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General Discussion / Blockland Should Have A Free To Play Trial Run
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:00:11 AM »
I personally think that with the decline in active users over the past years, Eric should make Blockland Free To Play for a month and see if the community will spike in a positive change.

I personally understand that Blockland is a good source of income for Eric, but for a month it might be worth seeing what the community can gain from it. Sure, there will be an obvious dramatic increase of the *ahem* younger generation, but even then, players are players. It will bump up the servers and with the game being as good as it actually is, people will be more prone to actually give the game a proper try instead of getting overwhelmed in the two hour refund window and just giving up the game.

Here are the overall pros and cons I can think of. Keep in mind, I just woke up so my thought processes be lackin'.

Pros :
  • More than likely, an increase in Player Count.
  • Additional "free" marketing as people are always looking for good free games.
  • A potentially more active forum.
  • Possibilities of newer people wanting to learn to mod and script. Thus increasing the overall game and forum activity.
  • An already helpful community will help new players feel more comfortable.
  • probably more but i'm too tired to think of them

Cons :
  • For the month that the game is F2P, Eric won't get income.
  • High chance of too many young kids coming into the game.*
  • Potentially overall cancerous community. But since the community already is, I don't think it'll be a problem. ;)

* I think that with this, it'll give those kids the opportunity many of us had where we got to grow up with Blockland and learn to love it. So it could be a win-win.

I don't loving know, let me know your thoughts too. It'll obviously never happen but I just got thinking about it.

Off Topic / Are You A Philanthropist Or A Misanthropist?
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:45:50 PM »
I really only ask this because of this conflicting issue I've had that's been built up over the past ten years or so. I am a strong misanthropist and I don't say that lightly. I actually and genuinely despise the human race.

To me, there is little to no hope of humans ever actually getting our stuff together and realistically all the human race is to Earth is a virus that nature is just trying to figure out the antidote for. If you even care to endure what I'm about to say allow me to elaborate some of the reasons I loving hate our species.

As far as certain races go too, I am extremely racist. Because of where I grew up I have an undying disgust and hatred towards black people. It seems that the black communityy (not all of them I know) would rather blame whites for all their modern day problems than actually utilizing the resources they have available to improve their life and situation. Instead of stepping up and doing something about who they are and what they can be, they would rather live life in the slums and hate white people just because they can. There are certain people who would rather say "Oh well it's where they were born so they can't do anything about it!" as if it actually holds any real truth. Do you know how MANY programs and grants there are for furthering education if you're an African American? There is actually no excuse. forget certain states will pay for your relocation. If you don't like your life, stop blaming others and loving step up. Yes I know it sounds hypocritical to say that my reasoning for this is because of where I grew up, but it's a completely different scenario.

Next up and I know this will trigger almost the entirety of the alt-left on the forums, but I also loathe the LGBT+ community and the alt-left in total. There is no real reason why I hate the LGBT community other than their undying need to feel special and accepted in the world. They act as if people should actually give a stuff about who they are and what they want to be. It wouldn't be such a problem if they didn't start crying and bitching whenever someone said they don't like gay people. You say that stuff on the forums and you get loving assaulted with "imagine being (insert stereotypical age and disposition)" relentlessly. Or other ridiculous repetitive comments, that in the end makes me wonder who they're trying to impress. The thought of raising kids in a world where stuff like this is so openly accepted scares me. I'm sorry, not sorry. But I don't want my kid going to the same school where your retarded mentally ill little Timmy is gonna be thinking about identifying as something other than his actual gender, AND IT'S ACCEPTED AND LOOKED AT AS OKAY. They're a stain on the white shirt of society and the only way to get rid of it is to cover them in bleach. Or make them drink it, I don't really care.

As far as the alt-left goes, there are so many things wrong I don't even want to go in to detail otherwise this post will be even more so excessively long. But in the short run, I despise the alt-left because instead of arguing with facts they prefer to spew out reckless insults and fight with their feelings instead of logic. The alt-left would rather have someones freedom of speech taken away instead of sitting down at the table and having a serious conversation because they get hurt that someone has a different opinion than them. They don't give a stuff about our country and (once again) instead of having a civil conversation about how we could live in peace would rather riot and break peoples private property in the name of "peace" and "equality" or whatever the loving stuff they believe in. The alt-left would rather instead of working, stand in the middle of the roads blocking people who are paying for their loving welfare check. They tattoo and destroy their body in the most retarded ways possible and wonder why nobody will hire them and then cry when they don't get their way. We gave the left an inch with gun control and now they're trying to take a mile. They cry and whine in order to get what they want. It's as if several million five year olds were throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their cookie. It makes me sick to think someone could actually think that way. And that's coming from an extreme racist.

People just don't give a stuff anymore. Nobody ever actually wants to go out of their way to do anything anymore so why should we give a forget? I say let the human race forget up and die out. We're a waste of space and there's too many reckless people on this planet for us to even think about being able to continue providing not for each other but to mother nature. These are only some of the reasons I hate us, if I continued on I think I'd need to publish a book.

Let what judgement come, come. It won't change anything.

TLDR; I don't loving know. I think I just needed to rant or something. I also may have derailed from my original question. Oh well.

So what are you? Why are you a philanthropist or a misanthropist? I genuinely want to know, and no matter what you choose know that I personally won't be taking a stuff on your opinions.

Off Topic / I Hate AMA's, AMA
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:35:03 AM »
I hate Ask Me Anythings, so ask me anything.

Gallery / Oasis - 2008 Deathmatch Revamp - UPDATED 2/28
« on: February 27, 2018, 05:57:53 PM »
A Trip In History

Many of you may remember years back when Badspot was requesting "Epic Builds For V9" and the community began posting their builds to be included in the official game. In that topic, some of those builds had made it, others did not.

One of those builds that unfortunately didn't make it was made by Marcem (BLID 481) who posted his original Oasis DM. That topic was created in 2008. Now to celebrate the time that has passed, I ended up deciding to take Marcems old save, and revamp it with some of the modern communities new bricks.

What's New

I know for a fact it looks cluttered as forget, but to hell with it. I wanted to try out the foliage pack. What I did do, was expand the map by roughly 150%. I added in some new areas (tunnels, new buildings) and with the expansion added balance to the map and all of its locations. Every main location on the map has advantages and disadvantages. Locations that have a better birds eye view, have very little cover. Lower locations that don't have a good view, have large amounts of cover. Even better, is the map is made to work either as a DM with its straightforward design or a TDM / CTF. Even Bounty Hunter would be enjoyable on this map. I do plan on hosting many events on this map over the next couple weeks.

Now onto the pictures. (idc that i have the paintcan and stuff on the screen)

The Original Build - Circa 2008

The Updated Map - Circa its loving new

To Wrippity Wrap It Up

It was a basic feat. It took a grand total of maybe two hours to do, and as previously mentioned was done mostly to test the new foliage pack out and enjoy a small nostalgia trip. With that being said, feel free to leave constructive criticism, I won't change anything because I don't have the time, but I know you guys like to talk. Once more, base build credit goes to Marcem who made the original map in 2008. He hasn't been active since 2015, Cthulhu bless his soul.

I will host stuff on this map, mostly the aforementioned gamemodes such as DM, TDM, CTF, Elimination and Bounty Hunter. I will post server info on General once I actually get my stuff together and make a topic.


love, aplem

all updates are separate posts
forget you

Off Topic / Where Do You Browse Your Dank Memes?
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:30:59 AM »
Tell me, where do you prefer to get your daily dose of memes from?

4chan? Tumblr? iFunny? Reddit? Gary Busey And His Enormous Forehead?

Where else doth thou wander?

I personally prefer ancient scrolls.

Off Topic / I'm Making Mead - Week 1 Progress
« on: February 21, 2017, 12:33:12 PM »
For you uncultured swine who don't know what Mead is, it's basically honey based wine. It's a very sweet wine that has some awesome medicinal purposes as well. I will include instructions on how to make mead for those who want to try at home.

This is a 3 gallon batch of Honey-Apple Mead I am making. Here are the ingredients :

- 2 Gallons Spring Water
- 10 LBS Raw Honey
- 1 oz. D47 Wine Yeast
- 4 Pink Lady Apples Sliced

First Night :

3 Days :

1 Week :

For those of you who want to make mead yourself. Here are some instructions for a 3 gallon batch.

Equipment :

- 5 Gallon Plastic / Glass Carboy
- Stopper
- Airlock
- Sanitizer
- Big Bin For Sanitizing Equipment In
- Hydrometer

Grab your ingredients :

- 2 Gallons Spring Water
- 10 LBS Raw Honey
- 1 oz. D47 Wine Yeast
+ Whatever Fruit You Want To Flavor

Creation of your nectar :

- Sanitize Everything You Will Be Using, Especially Your Carboy
- Let Equipment Air Dry
- Bring water to a boil
- Mix honey into water
- Let cool down to 100F
- Grab Initial Hydrometer Reading
- Pitch 1 oz. Yeast Let Sit For 10 Minutes
- Pour Yeast Into Carboy
- Pour Cooled Honey-Water Mixture Into Carboy
- Add In Fruits
- Put Stopper And Airlock On
- Let Sit For 1 Month In A Mild Temperature Room
- Grab Hydrometer Reading
- Rack Into New Carboy (Sanitize That Bitch!)
- Wait Another Week
- Grab Final Hydrometer Reading
- Rack Into Bottles
- Let Age, Ideal Minimum Is 6 Months

It may take up to 2 or 3 days for fermentation to begin depending on your altitude and room temperature. Don't worry if you don't see anything for 24 hours. Avoid opening the carboy, if you want to smell your mead just smell the airlock. Don't worry if condensation starts forming on the inside of the carboy, that is normal. If your batch goes bad, you'll know. It will smell like absolute stuff. However if you make sure your equipment is sanitized properly and the carboy is airtight, you need not worry.

Gallery / Aplems Old School TDM - Winter Build
« on: September 13, 2016, 03:45:54 PM »

General Discussion Server Topic :

The purpose for this Gallery topic is to display the build. This is not meant for server discussion. Please go to the main GD post to talk about the server.

The build all-in-all consists of about 26,000 bricks, and took a total of 10 - 20 hours to build. There are a-lot of images, so to skip them, go cry. I had some help from a few friends whose names are listed as the end of the gallery. While the main portion of the build was done by me, there are some props and buildings that are included in the map that was done by some other friendly Blocklandions.

General Discussion / Aplems Old School TDM - Open For Death!
« on: September 13, 2016, 03:33:24 PM »

Aplems Old School Team Death Match is a recreation of the good ole' fashioned days of Blockland when TDM's didn't consist of 45,000,000 classes and a pointless array of weapons that all do the same thing. No my friends, this is different. In this TDM you are thrown into a winterized industrial compound consisting of storage lots and warehouses. You are armed with nothing more than an Old School Rifle, a Double Barrel, a few pills, 2 lives, and your abilities as a fighter. You will pit it out 16v16 and only one team will be left standing. The inspiration of this build style and weapon choice was from on of Bushido's old ass TDM's he had made that was a winter compound of sorts. Only difference is, this build has more variation. There are also ranks implemented into the game so that there is a second sense of competitiveness.

The server is a dedicated server that will be up for a few days at a time before being restarted manually for stability. There may be weeks where the server will only be up from about 6:00 PST - 23:00 PST. This is for reasons that are known only by me and no you can't have my secret formula.

The build all-in-all consists of about 26,000 bricks, and took a total of 10 - 20 hours to build. There are a-lot of images, so to skip them, go cry. I had some help from a few friends whose names are listed as the end of the gallery. While the main portion of the build was done by me, there are some props and buildings that are included in the map that was done by some other friendly Blocklandions.

Please note that if the server is down, it could be for a number of reasons. Those reasons could be that I am doing server maintenance, my power went out because snow storms, I decided to close the server temporarily, Google Fiber doesn't feel like working, it crashed and for some reason didn't restart automatically, pirates shanghaied my servers and there is no internet on the open sea or the pirates forgot to turn on their hotspot.

So I'm not gonna go through the process of making an entire topic about what kind of movie it is or anything. I am not looking for any particular voice acting or anything, all I need is about 30 - 40 people to go full out battling each other at once using the Duel weapons.

I may or may not be making a short little 300 like film in Blockland and thus I need about 10 guys at once (for the shot) to be lined up in a tiny canyon.
Stabbing another 20 guys with swords and spears.

tots not 300 i promis

If interested please post in the comments below and be available at about 5:00pm Mountain Time on October 1st.

Off Topic / VGA Port Not Working On New PC
« on: July 05, 2014, 01:12:41 AM »
So I just finished building another gaming computer but there is a problem with the VGA and DVI ports, when plugging the VGA chord in the monitor is receiving no signal. The HDMI ports work fine but the VGA do not.

I am wondering if possibly my display could be rooted to my graphics card and not my motherboard? If that is the situation how would I go about swapping that input and output?

Also here are a few specs:

- 2 AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Graphics
- AMD FX(tm)-8320 8 Core Processor
- 16GB RAM
- 2TB Harddrive
- 950W Power Supply
- GA-78LMT-USB3 (Socket M2) Motherboard

All drivers are up to date as well.

So something such as the item storage mod except that you can drive a vehicle onto a certain brick and press a button to "store" the vehicle for later. Also if the vehicle has not been driven for a certain amount of time it will also re-store itself. Lets put this in terms of CityRP or other basic RP's. It would allow for more global vehicles to be one the server at the same time.

I was just wondering if it would be possible.

Off Topic / infoComm 2014 - Anyone else going?
« on: June 07, 2014, 11:48:24 AM »

So I just finished purchasing my infoComm VIP pass and I am pretty hyped. There will be leading game developers, software and hardware engineers as well as the founders of all your favorite gaming equipment. AMD, Nvidia, Turtle Beach and a-lot more will be there.

There are over 950 exhibitors, here is the floor plan:

I personally have spent now close to $5300 in reservations for events, the opening night dinner, VIP valet parking and hotels. With an additional $1500 set aside to purchase equipment that I see I might like.

So, is anyone else going?

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