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Off Topic / Celery
« on: September 27, 2009, 05:22:15 PM »

It's delicious.

Off Topic / What is your name?
« on: August 19, 2009, 01:55:24 AM »
So I'll start it off.


Games / Omg postal 2
« on: August 18, 2009, 04:36:46 PM »
Postal 2, the game where everything is a joke.

Off Topic / Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, or Sprite?
« on: July 14, 2009, 10:59:59 PM »

I would pick Dr. Pepper for the taste.
However I like Sprite because it doesn't make your mouth as syrupy :D. (I would say sticky but people would take it the wrong way)

Games / Sims 3
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:38:22 PM »
Releases June 2nd, 2009.

The Sims 3 is an upcoming strategic life simulation computer game in the popular and critically acclaimed The Sims franchise, originally created by Maxis. A collector's edition will also be available, which comes with a free sports car download, a sticker sheet, and a 2GB Plumbob-shaped USB drive.[10] In contrast to the previous versions, the houses and neighborhoods will be seamless, allowing players to explore and interact with their neighborhood without loading time.

Here's my main character.

And I also made the most retarded looking character in it.


I don't know what the problem is.
Yesterday I was on it and listening to music, then the next day(this morning) I tried starting it up.
It would turn on for a few seconds, shut off, then turn back on by itself.
Also the monitor would get no signal from it.

I just bought this pc (all custom parts, I still have the boxes in my room) a little after Christmas.
ASUS P5Q SE PLUS LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 (2.66ghz, though I overclocked it to 2.8ghz with no problems, and I stopped overclocking after it gave some CPU error a few days ago)
XFX PVT96OSDFH GeForce 9600 GSO 768MB 192-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail
Rosewill RP500 500W ATX12V v1.3/ EPS12V Power Supply - Retail
G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ - Retail
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM

Acer X193W+BD Black 19" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor - Retail

If you need any more information tell me please.

Games / Garry's Mod - Megathread
« on: March 17, 2009, 10:39:40 AM »
Have we had one real topic? Usually we just have a gmod-halp topic or someone saying how they've set up a server. I'll change that.

What is it?
Garry's Mod is a sandbox mod for the Source Engine. Unlike normal games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. Players are given tools and are left to entertain themselves.
The player is in a world where objects can be created and destroyed on demand. Where people can be created and destroyed with the click of a mouse. A world made for him. A world he made.

So what do you do?
There are a lot of things you can do with Garry's Mod, but here's a few of the more common uses.

Garry's Mod provides tools to constrain objects together in various ways. Using these tools the player can create working contraptions.
The simplest example is a car. The player spawns an object to be used for the car's body then adds wheels by firing the tool gun at the object. Wheels are then controllable using the numpad on your keyboard.
You don't have to make moving contraptions though - want to build a fort out of wooden crates then set it on fire? Go for it! Want to build a house using fridges for the walls and mattresses for the ceiling then drive a jeep into it all? Go for it!

Posing and Comics
One of the universal appeals of Garry's Mod has been the ability to place and pose ragdolls. This allows you to create your own comic books and share them online. One major comic spawned from this is HLComic - the story of Gordon Frohman's journey in City 17.
Garry's Mod gives you the ability to place ragdolls, manipulate their facial expressions and aim their eyes.

Garry's Mod gives the ability to program your own gamemodes (Don't worry - you don't need to be a programmer to play them). This allows the community to make new, often wacky, gamemodes such as melon racing, build to the top and so on.
It's often worth taking a look in the server list to see if any of the games prick your attention - there's often something weird there to try out.

User Created Content
Garry's Mod benefits greatly from a thriving community which is constantly churning out new ideas, maps, models, gamemodes, weapons, Lua scripts and skins.

I absolutely love this game. I've spent over 300 hours total while playing this game on xfire. Just in the past 7 days, I've racked up 27 hours of play-time.

There are many things you can do.

GM Stranded. Here Wedge and I built our little camp on my server. (Before everyone else joined, when it became hectic)

Zombie Survival. Failcade (Barricade). We, Survivors, held up in a room on Asylum map. We lasted until I think round 5.

Spacebuild. Aphtonites made a huge ship, I was in the hangar while he was piloting it around space.

And who could forget the classic...
Sandbox. My friend, Nekojin, and I were playing chess in this screenshot as you can see. Do whatever you want in sandbox!

To get Garry's Mod, you need $10, Steam, and a source game. (Main Source Games = CSS, HL2, TF2)

Major Mods
PHX (SVN Version has much more things, see below)
Wire (SVN Version is the only way to get it, see below)
SmartSnap (Helps building very much)
Smart Constraint (So you can weld/nocollide multiple things easily)
Stacker (To copy things easily)

SVN is an easy way to download your favorite mods and get updates!
All you need to do is download this.
Then, extract it, and start up "Gmod Auto Updater.exe".
On the lower box, browse for your addons directory.
Then checkmark the things you want and press Update.
If you want to add any more mods, first find the svn and then add it into the mods.ini
Make sure to update the "Total Mods" at the top of it, and to have the correct numbering of the mods inside it.

Let's have a Steam Username list.
Reply with your steam username and I will try to add it to the list quickly!

KerogThe Kerog Guy
Gen. Nick0General_Nick0
Dr. BlockCooper
General OmegaGeneralOmega1
Flying AceFlyingAce1015
The God Blockvoodooson
Mr. SnipeTempoMeasure

Useful Links
Garrysmod Official Website
Garry's Mod Wiki
Garrysmod Downloads
Facepunch Studios Forums
Garry's Blog (he talks about what he's doing with Garry's Mod every once in a while)

If you need any help just ask in this topic.

Off Topic / The Cottage
« on: March 06, 2009, 05:53:37 PM »
This is a short story I had to do about a image I saw (showed a couple on a balcony) in Speech class.

   It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. The birds were singing, butterflies fluttering about, trees swaying, a normal beautiful day ... for now. Jack and Jill were a couple renting out a cottage, but there was something more sinister than the over priced little cottage. They finally finished putting their bags down, so they decided to take a stroll around the place and explore. They found a little antique bird bath, that was actually being used!
   Jack and Jill sat behind a bush and watched the majestic crow sit on it and sometimes even get his whole head wet and then wringing it out by vigorously twisting his head rapidly. The next thing that happened was harmless, but had drastic consequences. Jack laughed, and it seems the crow didn't take criticism that well. The crow then shrieked four times then stopped. All of a sudden, hundreds of crows came out of the trees shrieking and pecking at Jack's face. By the end of the madness, Jack's face had suffered many cuts and scratches. Jill rushed him to the house to get first aid and mend to his injuries.
   Finally she finished and at the end of it, Jack looked like he just walked out of a mummy convention. Jill wanted to go to the hospital and leave this place, but Jack insisted that they stay and continue exploring the area for more excitement. Jill responded with, "You think getting your face torn off by thousands of crows is exciting and fun?" Jack just kept insisting that them two should make the best of it and to continue exploring the features of this place until Jill accepted and complied. That was their downfall.
   Jack and Jill went up the mountain to get a clear view of their house. Once they reached the top, they could see everything there was for miles. Then something caught Jill's eye, it was a little tiny shed but looked like it was a stairwell to go underground in some basement. She told Jack about it, immediately he ran down the moutain, doing barrel rolls down until he hit a big rock which stopped and hurt him in the process. But in a few seconds, he was back up and running down the hill.
   After a few minutes, they finally reached the stairwell. It was too dark to see into, but luckily Jill brought a flashlight! She handed it to Jack who led them down the creaking stairs. But at last, they slowed to a halt. There, infront of them, was a huge locked iron gate with barbed wire at the top. but this didn't stop Jack, who, for some reason, brought a lock pick with him. He managed to pick the lock in under a minute, but the gate wouldn't budge. Finally after many tries and pushes, he managed to push it where they can squeeze through. Jack went through it first, followed by Jill, and they adventured in the abandoned underground place. What they found was really strange, old computers and charts. It looked like an old corporate research facility.
   Jill wiped away some of the dust on a sign and it read, "UMBRELLA CORPORATION OFFICES". Then Jill shrieked, Jack ran to her quickly, only to find out it was just little rats running about. That's when they looked at what the rats were chewing and crowding around on, there was something round shape. When they picked it up, they shook off the rats to discover that the thing they have been holding was a head. Jill shrieked so loud, it was a wonder that the entire world couldn't hear her. They ran quickly to get out, but on the way, when Jack was squeezing past the gate, he had cut his leg and now the leg was bleeding quite too much. They ran without stopping, all the way to their cottage. Jill couldn't stop talking when she sat down, she almost went insane. Finally after a few minutes she calmed down, but she immediately wanted to leave. Then she noticed it had been raining while she was freaking out. You wouldn't think it raining for just a few minutes qwould do much, but it was pouring. She still headed for the car to see if it would be able to get out of the mud. She put the keys in and started the car, but no dice, it couldn't get out of it.
   That's when she heard it, a groan from something, but she looked all around and couldn't see anything. Then WHAM, it hit the car door, startling Jill. She opened up the door, but it knocked something over. It was a body, without a head. It laid on the ground while Jill collapsed to the ground in shock. She reached around for something to hold as she stood up. But to her surprise, so did the corpse. She dropped her jaw in horror and froze. She then screamed, when Jack came over and saw what happened. He froze too, but only for a moment then he leaped at it, wrestling it to the ground. The body went rabid, it began to scratch at Jack. He yelled in pain as the corpse was trying to tear at his flesh. Jack then rolled on his back and kicked the corpse off of him. Jill pointed at a pitchfork and called for Jack's attention. Jack saw it and picked it up and kept thrusting at the torso. Finally he thrusted and it pierced the skin and went straight through the other side. The corpse continued wobbling and swaying around, until it finally fell down.
   Jack and Jill sighed in relief, their hearts still beating rapidly. Then Jill took Jack in to look at all the scratches Jack had on his arms and his back. He had twelve severe scratches. Jill pulled out the first aid box to find out she used up all the bandages on Jack's mummified face after the crows incident. She told Jack to stay there while she searched their bags upstairs for any bandages.
   Jill climbed up the stairs and started digging through their suitcases and boxes. She didn't find any more medical supplies, but she did find the old photo album. There were pictures of them skiing and fishing and the time when they had a picnic and the wind would constantly blow away everything. It all brought wonderful memories of them together into her head.
   Then she heard a low groan. She stood up and turned around, there stood Jack, his face hidden beneath the bandages.She called, in a questioning tone, "Jack?" No answer, just shuffling around on his bloody feet. Jill slowly started walking backward to the balcony. Jack reached out to grab Jill, but Jill was hesitant to come any closer to him. Jack then shuffled onto the balcony with her. Jack suddenly pushed his arms at Jill when Jill tripped and fell back over the railing. Jack held on to Jill, making him fall down with her.
   Time slowed to a crawl. Jill looked up at Jack. Her mind was flooded with the memories of her life and of Jack. The time they first met, talked, when their first date was, the time they met eachother's parents. But all these thoughts ceased when she saw Jack's ripped bandages fly off his head which uncovered his face. She saw his eyes, they were pure red and were bleeding out. Jill's whispered her last words, "Oh my god..." then everything went dark.

TLDR: Don't even bother posting, there's no point to say anything if you haven't read it all.

Criticism please.

Off Topic / Idiot of Steam
« on: November 30, 2008, 12:55:39 PM »
Sunday, November 30, 2008
12:48 PM - Jsk2003: Why did you add me?
12:51 PM - †CRUSADER†: because you are one of the creators of The Idiots Of GMod
12:52 PM - Jsk2003: oh
12:52 PM - Jsk2003: well
12:52 PM - Jsk2003: Great news
12:52 PM - Jsk2003: Idiots of Garrysmod 3 has been released yesterday
12:52 PM - †CRUSADER†: )
12:53 PM - †CRUSADER†: where can i watch it? it youtube?
12:53 PM - Jsk2003: yes
12:53 PM - Jsk2003:
12:53 PM - †CRUSADER†: thx
12:53 PM - †CRUSADER†: and the second idiots?
12:54 PM - Jsk2003:
12:54 PM - †CRUSADER†: thx a lott
12:54 PM - Jsk2003: Go watch them now

Both are rickrolls btw.

Off Topic / Brother installed Keylogger
« on: November 15, 2008, 12:19:00 PM »
loving bitch needs to learn a lesson.

I plan on making his myspace say he is gay, and deleting all his documents. Anything else?

Oh and here's something funny from the logs when I played left4dead.
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[14/11/2008, 19:57].   User: "Dalton".  Window title:"Left 4 Dead"
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ypressed mouse1 instead of mouse2 to heal jules D:
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Off Topic / I'm selling my wii!
« on: October 27, 2008, 08:46:38 PM »

I'm selling my Nintendo Wii with those things.

I need money for my own computer :D!

And yes that is my bed in the background.

Holy stuff I'm hungry, am cooking pizza at the moment btw, I've gotten to the point to where I become hyper, my fingers feel like wtf, typing fast and my heart rate is higher :D

Off Topic / PMS Girl Chat
« on: October 16, 2008, 09:16:55 PM »
PMS_GIRL is a girl I know a school, her username isn't that of course, had to censor ;D.

Conversation started between Jsk2003 and PMS_GIRL: Thu, Oct  16 18:30:32 2008
[18:30] PMS_GIRL: Hola
[18:30] Jsk2003: Hello
[18:30] PMS_GIRL: How was school?
[18:30] PMS_GIRL: Did I miss anything dreadfully important?
[18:31] Jsk2003: nope
[18:31] PMS_GIRL: Good
[18:31] Jsk2003: So why are you pmsing and thinking about running away?
[18:31] PMS_GIRL: I wasn't pmsing
[18:31] Jsk2003: Yes
[18:31] Jsk2003: you
[18:32] Jsk2003: are
[18:32] Jsk2003: then
[18:32] PMS_GIRL: And I was in a reeeally depressed mood last night
[18:32] Jsk2003: Why is life so bad
[18:32] Jsk2003: AKA
[18:32] Jsk2003: P
[18:32] Jsk2003: M
[18:32] Jsk2003: S
[18:32] Jsk2003: ING
[18:32] PMS_GIRL: And it is too early for me to be pmsing
[18:32] Jsk2003: too bad
[18:32] Jsk2003: you were
[18:32] PMS_GIRL: Why can't girls have a bad night without being accused of pmsing??? Gosh...
[18:32] Jsk2003: Because guys don't have a bad night, and if they do, it's called being emotional
[18:33] Jsk2003: but being emotional as a girl is normal
[18:33] Jsk2003: you were being more than normal
[18:33] PMS_GIRL: I WAS being emotional
[18:33] PMS_GIRL: I was just in a... emo/depressed mood
[18:34] Jsk2003: leoleoel
[18:34] PMS_GIRL: what
[18:34] Jsk2003: loloool
[18:35] PMS_GIRL: What???

[18:35] Jsk2003: I AM SAYING
[18:35] Jsk2003: L
[18:35] Jsk2003: O
[18:35] Jsk2003: L
[18:35] Jsk2003: O
[18:35] Jsk2003: L
[18:35] Jsk2003: O
[18:35] Jsk2003: L
[18:36] Jsk2003: what
[18:36] PMS_GIRL: Gahh!
[18:36] Jsk2003: I am LOLING
[18:36] Jsk2003: AT YOU
[18:36] PMS_GIRL: WHY
[18:36] Jsk2003: why shouldn't I?
[18:37] PMS_GIRL: Because... I'm not saying or doin anything funny...
[18:37] Jsk2003: WHAT THE HELL
[18:37] PMS_GIRL: WHAT
[18:37] Jsk2003: Yes you are
[18:37] Jsk2003: you're
[18:37] Jsk2003: being
[18:37] Jsk2003: emo
[18:37] Jsk2003: and pmsing
[18:37] Jsk2003: and depressed
[18:37] Jsk2003: THAT'S
[18:37] Jsk2003: FUNNY
[18:37] Jsk2003: [18:33] PMS_GIRL: I was just in a... emo/depressed mood
[18:38] PMS_GIRL: Oh
[18:38] Jsk2003: waht the forget at you
[18:38] Jsk2003: did you forget or something
[18:38] Jsk2003: the last 3 minutes
[18:38] Jsk2003: of our whole chat
[18:38] PMS_GIRL: No
[18:38] PMS_GIRL: But I didn't see how my mood last night was funny
[18:39] Jsk2003: lHOYHYLYHOHY
[18:39] Jsk2003: HLOLOLOL

[18:39] Jsk2003: YOU
[18:39] Jsk2003: aOWDI
[18:40] Jsk2003: HOW IS IT NOT?
[18:40] PMS_GIRL: Because... it wasn't..
[18:41] Jsk2003: but
[18:41] Jsk2003: it
[18:41] Jsk2003: is
[18:41] PMS_GIRL: how????/
[18:42] Jsk2003: How is it not
[18:42] PMS_GIRL: You're confusin me
[18:43] Jsk2003: I am only confusing you becaus eyou do not understand
[18:43] Jsk2003: people being depressed is funny
[18:43] Jsk2003: unless it's about serious things
[18:43] Jsk2003: and I've only known guys who become depressed about serious things
[18:43] Jsk2003: other than that
[18:43] Jsk2003: no one gets depressed for a good reason
[18:44] PMS_GIRL: I do..
[18:45] Jsk2003: liar
[18:45] Jsk2003: no you don't
[18:45] Jsk2003: then why were you depressed
[18:45] PMS_GIRL: Yes I do
[18:45] Jsk2003: why were you depressed?
[18:46] PMS_GIRL: Just... stuff going on
[18:46] Jsk2003: see
[18:46] Jsk2003: I told you
[18:46] Jsk2003: nothing real  important and serious
[18:46] PMS_GIRL: yes it was
[18:46] Jsk2003: then what was it
[18:47] PMS_GIRL: Stuff that I don't care to discuss with you
[18:47] Jsk2003: then it's not that important
[18:47] PMS_GIRL: Yeah it is
[18:47] PMS_GIRL: But I don't want to talk about it with you especially
[18:48] Jsk2003: because it's about you and breanna's lesbian love
[18:48] Jsk2003: AMIRITE
[18:48] Jsk2003: I KNEW IT
[18:48] Jsk2003: IT"S TRUE
[18:48] PMS_GIRL: WHAT
[18:48] PMS_GIRL: NO
[18:48] PMS_GIRL: No you weren't
[18:48] PMS_GIRL: That's nasty
[18:48] Jsk2003: nasty is a word used by 3rd graders and people trying to lie to others about their loveual desires
[18:49] PMS_GIRL: Ugh
[18:49] PMS_GIRL: You're annoying me
[18:49] Jsk2003: THEN GO CUT YOURSELF
[18:49] PMS_GIRL: I WILL
[18:49] Jsk2003: OKAY
[18:49] PMS_GIRL: <This user is now offline>
Conversation ended: Thu, Oct  16 18:49:51 2008
Jsk2003 1

Conversation started between Jsk2003 and PMS_GIRL: Thu, Oct  16 20:47:38 2008
[20:47] Jsk2003: lolohai
[20:47] PMS_GIRL: hi
[20:48] Jsk2003: so what did you do while you were gone?
[20:49] PMS_GIRL: cut mysekf
[20:49] Jsk2003: nice
[20:49] PMS_GIRL: wrote emo poetry about how life is a dark hole of nothingness
[20:49] PMS_GIRL: the usual
[20:49] Jsk2003: cool
[20:49] Jsk2003: did you also have love with Bre in the process?
[20:49] PMS_GIRL: yup
[20:49] Jsk2003: while writing
[20:50] PMS_GIRL: No
[20:50] Jsk2003: and cutting
[20:50] PMS_GIRL: No
[20:50] Jsk2003: because you're a great multitasker
[20:50] PMS_GIRL: No I did not
[20:50] PMS_GIRL: I have not seen her today
[20:50] PMS_GIRL: And have only talked to her for about 5 minutes
[20:52] Jsk2003: oh really
[20:53] PMS_GIRL: yes really
[20:53] Jsk2003: well you could've only loveed her
[20:53] Jsk2003: and not talked to her
[20:53] PMS_GIRL: No
[20:53] PMS_GIRL: I haven't seen her today.
[20:53] Jsk2003: those 5 minutes were full of "OH OHOHOHOH" "UHUHUH" and other heavy breathing
[20:53] PMS_GIRL: ew
[20:53] Jsk2003: well duh
[20:54] Jsk2003: you had love in the dark
[20:54] Jsk2003: of course you didn't see her
[20:54] PMS_GIRL: Ugh
[20:54] Jsk2003: :D
[20:55] PMS_GIRL: you're annoying me again
[20:55] Jsk2003: meh
[20:55] Jsk2003: this is what I do for fun
[20:55] Jsk2003: it's not annoying
[20:55] Jsk2003: it's fun
[20:56] PMS_GIRL: Not on this side of it
[20:56] Jsk2003: mainly because you're so easy to do it with
[20:56] PMS_GIRL: Only when I'm not in the best of moods
[20:56] Jsk2003: Nope
[20:56] Jsk2003: You're
[20:56] Jsk2003: always
[20:56] Jsk2003: easy to do it with
[20:56] PMS_GIRL: mkay
[20:56] Jsk2003: that soudns so wrong
[20:56] Jsk2003: sounds*
[20:57] PMS_GIRL: I know
[20:57] Jsk2003: which is the only reason I'm saying it like that
[20:57] PMS_GIRL: Loser
[20:57] Jsk2003: How?
[20:57] Jsk2003: I think you made an error
[20:57] Jsk2003: It's spelled
[20:57] Jsk2003: W
[20:57] Jsk2003: i
[20:57] Jsk2003: n
[20:57] Jsk2003: n
[20:57] Jsk2003: e
[20:57] Jsk2003: r
[20:57] PMS_GIRL: go away
[20:58] Jsk2003: I'm not going to go away because you're being annoyed by my funniness
[20:58] Jsk2003: humor*
[20:58] Jsk2003: that's a better word :D
[20:58] PMS_GIRL: bye
[20:58] Jsk2003: bye
[20:58] PMS_GIRL: <This user is now offline>
Conversation ended: Thu, Oct  16 21:07:44 2008


Jsk wins 2 to 0.

Off Topic / I regret IOGM
« on: October 05, 2008, 08:04:23 PM »
Steam Chat

Frkdge: hi
Jsk2003: Hello
Jsk2003: How do I know you?
Jsk2003: or
Jsk2003: How do you know me?
Frkdge: i dunno
Frkdge: i have a question
Jsk2003: What
Frkdge: were you in the idiots of gmod movies?
Jsk2003: Yes
Jsk2003: Bye
Jsk2003: Blocked

I get these kind of people almost every 3 days.

Off Topic / Need Hi-Res of Smiley
« on: October 05, 2008, 07:15:57 PM »
Anyone have the huge hi-res picture of this smiley?

Off Topic / Can't choose between 360 & PS3
« on: July 25, 2008, 09:51:37 PM »
I can't choose between 360 and PS3, so I want y'all to give me 20 pros and 10 cons of whichever you think I should go with.
Please don't bring fanboyism in this topic. Even though I'm guaranteed it will come.

Here's my list of pros/cons of each.

More fun games
More people have it

$100 wireless adapter
Monthly fee for live/subscription cards
Unmoddable without being banned
Unhackable without being banned
Unable to 'backup' games

Cheaper in the long run
Built-in wireless
4/5 of the games I want for 360 are on PS3 or coming to it
Free online
More powerful processor
Blu ray
No hardware failure
Little. Big. Planet.

Nobody has it
Less [good] games

The only reason I really dislike and don't want ps3 is the fact that nobody I know has it.

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