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Off Topic / Ballhole
« on: December 27, 2016, 06:04:00 AM »

Drama / nal ~ dislike bombs my video; holding grudges or some stuff wtf?
« on: September 17, 2016, 11:07:40 PM »
BL_ID: 39528
Forum Profile

this guy is the epitome of why we can't have nice things. He's been a general starfish to me several loving times in the past and don't even get me started on his buttbuddies.

To be honest, I haven't interacted with this guy in several months. We've had our differences in the past, but I never really outright hated this guy. On the contrary, nal apparently can't let a grudge go. I figured this out tonight. He takes any chance he can to try to attack me and I'm tired of his little stuffty games.

Like I mentioned, me and Nal have had our differences in the past.
Nal started attacking me for no reason back in 2013, when I was hosting a prop hunt server. apparently he was offended or something so he felt the need to attack me and be a general butt. (

alright so then a while later I started making some "new year" ( thing because I wanted to host something on New Years. I wasn't trying to compete with nal and didn't even have a grudge with him at the time. I then locked the topic literally the same night because I decided against hosting a new year thing and wanted to host something else instead. Nal, didn't take this very well.

ever since then, nal's been a bit of an ass about my "new year" thing that died in like 2 hours. He's constantly bitched to me about my "new years," baited me about it in the past, but hey all of this was over a year ago right? Think again.

Holding Grudges; General friendry
Today I worked hard on a Blockland video for my YouTube channel. I was doing a nice thing by showing some of my subscribers the game (and one of them even bought it). Because the video did remarkably well on my channel, I figured I'd go ahead and share it to the Gallery.

yeah well because the blockland community is so great, I got a lot of stuff for making the video. Several people verbally harassed me in my video's comments (you know who you are). Obviously this was a retard move by them, but because I didn't want my channel getting blasted with hate by several people, I took the gallery post down because you can't have nice things here.

What does Nal have to do with this? Well like I said, Nal can't resist any opportunity given to attack me. Because y'know, he holds grudges from like 2013. Naturally Nal finds this, drops a dislike, and comments "new years"

Seriously, can a man grow the forget up and let this go? I get it he was "triggered" or some stuff by me wanting to host something on new years, but really? 2 years later and he's still trying to attack me for it.
I respond harshly back at him. he deserved it but whatever.

annnddd then here comes nal and his retard friends


Thanks a loving lot. I get it, nal you don't like me. How about you be the mature one here and mind your own stuff? Because you know, you're clearly the older and more mature one here.

Thanks for turning what was a decent video into a loving joke nal. Now leave me alone.

Gallery / -removed-
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:33:57 PM »
locked because of unneccesary hate

Simon Says
Revival Project
Hey Blockland,

Some of you might remember my Simon Says server from 2013-2014. The server was extremely popular back in the day although the map had lots of issues and was way too small for the mass amount of players who played. I have made several attempts to completely redo the server with larger games and a better spawn, however none of those attempts were ever fully finished and never really got hosted. That changes today.

The entire server has been redone for new games, a new spawn, and tons of improvements for everyone to enjoy. Introducing Simon Says, the revival project. The goal for this project is to bring the server back to it's former glory. I hope you guys enjoy this.

(Hover over the images to see what they are)

What's New?
+ Completely redone map.
+ New "coins" system. Earn coins by playing games and activities to spend in the shop!
+ New parkour challenge at spawn. Earn 1 coin each time you complete it!
+ New VIP system. (currently does nothing except fancy tag and other stuff, sorry)
+ New games:
   + Tricky Platforms (replaces 4square)
   + Falling Platforms
   + Cubes
   + ...and more coming soon!
+ New shop and perks to purchase in it!
   + CHOCOLATE FISH - Includes chocolate for healing, and you can right click to speed boost, to "swim away quickly." 10 coins.
   + Roadrunner - Meep meep! Increases your walk speed. Free hamburger for healing. 10 coins.
   + Fatman - "Slightly" larger player, stocked with food for healing. 15 coins.
   + Total Boss Jr. - Comes with invisibility watch to trick Simon! Parachute included to fall in style. 20 coins.
Disclaimer regarding shop items - The shop items only last until you die and have to be purchased again after you lose them. This is because shop items aren't intended for every-round use. Any suggestions for the shop are welcome as long as you include links to the add-ons required for them. Thanks.

Server Status
To keep the server fresh and fun, it will only be hosted on select nights and is not 24/7. I'll be posting on the topic a few hours before I host, so keep checking here to find out when the server is open.

Help / Blockland stops responding when it starts up
« on: August 12, 2016, 08:09:20 PM »

Currently the only way I can get around this is by launching the Steam version, which works fine, then launching the non-Steam version.

These two topics are the exact same problem I'm having:
The second topic has a solution however I do not use NVIDIA graphics so I'm unsure how to fix it for my Intel HD graphics.

Console log:
Code: [Select]
//-------------------------- 8/12/2016 -- 20:02:53 -----
Processor Init:
   Intel (unknown, Pentium Pro/II/III family), ~3.55 Ghz
     (timed at roughly 3.55 Ghz)
   FPU detected
   MMX detected
   SSE detected
Math Init:
   Installing Standard C extensions
   Installing Assembly extensions
   Installing FPU extensions
   Installing MMX extensions
   Installing SSE extensions
Input Init:
   DirectInput enabled.

Blockland v21 build 1984
Module Directory: C:/Users/-----/Documents/Blockland
Profile Path: C:/Users/-----/Documents/Blockland
Total Ram: 8108 MB
OS:  (build 9200), 64-bit

--------- Parsing Arguments ---------
argc = 2
Parsing command line arguments:
--------- Loading Common ---------
Loading compiled script base/main.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/defaults.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/defaults.cs.
Executing config/client/prefs.cs.
Executing config/server/prefs.cs.
Executing config/server/ADD_ON_LIST.cs.
Executing config/server/musicList.cs.
--------- Loading MODS ---------
Executing config/main.cs.

Pre-Loading Add-On: Support_Updater
Executing Add-Ons/Support_Updater/preload.cs.

--------- Initializing Base ---------
Loading compiled script base/client/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/init.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/canvas.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/audio.cs.

--------- Initializing Base: Server ---------------------
Initializing steamAPI...
  SteamAPI initialization failed.
Loading compiled script base/server/mainServer.cs.
Loading compiled script base/server/scripts/game.cs.

--------- Initializing Base: Client ---------------------
Loading compiled script base/client/message.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/mission.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/missionDownload.cs.
Loading compiled script base/client/actionMap.cs.
Video Init:
   Accelerated OpenGL display device detected.
Activating the OpenGL display device...
Activating the OpenGL display device... (NEW)
OpenGLDevice::setScreenMode 1280 720 32 60 0
  safeModeOn      = 1
  fixedFrame size = 3
  caption size    = 23
  maxWindowWidth  = 1433
  maxWindowHeight = 870
Setting screen mode to 1280x720x32@60hz (w)...
  winState.hGLRC does not exist
  winState.appDC does not exist
  winState.appWindow does not exist
Creating a new window...
  moving window
Window reactivating...
Acquiring a new device context...


General Discussion / -
« on: November 11, 2015, 02:23:59 AM »

Off Topic / -nevermind-
« on: November 03, 2015, 02:21:51 PM »

Austin, Texas - A man called a local television station while trapped in a tree during widespread flooding this morning. Kerry Packer, called into KVUE news this morning - and his call was shown on-air. What KVUE didn't realize was that the man was calling from a tree he got stuck in when his car was swept away by flooding.

Here's a YouTube video of the conversation -

I was watching the news live when this happened and found it really funny. Sadly mister packer is still stuck in the tree as of 12:50 pm. :(

Off Topic / BLF, what should I carve into my pumpkin? (voting opened)
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:46:03 PM »
So I still don't know what to carve into my pumpkin, so I've taken your ideas and put them onto a poll. Vote now to decide the fate of my pumpkin what I should carve into it.

Personally, I like the BLF avatars poster idea. If we choose that then I'll probably need your help on who should be in it.

Original Post:
We're carving pumpkins tonight and idk what to carve it as. give me (appropriate) ideas to make and I'll stick them on a poll and then vote. I'll pick one of the top 3 assuming it's a good idea.

conditions are I'm going to want to do something geeky/gaming/computers. BLOCKLAND IDEAS ARE A GOOD IDEA TOO. Like last year I did a windows logo.

I'll take some of your suggestions and put them on a poll, then we'll vote for them. It's going to be carved tonight so I'm only taking suggestions and voting for a short amount of time.

Also if you want to be really helpful a picture/print-out of your idea would be very helpful.

Off Topic / "The Angry Birds Movie" is going to be a thing...
« on: September 24, 2015, 03:01:18 PM »
Remember that mobile game that was cool maybe 2 or 3 years ago? It's gonna be a movie.

Teaser Trailer


How to create & package your own custom prints
(I believe this was originally suggested by MoltenKitten, he said this tutorial needed a revamp)
This is a really simple and user-friendly tutorial on how to make your own prints for Blockland. I feel like the other tutorial created by Wedge didn't include 5 million screenshots like most people need needed a bit of work and better explaining. So here's my shot at it.

First up, you're going to need to make your print(s) and icon(s). The prints are what you will actually see on the brick, and the icons are what you're going to see in the printer menu. Here is the required specifications for your print(s) and icons.

  • File must be a .png
  • The image must be 512x512
  • You cannot have spaces in the file name of this. I don't know why, but don't use them.

  • File must be a .png
  • The image must be 64x64
  • You cannot have spaces in the file name of this. I don't know why, but don't use them.
  • Make sure you name this as the same name as the print that goes with it. You will need this in order for your prints to work later!

Now that you have your prints and icons made, let's package your print.

Now you are going to need to package your prints. This is needed in order for your prints to be an actual add-on. Make sure you follow these steps closely, normally when people have problems making their prints, it's because they packaged it wrongly.

STEP ONE: Create a new folder anywhere. For now it doesn't matter what you name it.

STEP TWO: Inside of your brand new folder, create a new text file. Name it "description" and make sure it's a .txt. Open it up, and in this text file, you can type whatever, this is just your description of what this add-on is. Personally, I like to go with this format:
Code: [Select]
Name: (Name of your prints)
Made by: (your Blockland username and BL_ID)
Prints for whatever. This is clearly just an example, put your description of your prints here.
But like I said, you can type whatever here. I recommend it being informative though!

STEP THREE: Create another text file. Open it up using Notepad or whatever you use, and click save as...
Change the "Save as type:" to "All Files". This is extremely important otherwise this won't work!!!
Then name the file exactly like this: "server.cs"

Here is an image for further reference:

Assuming everything worked, your new text file should have saved as server.cs. Leave this blank. All it does is tell the game that this is an add-on.

STEP FOUR: We're almost done! Create two new folders inside your main folder. Name one "icons" and the other "prints"

Your main folder should now look like this!

STEP FIVE: Finally, take your prints and icons that you made earlier, and place them where they belong. Obviously, the prints go in the "prints" folder, and the icons go in the "icons" folder. Make sure each set of prints and icons are named the same, if they are not named the same already!

STEP SIX: Your last step. Create a new .zip folder outside of your main folder. Name it:

Print_1x1_NameHere - The print will be added to the 1x1 print bricks and 1x4x1 print bricks.
Print_1x1f_NameHere - The print will be added to the 1x1f print brick only!
Print_2x2f_NameHere - The print will be added to the 2x2f print brick only!
Print_2x2r_NameHere - The print will be added to the sloped 2x2 ramp brick only!

Print_Poster_NameHere - The print will be added to the poster brick. (Keep in mind this brick isn't enabled by default, but this is the largest print brick aside from ModTerrain)

Print_ModTer_NameHere - The print will be added for ModTerrain use. (This brick isn't enabled by default either)

STEP SEVEN: Copy and paste everything from your original folder to the new .zip folder. You're done packaging the add-on! Congrats!

To try out your brand new print, copy and paste your print to your Blockland/Add-Ons folder. Start up Blockland, start a game, and look for your Add-On in the add-on list. ENABLE YOUR ADD-ON and launch the server. Build a print brick, and look for your print! If you do not see your print, you did something wrong. Check the troubleshooting section of this post.

Problem? Make sure you didn't make one of the common mistakes (listed below), and if all else fails, post in this thread or the General Modification Help board. Someone is bound to help you.

Common mistakes:
- Didn't package properly. See step four for a screenshot of what your folder should look like.
- The icons and prints aren't named the same.
- Server.cs is not a .cs file.
- The icons and prints are not the correct size or file type. See the first section of this post for file requirements.
- The .zip package isn't named correctly. See step six for proper naming.

If all of the above is absolutely correct, then either I messed you up somewhere, or there's some other issue. Seek further help.

Hope this helped. If you happened to spot an issue with this tutorial be sure to let me know so I can fix it ASAP.

I found my dad looking up network proxies for some reason tonight. He's apparently going to restrict internet usage.

To quickly enlighten you guys on my current situation with computer usage, read below. Or skip this and read the TL;DR

I don't have my own password for either of my computers, and I haven't since 2009. I've been working around this a bit, like turning my monitor off on my old PC. Thankfully on my new PC, the setting "require log in after sleep" is disabled, so I've been using that to get on during the day. For some reason my parents haven't gotten suspicious yet lol.

On my mom's laptop which I use for school, I managed to get onto the administrator account and disable the setting "require log in after sleep," so I use this during the night and sometimes during the day. No one has found out about this yet.

Now that you know that I don't have my own password, I can explain the network proxy issue now. As of the past week, I've been using my mom's laptop during the night to watch YouTube, read the few forums I post on, and play some Minecraft. No one has found out, caught me, or even found the computer on. I've been pretty sneaky with it.

Now for some reason out of the blue my dad's looking up proxies to monitor and restrict our network usage. I'm fairly certain they haven't busted me using any computers without their permission. I don't know much about proxies, but I really want to be able to continue using the internet at night since I'm never able to during the day anymore.

For those wondering; the proxy I saw him looking at (and I think he installed it on my old PC), was Squid. I don't know much about it.

All I need to know is if there's any way of bypassing it, and maybe if it's possible to prevent my parents from using it to monitor my network usage? I'd like some privacy god damnit.

This will screw me over because they'll find out my BLF account, twitter, and my forum. I'm banned from using Twitter and BLF (I think blf, not sure), so I don't use them with my parents around (and in inPrivate browsing too). My forum they'll probably get mad about some of the content on there. Don't want them finding that.

Dad may be installing a proxy of some sort to monitor and restrict my network usage. It'll pretty much screw me over since I'm not allowed to post on the BLF anymore, and am not allowed to use the internet without their consent.

If you came to the TL;DR because you want a brief description of my computer usage restriction: I don't know my own passwords on my computer and haven't since 2009. I have to ask my parents to log me in. I've been bypassing this a bit, putting the computer to sleep and stuff.

Off Topic / Can't verify YouTube account
« on: September 11, 2015, 05:49:44 PM »
Eh so I'm trying to verify my YouTube account but it gives an error saying to use a different phone number. I've entered in 3 different phone numbers and no profit. I'm entering the phone number in this format
Code: [Select]
(XXX) XXX-XXXXLike google wants, but no profit. Help.

General Discussion / Simon Says ~ Locked until further notice (page 7)
« on: August 22, 2015, 07:59:09 PM »

Locked due to arguing & I can't get the save file.
Be back soon.

Simon Says is a game in Blockland based off of the childhood game, "Simon Says". It's exactly what you'd imagine if I told you to play a game of Simon Says, just re-created in Blockland.

+ New lobby! Chill out with friends in between rounds in our fresh new lobby!
+ Completely redesigned maps! Everything has been revamped to add a fresh feel to the game, and to add neat new game mechanics!
+ Revamped spectating system! You can now watch the rounds from balconies right next to the games!
+ PARKOUR!!! You can now try out your parkour skills at the lobby! You even earn 3 coins for completing it!
+ New Shop system! You can buy some playertypes at the shop in exchange for coins (points).

That's everything major that has changed! Now for a full changelog, visit this Google Docs document: CLICK HERE

Screenshots will be added here soon. There's still a bunch of junk laying around the place that I
need to tidy up before taking screenshots. :^)

Here's a list of active Administration:

[HOST] Blake1Studios, BL_ID 45718
[SUPER ADMIN] CupcakeGirl, BL_ID 42824
[SUPER ADMIN] Flairieve, BL_ID 31008
[ADMIN] Mini, BL_ID 15740
[ADMIN] Tetrahedron, BL_ID 4595

Administration Application: (No longer accepting applications)
*Blockland Username:
*Blockland BL_ID:
*Why do you want to be Admin or Moderator here?:
*Previous experience as Admin?:
 How can you help out besides Administrating?:
*Take the two examples below and explain what you'd do in that case:
[1] A player is being really annoying and rude towards players. You're the only Admin on; what do you do?
[2] Something broke. Blake is offline. What do you do?

Take the application above and copy-paste it into a new post. Fill out everything. Please give detailed answers; avoid slacking on your application. Depending on how good your application is, you will be granted Admin or Moderator, or if it's not good enough it'll be denied.

8/22/2015 ~ New topic created! Hosting tomorrow night.

Off Topic / Who is who??? - Extra Messages? Vote in poll [Day 2]
« on: August 19, 2015, 06:05:25 PM »

About the Game / Examples
An archive of actions may be posted here

Message Board!

Quote from: (PINNED POST / ANNOUNCEMENT) Blake1Studios
WE NEED MORE PEOPLE POSTING. Even if you are being impersonated you can STILL post here.

8/19/2015 5:35PM / IP: N/A

Quote from: maplelink64
Ayo friends :^)
who's gonna figure things out

8/21/2015 3:29PM / IP:

Quote from: (DETECTIVE) XR-7
Baa baa black man have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir black people hair is like wool.

8/21/2015 1:16PM / IP: N/A

Quote from: Camel
i'm gay

8/21/2015 1:14PM / IP:

Quote from: PurpleMetro
'ey guys what's up?

8/21/2015 11:28AM / IP:

Quote from: Maxx
I can't stand this loving forum waaaa

8/21/2015 11:00AM / IP:

Quote from: Pie Crust

8/20/2015 3:33PM / IP:
Want to Play? Great! Here's how:

- Simply post in this topic clearly stating that you want to play. That's all you have to do!
- You will be added to the OP, with your job listed too.
- But! If you are a impersonator, you will be listed as a "Regular Forumer", but your REAL job will be sent via PM.

Want to post to the "Message Board?" Here's how:

- Send me a PM of what you would like to be posted there. Obviously, no spam, no images, and nothing that breaks the game or forum's rules. Thanks.
- To clarify, regular forumers can only post as themselves. Only impersonators can post as others!
- Detectives; just post what you want added here in this topic.

"IP" info:
- Each user is assigned a (fake) IP address. That's why there's gonna be differences in users' IPs. Detectives must try and identify the fake.
- IP addresses also change, so be aware of that.


Q: Can I see my own IP?
A: Yes, everyone can see IP addresses. But! You have no way of knowing which IP is fake, so you must trap the impersonator and make him slip up.

A: Users post each day to the message board; some user's posts are actually written by the impersonators; the detectives must determine which IP is the impersonator's, and can raid said location each night. If the detectives raid a innocent forumer, they lose rep, and one must retire. This cycle continues until the impersonators are caught OR until the regular forumers lose too many people and disband.

Q: As a regular forumer, can I get out somehow?
A: Yes. If you are raided by the detectives you are OUT. Sorry.

Q: As a detective, can I get out somehow?
A: No, but if the detective's reputation goes down to 0 one detective must retire. So one of you must step up to doing that.

Q: Proxies? IP Changes?
A: No proxies until day 5. IP changes are determined by Blake1Studios, so don't be surprised if your IP changes.

List of users already playing!
24/20 players.  Sign up is now closed. Everyone's jobs will be added here shortly.
The Murderous Cop - Detective
Camel - Regular Forumer
XR-7 - Detective
NML Cygni - Regular Forumer
Nal - Detective
MoltenKitten - Regular Forumer
Satan From Wreck-It-Ralph - Detective
Pie Crust - Regular Forumer
maplelink64 - Regular Forumer
Maxx - Regular Forumer
Damp - Detective
Zoltan - Detective
Cone - Regular Forumer
Snoop Da Dogg - Detective
Prokiller10 - Detective
Silleb - Regular Forumer
ThatDarkNinja778 - Regular Forumer
PurpleMetro - Regular Forumer
darkeningnight - Regular Forumer
SpongeCraft1212 - Detective
SetGaming - Detective
TheABELBOTO - Regular Forumer
stufflord - Detective
Majorth - Regular Forumer

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