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« on: June 08, 2018, 01:43:59 AM »
Recent events have unfolded tonight on 6/8/2018. Our investigators on Zaxstar's Magic RP were sent to see what the atrocities would occur on that fateful day when the administration team suddenly lashed back at the host for his fetishizing of his roleplay server and slowly derailed into an argument about him abusing his position to gain an "in-roleplay" advantage over others.

The unfortunate victim, Zaxstar, began to fight back by removing the privilege of administration powers of his once-friends and some of our investigators with a lovely permanent ban! Shortly after, the password was released after one of the players on the server was trying to rescue one of our investigators from an inexplicable bug!

The admin wasn't banned until attention was brought forth by a BLG administrator, DragonoidSlayer, and posted the logs of the entire general chat. The admin's excuse was trying to get people to raid the "furry's RP server." This attempt was a failure, however.

Fortunately, our investigators managed to gather a worthy sum of evidence to support Zaxstar's innocence and guilt. One of our investigators managed to interview an admin that was banned on when the toxicity and the downward spiral of Zaxstar's RP began.

We've gathered claims that Zaxstar has previously been in the wrong before, raided by groups of friends, fetishized with himself, and more. Images of the logs will be sourced at the end of this article. I'm your host, LeekSauce, bringing you more news at '11.

Addendum-1: We apologize for any those who were harmed during or after this event and will remain neutral to the host the banned, and others. We are only a semi-reputable new source and only want to provide the reader's information on what occurred.
Addendum-2: Please do not harass or insult any of our investigators or the people who were harmed, insulted, or reputably damaged during this event and this post.


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