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AoT Clan Discussion / Bal Molag Mar
« on: April 16, 2006, 07:07:00 PM »
Corruption and I are forming a new guild, The Bal Molag Mar. 
Talk to either me or corruption (or any member over expert rank)
-We do not care whether you are a criminal or a cop, however during guild missions, we prefer that you have no demerits, so no diehard cops will bother us.
-Do not commit terrorism (dynamiting people... mainly AFK people) while in uniform. (initiates need not worry about this rule)
-Do not kill a fellow guild member. If you MUST kill a member, at least have the decency to bring them to a bed if they request it.
-Don't annoy other players, at least not while in uniform. We would like to keep a relatively good image for the guild.
-if you are not a journeyman, do not wear guild pants.
Initiate- gets basic benefits such as SOME protection. Must craft a Guild shirt and donate 100 GP to progress.
Novice- Gets protection, possible bonuses, and assistance. Must perform guild service, 200 gp, and clan service to progress.
Apprentice- Gains guaranteed help (if the circumstances allow it), definate bonuses, and definate inclusion in missions. Must craft Guild pants, take part in one clan mission, help out with clan, and donate 300GP or one metal of grandmaster's choice.
Journeyman- Gets free guild shoes. *no info as of yet*
Expert- *no info*
Master- *no info*
GrandMaster- The founders of the guild (Me and corruption).
-Guild uniform consists of a shirt and pants with the primary pattern being #13... everything else is your choice.
-guild missions include farming, protecting fiber farms, etc.
-You do not have to wear your uniform at all times. the only times it is a must is when you are taking part in a guild activity

I will update this as soon as more details become available. I have plans for a council of select players within the guild, but i need to clear the details with corruption. recruiting starts NOW!

AoT General / "interesting" parchments
« on: November 27, 2005, 02:04:34 AM »
This is basically just a thread for all the wierd notes found since parchment was introduced. I have seen a lot of the  "wanted: arrow/bash" messages... and i found a couple "aaaaaigahgaighagihg" and the infamous "haha ur a cigarette for reading this."


anyways, if you find something wierd, interesting, or stupid... post it here.

AoT General / Port Town Bank
« on: November 16, 2005, 07:16:50 PM »
Before ver. 10 (I am not sure what version it was) I came up with an idea of opening a bank. I was getting tired of losing 2k-3k every time I died. I also figured  I could let others deposit in it too. So, I made a couple spreadsheets with OpenOffice and told some of my friends.
 At the last count we had over 50k in the bank. Our highest amount, however was 70k. Anyways, all that was in the bank is gone, but the bank will be reopened. I already have the account up, I just need to do all the money-related quests so i can have some reserves on hand.
When the bank is officially opened to the public, it will offer these... things:
1. storage of money (of course)
2. Special clan accounts
3. Money Transfers
4. money tracking (open office)
5. Benefits
6. eventually loans
and other things i have planned

I'll let you know more info as it comes along...

PS: you'll see me online as robinhoodie or demonhoodie

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