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Off Topic / What is the meme of the decade
« on: December 09, 2019, 05:07:26 PM »
So in this decade the memes had gone a lot more mainstream (normies!!!!!!!!!!!) and we got a whole lotta new memes, however, most of them didn't live long enough.
The longest living ones would be impact ones as they are still being used unironically and ironically, pepe on the second place and wojak and their variants.
oh and let's not forget doge, as they died in 2013 and was revived to turn into these stories where karen leaves them for walter.
also ponies in a cum jug has grown in popularity again

Off Topic / juice wrld died
« on: December 08, 2019, 01:29:14 PM »
You might know him because of his Astroworld feature and his biggest hit Lucid Dreams

Dude died of seizure and do you know the worst thing about this? Tik Tok was doing some retarded trend where they were pretending to have seizure while juice wrld song played in the background
conspiracy; tik tok killed juice wrld

Off Topic / Disney+ users already getting hacked
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:50:54 PM »
So 1337 hackers didn't wait a single minute and already began their attack on Disney+ Accounts and are selling them for the cheap price of $3 and Disney claimed that they haven't been data breached. People already suggested that it could be the users are the big dumb for reusing the same passwords everywhere seeing that hackers could be using collections of leaked passwords.

It's not limited to just Disney+, account stealing is common for Netflix, Crunchyroll oh boy i cant wait for high guardian spice and whatever other streaming services there are.

I own a Disney+ account, what do?
Make sure you're using a unique password.
Install a Password Manager (or just write them down in a note like a boomer you are)
KeePassXC is the best choice for storing them locally
Bitwarden is okay, you can either use their cloud database hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud or self-host it yourself.
LastPass, 1Password and Roboform are cloud-stored so I hope you at least trust whoever are hosting them

And 2-auth everywhere, and remember to back the files up or you will one day get locked from your accounts
andOTP for mobile, Winauth for PC.


Music / Drake without Autotune
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:50:52 PM »
monday monday monday monday
Holl Up
monday monday monday monday
Holl Up Holl Up Holl Up
monday monday monday monday

This is Drake without autotune

on another note why is drake so loving brown town with region block i just wanna listen to the official sound of gods plan

oh neat this thread is the first result when you search for "drake without autotune", for the n'wahs, this isn't the full audio of drake without autotune, this is a loop made specifically for blockland, that game where you build stuff.

Games / PAYDAY 2 Resuming development
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:58:17 PM »
The news is a bit old but i know some fellas that really loves PAYDAY 2 so heres some good news
Basically, new DLCs content and more bug fixes, yay. I'm a bit surprised to see Starbreeze still not dead despite all the stuff they got through, maybe because updating a existing game is cheaper than creating a new one seeing that they were planning to release a new one in 2019, which was PAYDAY 2's end of life.

Off Topic / cumbrain november 2019
« on: November 01, 2019, 01:46:06 AM »

Why nut when you can coom? forget NNN, let's loving coom all day.
Aggghhh... I-I mean researchhub is totally planting trees for each 100 views, r-right? now get in and jack off to drawings now.

Off Topic / What is BLF's stance on emojis?
« on: October 29, 2019, 02:37:30 AM »
I didn't like them when they got popular in 2012 since it was replacing emoticons but I slowly accepted them.

Games / COD Mobile seems to be rigging their Lootbox Event
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:02:10 PM »
COD Mobile has started a Lucky Draw event where you have a chance of getting 10 different items from the pool, with 2 being epic.
The first spin on the Lucky Draw costs 40 COD Points (Premium Currency), but what they don't tell is that as you spend it will go up in price (Check edit). Also worth noting that the price seems to be different for every player/region since it costs 30 COD Points for me so they are using some sort of dynamic pricing.
It goes from 40 to 80 to 200 and then 400 and then 800 then 960 then 1600 then 3000 then 6500 and the last spin being 10000 COD Points ($100) in total being 23580 COD Points
In this video, the dude has watched 5 Youtubers who actually spent all that money on the lucky draw and put in it in a order to show on what they have won, with 3 winning the skeleton skin (2 had stopped before then) and then the AK47

As you see on the screenshot, the item that you win will be removed from the pool so there are no dupes here, if the chance of getting the epic skins is so high then why did nobody get the character/AK before the 9th and 10th spin?
Probably because the odds are faked.
Stealthbubble is known for leaking a bunch of upcoming stuff from CODM and apparently he has learned that the odds are fake.
If this is true then Activision is gonna get forgeted in the ass for lying about the odds, Google and Apple requires every app to disclose their odds, it can also be illegal in some countries like China.

Oh and by the way, "IT'S JUST COSMETICS!" well guess what, the gun skins has P2W perks, the AK47 skin has the perk to shoot at longer range with it's range boost and there's a premium MG on lootboxes that doesn't show where the teammate died if killed with, now imagine if your teammate got killed by one using it in SND and you can't know where they could be attacking from because of the perk.
Now this one doesn't really matter but did you know that there's a Captain Price skin on a lootbox and the chance to get it is 1.0%?

Watch TheQuartering's video about this if you'd like
inb4 activision tries damage control by giving everyone who went for it with weapon xp cards as compensation


they quietly changed the wording and now informs that the price increases per spin. the 42% chance though is still there.

They removed the odds screen from the game and replaced it with help screen, seems like they are silently doing damage control as they aren't even answering the questions in Reddit and Twitter.


They "fixed" their stuff and you can now see how absurds the odds for the lootcrates are: 0.08% for the AK47 skin, 1.71% for skeleton skin.

Games / Fortnite Chapter 2 is here
« on: October 13, 2019, 03:10:41 PM »
ok now that its here im locking it if you wanna discuss about it go to the fortnite megathread
nvm thread is too old forget

that epic moment when the battle royale has more lore than coop which was worked on since 2011

So if you don't know already, Fortnite twitter has posted a tweet saying "This is the end" and later nuked all their tweets, then a event called "the end" happened in fortnite where the entire island was sucked into a black hole, including the lobby. in game footage with no commentary lobby
they are currently livestreaming the black hole, everyone thinks that they are bringing in fortnite 2 but who knows.

also kids are smashing their tvs over it

and forbes posted this thing which could possibly be a real leak, or even a fake leak made by epic to mislead people into thinking fortnite 2 is coming

So basically they "accidentally" made a profit off their users' security info by letting the advertisers make use of uhhhhhhhhhhhh private info which is hella vague but it seems to be kinda vague, stuff like email, phone numbers and whenever you use 2fa or not
but dont worry they dont know ur email haha they just matched people based on their email, phone and 2fa also if you are a chad that has ad tailored off on your twitter acc then you arent affected by this also trust them it was totally a accident

fine of 5 million dollars incoming

Off Topic / Richard Stallman resigns from FSF and MIT after outrage
« on: September 17, 2019, 02:11:50 AM »
Richard Stallman, The now former president and founder of Free Software Foundation, has Resigned from his role of president from FSF after the stupid stuff he said online.
the most plausible scenario is that one of Epsteinís underage victims presented themselves as entirely willing

One of the few articles that started the outrage were the following:
4chan's /g/ is emailing the journalist with richard pics

Richard had then responded on his blogs (or whatever it is)
But of course his damage control didn't work after that.

GNOME, one of the populars Desktop Environments for GNU/Linux, had pulled themselves out of FSF.
Free Software Conservatory, a not-for-profit charity called for him to forget outta the foundation (not really)
and lots of stuff going on but this is what matters

On the same day, he resigned from MIT
And also from FSF

As much of a autist he was after these 30 years, it's surprising it didn't happen sooner. He was an important fella for the history of free software, too bad he lost all his reputation.
On the other note, I wonder who's going to be the new President of FSF

Music / Playboi Carti Loops
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:26:23 PM »
    Carti be like hmmmmmm today i will have my entire album leaked for god who knows how many times
    That's a whole lotta nothing
    These loops doesn't contain the entire songs.

    Accepting requests, i'll try to loop and keep them short as possible

    • A lot on my mind - "I've got a lot on my mind"
    • Home - "Daddy waitin' for it, bring that money home"
    • Long Time (When you learn that not everyone wears snake sweaters) - "I ain't felt like this in a long time"
    • R.I.P Fredo - "Yeah, hittin' that boy with that fire, Ooh brother didn't notice me"
    • R.I.P Yams - "Ouuu"
    • Top - "I'm on the top of the building"
    • New as of December: Big Bank - "Big Bank Bitch Don't Wanna" only downloadable as attachment


Games / Take-Two sends 2 private investigators to a Youtuber's house
« on: August 07, 2019, 02:51:05 PM »
And this time its about borderlands 2

tl;dw ALLEGEDLY he streamed and showed to thousands of people about the test accounts that were unintentionally shown on a trailer, one which eventually made a private stream which then the youtuber shows the thumbnail because twitch's "private" function hides everything but thumbnails.

He then gets visited by two PIs hired by Take-Two, 2K and isn't happy about the leak either so they sent 7 copyright strikes on his youtube account but fortunately only one stood out while the rest was revoked. Discord account and server are both terminated for "selling, promoting or distributing cheats, hacks or cracked accounts", Nobody knows who actually did the report.

Would like to hear what does everyone think about this before I express my opinion.

ok so heres my opinion
knowing that take two and 2k are absolute brown town on leaks, the youtuber should at least have known better about whoever published borderlands 3, even if he didn't do the leak (originally some people shared about it on reddit and 4chan, which brought attention to the youtuber) he should at least be aware that he just brought a lot more attention to something that the developers never intended to show

Music / Playboi Carti - Molly + Reverb
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:46:44 PM »
this one is easier to decode compared to pissy pampers

look at these diamonds i enchanted yuh
big tiddy bih in flatland
baby mini diamonds i dischanted
i just called an viane
i dont get a stylish
imma place some pots
looking so impractice
you don't forget with romanic
heavy maybe im on pills
i just forgeted a pintful
eight seven in your feels
yes i got this bitch i know that aint real
im spending my money and getting some pills
eliminate the bitch with a bitch
imma lose the bitch
can a bitch ever need a bitch

also including a reverb (but not slowed) version perfect for interior ambient
for a better gaming experience update Blockland's audio driver

Off Topic / Blender 2.80 is out
« on: July 30, 2019, 02:25:48 PM »
The difference between this and the previous version is pretty big.
And on a good note Ubisoft and Epic Games have joined the Blender gang and is also helping them by funding the foundation
All we need now is some kind person to port the torque plugin to 2.8

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