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Off Topic / pride month 2022
« on: June 01, 2022, 12:16:03 PM »
dying though the forum may be, it's still pride month. happy pride month to all my fellow gays. if you post in this thread, you're automatically gay, by decree of the king

note: "gay" is used here as shorthand for "queer". trans hets are obviously welcome, not to mention aloveual people etc

Off Topic / I am married
« on: January 02, 2022, 02:48:38 AM »
to androfox. I know this is not the first inter-blf marriage. but it may very well be the second. unless carolcat and qwepir got hitched at some point
rigel is somewhat responsible. now that's what i call stellar nucleosynthesis

anyway good luck to everyone else on getting married if that is one of your goals

Off Topic / pride month mf
« on: June 01, 2021, 11:52:10 AM »
hello bitches. did you think i would forget? no. happy pride month

⚠ straights not permitted ⚠


by the end of the thread it was basically clear beyond a reasonable doubt that boltster slapped together a really bad low-effort image host to play a fat jape on lord tony. anyway we never got closure and I want to hear it from the horse's mouth.......... boltster if you're out there admit to us that you did this

Off Topic / a landmark in inactivity
« on: August 29, 2019, 07:45:36 PM »

this is for the drama forum bro. how tf is  d r a m a  not gonna have a post in over four days on the blockland forum? this place has been dead ever since I stopped posting here. cause and effect bitches

Off Topic / pride decade 202x thread
« on: June 05, 2019, 09:30:42 PM »
it's pride decade (202x) and i aint see a forgetin pride decade (202x) thread. yall slippin. where's all the rainbow avatars at
anyway it's pride decade (202x). talk about how rad it is to not be cishet

just two rules for this thread:
be gay. if you are cishet and you post here you are hereby GAY. periodt
also forget terfs. that one explains itself
and last but not least, never forget: black lives matter

first of all what the forget
I didn't see one of these threads so here's one
the remains of this post are spoilers because I can't be forgeted to make it transparent (nor could I be forgeted to select a bunch of transparent text to read it) so just don't read it if you don't wanna get spoiled, u have been warned

so what the forget !!!
what the forget? why. that was so stupid. who wrote this. why
so like the first big problem I will say is that it's just dumb. like this is.... so dumb. why? what the forget. goodbye, half of the movies marvel could've made in the next several years.  half the cool characters. like seriously as much as I love rocket, he's really the only one of the guardians left? wtf lol. and it was so anticlimactic too. like in the last ten minutes everyone is just dissolving. ok cool. fuk of. what was the point in the movie? why even bother, just start off the next one with "btw thanos killed half of everyone, so....." and ur done. saved all this bullstuff money. all of the deaths, really, were anticlimactic. gamora's is probably the only one that even remotely mattered
and SECONDLY are the stones destroyed or not? I couldn't really tell and it's not like I could rewind it. the gauntlet itself was obviously forgeted up. anyway the point is if the stones ARE destroyed, then what's thanos's plan? cus in terms of population we've only been sent back like 50 years. seriously not a big deal, as far as overpopulation issues go, especially seeing as this doesn't mean we'll lose our medical technology
how's iron man gonna get back? I guess that's why nebula was left alive so she can fly a ship back to wherever. kinda dumb

also not really a spoiler but why is thanos's home planet called titan. I thought they were talking about saturn's moon for like the first half of the movie

anyway idk.................. did you like it or what
for the record I did like the movie as a whole just the ending was pretty annoying

so every new year you are supposed to make a wish, whatever you want, with the only stipulation being that it must be for someone else's benefit
what's yours?

also it has to benefit someone else

Off Topic / Freek's arg
« on: November 13, 2016, 07:33:36 PM »
so I don't think a whole lot of people really noticed this but the other day freek made a few posts with a tiny little image at the end

here were the posts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
now it's kind of weird. he's removed all of the images now (but you can thank me for saving the images ;3), but the first two, he actually removed on the day that he posted them. the others didn't get removed until yesterday. you can still see the image in my quote of the first one, and satan also replied to the second, crazy replied to the third, and emgiell replied to the last. no responses, otherwise
the first two are also quite different from the rest, they have a clearly different scheme, and the sizes are different

so anyway now that he's either given up or removed them to add to the mystery, I guess this is a good time to try to figure it out

this is all of the images together, in order, enlarged:

and the originals, individually:

what does it mean?????? no clue. let's try to figure it out?????????????????? it's worth considering the fact that the last one was posted in a thread about "last messages", and he hasn't posted since then

General Discussion / BlockParty - personal updates & future of project
« on: November 04, 2016, 09:09:18 PM »
old thread's too old, so here we are
last post I made there:

well, little update
I recently got a job. a full-time one, this time, lol. it's only supposed to last six months, but that's a pretty long time
anyway it's taking a good chunk out of the time I can work on this. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work (minimum), leaves just 8 more hours for anything else. which sounds like a lot, but I give myself about 2 hours to get ready for work and to get there (it's about half an hour away), and 1 hour for lunch isn't included in those 8 hours. so now we're just down to 5 hours a day. we can take out another half hour for the trip home, and any time I work over that 8 hours (seems to be between 30 minutes and an hour normally), plus time to eat dinner.........

but there are saturdays. on sundays I have D&D obligations but that doesn't consume 100% of the time that I spend playing, nor does it take the whole day. usually 4-6 hours. so yeah weekends. and I'll try to find time to work on it at, uh, work. my job is completely unrelated to programming, but I do have a decent amount of time where I don't really have much to do, and I could eat lunch at my desk while I work on it, or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. so it's not all doom and gloom really

but on the even brighter side I guess, for anyone who cares anyway, I've finally made a git repo for it, because I really need a way to keep changes synced between my laptop and desktop now
if you visit this link within the next like 15 minutes you won't see much, just gimme a minute, the repo's gonna link to this post so I need to make the post lol all is well

edit: also on the super bright side $$$
regular income means an extended budget!!!! that doesn't mean a whole lot for this project but you can expect a few things, like for example a dedicated domain name (still have no clue what I'd pick though, like I said before were all taken ;~;), which I simply wouldn't have bothered with otherwise. maybe an upgraded VPS, although the one I have right now is pretty nice, so we'll just have to see about that

so, to begin with, that job is no longer for six months, but in fact for the foreseeable future. the work is okay and the pay is good enough for now, so when my boss asked me to stick around, I figured why not. not really a big deal in relation to this project, cus I was pretty sure that was how it was gonna go down anyway

second, no longer doing D&D. unfortunately? maybe. I miss talking to the people I played it with but I guess I don't miss the time commitment

third, if anyone has been keeping an eye on that git repo (unlikely), you may have noticed a few commits in recent weeks. not much, but more than zero I guess

and finally, I've gotten some relatively big stuff going on in my life lately. having a now-permanent job has sorta woken me up to the fact that I should probably move out soon, especially because my boyfriend wants to live with me. for that reason, saving money has become significantly more important. again, little impact on the project

but what I've really made this thread for is to talk about the shaky future of it. some people seem to be into the idea, which is great, but... it's only a few people. a website like this would be utterly pointless with just a few members. it's especially discouraging to see the state that Clan Discussion is in. the oldest post on the front page is two months old. doesn't bode well for a site about clans
I'm not giving up, forever, or whatever, but I just think for now it'll be better for me to focus on other things. I'm sure that eventually I'll get another bout of inspiration, and by then, at least I'll have this, uh, decent, codebase to start from

also you can thank hawt for sending me a pm like half an hour ago that reminded me to post this. actually kind of weird because I was thinking about how I would explain all of this earlier today

apologies to anyone who's been genuinely excited about it. I was, too

I've made a couple of userscripts for the forum, and I'm also currently working on another
warning: I'm about to start typing differently than usual so don't get 2 confused ok

The ones that I've already made don't really get much exposure, because... I never made a thread for it. I only posted them in the request threads that were asking for such a thing. Well, I did mention one of them here, but that thread didn't really go anywhere.

Extended Who's Online
Get it here

This userscript was requested by SWAT One.
To be clear, "extended" refers to the list itself, not any features involved. All it does is increase the size of the list, so that it includes everyone who's currently online.
By default, it adds a button near the top of the Who's Online page that, when clicked, clears the entire list, then begins adding more entries. You can also set it to do this as soon as the page loads, rather than when the button is clicked. Also by default, it does not include guests, but this can be changed too.
To change the settings, just change a couple of values near the top of the script. It explains what each of them are for above them.

  • Sometimes the times get out of order, not a big deal
  • Unreliable on any pages other than the first, also not very important

Locked Topic Quotes
Get it here

Didn't know that.  Locking thread.

This one was... also requested by SWAT One.
It adds quote buttons to posts in locked topics, which add the quote for the respective post to a little text box at the bottom, so that you don't have to copy and paste them manually. This also preserves BBCode, which you wouldn't have access to if you did it manually!
Contrary to what I said in the request thread, it does work in Firefox. I just fixed it. It was, for the second time, because FF lacked a function that I didn't realize was nonstandard (element.insertAdjacentElement).

No issues that I'm aware of.

Blockland Userscript Framework for the Forum (WIP)
Does the name sound bad? Heck yeah it does. But I need it to sound good when shortened, and BLUFF will accomplish that until I come up with a name that's good on both fronts.
Help me with that plz.

The purpose of this userscript is not to add any "features" to forum pages, but instead to make it significantly easier/less mind-numbing to make userscripts that do add stuff.
It is intentional that there isn't a big link for this one. Because it is far from finished, and mostly useless in its current state. But if you are the sort of person who would want to look at it anyway, here's a link. I've mentioned this project twice (here, and here).
It doesn't really do a whole lot at the moment, aside from the page type and session ID stuff I mentioned in the first post I talked about it in. One noteworthy addition is that it now provides a class to represent a user. It only automatically creates an instance of this class when you're on the page for a person's profile, and it completely fails if they don't have an avatar. I'll fix that later.
When it reaches a more useful state, I'll write up some documentation and host it on my website. In the meantime, if you wanna know exactly what it does, you'd have to just read through the source code. Actually, I might go ahead and start writing the documentation, so I don't get overwhelmed later.

Minor scripts
Here's some small stuff I didn't feel deserved a big title.

Image Hider, for Emgiell. Hides all the images in posts or PMs, with a show/hide button. Includes a setting for including signatures on PM pages.

More userscripts:
Gyt's Userscript Plaza
Steve's userscripts (kind of old, plz let me know if there's a newer thread)


Everything happens for a reason!

Before anything else, I have some out-of-character (OOC) things to say.
First is that this is sort of another attempt at this... thing. However, that was a mess. I made up pretty much all of it on the fly, and I had absolutely no idea where I wanted to go with it. That's different this time.

Second, some details about the characters and the universe they're in have changed. The player character is mostly the same, except that his last name is Gideon, not Gribean (sry swat). His first name is still Theodore. Also, the planet he's from is now called "Balta," rather than "Incipium." Also the entire situation is completely different.

Lastly, after this section, any time I want to say soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning OOC, it'll either be in a chunk on its own, all italic, separated by a horizontal rule or two (that's the [hr] tag), OR, it will be inside in-character text, surrounded by parentheses, also all italic. (Like this.)
Unless I specifically state otherwise. For example, if an entire post is OOC, I'd probably just say so at the top of it, and not worry about italics.

You wake up in a bright, white room. You aren't really sure where you are. In fact, you can hardly even remember your name.

Oh wait, no, it's Theodore Gideon, and you know exactly where you are. You're on the Icosa. Your own personal cargo ship. You're not in your quarters, though, it looks like you fell asleep in the kitchen. No wonder you were confused. What time is it? After looking for your phone for a moment, you give up, and decide that the time doesn't really matter out here, anyway.
At the moment, your ship's traveling through Gideon hyperspace (Wikipedia's article on hyperspace). Nope, the name's not a coincidence, your great grandparents discovered it. But you're just a pilot; the science junk was never really your thing, unlike with most of your family.

You're on your way to your home planet, Balta, with a shipment of food from the planet Merit.
Hyperspace makes everything a lot quicker, but it still takes a while. This makes the fourth time you've woken up on this trip, and you've got at least six more sleep cycles ahead of you. Whenever you start to get bored, you just remind yourself what it would've been like without hyperspace.

You're also kinda hungry. But it might be a good idea to make sure one of your two crewmates is awake, too. The ship mostly flies itself, but it's generally considered good practice to have at least two pilots awake at any given time.
What do you wanna do?

Even though I said I'll probably stick with this, if you do think of a nice name, feel free to mention it.

What is it?
It's not really much, right now. But it will be a website that should make it easier for people who own Blockland clans, or are in them, to manage these clans, participate in them, and apply for them.

Wanna help me out?
The best way for you to help is by giving input. If you'd like to do anything from just voting in the polls here to suggesting features you want to see, please do. This is for the community, so the community being part of its development is really important to me.

If you wanna contact me privately, use steam or telegram:
Steam: Foxscotch
Telegram: @foxscotch
Private messages on the forum are also an option, though I'd prefer one of the others.

General Discussion / Would people like to see a save-sharing website?
« on: January 16, 2015, 09:31:41 PM »
I've been thinking about making a site in PHP for sharing blockland saves. but that wouldn't be a small amount of work, so first I'd like to know if people are actually interested in the idea
describing it right now doesn't really need a lot of detail, because it's mostly a concept. I did start working on a visual layout for the site using bootstrap, but it's not even close to functional yet. and I don't wanna get truly started unless it's gonna be worth it

sooo would you use it?? if you're actually interested, feel free to suggest any extra features you'd like to see (knowing that kinda stuff before getting into it would be helpful)
if you aren't interested, however, it would be cool if you could tell me why. for that matter, it would be nice to know why even if you were interested

see this post
poll results if you're curious

furthermore, if you'd rather see an entirely different kind of site, let me know about that, too
for example, for a while I was thinking about a sort of clan management thing, where you could create a clan on the site (or make one for a clan that already exists, of course), and from there you'd be able to do things like apply to a clan, control who is in your clan, and so on. needless to say, the site wouldn't be able to edit your post on the forum, but hypothetically it could have features like a bulletin board code generator for a member list to make it a little bit easier
soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning else I considered for a moment was a site for viewing servers and rating them. that's not entirely feasible, however, because I don't know how I'd get information from the master server, so it'd have to have servers input manually by users, and it wouldn't be super convenient given the fact that I have no idea how to write torquescript (and have no intention to learn), so it would entirely be on a website

Music / Foxscotch's Loops
« on: October 06, 2014, 06:57:33 PM »
I've been making some loops recently so I guess I should share them
after every link to a loop there's a link to a little mp3 preview of it, where it loops three times. hopefully it'll play in your browser
the .ogg files might also play in your browser, if that happens just right-click and hit "save as"

Coalescence - Preview
this is one of the songs from the Risk of Rain soundtrack

Girlfriend (Long) - Preview

Girlfriend (Short) - Preview
shorter version of the above loop

Horse Steppin - Preview
one of my favorite songs from the Hotline Miami soundtrack

Obake Yashiki - Preview
I think I actually made a topic for this before. it's from My Neighbor Totoro

The Block - Preview
from the soundtrack from Attack the Block

Echos - Preview
some weird song I found on my computer a long time ago. mrkitkat asked me to loop it

zip file with all of them:

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