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General Discussion / Another Generic FreeBuild - Offline Currently.
« on: April 19, 2017, 02:52:19 PM »
Another Generic FreeBuild!
The first hosting session went great aside from the fact that there was an overload of files, about over 1000.
Keep that in mind, and also if you have a loading issue wait a few moments and it should solve itself.

Currently I'm hosting a freebuild like all the others.

Hoping the server will be a place people can just enjoy their time build stuff, and meet some new people.

Will update with pics if the server pics up at all, anyway it's up right now under
"Kill3rman88's Another Generic FreeBuild"

Got a decent amount of add-ons including the "Essential Add-ons pack".

Credits to Red Spy, and his amazing house.


Good horror games for a beginner!

Like topic says, I'm looking for some horror games that I can play to get myself more into the horror genre.

I typically hate horror games and I'm always anxious about it but I've gotten a bit older and want to start playing some more!

Alright, I'm not exactly positive if this is the correct place to ask this but..

If possible, is there a way to change your avatar or atleast your face decal on a keybind?

Gallery / Starting work on a Blockland Movie - (Preview)
« on: April 12, 2017, 06:37:07 PM »
I don't even have a title for this yet.. uh? For now it's gonna be..
The Tale of a Hero! In High School

Here's a sneak peek at my newest Blockland movie, this is literally my first one but I hope to make many!
Note - This sneak peek has literally nothing to it.

Also I play every actor.. So that's interesting huh?

Premise - Thanks to Drydess

Honestly I kind of wanted to start it out as a generic Highschool film but then suddenly falling into another cliche strange things start happening.

I kind of want to have it be like all from the character's perspective and I'm not sure how to do this fully yet because I'm the only person - Building, Editing (Which is what I like to do), eventing and not voice acting currently but I do want to get voice actors if possible.

Characters - As of now
4 Main Characters

James - "Main Character", New to this High School and making friends while uncovering this world around him / Voice Actors: N/A
Description - A little antisocial and nervous around new people, but with his group of friends he opens up!

Elizabeth - Only female in the main group, she typically is the one who comes up with the plans. / Voice Actors: N/A
Description - Elizabeth is the man of the group, no one tells her what to do.. Except the principle.

Geoff - Takes everything very seriously, but he is a kind guy. / Voice Actors: N/A
Description - Geoff takes school seriously, like everything else in his life, but he can have a good time and is the most kind hearted guy you'll know.

Manny - Wacky character, comedic character / Voice Actors: N/A
Description - Manny doesn't take life too seriously, he is like a polar opposite of Geoff, he loves to make people laugh and can be the most random person.

Voice Application Form

Character you want:

Experience (if any):

Voice reel/Voice acting video, audio:
(Just so I can see an example)

An Adventure Project!

Well hello, I'm a decently new BLF user and this is a bit of a project I'm working on.
Basically what I'm trying to do with this project is to make an interactive story, where investigating into the universe will lead into learning more about said universe. Think game play being like a point and click adventure style.

Sneak Peak

Edit - Messing with events.

As in terms of gameplay, you will do a decent amount of reading.. But you get to put yourself into this character, make decisions and learn about a unique world.

Criticism is fine, though do know that I am pretty bad at building and this is not at all a finished project, but I am trying.

Hello! You may know of me slightly if you've browsed the creativity and forum games sections of BLF even though I'm a new BLF user.

On Topic:
I see people making extremely awesome blockland builds and I think I want to build something cool too, yet when I boot up blockland I just get unmotivated to do it.. So any tips or recommendations to help get more motivated?

Forum Games / Another Drawn Adventure - You make the story.
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:45:47 PM »
Another Drawn Adventure!

Wow, a new user on BLF making a dumb Forum Game that will probably get one reply!

This is meant to be stupid, you get to make the character do whatever! Your posts are like the characters thoughts! (Obviously not doing everything, lmao.)
WHOA?! You are an edgy teenager, who has just woken up in a not so familiar room (Cliche huh?) and you must find your way to your pc to post on tumblr.

Further along the line, if you'd like to make a character that may show up I'd probably need a lil sketch.

Anyway have fun.

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