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Off Topic / I HATE (some kinds of) DRUMS
« on: July 12, 2015, 12:39:32 PM »
You heard me. I loving despise percussion instruments, specifically ones that make loud and low sounds on downbeats.
Anteceding are the various reasons why I positively abhor these abominable excuses for musical instruments.

  • They are EVERYWHERE. I cannot find a single good electronic song that doesn't have loud drum beats.
  • They hurt. Turning up the volume loud enough to hear the melody makes the drums absolutely loving earsplitting.
  • This is amplified by the fact that using an equalizer to reduce their volume eliminates the bass line as well.
  • Conversely, attempting to amplify low tones results in an unbearably loud drum volume.
  • Their parts are uninteresting and repetitive. It doesn't get any more simple than one beat every quarter or half note, and yet for the entire length of virtually any song they obtrusively and irritatingly whittle away at the listener's aural nerves and sanity.

More elaboration: The specific kind of drums I hate the most are the higher-pitched kicks, especially short or cut-off ones. A good and resonate kick around 60 Hz is ideal for me, but if a song is full of beats that last under 1/8th note at 250 Hz, especially if they're louder than the rest of the song, I tend to end up with red streaks on the side of my head.

Discuss why drums are an invention of satan/Riddler with the sole purpose of exterminating the human race, and send me good electronic* songs that don't have loving drums or that make good and nonrepetitive use of them.

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