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Off Topic / Steam scamming
« on: December 01, 2016, 01:35:12 AM »
not really the type to make new threads but i figured id share this with you guys

this dudes english was pretty legit

discuss similar experiences or something idk
obligatory "hey its me ur brother" after the line

Games / Monster Hunter X has been announced
« on: June 01, 2015, 05:47:34 AM »

now with 100% more flashy moves

also yukumo village is back



Dungeon Fighter Online is a free to play beat 'em up MMORPG developed by Korean company Neople, originally published by Nexon in America, it was shut down on June 13, 2013. Neople later announced a global version of the game, holding a closed alpha test on May 15, 2014, and an open beta test on March 24, 2015 that is currently ongoing.

The game is a solid and fun mix of beat 'em ups, 2d fighting games and RPGs, with fluid, fast-paced gameplay, detailed old school 2d graphics, solid endgame content, and a pretty good soundtrack, it also has some deep lore or whatever but right now text is mostly engrish.

Okay, so you might be asking something along the lines of "Sounds too good to be free to play, whats the catch?" and you wouldn't be wrong, the game features premium currency, yet anything that can be bought with it can also be bought with ingame gold via an auction house system (cosmetics included!), however, the game also limits your daily playtime with the "fatigue points" system, each day your character gets 156 fatigue points (176 on weekends), entering a dungeon or moving to a new room consumes 1 fatigue point, some special dungeons consume 8 points on entrance but don't consume more for new rooms, if you run out of points, you won't be able to enter a new dungeon, but you are allowed to finish your current dungeon. Points reset at 2 AM Pacific Time (GMT -8). This causes your playtime when starting out to feel extremely short, but as you progress through the game the dungeons get more and more complex, making them longer to finish.

The maximum character limit is pretty high (around 20), however you have a limit of 2 new characters per day.

The current beta has 2 servers, US West and US East, server doesn't matter much since ingame connections are peer-to-peer, i recommend picking East since it has a larger playerbase.


The game features a large amount of playable classes, and each class can advance into one of multiple specialized subclasses, totalling into 42 different subclasses, each with their own set of skills and playstyles.

(Click on a subclass picture to see a short video about them)


"A swordsman who suppresses enemies with sword skills and the power of the demon dwelling within his hand"

Blade Master
- A quick and versatile physical class able to use various weapons. His combo ability is among the best of the Slayer subclasses and he's able to do dps and burst rather well. While not the toughest Slayer Subclass, his Light Armor use emphasizes his speed while providing some defense.

Soul Bender
- A magic class that can do dark damage and/or AoE Debuffing support. He's usually associated with the Katana, though Short Swords are sometimes used. Since he uses Cloth Armor, showing some caution is advised when not ghost walking.

- A physical class that focuses on damage at the cost of his HP with supporting skills to enhance it and to restore the spent HP. He also boasts pretty high defense due to Heavy Armor and skills like Diehard. He's mainly associated with Zanbatos, though Katanas and Bludgeons have been seen used by some.

- A much more direct Magic class, able to attack with a mix of elements. He uses Short Swords mainly for his attacks. Much more survivable, with naturally high avoidability, as well as Plate Armor for defense.


"An Empyrean who uses guns to suppress enemies at long range"

Ranger - A sharpshooting marksman who can easily unleash a fusillade of bullets and juggle enemies to their death. Unlike other Gunner Subclasses they excel at fighting in close quarters. Revolvers are their weapon of choice because of their speed and Physical Attack.

Launcher - A long-ranged burst class who is adept at clearing waves of mobs from off the screen. They equip Hand Cannons to augment their Physical Attack while blasting the opposition away with an arsenal of destructive weaponry. They can also take more of a beating because of their Heavy Armor mastery.

Mechanic - Adept at setting up machines to lay down constant damage on enemies. Because they equip Cloth Armor, they must be careful of any enemies that get past the wall of machines. They wield Auto Guns for their great boost to Magical Attack.

Spitfire - A tactical class; they endows their bullets with elemental or physical properties to exploit enemy weaknesses; and makes use of various gadgets, such as Grenades and attachable C-4, to hinder and eradicate their enemies. They wield either Bowguns for Magical Attack or Muskets for Physical Attack.


"A bare-hand brawler who is determined to train themselves to the limit"

Nen Master - A physical fighter that supplements their attack with magic, as well as being very supportive of other classes. They are able to weave themselves in and out of the front line and able to deal damage from either side effectively. They tend to use Knuckles as they are more magic based, but Tonfas have seen use too.

Striker - Striker - A front line class, able to deal large amounts of damage with one hit. Once you get a Boxing Glove their attacks become quick and deadly. They can activate Super Armor to avoid skill interruption and increase defense in order to continue to pound on their enemy.

Brawler - They have Damage over Time skills that allow them to use hit and run strategies if needed. They are also well off in the fray with the ability to group enemies and deal Area of Effect damage. Using Claw weapons gives their normal attack the chance to bleed an enemy.

Grapplers - Grapplers are able to dance in and out of the front lines very quickly, either grabbing a few enemies to deal with or the entire bunch. When aimed correctly, they can deal large amounts of damage and also evade damage. Grapplers tend to use Gauntlets due to their high Physical attack parameter, however some use Tonfas to reduce the cost of abilites.

Female Mage

"A little girl from Pandemonium who uses mystical magic"

- Specializes in poweful Area of Effect magics and mastering elements to bring forth their full power.

- A class that leaves combat to her various summons which she enhances, marks and directs.

- A quirky class that uses a broomstick to fly and attacks with familiars and magical machines that have varying chances of success with even failures being able to be weaponized to a degree.

Battle Mage
- Tougher and more adept with melee attacks, she excels at making combos that mix both physical attacks and magic damage using chasers, magical spheres that extend her combos.

Male Mage

"A boy from Pandemonium who uses mystical magic"

Elemental Bomber
- The Elemental Bomber overwhelms the opposition with bombardments of elemental attacks. He can shift the element of his basic orb attacks, giving them additional properties and adding extra gusto in every shot. Ideal for those who enjoy blasting mobs with large bursts of elemental magic.

Glacial Master
- A master of Water and Ice magic, the Glacial Master can conjure a large variety of frozen weapons and wield them with great efficiency. He has a versatile playstyle, able of going toe-to-toe with foes with conjured melee weapons, to hurling frozen projectiles from great distances, as well as summoning glacial water sprouts around himself.


"A devotee who has received a revelation from God, determined to wipe out all evil and protect the weak"

- A magic using class that is the toughest out of the Priest subclasses with a plate armor mastery. He mainly uses Crosses (magic/defense) or Rosaries (magic). He has two main builds: Battle, which focuses on his offensive skills and Support which focuses on his healing and buffs.

- He mainly uses his fists after removing his weapon with Will Driver, creating a field that buffs him. He also boasts considerable speed and combo ability for a Priest subclass, partially due to his Light armor mastery. Totems are his main weapon, though he can use Will Driver with other weapons to provide different party buffs.

- Focuses on slow but very powerful physical attacks or magical attacks that have Area of Effect and various supporting effects. He has three masteries: cloth, heavy, and plate, each to suit different build. His main weapons are Rosaries (magic), Scythe (speed), or Battle Axes (raw physical power).

- Unlike other Priest classes, he focuses on Shadow damage and is able to use his demonic power in various ways. The Avenger has a mix between speed and durability, making him the jack-of-all-trades Priest subclass. His main weapon is the scythe.


"A Dark Elf agent who delivers critical strikes with swift and rapid movement"

- A swift, combo-based fighter who has a unique feature of building up Contact Points through attacks to use them for powerful finishers. She uses Daggers for steady damage over time or Dual Blades for their burst damage.

- With her faithful servant, Nicholas, and her ancient master, Vallacre the Slaughterer, the Necromancer unleashes horror onto her enemies through impeding their movements, chipping away at their health, and executing them with a powerful Guillotine. Her weapon of choice are Wands to maximize her Magical Attack. Her Light Armor mastery makes her a bit tougher than the other subclasses.

Dark Knight

"A Slayer who broke all restrictions that bind him, wields overwhelming power to crush the enemy."

Dark Knight
- The Dark Knight is a variant of the Slayer and its subclasses. He has access to many of the Slayer's most powerful skills and is able to freely chain them together with his Time Break ability. The damage of skills are increased dramatically when chained together. He, however, lacks specific buffs or unique perks compared to other Slayers. The Dark Knight plays a much more offensive role compared to other Slayers, whereas other Slayers possess more defensive tools.


"A magician who summons various forms of magic and objects to attack the enemy."
(Don't play this if you value fun)

- A character that controls unconventionally, as she's moved with WASD and attacks with the mouse, resulting in a gameplay style unlike any other. She shares many of Mage's traits. Her magic has no cast time though there may be other delays.

Games / Disgaea 5 announced
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:09:57 PM »

Games / Dungeon Defenders II announced!
« on: March 18, 2013, 04:30:18 PM »

Dungeon Defenders II is here.

Get ready for more heroes, more towers and more loot. The cooperative mode you know and love is in pre-alpha and shaping up to be something really special. We’ll be providing the community with updates and welcoming feedback on a routine basis. Come back here Friday, March 22 for your exclusive first look at gameplay.

But wait, there’s more? Well, first Dungeon Defenders II has a new competitive mode and… it’s in closed beta as of today. Yes, it’s a MOBA. Yes, you can play it at PAX East.

Oh, and did we mention Dungeon Defenders II will be FREE! And yes, by that we mean free-to-play. No, it will not be pay to win. The exact details are in flux, but we’ll have several opportunities for you to provide feedback both in and outside the beta. Our goal is to provide the same amount of content at around the same price as the original game.

Games / Super Mario 64, Multiplayer!
« on: October 24, 2012, 11:00:42 PM »

Games / Super House of Dead Ninjas - Adult Swim did it again
« on: August 19, 2012, 03:14:38 PM »
i suck at explaining stuff so just click the link and judge yourself

Off Topic / Spoiler
« on: May 29, 2012, 05:39:26 PM »

Off Topic / 10,000th Post
« on: March 24, 2012, 01:15:18 AM »
hooray for achieving nothing

now gift me something

Off Topic / Meme Proposal
« on: January 26, 2012, 01:17:26 PM »

watch the sad amounts of people that will just say negative stuff because there are memes in this


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