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Gallery / Brik Flix: Blockland Video Reviews
« on: May 20, 2021, 02:43:03 PM »
In collaboration with the Blockbusters film clan, I present...
Brik Flix, The Blockland Video Review Show!
A guest comes on every episode to review a hand-picked Blockland machinima.

Feel free to submit videos for us to review, you will receive full accreditation. We accept almost anyone with some experience in Blockland film making as a guest.

Episode 1: Legopepper's Restaurant Theif | Baked
Baked comes on to review Legopepper's 2010 film "Restaurant Thief"

Episode 2: Filipe1020's Mexican Stories | Daffytitanic
Daffytitanic comes on to review Filipe1020's 2010 film "Mexican Stories" and the 2012 remake.

Blockbusters Discord:

Suggestions & Requests / URGENT: #BlocklandCity
« on: May 01, 2021, 03:31:31 PM »
Spread this video:
-like wildfire on every single website you can, under the the hashtag #BlocklandCity. Put it on every website from Twitter to 4chan. Send it to your friends on IRC sites, instant messaging, texting, E-mail, whatever you can use. Comment on the video, give it a thumbsup, add it to a playlist, all that sort of thing.

It'll be funny.

    Welcome to the Definitive Film Making Thread, this was created to cover all topics related to film-making in Blockland, such as techniques, essential add-ons, software, and the process of filming from start to finish.

The Basics
There are the five steps you should take when starting out as a film-maker.

Step 1. Gather these resources: A screen recorder, video editor, and a purchased copy of Blockland (you'll need the purchased version to access add-ons.)

Step 2. Download these specific add-ons (they can all be found on the Blockland Forums, or Blockland Glass):
  • Script_FilmMode
    Hides your HUD (Tool menu, chat, paint menu, bricks, etc.) to remove distractions from the frame. Can be toggled by keybinds.
  • Client_NewtonianCamera (Optional)
    Smoothes camera movements, allowing for organic motion. Can be toggled by keybinds.
  • Server_ControlPlayer
    Allows you to improve the composition of your videos by positioning your admin camera wherever you need, and entering the command "/controlplayer" in chat.
  • Script_HoldToTalk
    Mimics chat animation on command, making lip-syncing characters easier. Activates via keybind.

Step 3. Begin getting used to using key binds for actions, and challenge your ability to portray emotion through your avatar. You can do this on your own server, or during a rehearsal.

Step 4. Trial and error. Use your developed skill set to create your own videos. Don't stress about quality or professionalism early on, everyone has to start somewhere.

Step 5 (optional.) Do collaborations whenever the opportunity arises. It's a great way to develop your skills, meet other film makers, and develop a portfolio. Just be sure that the crew you're working with credits you for your work.

A collection of commonly used add-ons that make film-making easier.

Previously Mentioned:

A compilation of player-created tutorials.

I've wrangled up a playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to video-making tutorials.
Some of the videos in this may be antiquated, although considering the popularity of older Blockland clients and the B4v21 mod, maybe if you're going for a classic  2007 - 2010 style of machinima, they may serve food-for-thought. Each video series offers different tips, created by different people with different mindsets; therefor you may want to watch multiple videos to get a wider range of information, and if you're still curious you should continue searching for more tutorials.

Film Clans
Creating and joining film clans.

A film clan is a collection of people who all collaborate under the same title, and work on projects as a team. Each film clan is different, sometimes a clan is created just to produce one project or series, and other film clans may form in the spur of a moment. There aren't many concrete rules as to how a film clan needs to be run, what quantifies a film clan, or what indicates that it is successful. These are all subjective, and can vary from clan to clan.

When joining a film clan, it's important to consult the leader(s) to see what their goals, expectations, and Physician Prescribed Desoxynods are. For example: If you're an aspiring, determined film maker who takes film-making seriously, it's best not to join a layed-back film clan where the crew works at their own pace and decides their own goals - and vice versa.

If you plan to create a film clan, you should start out small and work your way up to larger projects. It's best create a video by any means available to demonstrate your capabilities. Utilizing communication services is important to organizing a clan, such as The Blockland Forums, or any instant-messaging program that suites you (Discord is the most popular.) Advertising your film clan should be done anyway you see fit. You'll see many clan leaders advertise on the Clan Discussion section of Blockland Forums, with film clans added to the mix. You can also advertise by word of mouth and watermarking your videos.

Here are a general collection of film clans with open admissions, found both on the forums and through Discord. Listed alphabetically. [Check back later, more will be compiled.]
As questions arise, and are frequently asked, they will be addressed here.

Modification Help / Brickbuilt-style Playertypes (Help!!)
« on: March 02, 2021, 05:45:43 PM »
I created some small brick-built dinos earlier today, and thought it'd be really neat if these models could be converted into player types. I don't know how to convert .bls files into applicable formats for editing or modelling -- or how to get the pieces UV wrapped to retain their texture work.

I think I remember hearing on some other thread that users who create vehicles build them outside of Blockland with exported brick models. I think hat would be feasible for me, considering my models are pretty simple, but I can't speak for certain. If anyone knows anything about this subject please let me know.

Here are my models in case you were curious. Two theropods, one looking to his side, and two sauropods, one standing, the other walking.

I had some additional ideas about using shape images or whatever the term is, to make kinda choppy looking animations by repositioning different pieces, but I want to start off with the basics first.

Drama / Mr.Annoying: BAD USER - REVALATIONS
« on: February 08, 2021, 07:19:50 AM »
This has been long overdue but someone had to get this out there. Mr.Annoying has been stuffing on other forum users again. Imagine my shock...

   We all know it's been bad, but 2021 must have had some sort of curse on his brain baked into it. from Jan to Feb he's gone on a total rampage all over drama, basically just not being very chill during serious interpersonal threads. This contrasts with his repetitive notion that he is (quote) "cool beans", but can we really expect him to be sincere at this point? It's habitual. I mean, 'fool me once shame on you' amirite? On top of this he's like a loving drama queen, always stirring up some bull stuff; basically a habitual problem user.

We've got a laundry list on him already, with previous threads dating back to 2018 covering:
  • The use of "comedic" pejoratives.
  • Him drama'ing too much.
  • Not knowing when to end an arguement.
  • His deployment of death threats to "win" debates.
  • His Badspot special interest.
  • Him being a Politard
  • His avatar.
  • Having the username Mr.Annoying.
  • Chimping out when people make the joke "Mr.Annoying? He must be annoying!"
  • Watches television.
  • Literally plays Blockland in 2021...
  • His username.
  • Unconditionally hates Brickadia.
  • Never uses the forums for anything other than OD'ing.
  • Using YouTube.
  • Using BitChute instead of YouTube.
  • Likes Brickadia (Despite their CEO being a child enthusiast, wtf!)
  • Creates add-ons isntead of playing vanilla.
  • Doesn't contribute to the drama board.
  • Drags stuffpost articles on for too long.
  • Refers to Twitter as "My home".
  • Tells people to not derail his threads.
  • Disrespected kompressor.

-Although we just need our annual Autism awareness megathread.

These are my choice cuts of this bull stuff steak dinner:

Buy five hundred copies of Blockland to send to everyone you know.

Yeah, market manipulation. love you Mr.Annoying.

Return To roosterland

Real funny, Dane Cook. Smashing comedy routine. I take it you're turning 14 soon?


This is a civilized game. Use full words.

Return To Blockland

>spells Block Land without a space
Just so we're all clear, he's handicapped...

This is an edited quote.

He edits quotes.

Dude. YOU'RE the one causing all the stuff on the forums. Are you that bad at deflecting, or is this some sort of unintentional mential gymnastic? Rhetorical question - it's on purpose.

roflmao ^_^

Okay, you really are 14 jfc.

I'm fourteen.

No you're not.

Anyway, I hope this will satiate you all for now, this lolcow has plenty'o milk left in them utters.

The drama board and it's consequences have been a disaster for the Blockland playerbase.

General Discussion / Blockland Machinima: Misadventures On A Wrong Earth
« on: January 26, 2021, 01:27:40 AM »
Created by Baked (40609) and AlexK (3689), Misadventures On A Wrong Earth is a comedy series that spans across various locations and realities by way of a man discovering a surreal teleportation device; fueling troublesome encounters. I, on behalf of The Blockbusters productions, was involved with the creation of the second episode, and it was a riot to make.

Episode 1:
I had no involvement in this one, but I recommend you should still watch it to get an understanding of the conflict. Quote "The biggest enemy of the U.S government, A̶g̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶N̶i̶n̶j̶a̶   Baked, has fled to a predetermined location with a stolen teleporter from the pentagon." A lot of the humor is similar to that of Nekram, but uses storytelling and dialogue to set up the humor.

Episode 2:
If you liked "The Swashbucklers", you'll really like this. The crew and I spared no expense with use of events for mind-blowing action scenes. Combine that with some astonishing voice acting by Billywws (251582) as the captain, and great improvisational contributions from the whole crew (credited at the end). This is a film worth watching. To quote: "Escaping the threat from before, Baked stumbles his way to a pirate ship after finding a disc of unknown origin". The comedy in this more similar to that of Filipe1020 or Teneksi, with early 2000s videogame soundtracks, voice acting, and major usage of explosions.

If you like these videos, please share them. Also, check out The Blockbusters productions.

General Discussion / Blockland Machinima: Halloween Special!
« on: October 30, 2020, 04:30:03 AM »
Our latest film is out, just in-time for Halloween! Done over the course of a week and three days - beginning with the conception, this film was a bit of a douse to make. There was a large crew behind this film, consisting of eight real players (with absolute minimal usage of film-bot).

Synopsis: As Halloween grows near, the owner begins to notice supernatural events unfolding at his pumpkin patch.

Watch the full film here:

Add-ons used:
  • Torch Light
  • Candle Light
  • Film Mode
  • FilmBot
  • Farm Truck
Custom add-ons
  • Hat_Western
  • Hat_BlokoGhost
  • Item_Pumpkin

Join the Blockbusters Productions Discord server to get involved with the film making process:

General Discussion / Blockland Related Wikis
« on: October 29, 2020, 03:24:38 AM »
I wanted to share some Blockland-related Wiki pages that I've both come across, and personally contributed to. I've asked some people to help me in the past, although have gotten mixed reception. I figure it's best to make an open thread about it, rather than asking person-to-person infinitely.

The Blockland Wiki:
A Wiki page dedicated to the essential details, history and trivia of base Blockland, as well as some of its' user-base landmarks such as these very forums, or RTB. I inherited the Wiki
from the user ShockBL, and I've added quite a few pages overtime; mainly of in-game content. It's definitely in need of more contributors, and people who can source information on the chronology of Blockland's evolution.

The Blockland User Wiki:
This Wiki is dedicated to immortalizing members of the Blockland user-base. In general, it seems like it needs more contributors, and possibly some moderators. I personally don't use this Wiki very much, although I get why it would exist.

The Blockland Films Wiki:
Also referred to as Blockywood. This is my pet project; founded with Joestacos2 and Daffytitanic. It was created to both archive and catalog everything relevant to Blockland's film making subculture. We have categories for film clans, film creators, and series so far. More contributors are definitely needed.

So what are your takes on these Wikis?
I know they're kind of a played-out format, and some have questioned the necessity of having them in general. Personally, I think there are a couple reasons documenting both the development and culture of a game like this could provide some in-sight for new players of the game who may feel a little lost when first joining. Or, it could serve as either an a inspirational or cautionary tale to indie game designers on what made Blockland so special, or where it went wrong. Also, as a Blockland film-maker myself, I see value in preserving the biographies and multi-media creations of fellow users all in one handy spot, so future users can become inspired to try their hand at creating soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.

If you're interested, simply hop on, refer to the guidelines, and have fun.

Forum Games / W.I.P Halloween Film - Filming Completed!
« on: October 22, 2020, 07:39:58 PM »
In collaboration with the Blockbusters Productions film clan, I'm helping produce another film to be released by Halloween 2020. This would be the fifth film I've produced so far, and I recommend you look at my others on YouTube if you want to see my experience.

Film Description:
Synopsis: As Halloween grows near, a rancher begins to notice supernatural events unfolding at his pumpkin patch.
About The Film: The film will be roughly two minutes. We need actors to portray the pumpkin-patch-goers, supernatural entities, and the pumpkin patch owner. (Some of these background roles could be automated.)

Screenshot of the set, built by Cowtastic, Daffytitanic, Kreftos and I:

Roles: Casting closed!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, I don't get too many of those so I'll have an easy time sorting your contacts out.
Also join the Blockbusters Productions' discord server to get involved with the film making process:

*Some of this information may be subject to change later on as the film develops and if ideas shift.

Happy Halloween everyone, we look forward to releasing this film.

Gallery / Blockland Machinima: The Swashbucklers (Pirate Film)
« on: October 17, 2020, 08:15:08 PM »
I'm proud to announce, I've finally finished and released the pirate film that has been in the works since April, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen, Blockbusters Productions proudly presents: The Swashbucklers.

Synopsis: The film is set in the Golden Age of Piracy, focusing on a gang of smugglers who steal a British vessel sailing the North Atlantic Sea, yet they seem to bite off more than they could chew along the way.

Watch the full film here

Add-ons used:
  • Newtonian Camera
  • FilmBot
  • Film mode
  • Blunderbuss
  • Knife
(and others...)

Join the Blockbusters Productions Discord server to get involved with the film making process:

Gallery / Mr.Annoying's W.I.P Add-ons!
« on: June 08, 2020, 02:11:59 AM »
This is an incomplete gallery of Add-ons that I currently have semi-completed in alphabetical order:

Bicycle (Item/Vehicle)
Synopsis: A portable bicycle that the user can mount, and carry along side them when not riding.
Status: Item works, although the steering is very imperfect, riding is too bouncy, and painting doesn't work. The bicycle uses the skis as a template, and it is currently isn't any better than them - the bicycle should eventually work like how balls do - where players can only access them when unarmed. No Icon yet.

Blunderbuss/Musket (Weapon)
Synopsis: An antique rifle that shoots large ball-type projectiles, between cool-downs.
Status: Posted.

Bollinger (Vehicle)
Synopsis: A two-seating SUT based on a real car.
Status: Needs lots of work, long story short. Rigged and ready to be polished.

Camel (Vehicle/Playertype)
Synopsis: A camel that the player can ride atop for quicker transportation, with sprinting.
Status: Sprinting isn't coded yet, and animations don't work (for some reason, I couldn't figure out why.)

Idiot Box (Hatmod)
Synopsis: A television that sits around your head.
Status: Some sort of critical error related to my DTS exporter has rendered it unable to be loaded into Blockland; it crashes the game everytime

Pterodactyl (Vehicle/Playertype)
Synopsis: A flying reptile that the player can fly when mounted.
Status: Flying is rudementary so far, the pterodactyl can only continually jump upwards with little horizontal control in air.

Stungun/Taser/Taser Gun (Weapon)
Synopsis: A less-lethal weapon that allows the user to temporarily freeze their target.
Status: Icon, sound effects and particles are mostly done, although the stunning script hasn't been implemented yet.

Forum Games / W.I.P Film - Actors Wanted!
« on: April 10, 2020, 01:55:02 AM »
As of 4/9/20, I'm working on another film for the Blockbusters clan. My last Blockland film was a recreation of a radio skit from GTA IV, filmed and edited entirely by me; watch it here:

Update: 4/15 - Casting closed.

Film Description:
Synopsis: The film is set to take place in the Golden Age of Piracy, focusing on a gang of smugglers who steal a British vessel sailing the Atlantic Sea, yet are apprehended by the British Navy, and are forced to dock in an unfamiliar setting - The Caribbean. The gang encounters a long time rival crew of Pirates, and the two duke it out; winner controls the rival crew's port.

About the Film: It's in early stages right now, and most likely could be entirely completed - sound design and post production included - by next week. I'm thinking that the film should be around 5-7 minutes long. It isn't going to be entirely dependent on historical accuracy, so we have room to tell a fantastical tale.

Take a look at the sets we have so far. Made by Cowtastic and I.

Roles: Casting closed!

Shoot me a PM if you're interested, I don't get too many of those so I'll have an easy time sorting your contacts out.
Also join the Blockbusters Productions' discord server to get involved with the film making process:

*Some of this information may be subject to change later on as the film develops and if ideas shift.

« on: April 08, 2020, 03:53:51 AM »
A video that took me three days in total film, and is also my first ever Blockland Machinima. Definitely check it out:

The audio is from GTA IV. If you'd like to make a video with me join my film clan server, it's been inactive since this is my first film, but the more film-makers that join, the busier it gets.

Blockbuster Productions Discord:

Add-ons used:
  • Kaje's Mech suit
  • Mr.NoBody's Hatmod
  • Radiostar's Waifu Hats
  • Jirue's Lego Pirate decals
  • Krystal's FemaleFace B
  • Controlplayer command
And maybe others that I forgot.

Off Topic / USA Made Products Links (Updated)
« on: January 24, 2020, 03:10:46 AM »
To my fellow Americans who don't hate their country, or aren't going to to blame all economic problems and job shortages on previous/current/future presidential administrations... I have a message.

Buying domestic-made products can be a great way to strengthen the American economy and rejuvenate the depleting middle class. Manufacturing jobs provide low-skill opportunities for people nation wide, who don't really want to spend 30,000+ on a degree and fall into an inescapable deficit in order to find a decent paying job.

In an effort to help curve the ever growing problem of outsourcing, I'm compiling a list of all American made products neatly organized for your discretion. I hope you'll find your needs satisfied.

Links to some great directory portals:



Clan Discussion / Blockbusters Film Clan - Back in action!
« on: December 16, 2019, 03:33:42 PM »
(Formerly) Started by scoob (BL_ID 48712), Kreftos (BL_ID 197906) and, Mr.Annoying, (BL_ID 35171) Blockbusters Production is not only a clan for amateur made for machinima making/audio/editing hobbyists to collaborate on videos in Blockland, but also a power house for creative minds to share graphics, resources, builds and add-ons to aid fellow filmmakers.

Try contacting me on the forums, Blockland Glass, and or Discord! We'll gladly accept new participants.

Current Members:
  • Mr.Annoying (Me)
  • Cowtastic

Our playlist:

Links and references:

Q.How to join?
A.Applying "Blok+Bust" as your clan tags in game is mandatory. We also recommend joining our group discord server and applying for roles.
Q.What do I need to join?
A.We recommend you have at the very least: A free video recording software, Movie Maker/iMovie, Audacity, and notepad.

[Disclaimer] Our server has rules. You'll need to follow them if you wish to become a member. Also, our server is not "meme-friendly". Our members need to be able to stay concentrated on their projects, so don't distract them.

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