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Music / Saluting the Fallen/Taps
« on: May 03, 2020, 12:43:42 AM »
In honor of Rick May, the Team Fortress 2 team had arranged a rendition of taps that plays on the main menu screen.

Given the current situation, this seemed most appropriate

Music / bill wurtz music collection
« on: December 16, 2018, 10:19:17 AM »
want to print a brain?

hei homoseksuaalinen! it's good to see you again! how long has it been since we last talked? six months, five days, and roughly 17 hours?
hey, don't sweat it! i understand it's been awhile, but you'll be not happy to know that i've been alive, and listening to the heavenly words of god himself, bill wurtz. maybe you have as well? no, you haven't, i just checked the forums. 0 results for "bill wurtz."
i'm disappointed in you. but you can make it up to me. just listen to his music. you don't even have to download the pack this topic is about. just listen and understand.

you could make a religion out of this
this pack currently includes eight songs
  • la de da de da de da de day oh
  • i wanna be a movie star
  • hello lovey pants
  • i'm best friends with my own front door
  • mount st. helens is about to blow up
  • when i get older
  • i don't wanna go to school
  • long long journey
i might add more if you actually want more, that's cool. all the music files have been labeled with the prefix "wurtz-" so they can all be grouped together.

that's how i get back home

Music / Parappa The Rapper 2 Songs
« on: July 10, 2018, 06:10:27 PM »
Hey Bambinos, you like jazz hip hop music with an old school twist?

If you said yes then you're probably an idiot because you're talking to a prewritten message on your computer screen, dummy! But that doesn't even matter because you're probably not even down with the mix, kid. This addon enlightening experience will include these songs:
  • Stage 1: Toasty Buns
  • Stage 2: Romantic Love
  • Stage 3: BIG
  • Stage 4: Sista Moosesha
  • Stage 5: Hair Scare
  • Stage 6: Food Court
  • Stage 7: Noodles Can't Be Beat
But wait, hold the phone or whatever you're using to download this, because this deal is about to get kinda disappointing ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!!
NOT ONLY does this have the seven best beats with lyrics, but it also has the seven best beats without lyrics!
To separate the greatness and greatness without lyrics, all normal songs will be labeled with "PTR2" at the start of it, and instrumentals have "PTR2i" in front of it. Get it? because the "i" stands for "instrumental"?
What are you still waiting for? The death of the democratic party? Well get it early now!!!

Disclaimer: Stage 8 is not included in this bundle because everything past Colonel Noodle is unnecessary
Now put me back or I'm going to miss my favorite TV show...

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