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Caffeine Automotive Technologies
Competitive cars, competitive service.

HQ update!
Major progress has been made on the HQ:
-Windows, walls and roof finished off (for now)
-Very basic version of front steps finished
-Wall decorations under construction
-Car displays being built
-Began construction on a restaurant named "The Box" (name is temporary)


Frontal shot of HQ

Aerial shot of the front steps, C.A.T.'s logo on display

Aerial shot of the entire HQ, showcasing the central garden. More to come on that later.

Internal shot, showcasing all of the current cars on display. The cars will most likely be moved slightly to allow them to take up less space.

Fancy shot with max shaders, giving a sneak peak at a future display and a future project!

This thread is dedicated to my new pass time: Building cars and stuff. I typically end up building whatever pops into my mind, and so I tend to work in phases. Typically a build can take me anywhere from 2 hours of work to 10, depending on how complex the build is. Any constructive criticism is welcome, and I hope you enjoy!

Caffeine Security Division:

Generic Armored Truck:
Nothing yet, buy stay tuned for further updates!

Caffeine Racing Division:

Audi Quattro S1 E2:

Side shot

Top-down view

Rear view

View from the dash, looking through the roll cage.

View from the rear window, looking over the fuel-tank.

A shot of the Quattro parked outside the garden of the still-in-construction C.A.T. Headquarters.

Back in the 1980s, Audi revolutionized the world of rallying with the Un-Quattro. The Un-Quattro came factory standard with Audi's four wheel drive system, named Quattro (meaning "four" in Italian). The Quattro coupe, a sportier and shorter version of the Un-Quattro, was entered into the World Rally Championship in 1981. In the two years following, the FIA relaxed regulations on the World Rally Championship, ushering in an era known as Group B. The Quattro evolved into the S1 E2 version, boasting 470 horsepower (when compared to the original Quattro's 300) and just under 2,600lbs. The Quattro was a crowd favorite with rally fans worldwide, until Group B was suspended in 1986. Group B was deemed too unsafe, after 10+ competitor fatalities, and hundreds of fans injured due to accidents. The lax safety standards, combined with the abundance of death and injury earned Group B rally cars the nicknamed "Killer B's".

Caffeine's Racing Division has made some modification from a stolen procured Quattro S1, most noticeably making it single seated (perfect for hillclimbs!). The fuel tank was relocated to over the rear axle, shifting the center of mass further back. The mechanics also made modifications to the engine, allow for even more power.

Caffeine Prototype Division:

Nothing yet, buy stay tuned for further updates!

Caffeine Auxillary Division:
Mazda Miata '91

Front view

Side view

Top-down view

Rear view

Interior shot, complete with right hand drive!

The miata was developed in 1991 by Mazda, utilizing the principle "One rider, one horse, one body". Sticking to this philosophy, the car was developed to be completely in-tune with the driver, allowing them to feel 100% in tune with the road. The Miata is very well known in the world of car culture, often loved for its light weight and stylish looks. As it does not have a ton of speed (only 103hp stock), it is common for owners to turbocharger it.

General Discussion / JebtheRebel's Terrain Freebuild
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:35:55 AM »
JebtheRebel's Terrain Freebuild

The idea of hosting a freebuild has bounced around my mind recently, and i've decided to give it a shot.

1.Blend with the terrain around you!
2. No spam.
3. No spawning/shooting weapons for no reason.
4. For the sake of the server, avoid excessive lights/emitters/events.
5. Until I can find an effective method of blending two build styles, we will be using terrain cubes as opposed to plate terrain.
6. Feel free to include secrets to your build!
7. PM me on the forums or BL Glass if there are any questions or concerns.

Servers will be hosted on/off during the evening. (3:00-11:00 EST UTC-5)

Post will be updated soon with better formatting.

General Discussion / Working version of Creeper gamemode?
« on: March 17, 2017, 11:29:10 AM »
I've just gotten back into BL for the first time in a couple years, and I was wondering if there was a working version of the creeper gamemode lying around?

Gallery / Tell me how to build good: Lounge Edition!
« on: May 19, 2014, 12:25:09 PM »
I am attempting to build a lounge that kind of has a relaxing-on-a-friday-night-at-sunset-kind of feel to it, but I have hit a roadblock and cannot think of an atleast decent way of building the exterior to the building. if you wish to post suggestions, realize the build is obviously WIP.


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