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Gallery / Blocko'd Speedkart Blocko
« on: November 15, 2021, 05:29:04 PM »
A little Speedkart dupe of the blocko kart to put in your town or whatever. Enjoy.

One Random Brick Pack (octo brick and 25 ramps)
Smallbricks (handle brick and forgeted non-lego chair)
Vehicle Brickpack (wheels and steering wheel)
Miscellaneous Brickpack (big handle brick)
Seamless Tile Plates (chassis)
Tile Plates (spoiler)
Might have missed one?

Descargar Gratis Kup Teraz 100% Virus Full

Also while making this I discovered the original model has really forgeted proportions for some reason. The plates at the back are half a plate tall? What the hell?

Add-Ons / [Hat / Item] Hatmod_PPE + High Vis. Vests
« on: August 27, 2021, 09:06:00 AM »
Version 1.0
Please wear a hard hat when undoing near floating bricks.


It's things for your head. Yellow hardhat is from Hatmod_Jake
The "muffs" having mics is intentional, felt pretty visually boring to look at without them, sorry for ruining your immersion. I'm sure construction headsets are probably a thing somewhere.

Download (BLG)
Download (BLO)

Version 1.0
They glow in the dark, run em over!

Vests that make you glow in the dark. 3 colors. Script is an edit of Item_Overcoat. If you want to use this in some RP server i'd reccomend just integrating it into whatever armor add-on you're using.

Download (BLG)
Download (BLO)

Add-Ons / Technic Hole Bricks
« on: June 23, 2021, 04:33:47 PM »

Add-Ons / [Brick] Clean Grills
« on: June 21, 2021, 07:16:45 PM »
Clean Grills
Version 1.1
I can't think of a good one-liner for this.

I made this because it didn't exist. (not publically, anyways)
Grill brick without the brick part, add one yourself! You can make your own weird freeform grills.


Add-Ons / [Brick] Flag (Vertical, Horizontal & Diagonal)
« on: June 20, 2021, 03:32:35 PM »
Version 1.1
Praise be yer nation!

It's a flag. A LEGO flag. The backside is the same rather than mirrored because mirrored looked like complete crap, so this is more for things like symmetrical LEGO Castle-like emblems (example: the default owl decals) rather than something like country flags, whose backside will look weird.

Vertical one is for the Antenna brick in 1RandomPack.
Horizontal one is for HorizPoles.
Diagonal one is for PoleDiagonals.
Model is originally from RTB but I decimated it to be significantly less high poly.
I reccomend using them with ray casting and collision off.


1x Cube
Version 1.0
it's a loving cube yo

It's a 1x Cube. Cubical for real! Also has a print.

Compatible with Half Plate Pack!

2x2f Brick Icon Grill
Version 1.0
it's a loving grill yo

Download now within the next [time until Jincux gives up on Blockland and shuts glass down] and get a brick icon grill print absolutely free!

What? You DIDN'T know that the icons for print bricks 1. use the square holes from the beta and that 2. 1x1f and 1x1 grills don't even exist? Too bad! Now you'll never NOT know!
(turn off all other print pack add-ons so that it's the only print that shows up by default on all print ratios and therefore on iconinit)

Add-Ons / [Item] Brick Prop Items
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:18:06 PM »
ever wanted to use a NES in a video but be like

"god damng it i forgot to enable hackplant again!"

"god damn it jimmy you moved your mouse 5mm too much and it ruined the whole scene, congrats"

well your lucky day is here...

sodas and phone textures by trogtor
also the colorshifts are for colorset_natural and probably architectural too so dont complain if it looks slightly off
also they dont actually do anything theyre for video making Lol

also check out 2x2f pizza item

Modification Help / changeDatablock hiding head for custom playertype
« on: June 14, 2021, 01:11:24 PM »
i have a custom player model playertype, right?

when i use the changeDatablock event to change to it, my headSkin node dissapears

but if i unhide it like pic above or set the default playertype to it in a minigame it shows up fine
why is my game being homoloveual

so lets say i want to have a custom player model playertype and it's correctly inheriting all the default armor stuff and works fine
you have two choices:

have your model be named m.dts, inside the addon, have your own IFLs, force dl them with a support script
* supports stuff with "./m.dts" checks like default appearance scripts, physicsdeath, slayer uniforms
* works right out of the box
* no non-default faces/decals
* have to hackily send ifls with a support mod

or have the model be named something other than m.dts (without replacing it), and paste it into the player shape folder in base, like how medrp and despair fever do it

* supports custom decals/faces
* supports decals/faces at all without forcing clients to dl the ifls
* have to manually stuff up your base folders with more files
* youre gonna have to go and edit every single one of those addons to support your new model filename buddy

both of these suck, can there just be a way to make the game load the default IFL files from its base folder without having to rename the model and put it there please

Add-Ons / [Playertype] Player_Smooth_Horse | STRONG INDEPENDENT HORSE
« on: June 13, 2021, 04:08:58 PM »
Smooth Horse
Version 1.0

a horse that doesn't like being rid
A horse without the hole for riding it. Therefore you don't.
Good for when you want a horse that 1. doesn't have a giant hole in it and 2. isn't immediately going to be rid into the sunset by the first player that sees it.
Shading kinda eh but the topology on the horse model is complete donkey richard and I can't be assed to spend 5 hours fixing it :shrug:


Suggestions & Requests / BLB key brick
« on: June 10, 2021, 12:44:16 PM »

a BLB version of that JVS keyhole brick.
closedcw is no key, opencw is key in, openccw is key turned, and closedccw (for if you have the addon to use it on its own) is turned the other way.
i know this configuration doesn't make much sense but it's so you can still easily use it without the closedccw event

Suggestions & Requests / the grill brick without the studs
« on: June 09, 2021, 09:05:31 AM »

this but just the grill part without the studs. a version of this already exists vertically with the wire fence bricks and a horizontal version would be nice.
technically all you need is a 1x1 but 1x2 2x4 4x4 8x8 etc would be useful to not murder your brickcount
you could use these for eventing a breakable hole in a grill in a gamemode, custom size grills, or just freeform blob grills not bound to what Brick_v15 and the couple extended grill bricks addons offer

General Discussion / why was visolator's steamid banned from bl
« on: August 20, 2020, 02:39:27 PM »


i want 3 bricks that look like these

32x32 Road X (circle edition)

make a road that looks like this bad boy (top right)

Pine Tree (le smooth edition)

make a pine tree that pines like this (bottom right)

5x6x2 Castle Wall
Castle walls were originally shaped like this.

Look at this image of this build in the beta.

If a save from the same time period is loaded now:

This implies that the brick was a rounded shape (like the LEGO brick) and was 2x due to a lip of some sort (also like the lego brick)
Although, the shape of some saves implies that the brick wasn't shaped exactly like the lego brick

because the only shape the brick could have been according to the horse race save would be

excuse the crusty brick icons edits

Gallery / LEGO 6363-1
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:41:27 PM »
LEGO 6363-1

the placement of the fruit tree brick is off because the brick is too fat but its otherwise perfect for the bricks that exist
did have to take creative liberties with the handle brick, clip bricks, the bricks with the holes in them that wrenches go through, and especially the crane brick since they don't exist in bl
required add-ons

if there's some other missing add-on tell me

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