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Off Topic / fuzztoast is dead
« on: October 08, 2020, 04:26:25 AM »
and I killed him

(audio warning btw)

Off Topic / Google "Florida Man" followed by your birthdate.
« on: July 09, 2020, 10:21:49 PM »
Mine was "Florida man arrested for having love with stuffed 'Olaf' at Target"

I think I instantly got the worst one from the start.

Currently, he has all of Davow's L4B files, and Davow himself needs those files so he can host again. Currently, TheGibberishGuy has all of his files, and I do not have any easy way of contacting him. Does anybody know his discord tag? Or his steam profile?

(I may have posted this in the wrong section).

Modification Help / Does anybody know how to script in ZAPT
« on: March 01, 2020, 01:08:48 AM »
I'm trying to get my recently created Hocker playertype to spit at long ranges, yet each time I keep doing it, it fails, and I don't necessarily know how to stop it from firing at close ranges. Does anybody know how?

Suggestions & Requests / Does anybody have a working download link to this
« on: February 18, 2020, 12:48:02 AM »
This is the add-on:
The download link is broken.

Link to the original topic:

So, I basically decided to revive this project after I felt motivated enough to do it again.

The Discord is still up. PM me if you want an invite link.

Shisor - Building, Modelling (mainly hats).
Kritical Gaming - Building.
TheGibberishGuy - Building.
Davow - Building.
Nozero - Being apart of our staff.
Velvet- Also being apart of our staff.

This game now has a wiki! It is still under construction, but some help would be appreciated!
Link to the wiki:

Update: The game is now dedicated.

Off Topic / hip hop hooray today is my birthday
« on: October 23, 2019, 11:57:16 AM »
...and I turn 18 the year blockland's playerbase shrinks massively


Off Topic / whats your least favorite spongebob episode
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:15:17 AM »
the episode where spongebob and patrick wait for a loving toy in the mail was stuff because they somehow stretch on what would be a pretty short 10 second scene into an overly long unfunny joke. this happens multiple times through the episode.

what was your least favorite spongebob episode?

also why did I post this at 1:36 in the morning i need to go to bed.

Suggestions & Requests / Bots that add points to their team in Slayer
« on: September 07, 2019, 08:00:24 PM »
Basically, in a TDM, whenever a bot kills you, it adds points to their team, while if a bot on your team kills someone (or another bot), your team gets points. Is this already possible to do in BL rn? If not, could someone make this event a reality?

Off Topic / Create your own Blockland Forums Tier List!
« on: June 08, 2019, 12:14:01 AM »
i've had to create a loving twitter account for this

Edit: Added Mr Queeba, Trogtor, and Swollow in

Edit 2: Added cooolguy32, Writer the Wolf, K3k0m@n, Merp, Drydess, MrLoL, TlTO, IkeTheGeneric, Mr. Bones, Datiel12, Insert Name Here, Renousim, Stellarnaut, GreenBH, and celau.

Edit 3: Added GrapeJellyToastMan, Grieg Kaun, plexy, Bing2, - Jezza -, Dragonslayer182, eboyblue10, Outland Predator, The GI of MA, The Resonte!, Blockomaniac, SteveJenkins, King of the Bill, Kumquat, Badspot, Rotondo, Otis Da HousKat, Ladios, snot2, Ephialtes, Gamefandan, Ronin, skill4life, SWAT One, Kompressor, Khorde, Freek, KristoB, Marios, Eon, Rigel, UltraCraftGames, AltasBlue, RockyDoctor65, Bloukface, Pompmaker2, Total Logic, Luigi609, Master Blaster, The_Conman, Blue Screen, -Dave, WaffleToast, Vitawrap, Copy Kirby, Chip Car, DaBlocko, Bloo Kirby the 2nd, Goku, SuperSuit12, The Young Avenger, Timestamp, p0rtalGeek, Peebs, Buzzwaker!, Agent Legit 22, Badpost, Cheze, Blockchip, Blockhead22102, Twix, Tactical Nuke, Mad Hops Disease, Potatoh, Blockbyte!, Mouse droidz 21, Texan101, Nal, ahoy, Ayebee123, MicroEDGE, craftersshaft, MoleManFromMiddleMars, TheMrDoors, and SwiftHyena2593. Also, a bit of a warning, duplicates are now shown of past users, so just ignore them if you see them.

Zombies Are People Too

What is ZAPT:R?

A zombie-shooting game that aims to make ZAPT funner than ever and to also be the alternative to Roblox's Reason 2 Die.

What can I do in ZAPT:R?

Shoot zombies. Duh. However, you can do way more than that. You can assist your fellow survivors in completing the objective in objective maps, finding rare items that spawn around the map, or just massacre a bunch of zombies and have your teammates pick up your slack! The fun does not stop, even after you die, because you can become a zombie and attempt to eat your former friends!

Basically, this server is meant to be the alternative to Roblox's Reason 2 Die. If you see something like [VRS], or [OBJ] in the server title, then a specific gamemode is being played. There are 7 types of gamemodes available here:
[RSC] (Rescue): Survive for a set amount of time until a rescue vehicle can pick you up.
[SRV] (Survival): Survive for as long as you can until all survivors have been zombified.
[VRS] (Versus): Several players are randomly selected at the start of the round to be zombies. Half of the players in the server will be picked as zombies, while the other half will be survivors. No AI zombies appear, and once you die as a survivor, you cannot respawn. The goal is to wait for a rescue vehicle to pick you up, similar to Rescue.
[RAT] (Race Against Time): The survivors are under a time limit, and have to get to the saferoom in time or else they lose.
[MVT] (Man Vs. Tank): One player is selected as a boss Tank and has to wipe out all of the survivors. The survivors here have lower HP than usual.
[OBJ] (Objective): The survivors have to complete a set amount of objectives in order to escape. This can range from collecting a random amount of items, activating certain things, destroying certain things, surviving on a short time limit, etc.
[HRD] (Hard Mode): The zombies here have the upper hand. Double the amount of Special Infected, two Tank spawns, and bigger hordes make this a mode to test your wits.



There are only 2 people working on this project, so we would be open to any suggestions/help. We are also considering adding new zombies into the game, but the other person only knows how to model. We would need a scripter to help get the zombies into the game.

We also have a Discord Server. DM me if you want an invite link.

Kritical Gaming - Building.

Server Status: Closed.

Modification Help / Is it possible to add new zombies to ZAPT?
« on: May 21, 2019, 12:53:21 AM »
I've always felt that the ZAPT gamemode could've used a Spitter zombie (named the Hocker). There are images referencing to a Spitter in the mod's files, however, it appears as if it was scrapped for some unknown reason. But is it possible to add new zombies in ZAPT? If so, then I would love to see a Spitter be placed in the game.

(Not sure if this went in the right board).

Suggestions & Requests / Item Rarity Add-on
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:54:49 PM »
Basically, it's an event that gives you a random item, however, it may give you a different one on rare occasions.
You set the brick to give you a (Common) Gun, and a (Rare) Rocket Launcher. If you click it multiple times, you may get the gun repeatedly, however, you may also get a Rocket Launcher on rare times.
It was pretty hard explaining this, but hopefully you'll understand. Is there an add-on like this?
(P.S. I know there is an add-on called Event_AddRandomItem, but that crashes my game whenever I start it up).

Off Topic / imagine: blockland as a gamecube game
« on: February 27, 2019, 12:20:05 AM »
would it even be possible?

Off Topic / Why is my Nintendo Wii being loving handicapped right now
« on: September 17, 2018, 12:43:41 AM »
I bought my Nintendo Wii console nearly 5 years ago in November of 2013. Recently, I tried to play Godzilla: Unleashed on the Wii, but whenever I actually got into a match, it said that my Nunchuk needed to be connected, even though it was. My Wii remote also had fresh batteries put into it just before playing. I looked up some answers online, and one of them said to take out the batteries, wait for 1 minute, then put them back in. For some weird reason, the match started up, but my monster kept moving forward by itself without me touching the brown townog of the Nunchuk. It was then stuck like that, so I had to restart. When I restarted the Wii and got back into another match, I ran into the Nunchuk not connected bullstuff again. So then I tried to clear the syncs out of my Wii Remote, and re-synced the Remote with the Wii, and restarted the console. Then, I realized that my cursor was literally not even appearing on the screen, even though it was working perfectly fine before I cleared the syncs and re-synced. I tried more solutions, but none of them had any success. So then I just said "forget it" and basically just turned my console off. I didn't touch it for another 2 days. When I tried to fix my Wii again, the cursor was suddenly back again, like nothing ever happened. I then tried to get back into a match on Godzilla: Unleashed, hoping that the Nunchuk error would also somehow be resolved. But guess what? Still not working. So then I tried to re-sync again, hoping that it would really work this time, and guess what? Yup, cursor gone again! My sensor bar is working, by the way, and I own 2 wii remotes (both with nunchuks). None of the Wii Remotes will actually work properly with me. I also tried to switch Nunchuks, but that also was met with little success. There's also nothing obscuring my sensor bar, and no interfering light sources were in my room. I also had problems like this in the past, back in 2016, I tried to play Godzilla: Unleashed, and it did work for a little while, but midway into a fight, the controllers all of a sudden stopped responding. I then had to restart my Wii, and, though I can't really recall, but I don't think the cursor re-appeared after I restarted. It also happens multiple times whenever I try to play the Wii, keep running into constant errors and stuff like that. I don't even think a normal Wii is supposed to run into this many errors, and that's sad, because I really want to play Godzilla: Unleashed on the Wii, since it has more monsters and features on it than the PS2, however, the game only allows the Wii Remote and Nunchuks to be used, no Gamecube Controllers or anything easy like that. Why do you think my Wii is behaving so loving weird like this?

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