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Drama / my final message to badspot
« on: September 04, 2023, 12:14:43 PM »
usually it is beneath me to loathe, but for you, I have decided to make a special occasion.. badspot, I know this might seem like another drop in the bucket but I'm being honest: you've lead a stuffty and pathetic life. clearly you are capable of creating wonderful and meaningful things, and yet at every avenue and opportunity you have thrown it away time after time again. your problems don't go away when you blame others, you're just lying to yourself. I would have expected you to have grown up a bit in the two decades that I've seen you online, but if anything, you've gotten worse, and lording over a forum full of traumatized and handicapped children has probably stagnated your growth and development as a person. for old times sake I made a little stop on your personal website, and saw that most recently, you had create an entire article with multiple collages detailing how the amount of bodacious pale elven women in video games is on a decline and that this is an injustice, going so far as to even call it a "war crime". seriously... you persecution complex is insane, just jack off to some hentai and shut the forget up about how your barbie doll special interest is not being reflected in every piece of media or whatever. oh and one more thing while we're on the topic of you externalizing your wounded loveuality: your contempt towards transmissions is so obviously a repression of your desires and further, a reflection of how you don't see women as people.. there's nothing wrong with banging a chick with a richard, chill out, you could literally be so much happier if you just googled "dialectical behavior therapy". sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I hope you change or die.

Off Topic / anyone know what panchiko is? (music)
« on: March 01, 2020, 11:10:09 PM »
obscure noise dream pop band that was active in late 90s early 2000s there album was mostly passed around to friends and family or people at shows 2 decades later 4chan has caught up to the music ripped from a corrupted cd and find the one of the original band members and arranged a release of the album from 2000 in 2020, the band member finds the uncorrupted backed up at home and releases it <<some older info

Album on youtube

its really nice music


Hi i am swollow am very sick rightnow

here is mayber best saver machine written for lbockland

type /rollback to see a list of saves you can roll back to
type /rollback # to rollback to a particular time listed in the rollback list
type /forceAutoSave to forcefully do a save
type /stopAutoSave stops auto saving... do the /forceAutoSave to start it again

basically... it save things and if you accidently delete something or decide you don't want it you can do a save rollback which will remove anything that is different in the current build compared to the save file, this includes everything all properties color emitters events etc etc etc if it doesn't match the save file, that brick will go away and it will then be replaced by the different property know brick in the save file, obviously if a brick currently on the server is not in the save file being rolled back to.. that one will be delete also

if you want to change the auto save speed change this variable at the top of the file saver.cs ($swol_autoSaveDelay) and variable $swol_autoSaveMax is how many backup saves are kept

there is like functionality to save as a special save file that is much more compact, can compress the brick ui and print ui table, and compress positional data and stuff, some coder either figure it out and post it or wait for me not to be sick

i want to release this now or i feel like i will never end up releasing it

save speeds are optimized for my, ssd might kill on hdd idk lol

thank you to all my supports and my haters get forget

Download it 13kb

Add-Ons / [Weapon Pack] SWeps Melee v1.21
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:51:21 AM »
SWeps Melee
Version 1.2

1.21   07/20/2019    added onMeleeHit event, fixed melee weapons not giving points for killing bots
1.207/18/2019    Fixed damage checks, fixed update with updating hands and the fists item
1.107/18/2019    Fixed hands not updating properly for forced avatars

Here is a complete revamp of the melee weapons that were part of SWeps a while back
They now have swing animations and different mechanics and a ton of sounds
Also I havent played blockland in a while and there may be bugs that i have to fix, but I'm fairly certain mostly everything is functioning pretty well

Where the melee weapons hit will be accurate to the animation of the swing
Blunt weapons will put the victim into a disarmed state for a period of time, signified by yellow stars
disarmed opponents can move but they will be unable to use their weapon for that period of time

Sharp weapons typically do more damage but do not disarm

One handed weapons can parry by right clicking, if your opponent hits you within a short duration of you parrying it will put them into a stunned state
stunned opponents have red stars over their head, cannot move, and cannot attack, their current horizontal velocity is also dropped
If you fail a parry you will be unable to attack or parry again for 1.5 seconds

One handed weapons swing horizontally across, with a very brief windup

Two handed weapons have two swing patterns; overhead and thrust
Two handed weapons do very high damage but have a significant windup time
Left clicking with a Two handed weapon will start its windup animation, however by holding down left click, you can delay the swing by up to 0.7 seconds, this can allow you to trick out parrys fromOne handed weapons

Baseball Bat
Medium cooldown
Medium range
45 DMG

Slow cooldown
Medium range
90 DMG

Frying Pan
Fast cooldown
Short range
40 DMG

Pipe Wrench
Fast cooldown
Short range
35 DMG

Meat Cleaver
Very fast cooldown
Very short range
50 DMG

Two handed overhead
Extremely slow cooldown
High range
150 DMG

Hockey Stick
Two handed overhead
Very slow cooldown
High range
90 DMG

Two handed thrust
Very slow cooldown
High range
90 DMG

Two handed thrust
Extremely slow cooldown
High range
150 DMG


Extremely fast cooldown
Extremely short range
20 Dmg
Right click to kick for 30 DMG
If you combo two punches and then a kick, the kick will do double damage
You cannot parry fists

There are two other weapons in the pack not listed here, they are easter egg weapons, and are not balanced, if you don't know what they are, you'll just have to download to find out (;

There is a pref to modify all the damage values of these weapons they are balanced in terms of damage for melee on melee combat
All the damage will be multiplied by this factor, if you plan on adding these weapons into say a death match with guns you might want to set it to a value of like 1.5 (put this in console $Pref::Swol_Melee_DamageMod = 1.5;)
To revert this pref set it to 1 or "" (put this in console $Pref::Swol_Melee_DamageMod = 1;)
If you quit blockland normally this pref should save

This pack does NOT require SWeps, but will work with it

Anyways thanks for coming to my ted talk

Download SWeps_Melee

Add-Ons / [Item] Antlers
« on: June 27, 2019, 11:43:56 PM »
Version 1

Run in a direction and aim your antlers at those loving hunters to kill them

Once you pickup/spawn with the antlers you lose the ability to use items and they will equip on your head
Running continually in a direction will ramp up your speed to 180%
Once your speed is ramped up a whitish trail will be at your feet and you are now ready to ram some forgeters

Recommended to use with some stupid minigame mod that forces avatars


Modification Help / [Resource] Damerau Levenshtein String Distance
« on: June 25, 2019, 01:44:48 PM »
Code: [Select]
function damerauLevenshteinDistance(%a,%b)
%h = strLen(%a)+1;
%w = strLen(%b)+1;

%a[%i] = getSubStr(%a,%m[%i,0] = %i,1);
%b[%i] = getSubStr(%b,%m[0,%i] = %i,1);

%c = !(%a[%y-1] $= %b[%x-1]);
%i = %m[%y,%x-1]+1;
%d = %m[%y-1,%x]+1;
%s = %m[%y-1,%x-1]+%c;

if(%s < %d && %s < %i)
%l = %s;
else if(%d < %i)
%l = %d;
%l = %i;

if(%x > 1 && %y > 1 && %a[%y-1] $= %b[%x-2] && %a[%y-2] $= %b[%x-1] && (%t = %m[%y-2,%x-2]+%c) < %l)
%l = %t;
%m[%y,%x] = %l;
return %m[%h-1,%w-1];

find the distance between two strings as a numerical value
includes insertion, deletion, substitution, and transpositions

respectively each method is shown below, each of these strings are considered a distance of '1' from eachother


this function clearly becomes slower the longer the strings so make sure to include some sort of limiter and cache results
do not allow a user to enter multiple 255 length strings concatenated together in a serverCmd and then parse them through this function, your server will explode
if you expect this function to be called many times for similar strings consider adding a simple global variable cache array

Off Topic / Leopard hosting is moving
« on: May 11, 2019, 02:52:03 PM »'s tld is hiking the price of .hosting domains to like 400 dollars a year so... it will not continue to be hosted there

we will not be crowd funding, because it would be unsustainable, and uniregistry is a greedy bitch

so it is being moved to the domain
you must append all leopard hosting links with now


this post was made in conjunction with the pecon

Off Topic / forget wasps
« on: May 08, 2019, 04:00:52 PM »
when it get hot the boys come out to play and i hgate them
lets talk about it

Add-Ons / [Weapon Pack] SWeps v2.0.2 + MORE
« on: March 31, 2019, 01:12:02 AM »
Table of contents
Misc Weapons

06/02/2019   Fixed a bug which caused the dbshotgun to not work
03/31/2019   Oops fixed a major issue, if you are one of the 20 people to have downloaded prior you should.. redownload
03/31/2019   Fixed the damage on the silenced pistol and decreased its ROF
03/30/2019v2 Released, v1.3 -> v2 changelog

SWeps [^]
Version 2.0.1

Hey forgeters, massive SWeps update

over 2 years of fine tuning
blood effects
wonderful soundwork (some credit to arekan)
incontestable quality and detail
See what the critics are saying

Bullets make a whizzing sound when they fly by you
Weapons have a heat system, if you spray your aim will suffer
Weapons have damage falloff based on distance and gun (shotguns unaffected)
Weapons deal damage depending on where on the body they hit (shotguns unaffected)
Stomach    x1

A sidearm to pair with any primary

Small rounds
25 DMG
12 Ammo

A box that sprays bullets

Small rounds
13 DMG
32 Ammo
High ROF

A handheld cannon

Magnum rounds
Must hold down trigger to fire
48 DMG (250 DMG Headshot)
6 Ammo
Very Low ROF

DB Shotgun
Hasta la vista, baby

Shotgun rounds
12*30 DMG (360 Max) (Wide Cone)
2 Ammo

Combat Shotgun
Did somebody call SWAT?

Shotgun rounds
14*14 DMG (196 Max) (Narrow Cone)
6 Ammo

Assault Rifle
Government imposed terrorism

Medium rounds
Better recoil control
25 DMG
20 Ammo
Medium ROF

The perfect gun to liberate a country with

Medium rounds
Weaker recoil control
25 DMG
30 Ammo
Medium ROF

Lever Rifle
Get to that grassy knoll

Magnum rounds
50 DMG (150 DMG Headshot)
3 Ammo

The fatherforgeter of all conventional firearms

Heavy rounds
Shots ring out loud and true across the map
40 DMG
75 Ammo
High ROF

SWeps EXT [^]
Version 1

Sneaky sniper

Crossbow bolts
95 DMG
1 Ammo
Very Low ROF

Grenade Launcher
No gods no kings

40mm Grenades
Boom DMG
1 Ammo
Very Low ROF

I just want to start a flame in your heart

Flamer Fuel
Low Range, Extreme Damage
Weapon does not reload, uses any flamer ammo you have
Fire DMG

Frag Grenade
Get behind cover!

Fires out shrapnel, if you aren't behind cover when this thing explodes near you, you will die
Boom DMG

Control any mob with gasoline in a bottle

Fire DMG

Wait for it....

After throwing out some C4, trigger it with right click, can pickup your own c4 by clicking on it
Boom DMG

Mix with my blood

Heals you for 75 hp over time

Download SWeps

Download SWeps_Ext

Hi i made some slight bug fixes for my forum overhaul, old topic is dead so repost, thought I'd share the fixes, also theres a few new features in the code you can enable by changing some variables
normally i would have just done a quick edit on the original topic but new smf has proper protections in place to prevent you from doing that

Original Topic

requires like tampermonkey or greasermonkey or whatever to install, must install BOTH files


It's been almost 11 long years

heres a bunch of stuff including unreleased SWeps and a map and a ton of unreleased stuff like helicopter and mad max and some other stuff and a description file with some mementos that I typed out in 5 seconds
However a lot of the stuff isn't packaged up and requires a bunch of other stuff so have fun sifting through that

it also has all my released addons incase my website ever disappears for any reason
not sure how much longer blockland will last but here it is

Simon says dump is also in it (From here)

Also this isn't a I'm leaving post but probably some of the last things I will make for blockland (until the secret super future)

I forgot about some stuff like gang and suitcase stuff and also made some bug fixes to simon says
I included a fun little addon in aswell consider it a silly christmas gift, but it might require selective ghosting


All i can say is its WIP and i may or may not add more updates to it, some areas and menus are unfinished and dont mesh perfectly
I just figured I'd let other people use my scripts

BOTH userscripts are required for this to work, one of them injects asap to fix css and the second one injects afterwards to use javascript after the page has loaded
also includes a mini script that hides ad bot posts and hides main page ad posts

also i am most likely not taking any requests to make things look better unless I reaaaaaaaally like it, I made this for myself

Added own post highlighting

styled the post page
made quotes look better
fixed some issues with profile page
fixed name colors

more later

requires like tampermonkey or greasermonkey or whatever to install

if i add any updates I might add them to the url how do i make this stuff auto update

Add-Ons / [Event] Set Vehicle Mountable
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:38:09 AM »
Version 1

Adds an event
     Bot>setMountable [bool]
     Vehicle>setMountable [bool]

when unchecked the vehicle/bot becomes unmountable

0.7 kb

General Discussion / I'm hosting simon says
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:21:00 PM »

Modification Help / [Dump] Simon Says
« on: February 10, 2018, 05:09:30 PM »
A huge gamemode that with a heavy heart I'll probably never finish, have fun ripping the assets and content apart
includes smoothly moving map pieces, advance weapon content, chains (buggy), stuffloads of stuff never done before

372kb of code (about 13,500 lines of code)
14.7mb of sound
3.6mb of models/textures

utilizes selective ghosting and a modified version of movehandler, although i dont think that dll is very important

I don't really feel like uploading videos of all the stuff but its pretty cool if you wanna take a look, a bit of coding knowledge might be required to set everything up, if someone wants to make some video and stuff feel free to

Be warned the code is a mess
to play youll have to set someone as simon with setSimon(%cl); and reset the minigame or something like that


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