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« on: November 09, 2012, 08:06:31 PM »

beep boop im not dead

Also I feel like livestreaming some more movies!

Tonights Agenda : Atlantis
Pan's Labyrinth

Also some Sea Lab 2021



Two things I love, watching movies, and streaming.
So in order to celebrate the TOO SPOOKY season of Halloween, i'll be streaming a few SCURRY movies.

Plus I have tomorrow off from college thanks to hurricane sandy

Movies :
1) The Exorcist : a 1996 family live-action/animated sports comedy film starring Michael Jordan as well as Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters.
2) Pet Semetary : a 1989 comedy drama crime film starring Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog as the eponymous characters, Turner and Hooch respectively.
3) The Thing : a Japanese series of adult shotacon anime OVAs produced by Natural High. The producer has described it as "the first shotacon anime"
4) Aladdin :  1992 American animated musical family film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures

Games / Arc hosts Terra Firma Craft *Server is Down*
« on: September 22, 2012, 10:03:32 AM »

It's some mod i came across for minecraft, which pretty much injects the game with a stuff ton of un-needed realism.
I find it kinda fun and I think it'd be neat to have people start up their own settlements and stuff.

I really recommend that people read the wiki too, because stuffs complex. is the IP

there are no rules other than be excellent.  :iceCream:

Current Map

Red is Swamp Bandit controlled territory.


drag that stuff into .minecraft or what ever. should work.



except none of that has happened


You are a group of four brave adventurers! You are either a Fearsome Warrior, a Sneaky Rogue, Powerful Wizard, or a Righteous Priest! Who are you?

Anyone can join as long as there is a spot open. First to post, you're in. For the first party, we need one of each class. All I need is your name, a color, and the class you want to be. If someone dies, you can post to take their spot. More rules for things such as combat will be explained later.

The Gloriously Handsome Team of Four is traveling around the country side, looking for work. They stop at The Sweaty Ham in Loatheshire for a drink and a quick rest where they decide to bunk down for the night. But during the night, Kellis is alerted by a loud sound, which turned out to be orcs attacking the inn! Our heroes then slew the orcs and exited the inn. They then ran away from the orcs, seeing as how they were outnumbered. On their way out of the town, they entered the forest and were ambushed by a trine of orcs. During the fight, Ronnie the Wizard was shot with an arrow, and in order to save him self he somehow tapped into the very source of magic itself, soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning thought to be impossible. After that, the party saw smoke rising in the distance and decided to investigate, where upon they found themselves near what appeared to be a military camp. Kellis and Pladulen ran off, and Ser Orb and Ronnie ended up being sent to Lord Duskfield's tent, which they were promptly kicked out of. Short after that, a dragon landed smack dab in the middle of the war camp...


OUR HEROES - The Gloriously Handsome Team of Four
 Ser Orb (Aces) - Fighter

Inventory - 0 gold, Sword , Shield

 Ronnie the Enchanter (IkeTheGeneric) - Wizard
Spellbook : Magic Missile, Ghost Sound
Inventory - 0 gold, Staff

 Kellis (Firecycle) - Rogue

Inventory - 1 gold, 2 Knifes , Lock picking kit

 Pladulen (Comatose) - Priest

Inventory - 0 Gold, Holy Symbol , Hammer


Welcome to Fantasy Nations, the fantasy/medieval game where YOU are the maniacal dictator! If you wish to join, simply post the name of your nation and where you want to start! If there are too many nations already or if the game is already too far in, you may join an existing nation if the leader of said nation allows it.

Rules Version 1.1 -
Change Log : Update on what "Free" Actions include.
If you have any questions about the rules, be sure to ask! Not everything is set in stones, and they are subject to change!
Free actions also include creating settlers! I don't feel like updating the rules but there you go.

Existing Nations -
King - Tingalz
Vice What ever - Aces
Tingolia City Level 2 needs 5 food, Producing 6 per turn Happiness 2, Food 8 - 36 22
Tubesra Level 1 Needs 3 Food, Producing 6 per turn Happiness 1, Food 8, 33 22
Kufssa Level 0 Needs 2 Food, Producing 2 per turn Happiness, 1, Food 2, 44 18
Warfare - 0 (Militia)
Magic - 0
Tech - 0 (Pick Axes, Axes, Roads, Boat, Settlers, Universities, Cave Scouts, Marketplace)
Stone - 9 (+6 Per Turn, 3 Quarry)
Copper ore - (1 Mine, 1 per turn) 5 Copper ore
Wood - 12 (1 Logging camp, 2 wood every turn)
Units - Boat 34, 23 (No cargo)

Race: Tall humanoids (Tingolians)

Sultan - Kiddeh
Serbul Level 2 needs 5 food, Producing 6 per turn Happiness 2, Food 8 - 25 29
Jahad (Level 1) Requires 3 food, Producing 0 food Per turn Happiness 0, Food 2 - 22, 33
Race: Working Civilians (Gerudeko)
Bala Level 0 Requires 2 Food, Producing 0 Food Per Turn Happiness 0, Food 2 - 22, 25

Warfare - 0 (Militia, Wooden Swords, Stone Swords)
Magic - 0 (Knowledge of Magic)
Tech - 0 (Axes, Roads)
Stone - 0
Wood - 14

Units : Militia, Wood Swords, 25-30
Race:  Aureans - Averagely tall, stout, humanoid beings with clawed, big-toed feet, bent back legs, (like a horse's hind legs) short but pointy ears, beady orange eyes with small black pupils, a bold, short snout, and yellowish-mustard skin

Regis imperium - Kill All
Orasul de Anghilâ (Has Temple) Level 2 needs 5 food producing 4 per turn, Happiness 2, Food 1 - 35, 01
Warfare - 0 (Militia)
Magic - 0 (Knowledge of Magic, Offensive Magic)
Tech - 0 (Pick-Axes, Universities, Axes, Boats)
Stone ( 2 Quarry, +4 Per turn, ) - 23
Wood - 6

Units - Boat (The Antelope), Cargo (Settlers to 1703) 29-00
Militia (The Divine Avengers, +2 to attack roles) 34-02

Race: Chimera (Eel-like humanoids, look up resistance for details, without the smokestacks)

Greater Halian Cooperative
Executor - Comr4de
Vice Executor - masterockets
Field Marshal - Viodix

Halis Level 2 needs 5 food Producing 6 per turn, Happiness 2, Food 5 - 49 29
Sa'Cea Level 1 Needs 3 food Producing 4 Per turn, Happiness 0, Food 7, - 44 26
Bork'an Level 0 Needs 2 Food Producing 2 Per Turn, Happiness 0, Food 4 - 50 32

Warfare - 0 (Wood Weapons, Militia)
Magic - 0
Tech - 2 (Axes, Roads, Pickaxes, Boats, Wood Walls, cave scouts)
Stone 2 Quarry, +4 Stone per turn - 12 (12/25 for university)
Wood 1 Lumber Camp, +2 per turn - 12 (12/15 for university)

Units - Boat (dikbutt) 49-30
Militia (1st Stormwind, Wood Weapons) 44-26
Militia (2nd Stormwind, Wood Weapons) 46-26


King - Tomcat
Onoangsun Level 1.5, Needs 3 food, Producing 6 per turn Happiness 3, Food 12 - 29 04
Bardem Level 0, Needs 2 Food, Producing 0 per Turn Happiness, 0, Food 0 - 37 08
Warfare - 0
Magic - 0
Tech - 0  (Pick Axes, Smelting, Wooden Weapons, Militia)
Stone (3 quarry, +6 per turn) - 20
Wood - 6
Race: A race of short, stout humanoids who love mining, feel uncomfortable around nature and Tingolans, and get pissed at having no hooch for a large amount of time. Better metal smithing than other races, but generally slower. Pretty much Dwarves.

Wizzeh Collective
Lich King - Wizzeh
Grand Summoner - A.R.C.
City of Bones Level 1.5, Needs 3 food, Producing 4 per turn Happiness 3, Food 1 - 57.08
Dessicatus Level 1 , Needs 3 Food, Producing 2 Per turn Happiness 1, Food 1, - 56.09

Warfare - 0
Magic - 0 (Knowledge of Magic)
Tech - 2  (Pick Axes, Axes, Settlers, Marketplace)
Stone (2 Quarry, 4 stone per turn)- 10
Wood (Logging Camp, +2 per turn) - 10

Units - Boat (The Eldritch Wake) Cargo : Settlers  00-15

Race : Undead

Dalar Level 1.5, Needs 3 food, Produces 6 per Round Happiness 0, Food 11 - 35.12
Warfare - 0 (Militia)
Magic - 0 (Knowledge of magic)
Tech - 1  (Axes, Pick Axes, Roads, cave scouts, Temple)
Stone 2 Quarry, +4 per turn - 16
Wood  (Lumber Mill +2 Per Turn) - 11

Units : Militia (Defenders of Home) Militia, Wooden Swords +1 Attack - 36 13
Race: Humanoids with Pointy ears (Not elves)

Current Map

If you have any questions about what tiles are what, be sure to ask!

Research Trees; As your kingdom survives in the years, it will gain the ability to use more advance research trees!
Availible Skill trees to all level 0's : Basic Tech Basic Magic Basic Warfare
Available Skill trees to all Level 1's : Tech 2

Drama / Bloody Mary was 21ytsud.
« on: November 17, 2010, 05:57:18 AM »
Now, many of you recall dusty's stalker, right?
Well, me and Bloody Mary got talking, and...
Well, I'll let the chat log speak for it's self

Me: So, why did you leave the blockland forums?
Him: meh
Him: bunch of kids
Me: well, some aren't
Him: yes
Him: but like 90% are under 14.
Me: True, but they're still members of the community.
Him: they get trolled easy too
Him: remember 21ytsud?
Me: yeah
Him: that was me.
Me: Really.
Him: the password is qawsed1
Him: go crazy
Me: uh, wow.
Me: are you sure you want to tell me this?
Him: sure.
Him: its not a big deal, anyeay
Me: Mind if I post this in drama?
Him: nope
Him: go wild.

Now, I didn't test the password, because I'm not sure about the whole logging into other accounts thing, but could someone test this out?

If it's true, then this is the drama of the century.

Games / Transformice
« on: October 11, 2010, 05:52:30 PM »

What is Transformice?
Transformice is a multiplayer flash game where you play as a little mouse out to grab some cheese and get it back to his mousehole.
Sounds quite simple, but there's more to the game than you might think.

To join, type /room blockland
Hit the help button and read it.

Games / Progress Quest
« on: October 05, 2010, 05:06:12 PM »

It's loading bars; the video game
Except it's more of a movie. So if you liked heavy rain you'll like this.

I've got a guild up called Space Druids of Space.
To join, start an online char on the spoltog server and hit ctrl G

Off Topic / Druidry to be classed as religion
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:06:13 PM »
Druidry is to become the first pagan practice to be given official recognition as a religion.
From now on I am a druid.

Discuss the master race of religions

Off Topic / Super power time~!
« on: September 18, 2010, 04:35:51 PM »

Click random page, this is now your super power.

I got ;Literary Manipulation

Can cause books to float, tear out pages, or peel out the text.

Some can perform:

    * “omnilegence”: to omnisciently know all written material (seldom)

    * “papyrokinesis”: to control paper.

    * "tabula rasa": steal text from books, leaving it blank.

    * "sonography": read printed words by feeling ink impressions on paper.

well this sucks

Off Topic / Random Menstruating
« on: September 08, 2010, 09:28:57 PM »
What is up with them?

Off Topic / Cars are a great way to voice your opinion
« on: August 14, 2010, 05:00:30 PM »
Was driving back from Washington DC and saw this.

obma is secrit muslim

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