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Off Topic / Music thread?| Ow forget, I stubbed my toe
« on: April 19, 2021, 11:34:06 PM »

Off Topic / The Fediverse | A Stronger Internet
« on: April 19, 2021, 12:26:24 PM »


So, let me try this again. I know I've shilled the fediverse many times before, and most of the time I end up explaining it like stuff, and most people don't seem to get it with the comparisons I've made. My "It's like EMAIL" example seems to be awful at explaining this, so I'll try to use more familiar ideas I guess.
Either way, on to the Introduction.

Introduction - Fediverse? Huh?

This is going to be kind of strange to explain. But it's kind of like if everyone could host their own youtube, or facebook. But you could all access eachothers pages and posts. Like they're able to grab and embed Youtube Videos onto other Youtube sites. "But there's only one youtube" Yes, but imagine it like this.

This is what Youtube currently looks like:

If Youtube were Federated it would look like this:

This is a fictional fediverse youtube site named : is an Instance of Youtube.

Every video hosted on can be found from any other Instance of Youtube. And any other instance hosting videos can be found on

For example we see Which is a channel hosted on the Instance. is a public Instance.
Public Instances allow any one to create a new account on their instance, under their rules and TOS of course.

Now lets look at This is the UNICEF channel hosted on the instance. the Instance is private.
This Instance will only allow specific people to create accounts on their instance.


Well, there are several reasons. But the most obvious one is reliability. How often does Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or your other standard social media network go down?
Often? Probably not, unless it's facebook. But when it does, it usually lasts a few hours. That may not sound like much, but when many of these networks used for businessses, this can
be catastrophic. In the fediverse, the ability to take down the entire network would take an insane amount of computational power, research and time.

There's also security. Recently Facebook had millions of accounts leaked, through a simple exploit. However, fediverse websites are not only-decentralized. They follow an open-source blue-print.
With enough eyeballs, every bug is squashed. If millions of developers were looking at facebook's source code, this exploit would've likely been fixed. And even if it hadn't, in a system of thousands of instances, no one
instance would hold every account.

Old Internet? Stop being nostalgic.

You're probably right that I'm harping on the past, but the old internet was, for the most part, better. Let me give you an example outside of websites.

Most games in the early 2000s on PC had a system where users hosted servers and maybe the original developer hosted a server-listing server.
Servers were community owned and driven overwhelmingly. However, today, most games centralize their entire server network inside their own company.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Modern Halo MCC

These are two big examples in recent times. Even casual servers are owned by their development company. The same issues apply here.
If their servers go down, the game goes down. And eventually, these servers will go down for good. However, even to this day, it is possible to
run Halo CE, TF2, CS:GO, Unreal Gold and Minecraft servers (of various versions).

You are not locked into the servers that Microsoft, Valve or Epic create.

And this is similar into how in the Federated Youtube, you would not be locked into Youtube's own Instance.

Great, I bet it all looks like crap though, or it's unstable.

Not really, many federated social networks are fully functioning and look great. And on top of that, if you like an instance but not their website, you can use downloadable open source clients. Similar in how you can download the discord app.

Mastadon - Fediverse equivalent to Twitter

PeerTube - Fediverse equivalent to Youtube

Frendica - Fediverse equivalent to Facebook

Off Topic / Describe and discuss Anti-Racism | Poll
« on: February 26, 2021, 07:31:50 PM »

Off Topic / DuckDuckGo | The Better Search Engine
« on: February 24, 2021, 10:19:21 AM »

The Better Search Engine

Like Privacy? DDG has it.
Like Accurate and Unbiased search results? DDG has it!
Like not getting stupid google ads in your search results?

DDG has it.

DuckDuckGo is also in most web browsers as a default search engine option.


They all support DDG as a search engine.

It's pretty cool.

Here's one.

Grand Theft Auto V is as old this year, as Ocarina of Time was in 2006.

EDIT: ya know what else is loving old? The god damn "Lamar Roasts" meme. This stuff is overdone and I'm tired of people spamming this stuff over discord.

Off Topic / The "forget Wal-Mart" Thread | forget all things Wal-Mart
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:06:46 AM »

Disclaimer: This thread mainly focuses on Wal-Mart's effect in the United States and China.

Wal-Mart is a company that supports Child Slavery and Slave Wages. While they're not supporting human-rights abuses, they're sucking all the wealth out of any area they step into and leaving them an empty husk.

Nearly every low price at Wal-Mart isn't low without some other trade-off.

First, and foremost. Wal-Mart prays on low-income Americans, although I know many people who shop at Wal-Mart are not low-income. Wal-Mart is convenient, the prices are low, and they typically even have a subway just before you leave the building. But this is all a honey-pot to take away what little buying power low income Americans may have.

Let's side track a minute, and talk Local-Business and Local-Business that sources items Locally.

Minimally items from outside of the community are imported,
therefore minimal amounts of foreign shipping companies are paid,
and therefore foreign manufacturing doesn't take very much money out of your community.

Compared to Chain-Businesses.

Now, in this situation, foreign shipping and manufacturing is the what
makes up a Chain-Stores items and therefore means that most of the
money goes out of the community, rather than coming back into it.

And for the sake of brevity and not making an eye-sore chart, the fat cats pocketing money is included in foreign shipping/manufacturing.

That bottom chart, is Wal-Mart in it's purest form. And as you shop there more, you become more dependent on it, since it prays on the logic "I can't afford that" And as they export your income, more and more, this mindset will become stronger and stronger. Eventually, even Wal-Mart will become too expensive.

Wall of Personal "People of Wal-Mart" experiences:
If you have ever been to Wal-Mart, you'll know what I'm talking about, but basically it's like Wal-Mart is a different dimension.
Share your experiences if you have any, or how it effected your community, and I'll quote it and post it here. for now, it's blank tho.

TL;DR SHOP LOCALLY. Avoid stores that excessively import items and therefore export your community's buying power. And above all else. forget Wal-Mart.

Off Topic / Parler Pantheon Thread | It's dead, lol.
« on: December 15, 2020, 08:09:22 PM »

The Pre-ramble
Some of you may have seen the Twitter Megathread, where the stupidest of the stupid posts can be found. Second only to classic Tumblr posts and Blockland Forum antics, Twitter has some of the most insane posts. Despite the fact that Twitter has the strictest and weirdest rules, they still hold the most insane and sometimes violent offenders on their site.

What is Parler?
Parler is more right-wing as left-wing twitter bans anything for thinking the wrong way or supporting the wrong person. They also might just ban you if someone finds out you said a no-no word 16 years ago. They also might ban you if you ever had the wrong opinion. Oh, and they also might ban you for... everything.

Why tho?
This site is for those who have either been banned by twitter for anything that ranges from breaking a rule to existing. I've noticed trying to make a twitter account ranges from "okay" to "never going to happen" in terms of people's results. Ultimately though, Parler is just red twitter both metaphorically and literally. So you're likely to just end up seeing more of the same stuff but from a right-wing perspective instead of a left-wing one. Post whatever stuff you find there, here I guess

It's dead, lol.

Off Topic / Apple Megathread | I Bought a Mac
« on: December 01, 2020, 06:48:26 PM »
Apple Megathread

Okay, before anyone freaks out. No, this is not going to be the 'LMFAO PCs BTFO, MAC FOREVER' thread. I recently bought a Mac, which means I've basically used or interacted with every type of Apple Product over the past 10 years, and I have a general understanding of it. So I will be giving my perspective on it as a person who has used basically
any well known operating system. I will talk good and bad about these products.

So this year I have bought my first Mac. It is an M1 Macbook Air. I have been thoroughly impressed. While the baseline 8GB Ram and 256GB Hard Drive puts
the $999 at a steep entry point, and any other Mac in the past 5 years would've turned me off with that kind of spec, the CPU has made all the difference. For those
who don't know the M1 CPU is a modified ARM processor. Arm is a 64bit RISC processor. Basically this means it uses less low-level functions to accomplish the same goals.
This means the CPU uses less energy and is more efficient, but typically programs are larger because there are more instructions at an Assembly level.

Even as an early adopter, meaning most programs run through an x86_64 to ARM Emulator, this is an absolutely amazing laptop. It's blown away laptops with twice the ram and capacity in terms of storage and efficient use of ram. Even through the emulator. Using the emulator, known as Rosetta 2, most software runs pretty well. However, just like modern versions of Linux, and apparently the latest verisons of MacOS before this, x86 applications that were 32bit are incompatible out of the box.

MacOS is an impressive OS with some pretty cool and intuitive features. Swiping between different fullscreen applications is pretty handy. Similar to the Windows feature of having multiple desktops, but it's actually easy to use and not annoying. But MacOS also lacks a pretty big feature out of the box, Locking windows to the side of the screen or dragging them up to the top to make them fullscreen is not a default feature, and adding it costs money. Absolutely ridiculous. Also, as of this generation of Macs, BootCamp is no longer supported. You can still connect to other windows desktops through the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, but that doesn't help you if you want to use something other than Windows.

The MacBook Air as well as the Macbook Pro, both have 2 USB C ports and a HEADPHONE JACK PORT.  I will bring this up again in the iPhone review. But this is pretty good.
A few years back I'd get upset at no USB A ports, but basically every computer for the past 5 years has had a usb C port and so has every android phone. So if you don't have a USB A to USB C port, then you're a bit behind. But if you've been in the Mac Ecosystem and only recently upgraded to a Macbook with these USB C exclusive designs, then you may have a point, but again I'll leave that in the iPhone Review.

The battery life is pretty astounding, this is likely because of the ARM Processor. Now it's not the mindblowing levels many reviewers will tell you it is. Many claiming insane things like "I don't even carry my charger" or "it lasted me 2 days!". Unless you just carry it around as a paper weight/flash light, then these claims are stupidly optimistic.
However, it does hold a charge pretty well, as after using it under a decent loads, I typically only need to charge it every .5 to 1.25 days. Which depending on what I'm doing is pretty good. Heavy loads like playing The Talos Principle definitely hits that .5 day mark. However, browsing and coding through RDP tends to get me closer to a day.

The Display is a 2560x1600 6:10 2K Display with 400 nit brightness. Pretty good, but not quite HDR quality. But it's one of the more high-res displays I've seen in a laptop at this pricepoint. Many laptops around $999 offer 4k displays, but those usually end up bumping the price up 200-300 dollars. And beside that, even if they do, they all bafflingly choose 16:9 displays, which leave a stupid chin at the bottom of the display. I get 16:9 is a desktop monitor standard, but following standards without reason leads stupid decisions like this. I've heard the argument that "but that would just leave black bars around the top and bottom of the screen on video." and to that I say having a temporary black border at the top and bottom of the display is better than having a permanent giga-border at the bottom of the display.

I give the MacBook Air a solid 8.5/10. Best Laptop on the market for the price. but not the best contemporary laptop for the price that I've ever seen.

Now on the other end of the spectrum, we have the iPhone. If you like taking decent photos at an expensive price, just get a decent purpose-built camera. If you're just bought into the ecosystem, then this may still make sense, but the iPhone has to be the most frustrating fragile glass rectangle of design incompetence since the Galaxy Note 7. Ever since the iPhone 7, apple has dropped the headphone port, which wouldn't be so bad except, for some reason beyond my understanding, they stuck with their stupid lightning port. I guess it's proprietary, but if you can put a headphone port and a USB C port on your loving mac you can put it on this over priced slab of glass.

But even if it was still on there, this phone drives me up a wall with how it's designed. Unlike android phones, the iPhone is not a portable computer with a touch screen, it's more like a tonka tablet. Transferring files is a nightmare, using it to work on files is typically a disaster, and usually only proprietary blue-tooth items will connect to it.
Alongside that, using this phone and it's apps can be the most un-intuitive and frustrating experience. While I praised apple for ignoring the monitor standard in laptops, and going with a 16:10 display, I'm going to shred them for ignoring well-known control standards and trying to nintendo it.  The problem with this method is sometimes you launch a Nintendo Wii and sometimes you launch a Virtual Boy. And the iPhone's UI and Gestures are an awful experience. Almost all of them are exclusive to the phone, and that sets the iPhone on a track for a steep learning curve.

This also means jumping from an iPhone to an Android device is also a learning curve. The iPhone is not a good first phone for anyone, it's not a good phone to show someone how smart phones work and what they're good for. The iPhone is not a good phone for daily use or as a work phone. The iPhone is just a total disaster. Avoid it at all costs.

I'm giving this a -5/10

loving avoid this garbage. It's less than worthless, and it will rewire growing minds to a locked down and broken interface.

AppleTV is okay, I guess. I wouldn't give it a yes or a no, I'd say you're probably better off with a roku stick if you don't have an iPhone, a Mac or any device that uses apple's services and you must have a smartTV stick. But it's just okay. There's not really much to say here, and honestly, I really don't like these things in general. I'd say hooking your laptop up to your TV gives you a more responsive and enjoyable experience than any of these smart-sticks or even the built-in smartTV stuff.

I'll give it a 5/10.

« on: November 12, 2020, 07:08:54 PM »

Holy stuff.

Alex Jones is loving hilarious.

This is gonna seem noob as hell. And most of the links in the sticky seem unhelpful on this specific issue.

More to the point, searching "switch$" seems to get me more addons about switches than info on switch statements.

My basic question is this.

I've been looking through addon code, modifying, trying to learn whats what through both reading up on info, and modifying and testing.

From my understanding, or a guess this has to do with casting the value to a string.

But it's a switch statement.

What is the difference between switch$() and switch() statements?

Weekend At Biden's

A group of Communists are running the previous Vice President's Presidential campaign
in the hopes they can gain control of the White House and change the nation! But there's
just one little problem. He's not exactly, all there. He's half-alive! He still has a hankering
for sniffing, and he's made it certain these quirky commies have their hands full!

Weekend At Biden's

Don't let this come to a White House near you, November 3rd.

Off Topic / Minecraft tribal Indocrination Update
« on: October 03, 2020, 11:34:08 AM »
Minecraft: Education Edition is adding a new and exciting expansion.

Supporting the Burn Loot Murder organization and Racial Equity (Racism but it's for a good cause!)


Can't wait until the "Why white people should eat rotten flesh" update.

Source: Minecraft Live

Off Topic / is Blockland Dead? | Megathread
« on: September 21, 2020, 11:45:39 PM »
is Blockland Dead? | Megathread

Since new account creation for BLF is disabled, and everytime an exploit is found in either BLF or Blockland Badspot goes nuclear and basically removes the feature or function that is at the heart of it, defeating the purpose of removing the exploit. Is Blockland Dead?

I feel like I'm watching shriveled up corpse walk around screaming it's still alive, as it's jaw and arms fall off.

Like, forget off with the whole "we have more than 0 players and more than 0 servers!" argument bs.

Is this the end of BLF and Blockland?

Discuss while the forum is still up, i guess.

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