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General Discussion / Why is this specific post of mine deleted?
« on: November 11, 2017, 11:06:05 PM »
I noticed this a long time ago, but at the time there was controversy related to Badspot so I didn't want to fuel the fire or anything by the implication of this post's removal. There are (probably) perfectly legitimate reasons for it being gone so don't get lead astray.

I found out about this when a friend asked me about my opinion on Blockland's wellbeing, and I dug through my posts to find my ideas. This is a reference to the post I wanted, but the link itself leads to no particular post (the post is deleted, and the link will default you to the page). I know for a fact the link worked before since I preview check my posts, and the post definitely existed before.

The contents of the post were just brown townyzing some statistics from this graph, and contained no offensive or targeting language. It was purely neutral and I even stated I didn't want to rile up anybody, just post my thoughts on the subject. (it was related to the derivatives of the graph at certain time periods. Maybe a forum friend can back me up here...)

So, the victim complex us problem users tend to have automatically made me think that Badspot removed it to hide it from players, but after some thinking it could have been lost in the HDD failure that happened long ago.

The post is before that date so it makes sense, but what doesn't make sense is why the surrounding posts are perfectly intact. I don't 100% know how the MySQL is formatted for the SMF database, but as an educated guess it seems like posts would just be entered by date and referenced with the topic as the key. So with that said, there's no particular reason why database corruption would remove ONLY my post and leave the others alone.

And that's why I'm asking... if the database corruption is no excuse, then why was it removed? I kinda get it if Badspot wants to keep "muh v21 ruined the game, blockland is dying!!" posters away, but the content of the post was (and I know it's not worth much coming from me) pretty innocent and neutral.

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