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Apparently, when I select pixels using the Lasso, colors may bleed out depending on how far in the pixel the lasso was, even if the pixel isn't part of the selection. I need the Lasso because I'm editing diagonal lines that aren't of the same color.

Here's a (crappy) before/after example with random colors:

With the Lasso I put the purple areas into a selection and use the fill bucket to fill the entire selection with a hot reddish orange color in a single click (first image to second image). It looks crappy, while ideally it should look like a simple palette swap like the third image.

Off Topic / It's my birthday! I'm 16 now!
« on: November 22, 2017, 06:44:36 AM »

Help / Forum Avatar Uploading Guide
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:48:57 AM »
Due to a recent surge of new forumers having trouble uploading their avatar on the forums, this laconic guide was made to help nearly everyone with that problem in three images. It's just that short and simple.

The Guide

I'd leave that upload space as it was but it would be all Greek to you.
Also this would orignally be called "The Avatar Guide To End Most Avatar Guides"

Special Issues And Clarifications (should any be necessary)
  • Yup, the exact file size for avatars is only known to Badspot. What we know is that 2KB is definitely safe, it's more than 2KB, and some people say it approaches 90KB but some others have proven that wrong.
  • For now, that's about it.

Off Topic / Several Questions: Is "no loopholes" a good rule?
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:04:13 PM »
I wanted to ask some questions to the forums, so here I am. Each question will be addressed one at a time, since you can only have one active poll per thread.

Listen up! For the sixth question of the thread, we shall impose a rule that prevents you from making loopholes around any other rules, and doing so will have you punished for breaking this specific rule! Do you consent?

Total number of polls: 7.
Click an image to go to its respective discussion.

First question on the thread. 33 (thirty-three) people, including myself, voted. Vote ended in 18 hours. Most people generally turn the tap off, but regarding water, most people finish up with warm water. Less than a third of that count prefer cold water. Others do it depending on the season and the reverse, 2 people are on the balance and one person sets the temperature according to their temper at the time. 3 others do miscellaneous stuff.

Second question. 38 (thirty-eight) people, including myself, voted, 5 more votes than last time. Vote ended in 2 and a half days. This vote was extended because my internet was shut down yesterday for unknown reasons. There are two major parties with nearly equal votes, the first where school is fine and the second where the school system needs improvements. 12 and 11 votes respectively. Three people's only issue with school is that it's boring, fairly understandable. Eight people think that school is cool or even great, and four people think it's very bad. Nobody thinks school is bad, apparently, it's either fine or terrible.

Third question. 80 (eighty) people voted, mostly because I left the poll running for long. Vote ended in 2 days and 8 hours. Everyone on the forums was suddenly chosen to be the "Chosen One" that would select one genre out of a list, which contains genres that appear commonly on all types of media, and seal it away to the depths of the depths of the Pentagon (or Area 51 or some other top-secret facility) for eternity. The two major groups here are the Anti-Romance Andies and the Horror Haters, where Romance has 42 crosses and Horror half of them. Other minor parties include Drama, Fantasy, and surprisingly enough, Comedy. Mystery and Science Fiction were probably crossed out by a couple insane people. Nobody wanted Action or Adventure out of the way.

Fourth question. The worst question asked so far. 28 (twenty-eight) people voted, as the thread quickly fell off the first page. Vote ended in 2 days. Less than a single page of discussion occured. People generally borrow time from the bank or from the shady underground channels, while other methods seem to be equally used with 3 people on each. Only 1 person admitted to 'borrowing' time from other people, and 2 people were not sure or were unwilling to answer.

Fifth question. 28 (twenty-eight) people voted, a recurring ergo startling amount of votes. Vote ended in about 3 days. 14 people don't drink coffee, but who cares. In general, the 14 people who do drink coffee prefer black coffee. 10 people are on that side, 3 people are at the sweeter portion and 1 is the middleman. No votes on "1 more sugar than coffee".

First election, preliminary voting. 38 (thirty-eight) people voted. Vote ended in one day and a half-ish. 6 people appear to be big fans of Half-Life, equally to both games, while other 6 prefer the Portal series instead. Portal 2 of the two seems to be better. 4 people really like the unrelated-to-Valve Titanfall, and other 4 people must've loved the mod and/or standalone remake of The Stanley Parable. 2 people voted for the joke option. Garry's Mod came up first with 11 votes, Black Mesa's running up with 5. These two games have made their way to the final vote!

First election, final vote Garry's Mod VS Black Mesa. 23 (twenty-three) people voted. Vote ended in 2 days and 2/5ths of a day. In the preliminary voting, GMod got 11 votes while BM got 5 votes. Now GMod got 15 votes and BM got 8. It is clear - Garry's Mod is the best source engine game!

Sixth question. 37 (thirty-seven) people voted. Vote ended in 3 days. Barring the election, this is the simplest question with the least choices so far. 16 people agree with the rule against loopholes, while 13 people protest it. 8 others are confused. Not much to say, it's a simple and straightforward question.

There is no set deadline. Next question comes when I feel like we have enough votes and/or discussion and when I bother updating it. Minimum time is 18 hours.

General Discussion / Hosting the Despair Syndrome gamemode
« on: August 12, 2017, 04:53:09 PM »
This thread helps people to host Despair Syndrome (not to be confused with Despair Fever, this is the old version). A lot of people want to host the gamemode, but then they find a great gap. Namely, the lack of addons to host the default build we all know and love. And nobody bothers to find the addons ever since.

These addons are for hosting the publicly-released Github version of the gamemode, but before the pack, please read the following:

  • When hosting the gamemode, be sure that you can administrate maturely. If you can handle Mafia Madness or any other gamemode that heavily relies on administration, you should be able to handle this one.
  • When hosting the gamemode, make sure to learn it first. This sounds obvious, but a person who I will not name came to my server and after two minutes asked me where they can download the gamemode. Before they even spawned. So, yeah.
  • When hosting the gamemode, make sure to read carefully during the process and pick up the pack here. This is a crucial step to hosting reliably.
  • Don't host when Xalos is hosting the gamemode, play there instead. Well, that's a rare event, but it still happens and we should respect it when it does.

The link for the pack will appear, assuming you have read what I had to say. Otherwise, it will be resized to 0pt and you can't get to it.

While I'm still writing this thread, I'd like to state that there are about 400 bricks that will not load. Chances are there are other addons that somebody forgot to append to the gamemode.txt. This is not any game-breaking material, but still may be important details for, uh, the details of the map and its looks.

These are the names of the bricks that don't want to load. If you have seen them somewhere, please tell us:

1x1 Wedge
1x1 Flowers
1x1x5 Wedge
1x1 Stem
1x1F Wedge
2x4 Small Ramp
1x4 Small Ramp Downside
1x8 Small Ramp Downside

The OpenAL32.dll file (the audio library OpenAL, responsible for all 3d sounds in the game) used by Blockland is version Which is very old (over 10 years old!) A newer audio library called OpenAL Soft can be used to replace this file and improve Blockland's sound majorly!

Features include:
  • Directional sound now works properly. You can now hear where you're being shot from!
  • Sound volume will no longer escalate to absurd levels when really close to the source (or if you are the source). The days of earrape /alarm in first person are over.
  • Unconfirmed: Stereo becomes loud for headphones.

Be warned that some people had more issues with sound than improvements. Don't worry about causing damage to Blockland, however; This process is fully reversible.

You can download this new file here. It's a zip archive that contains version 1.7.411 of OpenAL Soft and a readme file with instructions on how to install and uninstall.

The latest version of OpenAL Soft (unrecommended because it has lots of additions Blockland doesn't use and is almost 9 times bigger than the older one) can be found here if you prefer.

As a bonus, I've made a ready-to-use user-friendly sound test here.


*...I think? Please correct/confirm this if you know.

Old thread:


Add-Ons / Unused Tier & Tactical Weapons Loader
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:01:06 AM »
Did you know Tier & Tactical 2.1 has several unused weapons present in the files? Me neither. Someone had to mention it first. Anyway, now there's a way to enable those unused weapons without editing the files themselves!

Introducing the UT&TWL! In other words, unnecessary acronym- I mean, Unused Tier & Tactical Weapons Loader!

This addon will load the unused weapons depending on which addons you have enabled in Custom gamemode (Or if you are using this addon in a gamemode outside of Custom, you unfortunately require to load all of those addons). The addon will also scorn you on specific and incredibly stupid conditions.
The unused weapons are all present in Tier & Tactical Ver. 2.1 so you should get it if you want to see them.

Here's what addons you can enable that contain unused weapons:
  • Weapon_Package_Tier1 (if you expect this to do anything)
  • Weapon_Package_Tier1A (loads Nailgun)
  • Weapon_Package_Tier2A (loads Match Pistol and Scoped Magnum, the latter intentionally left in as an easter egg; requires Tier 2)
  • Weapon_Package_Explosive2 (loads Howitzer)
  • Weapon_Skins_Shotgun (loads Classic Shotgun [and fixes it so it can be used])
  • Weapon_Skins_Magnum (loads Retro Magnum; requires Tier 2)
  • Weapon_Skins_RiflesT2 (loads Automatic Assault Rifle, Scout Assault Rifle and Compact Battle Rifle; requires Tier 2)

Download from Dropbox or from Blockland Glass, in a few months when it's approved.

General Discussion / I need faces
« on: July 10, 2017, 05:46:51 AM »
I have all sorts of brick, events and other addons but I don't have faces. I'm missing out on loads and loads of faces people could be using right now. What face packs would you recommend me?

I used GIMP to edit such gif (didn't touch the timing, just edited each of the frames), but the timing the frames change in the new gif are slower than the old one. Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way?

New topic because the other topic got too old, and last poster DrenDran didn't edit his post when I asked him to (and from the looks of it, he didn't even try because he just said it was too old)
At least it allowed me to rewrite the thread entirely.

Have you enjoyed playing Freeze Tag back in Roblox when you were younger? Well, maybe you never actually even played Roblox. Anyway, here come three playertypes so that you can play Freeze Tag with ease! Also includes minigame support when used in minigames.

Table of Contents (yes this is post is long, got a problem?)
  • Playertypes
    • Freeze Tagger
    • Freeze Untagger
    • Frozen Player
  • Features
  • Changelog for 1.3
    • Changelog for 1.3.1
  • Preferences
  • Making Minigame
    • Some Possible Configurations
  • Download
  • Thanks To...

Freeze Tagger
Can click on Untaggers to make them 'chill out'.
Runs (and accelerates) 60% faster than the normal player.
Jumps 30% higher than the normal player.
Has 25% air control as opposed to 10% air control of the normal player, which is enough to strafe in the air.
Moving while standing is just as fast as moving while crouching.
Regenerates 5 health per tag (as of 1.3)

Freeze Untagger
Can click on Frozen players to 'heat them up'.
Is otherwise identical to the Tagger, but runs (and accelerates) 50% faster instead of 60% faster than the normal player. Run, Forrest, run!

Frozen Player
Is a fine ice statue that can crouch, speak, shake its arms, turn around, see in third person, but cannot move.
All it can do is try and help the Untaggers not get caught by Taggers it can see (via communication) and wait to get unfrozen. It can also jiggle around and crouch if someone gets stuck (It crouches for Taggers too. Don't wall.)

  • The aforementioned playertypes (just in case it wasn't obvious, dummy)
  • Two tagging methods that can be enabled seperately, or both at once
  • Lots (and I mean LOTS) of preferences for all sorts of cool things
  • Making a gamemode with (or without) Slayer is easy now
  • Tagging/untagging cooldown to prevent abuse (or it can be disabled like in 1.2 or below)
  • "Tags To Kill" mode: Untaggers will die in the specified amount of tags, and their last life will be indicated by a warning and a red vignette
    • This mode has a secret mode inside, can you find it?
  • After nine months developing minigame support, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.
  • Valve references (so far: 1)
  • Works both in and out of minigames, for whoever switches to the playertypes (default players are safe)
    • As a result of this feature, can be used in a freebuild so you can say you have a lot of addons in it
  • A lot of comments in the source for laughs, learning how an addon works or getting frustrated by the technicalities (think I've said this before)

Changelog for 1.3 (for anyone who's using 1.2)
  • Minigame support! Both for Slayer and default, but does not require Slayer to run
  • Tagging has a cooldown
  • New "Tags To Kill" mode, disabled by default but can be enabled for a Left 4 Dead experience (sans first aid and zombies)
  • New Valve and Turtle Rock references! (So far: 2 Valve and 1 Turtle Rock)
  • Untaggers will no longer regenerate health when frozen or unfrozen
  • Tagging, untagging or ███████ now scores points
  • Taggers now regenerate 5 health per tag, so that they can chase untaggers through enviromental damage tricks without dying, as long as they're making progress
  • Click tag would always activate by default no matter the saved Tag Mode preference - this is no longer in effect
  • Updated comments in the source (which will probably be every update lol)
  • New variables and checks to make sure tagging/untagging doesn't happen twice (with or without tag cooldown)
  • Cleaned up code by using functions instead of repeating it, which also allowed supporting new features with ease

Changelog for 1.3.1
I would bet I'll be the only person who actually enables Tags to Kill mode for anything above 1, but a bug is a bug.
  • Fixed the near-death vignette on Tags to Kill mode staying after death or minigame restart
  • Edited description.txt to reflect the version change
  • Edited server.cs to apply the update
  • Didn't edit namecheck.txt as the filename hasn't changed
  • No other changes

Preferences (lodsa lists in my posts recently)
This addon can come in so many shapes! Digest all this.
[Key: Any preference name in Italics will not announce to players that it's changed. The rest will.]
  • Tag Mode ($FreezeTag::TagMode): Click Tag, Touch Tag or Both (default: Click Tag)
  • Click Range (Click Tag) ($FreezeTag::ClickRange): The range for tagging/untagging (default for the addon is 4, default activation range is 6, value can be 1-8)
  • Tags To Kill ($FreezeTag::TagsToKill): Number of times an untagger must be tagged to die (default 0 = disabled, value can be 0-10)
  • Enable Tagging/Untagging Cooldown ($FreezeTag::TagCooldown): Tagging/untagging a specific person has a cooldown to prevent them from being stuck on frozen due to untagger/tagger meddling (default On, can be turned off)
  • Tagging Cooldown ($FreezeTag::TagCooldownFrames): The cooldown time when a just-unfrozen untagger cannot be frozen (default is 500 miliseconds, value can be 1-5000 miliseconds, 1000 miliseconds = 1 second)
  • Untagging Cooldown ($FreezeTag::UntagCooldownFrames): The cooldown time when a just-frozen untagger cannot be unfrozen (default is 500 miliseconds, value can be 1-5000 miliseconds)
  • Match Running and Crouching Speeds ($FreezeTag::CrouchSpeedMatch): In the original suggestion (see Thanks To...), running and crouching speeds are the same but this did not help gameplay on Click Tag. This will reenable it (default Off, can be turned on)
  • Frozen Players Resist Fall/Impact Damage ($FreezeTag::FrozenImpactResist): If a player gets tagged mid-air, they may die from fall damage due to being unable to save themselves from it - this will allow them to resist it when frozen (default Off, can be turned on)
  • Disable Tagger Winning Condition (Debug) ($FreezeTag::DisableTaggerWin): Originally private debug feature to test tagging/untagging with ease, now released to the public when they need to test a map (default Off, can be turned on)

Making Minigame (finally got around to adding it)
The first step to making a minigame is to adjust the preferences to your liking. The default ones should do you fine for a start.

If you want to use:
Slayer (Recommended): Set gamemode to Team Deathmatch. Time should preferably be 3 minutes. Make two teams, Taggers and Untaggers. Taggers needs to be named exactly so, Untaggers can be named something else. Enable autosorting and use the "random" method. Make the autosort weights 1 and 4 respectively. Lock the teams. Get to the advanced settings of the Untaggers team to enable victory on timeout. From there on, you may add a spectator team by choice and pretty much anything.
Default: You'll need your own evented method of sorting players to tagger/untagger and making untaggers win on timeout. But if you do find that method, then you're set - tagger victory condition will be detected in default minigames as well.

Some Possible Configurations
Some styles of Freeze Tag are showcased here to give people ideas what to do. If you perhaps discover a new fun combination, feel free to share it!

Freeze Tag: Default preferences.
Roblox Freeze Tag: Touch Tag mode enabled.
True RFT: RFT + Tag Cooldown disabled.
Left 4 Frozen: Autosort weights set to 1 and 5 respectively or Click Tag Range set to 3 for click tag. Tags To Kill set to 4.

...From Blockland Glass! (Ver. 1.3 (but it will probably update anytime soon, see the version on the download button))
...From Dropbox!

Thanks To...
TableSalt, for suggesting this and starting my Torquescript coding career
The dump() function, which helped with finding all the variables and functions I needed
Shift Kitty, for telling me how to make immobile players not slide away
A minor one to Zapk, for happening to have a handy raycast script in his OnActivate expansion addons I know he is banned alright

Off Topic / Wokestep
« on: June 20, 2017, 11:57:08 AM »
Don't read, listen. Listen to this masterpiece. I cannot describe it with words.
It's by Jim so of course is a masterpiece but stop reading and click

Add-Ons / Admin Stealth Observing
« on: June 13, 2017, 04:35:21 PM »
You read that right! After years in time and dozens in people continuously asking for a 100% stealthy Spy feature, here it is! It was kind of troubling, but it's here nevertheless.

Now you can finally do administration the right way!

  • Use the Spy feature to reliably spy upon the entire server
  • Catch wrongdoers red-handed and asleep
  • Nobody will ever see "1 observer" looking down on them again
  • Non-admin spectators in minigames will still be visible, without completely disabling observer count
  • Allow only Super Admins or the Host to stealth observe, if needed
  • Make admins invisible spectators in minigames, if you really really want to
  • Stealth observation is logged to console unless disabled
  • Minor optimization to the default observer functions, unnoticable but should account for the additions to it
  • Fully compatible with any other addons that use aforementioned functions
  • Loads of comments in the source, for some laughs, seeing how an addon works or being utterly confused by the technicalities
  • Make Orwell's nightmare come true
  • Dang that's a lot of features in two kilobytes

  • Rank Required to Stealth ($StealthObserving::Rank): Admin, Super Admin or Host (default: Admin)
  • Can Stealth in Minigame ($StealthObserving::InMinigame): True/False (default: False) [False means that if both admin and observed are in the same minigame, don't hide]
  • Log Stealth Observation ($StealthObserving::LogToConsole): True/False (default: True)

Download (2.38KB)
From Dropbox.
From Blockland Glass.

Music / Warcraft III OST - Doom
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:27:09 PM »
For all your needs of server-wide music that indicates absolute devastation and inevitable doom to your patrons.

Edges snipped and converted to mono .ogg by me. Original by Blizzard Entertainment.

Download here. Extract to Blockland/Add-Ons/Music. Enjoy.

Off Topic / [NEWS] Blockheads Trapped Inside Blender
« on: June 10, 2017, 01:58:34 PM »
Blockheads have been spotted inside the Blender computer modeling program. They are not models ported from the game Blockland to be modified, but actual Blockheads in the flesh, jets probably included.

It appears the user of the Blender session the Blockheads are trapped inside is using the program as we speak, paying no attention to the living beings jumping around their shapes.

Video footage of the incident, possibly from the POV of one of the victims, is available on Youtube.

We have yet to find a way to breach into the Blender session to interview the victims about the incident, as the footage and pictures do not provide any clues on that matter.


Video Footage:

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