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Add-Ons / THE Shis-O-ween HATPACK (working title)
« on: October 24, 2020, 06:41:33 PM »
ee uhhh

witches and freaks, I give you...
(Working title)

After spending most of the month working in Blender, we've created you some nifty little fictional themed hats for whatever disgusting server that you'll host!
Featuring hats such as:

Asylummask, Bull, Cleaved
Joker (alt. Jokerhair)
Pumpkinmask, Robot, Scarecrow
Sealurker, Skullmask, Steamhead
Vampire, Vampirehunter

We hope you enjoy the fine work of hats the THE SHIS-O-WEEN HAT-PACK (Working title) gives you,
and remember, there's been no other Halloween themed hatpacks this far, so you've got SHISOR's!

VVV Click this goddamn link to DOWNLOAD VVV

Add-Ons / ShisormaskV2
« on: May 25, 2019, 01:11:36 AM »
I bet you're wondering where the first version of the Shisormask is, well I've got bad news for you, and that it was more of a basis for the second version of the Shisormask. This second mask has a mouth and different ears to it's original concept, can be equipped by typing '/hat Shisormask' into chat.

Remember, a copy of the addon 'Server_Hatmod' in your addon folder is required to use this addon. Have fun with a god damn... mask... of me, or whatever character you think it is.

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