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Off Topic / why dose donald trump type like a weird-o!!!
« on: June 01, 2020, 10:32:27 AM »
admittedly i dont really know anything about the guy because i don't keep up much in politics but like
why does he just have a tendency to blurt out random buzzwords just at complete random

like fr its funny, dude's just talking completely normally but suddenly he just says NOVEMBER 3RD and then continues talking normally like nothing ever happened. is it a tick or something???

Off Topic / femboy megathread
« on: May 31, 2020, 05:41:01 PM »

Off Topic / i want to use an old pc
« on: May 19, 2020, 05:59:39 PM »
theres some stuff i wanna check out on it

what does this screen mean?

Off Topic / growing up
« on: May 17, 2020, 08:44:47 PM »
im almost an adult and the concept of that is overwhelming
for any of you unaware, I've lived my entire life under close protection and kind of coddled by my grandpa and grandma. the most amazing old people you'll ever meet, those guys absolutely loved me; i was the one thing in their life that they loved most. for my entire life i was pretty lazy and didn't have much I had to do, probably for the worst but i had to have one hell of a nice childhood from it. I have so many fond memories of me watching spongebob, digimon, breadwinners, fairly odd parents, and all those other nick shows that Mr enter would probably stuff himself over and playing on my old wii with the chewed up nunchuk that I still own. I wouldn't have it any other way; my childhood was absolutely perfect. flawless.
both of them are gone now. god rest their souls.
life has felt so unbelievably empty without my grandma. my grandpa's been dead for years but my grandma only recently passed. sometimes I even see her in the house for a split second, and i had dreams where she was there that I can't really remember anymore. I would give anything to have her back, but knowing how hard she had to fight for years from the cancer just to be around me, she's in a better place and i don't want her suffering. I've dressed this moment ever since I was 10. i would have frequent nightmares of nan dying and i would always run to her room and sleep next to her bed, and wake up crying knowing that she's still with me. I never expected it would go down like this so early and i hate myself for being so optimistic about all this.
atleast I still have all my stuff from when I was young. My bookshelf was carved when my room was rearranged to turn it into an entertainment center which now houses my wii (still works) and all my other old consoles. My bureau is full of pictures of her with me and stupid stuff I did with her and all the silly nicnacs I begged her to buy every time we went somewhere. In the center of it all is a crochet she made for me one day, just on a whim, and framed.
I've never felt this empty before. I dont feel anything except regret for not spending more time with her and how rude I was when I was 14-15. I don't know if my life will ever go back to normal, just careless me having stupid fun whenever possible, but I sure loving hope it does.
i love you guys. i joined blf back when I was 12 or so, more specifically on vacation with my family meeting my uncle. you guys basically taught me the basics of social interaction and the harsh reality of the world, the fact that most people in the world aren't going to put up with you and the fact that being an idiot will just get me bullied. this stupid Albanian Lego forum carried me through the roughest years of my life.

Creativity / pixel art 2
« on: May 11, 2020, 04:38:37 PM »
old thread died lol post some loving pixels

remember low resolution drawings are not pixel art and transparency in pixel art is worse than mesothelioma :)

Off Topic / nix's neighborhood oddities
« on: May 06, 2020, 05:40:01 PM »
original thread:

after exploring my neighborhood for a few weeks i can confirm that my neighborhood is loving weird
i've stumbled upon so many weird things just by driving on the streets, just in the neighborhood alone there's so much weird stuff that i might as well make a nice thread

mysterious empty lot on street

i dont know who owns this lot or why, but it's completely empty. no grass, the only thing on it is a single tree and the whole lot is surrounded by fence. it has a mailbox and a gate at the front, and it goes in pretty damn far.

da lake

this pond isnt very remarkable but on the path to it theres some weird ass trees

tree 1 is split in half vertically somehow and tree 2 is stripped of its bark

any explanations? will update with any other weird finds

Off Topic / the mass
« on: May 04, 2020, 07:28:19 PM »

hate my life

Off Topic / my grandma is dying
« on: April 29, 2020, 08:30:25 PM »
people who know me well would know that i was raised by my grandparents for my entire life and that my grandpa died at around 2017

since around 2018 my grandma's been battling stage 4 systemic cancer and only just recently decided to start declining treatment; she didn't want to die from the chemotherapy. for the whole of april she's been stuck in a wheelchair and for 2 days she's been bedridden and can hardly talk or even recognize me anymore.

i legit don't know what to do anymore. that woman is a legend; she's been there my entire life and has done everything under her power to make sure i lived as happily as i could, and now i'm watching her slowly die and i can't even do anything to help her.

life sucks man

Drama / sebi
« on: April 26, 2020, 03:54:52 PM »
obviously what im about to write about isn't recent. if i recall, the most recent event involving sebi happened about a year ago. i only write now because i am almost certain he doesn't give a stuff about the forums anymore, but given he probably still interacts with alot of blf members outside of the forum, i guess i can call this a public service announcement. i also mostly want to write about this as a vent because this stuff's been pent up for about 3 years now and i just really want to talk about it publicly since its pretty horrible stuff

my first experience with sebi was in the you cringe you lose thread. i was 13 at the time, a massive immature brat who thought gross automatically equals funny. out of nowhere, sebi messages me on steam, and i accidentally say something that gives away the fact that i have a pretty outlandish kink.
seconds later he's posting uncropped screencaps on the thread, for no reason. (click at ur own risk, cringe ahead)

obviously, i go nuclear at the time given i was a spoiled little stuffhead of a child who didn't know how to deal with negative attention; i should've just waited it out and let everyone else handle it since me responding would just give people an excuse to side with sebi during the situation, but eh, can't change the past.

after the backlash, sebi started desperately hitting me with dms constantly begging for forgiveness. if you know me you'd know im the most easy to convince gullible piece of garbage on the planet; even then i knew not to trust him.

then one day i gave in and said i forgave him. i hadnt heard from him since for a pretty long while.

cut forward a pretty long time and sebi decides to invite me to his clique on discord.
it's fun, for a while. he hosted servers on blockland but one thing i thought was odd was how obsessive he was. i believe at the time he was obsessed with baldi; and i mean obsessed. brother hosted baldi servers on blockland, constantly talked about baldi in voice chat (i couldnt tell if it was irony or not), it was pretty loving weird

back then one of my go-to injokes was mentioning bart simpson from the simpsons. it was a dumb joke and i alluded to it sometimes during voice calls, saying "eat my shorts" and stuff like that.
sebi gets very unreasonably upset at me doing this. then one day, because i made a big statue of bart simpson in blockland, he goes supersonic, rails on me for a minute about how unfunny i am, then bans me. nobody bats an eyelid because everyone in his server is basically his henchman; none of them dare to be honest unless it's for sebi's benefit because they know sebi will ditch them too if they stop enabling him.
him banning me over something as insignificant as petty as "wahhh unfunny :(" is honestly insulting, especially given the fact that sebi constantly begged me for free, unpaid art and pixel art (i made pixel art of baldi for him one day i feel like a loving mongoloid for doing that), didnt even get a drop of exposure. not to mention my friend also had his original music straight up STOLEN from him, shortly after sebi ditching him.

my friend confronts him.

how classy. dude refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoings and chooses to backpedal, being an ironic snark in hopes of derailing the conversation.

also if this doesn't work he'll suddenly get all serious and start acting like he was the victim lol

not to mention, after the whole fiasco when sebi leaked my kink to the forums, during the short period of time he considered me a friend, he would constantly post my old art (which he knew i loathed). spamming my dms with it.

a sidenote, there was this girl in his server who he either liked or hated depending on how he felt. he constantly harassed her to the point of her actually getting pretty loving tilted over the whole thing, heres some images

he also constantly whined about how TOTALLY depressed he was and how nobody liked him, which is ironic given how horribly he treats everyone close to him which ill get more into later

sebi is also extremely manipulative, pretending to fall for the men in his server (even going as far as drawing research of himself and his 'boyfriend', lol) solely so he can essentially 'weaponize' them and use them as spies to eavesdrop on me and said girl. ironically, he usually ditches this person right after; i've seen him run through about 4 men, each relationship started as abruptly as it ended and i hadnt seen one last a month.
all of his other friends are either too stupid to disagree with sebi or are manipulated into being a yes man. nobody in the server speaks up against him when he does something stuffty because they know he'll just ditch them and probably leak incriminating information about them on twitter and anywhere else he can put them.
he also had his friend dig up my old youtube channel (link censored) and posted out of context screencaps of me posting cringe (the context was that we were doing a you cringe you lose thing if i recall) solely so sebi could point and laugh. he's probably done stufftier things behind my back given what ive seen him do

one of the biggest things with sebi is his ego. dude has his hand permanantly glued to his erichard at all times. he watermarks his image macros solely for attention should anybody bother to repost them anywhere, he constantly tries to make himself out as a comedy genius (he has a youtube video where its just him bragging about how he's funnier than everyone else) and when he ends up latching on to a new meme or injoke (at the time its usually me who starts it) he runs it into the ground until it dies then moves on to the next. dude lives off of attention. ironically, me calling him out on his attention whoring is what got me my first blf ban.

unfortunately i dont have any more images or stories since alot of this was a while ago and the images are spread out across different servers and dms and itd take a LONG time to compile them in chronological order but people will probably be able to vouch for me.

i want to like this guy. some of this is kind of driven off of guilt because i genuinely had a good time while he was around, and it feels bad to see stuff have gone down like this. the few fun times i've had with him were genuinely a blast, but underneath that he's a horrible, manipulative person. i don't know his motives; can't tell if he's a troll, or if he's malicious or if he's just completely unaware of how what he's doing is bad, but nothing would really excuse how he treats others.

tl;dr, don't interact with sebi, he's just going to manipulate you

Off Topic / bday
« on: April 24, 2020, 06:55:56 PM »


Creativity / give me fakemon ideas.
« on: April 23, 2020, 04:18:14 PM »
anything. a sketch, a prompt, anything. it doesnt have to be serious, make it a reference or something if you want i dont care.

this likely isnt going to be for anything im just bored.

Off Topic / weird sinkhole(?) in my neighborhood
« on: April 21, 2020, 12:19:28 PM »
self explanatory. on my street is a clearing into the woods that leads into a relatively nice area. this area has a pretty big and pretty deep 'crater' in the ground. i dont know the exact dimensions of it but i'd guess it's about 12 to 16 feet deep and about 60ish feet wide.

path a is closest to the road and i could probably drive the golf cart down it, but its pretty damn steep and bumpy so i wont risk it. there are 4wheeler tracks leading down it so im clearly not the first person to see it. path b is alot less steep but takes longer to go through. i havent gone up path c yet since it leads into a pretty high part of the woods and i dont know what's up there.
recently me and my friend decided to explore this pit. he believes its a dried lake because the ground didnt collapse when he walked down there. there are trees at the bottom of the pit and growing along the sides of it; some of which have exposed roots.
we went down there twice. the first time, he just walked down and jumped to show it wasnt a sinkhole. he saw a tree there that was leaning very precariously over the hole; next time we were there, the tree fell.
next time we went, i got to the bottom of the hole. it was pretty damn cozy down there but i didnt want to spend too much time since i dont want to abandon the golf cart for long.

the reason it's weird is because, for some reason, it felt as if time sped up while we were down there.
we got to the woods at 3:30pm. we spent about 10ish minutes above the pit and easily only 10ish minutes inside it, when i get a text from my parents asking me to come home. i check the time, and it's 4:45. i really doubt we could've spent over an HOUR in that pit. maybe im just stupid and didn't realize? i dont know, its super loving weird.

anyway, images

path a.

the rim of the hole, facing the streets direction. my friend is walking down path a.

path a from the bottom of the hole. that flowerpot isnt the only piece of litter down there; theres quite a bit of trash in the hole

bottom of the hole facing up towards the rim.

bottom of the hole from the rim with friend standing about in the middle of it

friend sliding down rim of hole because he wanted to be a showoff

im gonna go back there again, alone, later today to record footage of it.

Off Topic / learned to drive
« on: April 03, 2020, 12:50:06 PM »
...a golf cart

turns out driving is fun as forget. stuff feels GREAT.

Off Topic / i wonder what this years april fools joke is
« on: April 01, 2020, 09:25:56 PM »

Off Topic / update regarding abusive household
« on: March 25, 2020, 03:01:24 PM »
tl:dr things have gotten much worse. i will explain
over the span of, like, only 2 months things just suddenly decided to go downhill as hard as possible. ironic because things were starting to feel better but now i legitimately dont feel safe in my own house anymore.

recently in my GED class i had a mental breakdown, coming clean to my teacher about my abusive father. his first instinct is to call the cops so they can get me baker acted. that place was loving horrible; the nurses there were massive starfishs, the food was probably poisoned and i thank my loving lucky stars that i was able to get out early because of my autism. (bitches wonder why the #1 killer of men is suicide like this country doesn't treat the emotionally abused like loving animals)

my grandma's cancer acted up and now she can no longer walk without aid. this is important.

the day after i got released from the baker act i had to go to the technical college to see if i could get back in. on the car ride there my dad suddenly got extremely hostile and started berating me, threatening me and all that stuff. we got there, and the person there was just trying to get me to take an online class that sounded extremely complicated and from my experience, i know online classes go absolutely nowhere. i had another mental breakdown which led to my dad coming in, where he took me out and proceeded to yell at me HARDER on the way back, even going as far as to drive like a loving lunatic in an attempt to intimidate me, taking extremely sharp turns and skidding off of the road (i felt the car going on 2 wheels sometimes). he then proceeded to brag about what he did to the rest of my family before getting wasted in my fort/shed (i know he got wasted because he didnt even throw away the bottles)

the next morning he 'apologized', sending me a paragraph about some stuff i forget. keep this in mind.

next week, i finally see a counsellor. skinny old lady who basically just tried conditioning me into bending over for dad because dad tried demonizing me, telling her about how i literally never get out of my room (which is a lie). fun fact he actually admitted that he called me a fatass in that session, i find it funny how the counsellor didnt even flinch as he admitted to it lol

next week i go there again. new counsellor because the old lady decided to refer me to someone more specialized with autism. nicest loving woman. the first session im admittedly way too shaken and scared to come clean about what my dad does to me so i vaguely imply that he makes me feel unsafe. she's confused but she understanded my fears (she knew that i was keeping quiet because i was scared dad was eavesdropping on us)

after that session i admittedly had a really really good week. had fun with my online friends, had one of my irl friends come over to visit and we had a BLAST. next session i go there again and we talk. i got sidetracked alot but she convinced me into talking about dad. she doesnt know the whole story but she does know that he has no idea what he's doing regarding looking after a mentally challenged son (me) and that there might be problems in the household

literally the day after my dad decides to barge into my room just to berate me. nothing instigated it, he just decided to do it out of complete random just to call me useless.

the next day, the exact same thing happened. almost around the same time too.

the days leading up to this sunday were uneventful.

this sunday i went to my friends' house. we had fun but i got angry at them a bit, and i talked to them regarding me moving in in the future. i forgot what we said. anyways, i went home, and lo and behold dad was in my stepmom's car waiting for me.

he then proceeded to scream at me, basically saying that everything happening to gran was my fault and that the moment she dies he's putting me up for adoption/kicking me out/whatever. in that car, he admitted he hated me. he actually got so into it that he almost made my stepmom pull over (probably so he could hit me but he didnt, unfortunately (if i had visible marks itd be much easier to get him out)) and my stepmom, who is normally his yesman, actually tried convincing him to stop

next day he barged in because i was talking to my friend online to tell me to shut up. i am basically no longer allowed to even CALL my friends.

next day he got on me again for something i dont remember

and now today. ive been helping my grandma do stuff due to her having to use a walker, and she decided to do the laundry. she calls me out to help.

dad starts screaming at her, and then he starts screaming at ME. for LITERALLY NO REASON.

i recorded this whole thing. im not uploading it for the sake of privacy but he said he hated me so now i have that on film atleast! i now have evidence that he has never loved me in case i need it. he also stuff talked me behind my back to my grandma about how useless i was

and just a few minutes ago i try to go do the dishes. he actually loving stops me. for no reason.


so.... help? can i get, like, a restraining order? i dont wanna go into foster care those guys loving blow

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