs you've played:

We want your feedback! This is a project for the Blockland community. If you have suggestions, criticism, or ideas for CityRPG, please don't hesitate to share it with us. We will be relying on feedback very heavily and every bit of it is greatly appreciated.

Add-Ons / /Ty's CityRPG - Fixed Version (Update 9/20, duplicator fix)
« on: August 19, 2018, 04:52:17 PM »
This is a patched version of /Ty's CityRPG mod. It contains several critical fixes and removes multiple known exploits left in by /Ty. If you are using Gamemode_TysCityRPG, I highly recommend you replace it with this version. If you have Support_Updater installed, you should have automatically received an update containing this patch.

Proof of /Ty's exploits

If you'd like to see more information on what this mod is, see the original thread here:
/Ty's City RPG -- 1.0
Here's a copy of the presentation that was snipped from the original topic: Presentation

Here's the changelog of what's different from the version that /Ty released:
- Removed ALL backdoors, particularly related to the following Blockland IDs: 997, 75525, 27161, and 4896
- De-obfuscated and restored the code in common.cs, baton.cs, and lumberIntoBricks.cs.
- Fixed all of the broken "isHost" checks.
- Removed all content related to the rapist job.
- Fixed the font for the bottom and center print text.
- Removed the (outdated) built-in Duplicator add-on.
- Removed broken add-on dependencies.
- Fixed users being able to duplicate drugs and other CityRPG bricks using the New Duplicator.


Download Package (Includes required add-ons)

If you encounter any issues, feel free to report them here or PM them to me directly.

See Also
CityRPG Plus (A side project I'm working on)
Mail System
Anti Rapid Fire (A quick, hacky fix for people using rapid fire)


Renderman is a mysterious entity that haunts Blockland. Over the years, this entity has become increasingly intelligent... and increasingly deadly.

Download | View on Blockland Glass | Join the Discord
Alternate Download | Older Versions | Support me on Patreon

What's New in the Halloween 2019 Update
  • Renderman types
  • Mysterious structures may appear if you have the "Affect bricks and lights" preference enabled
  • A new look for the Glitch Detector and, finally, a Glitch Gun model!
  • Render Nights - A new option for survival servers
  • Appearance modifiers - Custom mods to edit Render's appearance
  • Even more assorted features and fixes

(Click to enlarge)

The Renderman Timer 2.0

(Drop it in the "saves" folder of your Blockland install to use it)

(Language warning on the videos)

Have any cool Renderman screenshots, videos, or saves to show off? Post them below!

The Glitch Detector

This is the Glitch Detector. This tool will alert you to the presence of Render by measuring "glitch energy". It will notify you if dangerous levels of energy are found.

The Glitch Gun
The Glitch Gun is a one-time use item that can be used to defend against Renderman. Upon use, the gun will explode, taking any nearby threats with it.

Glitch Shrines

The Glitch Shrine is a brick that you can place in your builds to passively repel Render. Glitch Shrines have the appearance of a Jack-o-lantern. You can make a shrine invisible by hitting it with a wrench and unchecking "Rendering".

You can turn a shrine off by hitting it with the wrench and unchecking "Raycasting" in the menu. You can also do this automatically with events.

Detector Bricks

These are special bricks that trigger onRelay when Render is nearby. You can use these to make automated alarm systems and other things for your builds. For advanced uses, the detection level of a brick can be changed using the "setRDetectorLevel" event.

If you have Blockland Glass or another preference manager installed, you will be able to re-configure Renderman's behavior.
  • Mode - Changes Render's behavior. There are four modes to choose from.
  • Spawn Rate - Adjust this to change how often Render spawns. Setting this to 'Disabled' will turn Render spawning off.
  • Shrine Range - This changes the area of effect for Glitch Shrines. Set this to 'Disabled' to turn shrines off entirely.
  • Shrines admin only - When enabled, only shrines placed by administrators will work.
  • Minigame prefs admin only - When enabled, minigame events and Slayer configurations will only work for administrators.
  • Affect bricks and lights - Allows Render to flicker lights and place bricks.
  • Daytime spawning - With this enabled, Render will spawn in bright environments.
  • Disable ambient sounds - Checking this turns off ambient sound effects.
  • Disable lights - When checked, Render will not use lights.
  • Invincible - Turn this on to make Render invincible. When turned off, weapons can be used against Render.
  • Transform chance at spawn - The rate at which players will spawn as Render.

Slayer Support
This add-on supports Slayer mini-games. The following preferences can be changed in a Slayer mini-game under the Advanced settings:
  • Invincibility - Changes whether Render is invincible or not.
  • Mode - Changes Render's mode.
  • Player Transformation Rate - How often players will spawn as Render.
  • Points for Killing Render - How many points are awarded for defeating Render with a weapon.
  • Spawn Rate - Changes Render's spawn rate.
By default, these preferences are set to 'Use Server Preference', meaning that the server's configuration will apply as usual.

You can change Render's behavior in a mini-game using events. The events only work if you are the mini-game owner and they ONLY affect the mini-game.
  • MiniGame -> setRenderInvincibility
  • MiniGame -> setRenderMode
  • MiniGame -> setRenderSpawnRate

Update History
v2.2 - The Holiday Cheer Update
v2.1 - The Halloween 2018 Update
v2.0.1 - Detector Brick Hotfix
v2.0 - The Halloween 2017 Update
v1.4 - Events and Interactivity
v1.3 - The Slayer Update
v1.2.1 - Mystery Update Reveal
v1.2 - The Mystery Update
v1.1 - Glitch Guns

See also
Flickering Player Light (Direct download):
Prepper Script:
Support_Prepper (Old):

By LakeYS -

Add-Ons / Renderman Mod | Events and Interactivity (5/31)
« on: February 24, 2017, 03:50:48 PM »

Renderman is a mysterious entity that haunts Blockland. Over the years, this entity has become increasingly intelligent... and increasingly deadly.

The Glitch Detector

Introducing the newly-upgraded Glitch Detector 2.0! This tool will alert you to the presence of Render by measuring glitch energy. It has one weakness, however; Render can passively observe you without being detected.

The Glitch Gun
(Help wanted; need a model for this)
This state-of-the-art device was invented during an experiment with glitch energy. Upon use, a glitch gun will repel Render, shattering the gun in the process. Not much else is known about this device or if there are other uses of the technology.

Glitch Shrines

The Glitch Shrine is a brick that you can place in your builds to passively repel Render. Glitch Shrines have the appearance of a Jack-o-lantern.

You can turn a shrine off by using a wrench on it and unchecking "Raycasting" in the menu. You can also do this with events!

Detector Bricks

These are special bricks that trigger onRelay when Render is nearby. You can use these to make automated alarm systems and other things.

You can configure Render's behavior using events! To use them, you need to create a minigame. They only work if you are the mini-game owner.

  • MiniGame -> setRenderInvincibility
  • MiniGame -> setRenderMode
  • MiniGame -> setRenderSpawnRate

What's New
This is an entirely new Renderman mod built from the ground up. Here's a brief list of what sets it apart from previous mods:
  • Improved AI and movement; Render navigates your builds rather than teleporting through them.
  • New, original sound effects created specifically for the mod.
  • No more loud "BEEEEP" sound. You may now safely turn up your volume.
  • No more "kick players" pref.
  • A new and improved detector. (See above)
  • Fixed a bug with the spawn rate; you no-longer need to adjust it when more players join.
  • Updated shrine bricks.
  • Added Tag Mode, a mode of play where Render does damage by touch instead of by FOV.
  • Tons of bugs and issues fixed.

I have plenty of plans for improvements! This mod will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.
Developers, the add-on can be found on GitHub. Contributions are welcome. [View on GitHub]

Feel free to post any feedback (suggestions, ideas, bugs, criticisms, etc.) below!

>>>View on Blockland Glass<<<

>>Alternate Download<<
>>Download Updater<<

Update History
v1.4 - Events and Interactivity (Current)
v1.3 - The Slayer Update
v1.2.1 - Mystery Update Reveal
v1.2 - The Mystery Update
v1.1 - Glitch Guns

See Also
Flickering Player Light (Direct download):
Prepper Script:
Support_Prepper (Old):

[ By LakeYS - ][/url][/i]

Add-Ons / [Server] Anti Rapid Fire (Updated 7/15)
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:56:58 PM »
This prevents players from using Rapid Fire on your server.

Modification Help / ID Logger (Logs players and name history)
« on: December 18, 2015, 06:04:34 PM »
This add-on logs the players that you meet in-game. Various information is recorded about these players such as their name history and when you last saw them.

You can find the log files in: config/client/logs/idlog

Current Features
  • Records name changes of players. (Also logs when each change was first seen)
  • Keeps track of the highest ID you've seen.
  • Allows you to search for players by name.

Console Commands
Code: [Select]
echo($IDLogger::HighestID); - Shows the highest recorded ID
$IDLogger::NoExport = 1; - Disables automatic exporting
echo(getFileCount("config/client/logs/idlog/ids/*")); - Shows the total number of players that you have logged (Only counts exported IDs)
echo(IDLogger_getTotalNameChanges()-getFileCount("config/client/logs/idlog/names/*")); - Shows the total number of name changes that you have logged (Only counts exported IDs)
IDLogger_Search("[i]Name[/i]"); - Searches the log files for the specified name. The name does not need to be complete or case-sensitive. It will show all matches in the console when the search is finished.
IDLogger_ViewStats([i]Blockland ID[/i]); - Shows information about the specified ID.
IDLogger_ViewNameHistory([i]Blockland ID[/i]); - Shows the name history for the specified ID.

To-Do/Upcoming Features
  • Playtime logging: your total playtime with each player will be recorded.
  • A GUI that will allow you to search for players and view all of the data in-game.
  • Import data from other ID loggers. (I may also add an option to export)
  • (Maybe) A server-sided version for dedicated servers.
  • (Maybe) Optionally send data to an ID lookup site. (If any of them still exist)

>>>Download Updater<<<

Game Modes / Flappy Bird
« on: August 16, 2015, 02:37:26 PM »
Flappy Bird Game-Mode
A remake of Flappy Bird in Blockland! It's playable in multiplayer and includes an in-game leaderboard. The pipes loop forever, allowing you to flap endlessly!

Screenshots (Click for larger images)

Trailer (Click)

Put GameMode_Flappy_Bird, Event_2DCamera, and (Optional) Brick_WedgePlus into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.

>>>Download GameMode_Flappy_Bird<<< >>Blockland Glass Download<<
>>>Download Event_2DCamera (Required)<<< >>Alternate Download<<
>>>Download Brick_WedgePlus (Optional)<<<

Help / Changing Resolution While Turning Borderless Off (Bug?)
« on: March 06, 2014, 11:58:42 AM »
I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end, but I noticed a small bug when changing resolution.
Can someone try this to confirm that it's not just me?

  • Open the options menu
  • Enable borderless mode and click "APPLY" (also ensure that "fullscreen" isn't checked)
  • Change the resolution to something different and uncheck "borderless"
  • Click "APPLY"

After following the above steps, note that the window is still in borderless mode even though "borderless" is unchecked.
Is this a bug, or did I somehow magically break everything?

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