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Off Topic / a very good blockland channel
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:28:00 PM »
you will all appreciate this gem

Off Topic / should i accept this gift
« on: December 25, 2016, 11:30:21 AM »

Off Topic / drew skube is a furry
« on: December 11, 2016, 04:44:21 AM »

Off Topic / Brick4Brick - Gaming Community
« on: December 11, 2016, 01:54:30 AM »
Visit the clan topic here!

What is this?
Brick4Brick is a content clan for Blockland. However, since we already had a private discord semi-related to the clan focused on playing Blockland and other games, I decided that we should expand outwards and not just be a content clan, but also a community.

How do I join?
To join (we have a discord) you can PM me requesting to join. There's no application and I'm letting anybody in who isn't a complete starfish or someone who the community would consider a problem. If I didn't respond to you with an invite, you're unable to pm, or any other reason we can discuss it here or in private.

Sketcher/Armor Rage/RaIder915

We have 3 simple rules here.
1 - don't be obnoxious

2 - don't flame or try to start drama here

3 - no disgusting or nsfw stuff

Violating these rules will result in the appropriate punishment, if you continue to violate these rules you will be permanently banned. You will get a few warnings however before that.
there are no notes right now

there's nothing here oops

Drama / Cca is back - Auios (49620)
« on: December 03, 2016, 05:11:38 PM »

this is the real him and he's on the blockland survival server right now, he talks and acts like him and since it's cca i don't expect him to be doing any good

searching up the ID 49620 on daprog's and greek2me's blid lookups bring up no results

note: tills is also friends with cca

Forum Games / Race for the Vote 2 - Signups [Week 1] [Year 1]
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:15:38 AM »
What is Race for the Vote 2?
Race for the Vote 2 is a sequel to Race for the Vote, completely remade and re-done to fix all the flaws of the first one. I've revised a lot of the systems to make them more coherent and friendly to people new to the forum game.

How does this work/How do I win?
Winning is no easy task in RftV2, you'll go up against many and only one can come out on top. You can run for one of the 2 major parties (The Liberal Movement, The Conservative Front) or create your own 3rd party. Only 1 person can run for each of the major parties and it's a first come first serve decision. Also, the more 3rd party candidates, the less each 3rd party gets. Exceptions for notable/influential 3rd party candidates.

Entering the race form:
Candidate Name (first/last, middle optional):
Party Lean (Liberal/Conservative) (FOR 3RD PARTY ONLY):
Party (Liberal Movement/Conservative Front/your 3rd party name):
Home State:
Candidate Image (160x130 max):

Fill this form out to enter yourself in the race. You will have to participate in debates, respond to situations, etc. If you remain in-active you will lose support and eventually drop out automatically.
Now on to playing the forum game.

Blue = Liberal lean
Red = Conservative lean
Purple = Both/Flip
While the weeks pass and you respond to situations, argue in debates, etc. your words will influence the people. There are 11 states and a total of 112 votes (not to be confused with the people's votes). To win a state's votes, you must get a majority of the people's votes there. It takes a majority of votes to win the election and all results will come at the last week. To inform the candidates of where they are succeeding and failing, polls will be released giving support percentages.

There is also national support, which is the percent of people in the entire nation that support you. If you have under 2% of national support by a few weeks, you will drop out automatically.

At the last week, the results will be in and the state votes will be handed to the majority winner in each state. Whoever the majority of  state votes wins the election.

Population: About 5.5M
Political Lean: Liberal
State Votes: 16
Description: Heavily urban and liberal state, most state votes.

Population: About 3.2M
Political Lean: Liberal
State Votes: 14
Description: Much like Aland, however has a growing conservative minority in the north.

Population: About 300,000
Political Lean: Liberal
State Votes: 2
Description: Capital region of the country, difficult to flip to conservative, low population, low amount of state votes.

Population: About 3.4M
Political Lean: Flip
State Votes: 14
Description: Liberal/conservative mix that also heavily favors strong 3rd party candidates, can easily decide an election with Dives.

Population: About 2.8M
Political Lean: Flip
State Votes: 12
Description: Liberal/conservative mix that prefers to vote for the major parties, can easily decide an election with Basileus.

Population: About 2.6M
Political Lean: Liberal
State Votes: 12
Description: Rural and liberal state and one of the most important states to keep for liberals, can be flipped by conservatives with enough effort.

Population: About 2.4M
Political Lean: Conservative
State Votes: 10
Description: Conservative and rural state and one of the most important states to keep for conservatives, can be flipped by liberals with enough effort.

Population: About 1.4M
Political Lean: Conservative
State Votes: 6
Description: Least important state besides Grad, has only 6 electoral votes.

Population: About 1.8M
Political Lean: Conservative
State Votes: 8
Description: Heavily conservative state, favors 3rd party candidates.

Population: About 1.8M
Political Lean: Conservative
State Votes: 8
Description: Heavily conservative state, favors The Conservative Front.

Population: About 2.2M
Political Lean: Conservative
State Votes: 10
Description: Conservative state, can possibly flip liberal but unlikely.


3rd Party Candidates

(not actual irl weeks, weeks in the forum game last like 1-3 irl days)
Week 1: Beginning of election, signups open.
Week 2: Signups open.
Week 3: Last week for signups.
Week 4: First debate between The Liberal Movement and The Conservative Front nominees.
Week 5: Business as usual.
Week 6: Business as usual.
Week 7: Business as usual.
Week 8: Second debate between The Liberal Movement and The Conservative Front nominees.
Week 9: Third Party debate (2%+ candidates only)
Week 10: Business as usual.
Week 11: Business as usual.
Week 12: Business as usual.
Week 13: Third debate between The Liberal Movement and The Conservative Front nominees.
Week 14: Business as usual.
Week 15: Business as usual.
Week 16: Election night, results are in...

Drama / Night Discussion Topic
« on: November 06, 2016, 02:30:40 AM »
The Night Discussion Topic
note: this isn't about the night discussion topic as a whole but rather the users who stuff up the topic and others as well

The Night Discussion Topic once was a casual place you could post about topics that really didn't require their own topic, and it was fine that way. However it's been made a place where excessive stuffposts and unfunny memes thrive. It isn't a surprise that some of the notorious stuffposters on the forum have swarmed this topic and I'm here to discuss them.

Previous Dramas: N/A
so you can clog the hole and when it has to stuff, it just goes up your rooster and fills you with agony
toss a supermassive neutron star at the robloxian while shouting "AUTISM"
my favorite part is probably the big mac brother blake just looming over them all
have another one

Nix is one of the biggest contributors to the cesspool that is the Night Discussion Topic and constantly stuffposts not just in the discussion topic, but all over the forums. He tries way too hard to be funny and ends up coming off as obnoxious. Me and some friends have planned on making a drama about this guy for a while because of the way he acted when he even joined. I'd recommend reading through his posts for more evidence as nearly all of his posts are what I've stated above.

just use your richard

Nix's retarded cousin and buttbuddy, he basically does the same stuff (excessively stuffposts, tries to be funny, etc) and most of the things I would have talked about here are in Momentum's drama on in which was linked above. Unlike Nix though he also spergs out and acts like a richard when he gets called out (also covered in Momentum's drama).

hey guys, I have an idea. let's all just constantly act like we're 12, and make the kinds of jokes 12 year olds think are funny. that will definitely make people like us right. surely, this will earn us the approval of our peers, which we want but don't have the social skills to know how to get
yeah I'll pay you back alright ;)
would not be surprising, considering his inclination to have "love" in his car in kindergarten parking lots
I have literally 47 times as many posts as you so eat my ass

When not trying to start pointless arguments with people she dislikes on the forums over trivial stuff, Foxscotch spends her time being a furfriend in the night discussion thread. If someone uses :3/;3 un-ironically it's a given they're most likely retarded, and she is just that. With over a whopping 19 posts per day and her alt (banned) holding the most posts on the forums at 60770 and still having 25 posts per day even though it's been banned for a while, she clearly stuffposts way too much.

Previous Dramas: N/A

Gr8dayseth is the creator of the Night Discussion Topic and acts much like the people who post there. Despite stating in the topic rules (which aren't enforced) that people should cool on stuffposting, rping, etc, he turns a blind eye and actively takes part in all of it. Now, pretty much all of the quotes above would be fine by themselves if he did it once in a while, they aren't that funny but they aren't bad. However nearly his e n t i r e recent posts are all unfunny jokes and constant repetition of parrot grass, it's become obnoxious and it needs to stop.

Dishonorable Mentions
note: aka people who did some stupid stuff but don't really deserve a full paragraph
Bedpost/Notorious B.I.G
Acted like a complete richard and blew the situation out of proportion with statements like "the night discussion topic should be locked forever!!!" because gr8 didn't like his unfunny real brother hours topic. I've already made a drama on this guy so I don't need to bother, really.

Isn't really doing much but still takes part in some of the stuff that is ruining the topic with Nix, Gr8, Fox, etc.

dr. pepper
Like Legodude but takes part in the cesspool way more, needs to chill.


General Discussion / [Brick4Brick] Brick Tactical - BETA
« on: October 29, 2016, 10:46:41 PM »

What is Brick Tactical?
Brick Tactical is a variety of different game types known as modes all compressed into one server. With various mechanics such as points and various maps, there will always be something new and interesting.
By Brick4Brick, thread here

Maps: Metro
Teams: Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists
Lives: 1
Objective: Counter-Terrorists must lead the hostage (bot) to their spawn point to rescue them, Terrorists must prevent this from happening at all costs.
Deathmatch -thumbnail in progress-
Maps: Metro
Teams: Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists
Lives: 1
Objective: Kill the enemy team to win.

Metro -thumbnail soon-
Mode: Hostage Rescue
Sides: SWAT (Counter-Terrorists), Revolutionists (Terrorists)
Made by: Eon, RaIder915, SphericalCube, Hawt, Lbpguy20, Kidalex90, CharlesSpeaking

Update Log
11/22/16 -
- Development begins on Brick Tactical.
11/13/16 -
- Brick Tactical goes public.
11/15/16 -
-Scarbine price from 70 to 60 (decrease)
-LMG price from 85 to 75 (decrease)
-Lever Rifle price from 45 to 35 (decrease)
-SMG price from 35 to 30 (decrease)
-Shotgun price from 35 to 40 (increase)
-Automag price from 30 to 25 (decrease)
-Bullpup price 60 to 55 (decrease)
-Added Assault Rifle (20/90) (17 DMG) (45 Points) (Both Sides)
-Added Pistols Akimbo (30/140) (10 DMG) (25 Points) (Both Sides)
-Remove click to pick up
-Added footsteps
-Map fixes on Metro
Note: all Brick4Brick members are automatically Super Admin or Admin.
Eon (Eon) - Super Admin
RaIder915 (Sketcher) - Super Admin
Hawt (Profitman) - Super Admin
Ipquarx (Ipquarx) - Super Admin
Conan (Conan) - Super Admin
SphericalCube (SphericalCube) - Super Admin
Kidalex90 (Kidalex) - Admin
rggbnnnnn (rggbnnnnn) - Admin
Lbpguy20 (Achernar) - Admin
People who helped worked on this project, made a map for it, tested it, or even gave suggestions.
Eon (Eon)
RaIder915 (Sketcher)
Ipquarx (Ipquarx)
Bushido (Bushido) (For Tier Tactical aka the weapons, probably doesn't know this exists)
Cooolguy32 (Coolguy32)
Masterlegodude (Masterlegodude)
Hawt (Profitman)
Lbpguy20 (Achernar)
Xeidious (Xeidious) (For VPS hosting)
Kidalex90 (Kidalex)
CharlesSpeaking (Charles)
More to come soon...

Previous Profiles
Notorious BIG
Notorious BIG is Bedpost's 5th account on the forums, he registered October 1st, 2016 and has an astounding 432 posts already, at a rate of 20.5 posts per day, many with little substance or contribution to the topic or discussion, I will give examples from his past accounts and his newest.


There's a big similarity between his old accounts and his newest, a theme of general scummy behavior, stuffposting without adding anything to the discussion/unfunny forced jokes that can be borderline spam, and aggressiveness towards people he doesn't like as well as attacking people his dislikes in threads whether it's logical or not such as Clownfish, Freek, and Damp. It's clear he's going to end up doing the same stuff as he did the past 4 accounts, get banned for it, and come back on another to continue the cycle.

Forum Games / give me a word and i'll turn it into a paragraph
« on: October 21, 2016, 03:52:21 PM »

Off Topic / Race for the Vote
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:01:11 PM »

What is Race for the Vote?
I've been working on this for about a week now and it's finally all cooked up. Race for the Vote is an election simulator where you run for president in a country ready to split apart. Due to recent events and a long history of instability and uneasiness, the country known as the United Republic of Tumultu or Tumultu for short has had many threats to it's existence.

This election year people want change, and they want change now. Do you have what it takes to become the leader?

How does this work/How do I win?
The path to victory is lengthy and challenging, for only the strongest willed can win. You can either run in the primaries for The People's Front or the Independence Party, or be an independent 3rd party and not have to go through the primaries, though not being apart of one the larger parties significantly reduces your chances.

Candidates for the nomination of the 2 parties will be entered into debates, where they will state their stance on political issues to sway people to nominate them. Voters will vote by county, to win a province a majority of counties have to vote for you as the nominee. The person who wins the majority of support (this is a first past the post system) in at least 4/7 provinces will win the nominee for that party. When scheduled on a day (whenever I change the day in real time) a province or more votes as scheduled.

As an independent, you do not participate in any of this. You instead will begin running once the primaries end.

Once the 2 nominees are selected and all independent parties have stated they are running, the main election will begin. It works similar to the primaries, the nominees and if the 3rd parties are popular enough, them as well will debate each other to state their stance on current events and issues to sway voters. Each day of the main election a single province will vote in the same order, whoever wins in 4/7 of the provinces wins the presidency.

To start running, you must post an application in this format. (Note, if you choose independent, you can name your own party, you don't have to put down independent as your party)

Full name of your character:
Your party (The People's Front/Independence Party):

United Republic of Tumultu
Area: 281,508 square miles
Government Districts (Territories and Borders): 10,040 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 31.1 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 111.5
Capital: Urbe, Helena
President: Harold McKing
Description: Union of 7 former countries called provinces on a large island, in recent years has been falling apart.

Area (not including borderlines): 42,735 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 4.6 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 108.6
Capital: McKenly
Governor: Sigfried Consalve
Description: 3rd largest province, huge supporter of The People's Front, and major producer of seafood.

North Niels
Area (not including borderlines): 10,770 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 660,000
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 38.8
Capital: Port Libertas
Governor: Case Holt (TEMPORARY)
Description: Most corrupt province, north/south divided for independence from each other, prefers 3rd parties, susceptible to flooding.

South Niels
Area (not including borderlines): 6,955 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 540,000
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 77.6
Capital: Nanburg
Governor: Dawkins Hart
Description: Newly independent, prefers 3rd parties, susceptible to flooding.

Area (not including borderlines): 67,603 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 11.2 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 165.7
Capital: Urbe
Governor: Quinlan Smith
Description: Largest, strongest, richest, and most populated province, heavy The People's Front supporter, founder of the republic.

Area (not including borderlines): 34,265 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 3.2 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 93.4
Capital: Eberhard
Governor: Hugh Nickolai
Description: Mix of highlands and floodplains known for ores such as coal and iron a strong navy, prone to volcanic eruptions, usually votes one of the 2 major parties.

Area (not including borderlines): 20,444 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 1.1 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 53.8
Capital: Worth
Governor: Wyn Neron
Description: Economy depending on minerals, least population density, 2nd smallest province, and smallest population, strong supporter of Independence Party.

Area (not including borderlines): 39,486 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 4.1 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 103.8
Capital: Ossie
Governor: Herv Montgomery
Description: Prone to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and flooding, mix of hills and floodplains, heavily corrupt, poor, votes for the 2 major parties or 3rd parties.

Area (not including borderlines): 49,205 square miles
Total Population Estimate: 5.7 million
Population Density (Rounded to Tenth): 115.4
Capital: Beniamino
Governor: Kristos Biron
Description: Heavily forested land, 2nd largest province, usually votes Independence Party.


The People's Front
Logan Flynn (Ipquarx) (NOMINEE)
Popular Vote (Percentage): 0%
Provinces Won: 0
Independence Party
Alex George Bush (Deception) (NOMINEE)
Popular Vote (Percentage): 0%
Provinces Won: 0
Independents (not to be confused with Independence Party)
-none yet-

Schedule (subject to change at any time)
Day 1: 3rd Party Signups
Day 2: 3rd Party Signups, North Niels votes
Day 3: South Niels votes, 1st Nominee debate
Day 4: Clercben votes
Day 5: Saxon votes
Day 6: 2nd Nominee debate
Day 7: Helena and Abner vote
Day 8: 3rd Nominee debate
Day 9: Remington and Mychala vote

if i forgot anything i'll add it later

Off Topic / political compass thread v.again
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:42:37 PM »
We're doing this again

Off Topic / Blockland Wiki
« on: September 11, 2016, 11:32:29 PM »

Blockland Wiki
There have been many Blockland wikis on Wikia, and none of them have succeeded. I have decided to make a wiki that is more flexible, useful, and not Wikia.

We have a few rules when it comes to the BLW (Blockland Wiki), if you do not follow these rules, you will be banned.
Do not spam. Nonsensical/useless things will be removed.
Deleting/wiping pages of all content for no reason is not allowed.
You get 1 account and 1 account only, no sock puppetry, ban evasion, etc.
(If you are permitted to make a new account by a sysop, you may.)
Don't be a richard, flaming is not allowed.
NSFW content such as research, gore, scat, etc. is banned.
Do not advertise your other wiki, site, etc. unless permitted by a sysop.
No biased pages or edits, nobody gives a stuff about your internet beef with another user. State the facts and the facts only.
Use the same name for the wiki on the BLF or in Blockland, impersonating someone is not allowed.

All bans are permanent.

  • Eon

What is a Sysop and how to be one
A Sysop is a site administrator of the Blockland Wiki. They can ban people, lock, delete, and protect pages, and other useful tools to moderate the wiki. To become a Sysop, you must fulfill these requirements.
  • A BLF/BL account (not banned, pm ban counts as ban, if you have previous banned accounts you're fine, I mean a currently unbanned one)
  • A BLW account
To become a Sysop, you will have to contact me via PM and we can work something out. There will be a max of 3 Sysops including me, so if you want to be apart of this, contact now.

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