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Off Topic / THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL - Now Streaming
« on: April 19, 2020, 08:33:05 PM »

The Midnight Gospel is a new adult animated series by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. Starring Duncan Trussell, Phil Hendrie, and Drew Pinsky, the show aims to tackle life's biggest questions in a zany and colorful blend of real-life podcasts and cartoon wackiness.

Clancy (played by Duncan Trussell), the main character of the show, uses a malfunctioning "multiverse simulator" (typically used to extract and sell technology from parallel universes) to interview denizens of dying worlds and broadcast their messages into deep space. The podcasts from the show are from Duncan Trussell's Family Hour podcast and harmonizes a blend of real-life podcasts and scripted cartoon narrative.

Yeah uhhhh this looks trippy as forget. Anyway, I thought I'd share some information about this show in case any of you guys are interested in giving it a try. Adventure Time was pretty popular, but limited severely by the "kid-friendly" vibe of the show. Pretty excited to see what Pendleton is capable of when he can say "forget"

The show releases at midnight PST, April 20, only on Netflix. From the time I posted this, that's about 5 hours from now. I really hope this show is actually good and not just raunchy for the sake of shock value. So far, critics from early screenings have had a lot of praise for the show, so I'm hyped as hell for its release.

Off Topic / Vine is coming back
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:57:48 PM »

hey guys. you've probably seen the news: guns of icarus online is free in the humble bundle today. grab it here:

and i mean, that's cool and all, but that's only the start. online was their original game, and it was kind of "replaced" by guns of icarus alliance, which is overall the much better version of the game. however, since it's a separate game, some people (me included) never bothered to buy the new one, despite there being a -50% off discount applied to guns of icarus alliance by anyone who has the original game.

now, you might have also noticed that on steam, guns of icarus alliance (only collector's edition) is on sale for -75% off. naturally, you'd think that it would take over the -50% discount if you owned the original game, but...

the discount is ADDED ON to the current -75% off sale. this only applies to the collector's edition.

anyway, grab that free game if you don't already have it and then, if you have some trading cards to sell or some extra store credit, pick up the collector's edition of the new one for as low as $0.22. :)

This bug has been fixed, and the ownership discount has been removed. The first game is still free on the Humble Bundle, but to upgrade, you must now pay a minimum of $3.74 or purchase the collector's edition for $7.72.

Guns of Icarus Online will remain free for 2 more days.

Games / Wurm Unlimited available for as low as $1 in Humble Bundle
« on: October 16, 2017, 02:32:45 PM »
Hey guys, Wurm Unlimited is in the humble bundle. As of this post, there are about 8 days left to grab it (as well as Borderlands and Van Helsing) for a dollar.

If you don't know, Wurm Ultimate is the standalone edition of the MMO in which players are in control of server hosting and settings. It's a realistic survival and exploration game released in 2003 in which you can... quite literally do whatever you want in a player-driven persistent world. A lot of newer players will say this game is like Minecraft meets Runescape, but this game is more difficult and time-consuming than either of those. Notch and his partner were the ones to originally create Wurm Online, though!

Oh, you can play the MMO (Wurm Online) for free on the official servers, but all skills are capped at 20 and require a paid subscription to raise. There are no skill limits, restrictions, premium currency, or cash shops in Wurm Unlimited.

Let me get one thing straight with you: if you don't like grinding hard to make something amazing, skip this game. It can take up to 3 hours to cut down and chop up a tree. This is a very slow-paced and relaxing RPG. However, if you're willing to put in the effort and build a town with your friends, the return value for your effort is incredible. When getting started, be sure to set aside several hours to get prepared. This, unfortunately, isn't a game where you can build a simple starter home in the first three minutes. You have to do EVERYTHING from scratch in this game, but that's okay because the crafting system is absolutely badass.

Anyway, I just thought I'd spread the word. This game is incredible if you're into these kinds of games, even if the graphics are really outdated. If there's anyone on this forum who plays, we should join/start a server and build a kingdom. :)

EDIT: A Wurm Online subscription typically costs 8 euro a month. Instead, pay $1 and get the full unrestricted "offline edition" of the game with unofficial/modded servers! You're sacrificing progress security for no monthly payments and custom servers, but if you find a popular longer-lasting server (like Mythmoor), you'll be okay. It is worth noting that there is decay (thanks Ayxrion) so you'll have to drop by occasionally. Most servers I have seen have the starter tents decay after three (real time) weeks, which is PLENTY of time to get a house built.

Consciousness. It's the one thing everyone on the planet is (for the most part) pretty familiar with, yet after thousands upon thousands of years, we haven't gotten much closer to truly explaining and understanding what this phenomenon is.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any authority in this subject, so of course, take what I say with a grain of salt and please correct me if I get anything wrong. I'm an astrophysics student, not a neurologist. I'm merely fascinated with this topic of discussion and ask for your own thoughts and opinions and look forward to seeing what you all have to add. Beliefs on this topic will differ from person to person and belief system to belief system. Please remain civil and let's discuss this like humans. :)

Before we begin, I'd like to talk about the nature of this subject and its current social and cultural significance. Nobody here should doubt the existence of consciousness. If you're reading this right now, I'm willing to bet you're conscious and fully awake. You're forming your own personal opinion of both me and this thread as you process what I've written down. However, while we may all agree that consciousness is very real and can be easily tested among any awake individual, the origins and nature of this ability will be debated wherever it's brought up. Dismissing consciousness as simply "a part of the brain" and "that's just the way it is" is no longer a good enough explanation by the scientific community.

Unfortunately, things like "consciousness" and "intuition" are not always viewed in the same light as terms such as "synapses" or "neurons" in our society. This is largely because (especially in the case of intuition) we threw away most of these ideas as simple superstition when our society made the tremendous leap from explaining the world through religion and philosophy to modern science. This may have been an erroneous move: we are still unsure how consciousness and other mental phenomena work and where they come from. For a long time, we have simply grouped this under the assumption that consciousness and therefore our own personal subjective experiences (such as thoughts, imagination, feelings, et cetera) are the result of different hormones and chemicals that trigger specific impulses in our brain.

This model worked for a while, but we're learning more about our brains now than we ever have before. One of my personal favorite findings touches the field of quantum mechanics. Researchers were actually troubled to find how prevalent the mind and consciousness made itself when working with quantum physics. Check out the "double-slit experiment" for an example of what I'm talking about.

Some physicists are suggesting we humans may have quantum brains. That's a pretty bittersweet revelation. On one hand, quantum physics is the new up-and-coming science fiction field of science, but on the other hand, it's confusing as all hell and we still have no idea how the forget it works.

The "problems" of consciousness

When discussing consciousness and where it arises from, there are two kinds of "problems" scientists face: the "easy" problems and the "hard" problem of consciousness. The easy problems are certain behaviors we exhibit and can be answered with our current understanding of how the brain works. These include topics such as mental discrimination and categorization, the focus of attention, deliberate control of behavior, the difference between wakefulness and sleep, and so on. All that is needed to explain these are simple mechanisms that act to process these functions.

The hard problem of consciousness is a bit more... well, hard. This describes how sensations we experience can take on certain characteristics, such as smell and taste, and how these qualia differ from individual to individual. These aspects of consciousness are what build our entire perception of reality-- I'm not talking about sight and sound, but rather how your brain processes sight and sound. Have you ever actually stopped and thought about how weird it was that you could see light? What if you had another way of sensing light that didn't utilize eyes? What would that feel like? Can you imagine a color that you've never seen before? What if you could see radio waves, how would your brain process that information? Why aren't we just philosophical zombies? forget, can you even describe what the color red looks like? Is my red the same as yours?

When we think and feel, our brain processes a stuffload of information. However, at the same time, you are leading a truly subjective and personal experience.

The entire idea of a "hard problem" of consciousness is hotly debated. What do you think? Do you think we have it all figured out, or is there still a lot we have left to learn?

Intuition and panpsychism

Okay... this might be where some of your bullstuff detectors will start going off, but that's fine--I'm not expecting you to believe in anything I am talking about, nor am I discounting your own personal beliefs. Because of this, I'll spend less time on these topics.

Intuition, shamelessly ripping off the Wikipedia description, is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reading, or without understanding how the knowledge was required. Ever see someone and there's nothing about them that would give you a reason to not like them, but you can't help but mistrust them? Or have you ever had a gut feeling to move out of the way only for something to fly by right where you were standing? Some people call that "intuition," and they believe it's real. Some scientists rely on it to help them understand what they're studying, but it's never been scientifically proven as a real, tangible phenomenon.

There's also the idea of panpsychism. I'm sure plenty of you have heard this one before. There's reason to believe that humanity has some sort of "collective unconsciousness" that connects us as a species-- but again, this idea was tossed out of the "makes sense in the materialistic sense" bin into the "superstitious hoopla" bin. Even so, some people are beginning to think even the universe itself is conscious, and it's been hinted at throughout human history.

Anyway, here's some food for thought and some fuel for discussion. I've been interested in different existentialistic topics such as these and love hearing what other people have to say. So, what do you think of consciousness? It's only everything you've known and will know, after all.

Representative Al Green has declared the House of Representatives will bring charges against Annoying Orange for Obstruction of Justice in the firing of James Comey to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn. This does not prove Annoying Orange's guilt, only that the impeachment process has officially begun. Orange-impeachment-on-house-floor

Thought this would surface here by now, but here it is.


And IIRC Comey told Annoying Orange that there was no such investigation to his face, when in reality there was, so when he fired him, Annoying Orange was unaware of such an investigation, and in actually believed that no such investigation was in process.
This isn't true. Orange-asked-comey-to-shut-down-flynn-investigation

UPDATE: Annoying Orange Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House Orange-national-security-adviser.html
UPDATE: Annoying Orange Told Russians That Firing 'Nut Job' Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation Orange-russia-comey.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

Off Topic / Burning Man 2017 )*(
« on: February 05, 2017, 02:46:26 AM »
Anyone going? General tickets go on sale March 22 for $425.

I'm planning on burning for the first time this fall. It's going to be a fun week.

another cool science post because there's been a LOT going on in the scientific community this past week:

Scientists have confirmed a brand new form of matter: time crystals

motion without energy wow

Vanadium Oxide: Electricity flows, but not the heat

really nice conductive material that doesn't conduct heat

Forum Games / ⑆ Aurora 4x: Multiplayer Space Race \\ [Jan 1, 2025]
« on: November 07, 2016, 03:22:53 AM »

Aurora: What is this?

This is a new nation RP hosted by Remurr set in the universe of the free 4x strategy space simulator, Aurora. It's an incredibly complex empire "game" (it started as an RP tool for traditional games) with insane potential for stories and entertainment set in a near future where humanity has access to exotic minerals, rapidly accelerating a global initiative to make mankind an interplanetary species.

Aurora 4x does not support online multiplayer. Because of this, I will be controlling each side for all players. You and your council of decision-makers will give me orders that you would like your nation to take, and you'll receive reports on your empire here in this thread. Prior knowledge of Aurora is not required-- in fact, I'll be learning more about the game as this RP plays on. (:

Think of it like Dwarf Fortress, but in space-- and a lot easier to use as a DM tool. It's an excellent storytelling platform, trust me. And yes, this is inspired by the topic on the bay12 forums

Okay... so what do I need to do?

Not much. First thing's first-- you're going to need a nation to play as. You're able to create your own nation or join one that already exists (with the consent of the players of that nation). Once you've done that, I strongly encourage you to read the goals for consideration and your nation-specific concerns. Of course, these are entirely optional, but are a great way to plan your next course of action should you ever find yourself lost or overwhelmed. Nations that have not been present for more than five years will have been considered to divert their resources and attention to more earthly matters, becoming a dormant power.

To make it easier on you, the majority of what you'll be doing is communicating between your peers and giving simple orders each turn. At the start of each turn cycle (determined when an event happens, such as an order is completed or an unforeseen wrench was thrown into your plans), you will have the opportunity to assign orders. These are general tasks that act as "guidelines" for your nation to act accordingly.

Code: [Select]
[[Space Goals]]: These will be fleet orders such as "Ship automated mines to Mars" or "Engage Russian survey vessel in proximity of Titan"
[[Production Goals]]: Examples would be "Build more factories on Mu Arae III" or "Construct a survey vessel in our Martian shipyard"
[[Technology Goals]]: There's an outdated list of research projects available at, but general suggestions are fine such as "Develop cloaking technology" or "Pursue advanced laser weapon systems"
[[Other Goals]]: Auxiliary orders go here because something unexpected always happens

Multiple people can give orders for one nation, as long as you are all a part of the same one. I will also not be accepting PM orders because this thread will be very boring to read if it was all status updates. The nations of the world operate with transparency, so use caution in your actions-- you don't know who may be plotting against you.


Recent developments in mining technologies allowed various industries to retrieve samples of new elements from deep within Earth's core. The new elements-- aptly dubbed "Trans-Newtonian Elements"-- do not obey our current understanding of the laws of physics, boasting extraordinary properties such as the ability to generate infinite energy, ignore gravity, slip through space with ease, and much more.

The introduction of TNEs to the leaders of global industry revolutionized the world. The energy crCIA is the thing of the past, and spaceships are incredibly easy to build if you have access to these extremely rare materials. Unfortunately for us, the supply of TNEs in the Earth's core is limited, and we will soon have to look elsewhere for them. A new space race has begun-- and the general public is in awe over a theoretical study detailing the use of TNEs in potential "Jump Drives."

Meanwhile, the world leaders of Earth are frightened about the political destabilization of the global balance of power, and as a result ratify the Geneva Security Accords: no act of war may take place within 25 million kilometers of Earth, and no vessel engaged in acts of violence may approach within that radius. The GSA expires in 2050 and risks unintended side effects. With civilian populations no longer at risk and governments hungry for TNEs, a limited space war exceeding the confines of Earth may occur in the near future.

Current Treaties and Rules

1) Geneva Security Accords: No armed conflict within 25 million km of Earth until 2050. This area includes the moon, but should not extend to any planets.
2) Civilian Protection Treaty: Due to the futility of ensuring the protection of civilian ships with the current standard of technology, the act of firing upon civilian ships is currently prohibited. Consider civilians a neutral party. This treaty expires with the GSA on Jan 1, 2050.
3) Geosurvey teams will not be available currently. If you don't know what those are, then you're fine. They are too much to micromanage and difficult to coordinate in multiplayer. We will not be training fleets for the same reason. In the end, this makes your job as well as mine a little bit easier. A well-established colony will eventually attract a geosurvey team to prospect for hidden minerals, but this will be a decision made by private sectors in your empire.


None so far! Interested in joining? You can be anything you want, whether it's a nation, an organization, a corporation, a band of mercenaries, a rebellion, a circle of space pirates... whatever you can come up with, you can play.

Piqued your interest? In order to join, create a post with your nation's name, government, and a backstory. I'll set you up accordingly. If you're starting on another planet (once players discover some), you'll be able to give a quick species descriptor as well! Humans are overrated anyway.

Central European Confederation
Population: 430 million
Yearly Income: 8600 credits
Economy: No economic data available.
Military: The CEC has standard ICBM and missile launcher capabilities. No fleets have been constructed.
Technology: A fledgling trans-Newtonian empire. Capable of using missiles and ICBMs.
Advisor(s): SWAT One


January 1, 2025

Current Technologies

Games / Another EVE Thread: We Went F2P A While Ago Actually
« on: October 30, 2016, 05:30:41 AM »

eve is going free to play on november 15 with the new introduction of alpha clones. it's basically like an unlimited trial, but the potential to earn enough ISK to buy a PLEX and pay for premium omega clones (otherwise $15/mo) is still there.

this new update is going to usher in a new era for EVE, bringing thousands of alpha capsuleers in as new recruits.

if you haven't given EVE a try yet or we're turned away by it in the past due to the limiting trial and overwhelming challenge and steep learning curve, you will have plenty of time to master the basic fundamentals of the game come november 15 when EVE's 30th-something expansion drops

i encourage you all to research the game and play for a couple hours when alpha clones arrive. EVE has given me some of the most interesting and entertaining interpersonal moments in any game ever

« on: September 28, 2016, 07:07:07 PM »

click him

Off Topic / Jackson Hole Town Square livestream
« on: September 05, 2016, 11:51:11 PM »


this got really viral for no real reason and the chat's going wild

Off Topic / rechan: a messageboard experiment [new /o/ board added]
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:52:55 PM »
it's currently right here

this is just kind of a test run to see what it would be like to actually host and manage a site like this. i'm not affiliated in any way with that other imageboard.

the site is running similar chan stuff to 2channel and channel4 rather than 4chan, so it's text only at the moment. my storage space is limited at the moment so once i get a better storage solution (and the thumbnailer set up), i'll make an imageboard-- but for now, we just have /all/

so anyway come on in and chat anonymously i guess

post research anywhere other than /nsfw/ and you can expect to get b&

Forum Games / YOU GROOVE YOU LOSE v1
« on: August 07, 2016, 03:11:55 AM »
first forum games you groove you lose thread (somehow)

post some sick trax

lets get this stuff going

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