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Add-Ons / Blockombat Re-Release v1.0
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:35:04 PM »
UPDATED! Blockombat - A Try At Classic RE-RELEASE v1.0

- - -

At this point I'm going to call it just "Blockombat" (BKT)

Finally^, here is an overhaul/update to the original BKT:ATAC weapon packs, which was a branch-off of the original Blockombat meant to compliment T+T and Frog's Weaponry. All of these weapons are re-balanced or in some cases changed in performance entirely, with some weapons being renamed and 2 all-new* weapons added, all compressed into one .zip instead of a series of them. The focus of these guns is fast-paced, mid-range fighting-- that said, they may kill quicker or be "OP" compared to Frog's or T+T's guns, as I haven't tested them side-by-side with these packs**. The balancing overall should be seen as a work-in-progress, as I haven't used these updated guns in large-scale DMs; feel free to send me a PM with any bugs, criticism on weapon balancing/handling, etc. My testing wasn't mega-thorough

Original RTB file pages for pics/reference

BKT - Combat
BKT - Enforce
BKT - Rebel

Changes over original packs

- Removed aiming-down-sights; re-balanced/changed performance for every gun to accommodate this change, including caliber changes and new names for a few guns
- Stole ammo models from H&K 2.0 alpha but it's kinda ok because I was a part of that dev team anyways lol
- New gun [Auto Sniper]: Semi-auto .338, 3-round mag, 2-hit-kill bodyshot, 1hk headshot. Model is based off a WA2000
- New gun [Easy Pete]: .44 mag revolver, 3hk body, 2hk head, same hit effect as snipers, cool reload, yes the name is a fo:nv reference i just didn't want another generic-named revolver
- Snipers and shotguns now have a muzzle blast that does 30 damage and sends people flying back
- Snipers and LMGs are now painfully inaccurate while moving but very accurate otherwise
- Snipers have a big hit effect like the .270 snipers in T+T and it pushes people back
- Shotguns have more spread but also more pellets per shot
- LMG capacities are now higher
- The [Makeshift Pistol] is now the [Pistol Carbine] and works as an odd-duck sniper sidearm that fires low-powered (5.7x28) but high-speed projectiles w/ a 30-round mag
- Pistol fire/reload animations aren't sucky anymore and they hold more rounds
- The [Combat Bullpup] is now a 3-round burst
- The [Modern Battle Rifle] is now a 2-round burst and holds 20 rounds
- The [PDR] is now the [PDW Rifle]. It still behaves like an SMG and fires 5.56 with a 20-round mag
- The [Combat Sniper] is still the best on-the-move sniper, to an extent. I wanted to keep some moving accuracy for trickshots lol

Other unmentioned features

- Limited ammo and reloading. RTB prefs for starting-ammo by caliber
- Snipers have very fast bullets; no raycasts or tracers (might add tracers)
- Moving negatively affects accuracy on all guns except pistols, SMGs, and shotguns
- There's a "heat" function that lowers the accuracy the more you shoot, which encourages firing in bursts to let the guns cool down. Don't worry, reaching full cool down is super quick
- Headshot functionality: Pistols have a 2x multiplier, most others have a 1.5x multiplier. This can be toggled with RTB prefs for every gun except DMRs, Easy Pete, and snipers
- Muzzle flash lighting effects. This can be toggled with RTB prefs
- Ammo HUD. This can be toggled with RTB prefs
- Vehicle damage is lower than player damage for most guns and varies by caliber; pistols/shotguns/SMGs don't do much, rifles do a decent amount, snipers do almost full damage
- Recoil. Slight camera shake while firing guns; SMGs, shotguns, and snipers are viable forms of transportation if you're willing to use the ammo for it (the [Machine Pistol] especially)
- Shot hearing range. Snipers can be heard from far away, the [Covert DMR] can only be heard from nearby, all other guns can be heard from 2x the default gun's range

Frequently(?) Asked Questions

Do you have any pictures?
I don't have any for the 2 new guns rn, but check see the Original RTB file pages for pics/reference section above

Does this require any non-default add-ons?
No - it is meant to be a standalone pack - but it does share a few datablocks with T+T

Will you be adding more weapons?
See the below question's answer. Don't expect anything

Can you convert the complete original H&K pack to work like BKT, T+T, FW?
I've been thinking about it. I may just end up converting certain weapons if I get reasonable suggestions

What was the original Blockombat? Why wasn't that ever finished? Will you ever finish it?
A pack of guns, explosives, melee weapons, and equipment with a focus on realism. The ultimate goal was to have ADS, jamming, select fire, realistic reload types, weapon bashing, functional attachments, etc. No backups (I was the only one with the 3.0 files) + HDD failures; lack of free time and motivation. No

Can I use the scripts as templates for my own re-skins/weapon pack?

Are traps gay?

I don't like this pack? I don't like you


Zloff - Icons, scripting, packaging
Navaro - Sounds
H&K team - Models, sounds
T+T team - Magnum & shotgun effects

Enjoy & happy new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* they were originally broken easter eggs
** if someone could give me a link to all of frog's weapons that'd be cool. i want to at least have the prefs/ammo be compatible with that and T+T
^ i said i'd update these packs 4 months ago. it actually didn't take much time at all for me to throw all this together, but at the time i was going through issues with some friends and a lot of big life changes, so ya

Off Topic / "Political Compass" test
« on: December 15, 2015, 01:39:20 PM »
It's been a little over a year since I took this test in a class and I wanted to take it again just to see where I'm at now, since I hardly kept up with politics and news back then. Thought it'd be relevant to post b/c of all the talk of politics on this forum as of late

"take test" in the top left corner. keep in mind it does take some time to finish


post your results if you want, the graph it gives you is a picture that should be link-able or whatever. A large majority of my class was somewhere in the mid-left with anyone in purple or red being rare and I have a feeling there's going to be a lot more lefties here too lol

Off Topic / Bike Thread
« on: July 23, 2014, 01:21:26 PM »

Talk about your biking experiences, pictures of your bike(s), what bikes you want or are working on, things like that yo

*Excuse the table layouts, they're not as flexible as I'd thought they'd be*


Human-powered, these bikes have been a cheap and reliable form of transportation for centuries. Today, there are many varieties and advancements in the technology behind these vehicles-- there's a type for everyone.

Popular types of bicycles:

MountainAll-terrain bikes. Heavy-duty wheels & tires, multiple gears,
 suspension is common
BMXDirt, street & vert setups possible. Single gear ratio,
 lightweight, hand brakes optional
RoadRacing configurations are common. Lightweight, narrow tires,
 multiple gears possible
TouringBuilt for comfort. Wide gear range, long wheelbase, can carry
 heavy loads
UtilityPractical transportation. Step-through frame, typically
 single-speed, most common overall

Not exactly popular but really hot:
TrialAlike to a BMX flatlander, but with an even tighter frame


These bikes are, as you could guess, driven by motors. Compared to cars, they accelerate much quicker, have superior gas mileage, are far more maneuverable, easier to maintain and repair, etc.

Popular types of motorbikes:
CruiserThe classic "motorcycle" style. Relaxed riding position,
 typically low-torque
StandardCommon, bare-bones bike. Cheap, easy-to-use, upright
 riding position
SportOptimized for performance. Powerful engines, light frame,
 forward riding position
TouringHeavy-duty & comfortable for two riders. Lots of cargo
 space, large tanks
MotocrossOff-road bikes. Come in multiple configs, high center
 of gravity, lightweight
Dual-SportBuilt for both on and off-road use. Basically a motorcross
 with mods such as blinkers
Scooter/MopedPractical and cheap transportation. Low-class swag

Not exactly popular but really hot:
Cafe RacerSacrifices comfort for speed. Forward riding position, lightweight,
 low-sitting handlebars

BL's Bikers

Zloff (BMX: freestyler, BMX: racer)

ßlöükfáce (Hybrid: trekking)

Starkiller (Some custom bicycle & tricycle)

SlayerZ99 (Honda cruiser)

Cybersix (Utility: European)

User projects:

Zloff's BMX racer feat. parts ripped from his brother's bike (WIP)
I'm including a high gear ratio, aluminum frame, high-spoke-count wheels, and coaster brakes instead of hand brakes b/c I love them. Sanding all these parts by hand was an absolute bitch

    dat brilliant metal finish on the cranks doe

Starkiller's Frankenbike (complete)
"This is literally three different bikes smashed into one. That isnt even a real back tire, I just welded a gear on it and slapped it on the back. So the pedals never stop moving."

Off Topic / Tonight on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES
« on: November 29, 2012, 06:00:08 PM »
many of you have probably seen this before but here it is

"that was a good stuff"

Add-Ons / Blockombat V1.9
« on: August 19, 2012, 12:04:21 PM »

We make quality mod packs n stuff for a building-block game
*If you don't want the main add-on*
= = - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = =


After five seasons of our entire team constantly procrastinating, forgetting, and slacking with our main project, we are happy to finally release our packs to the public! The original "Blockombat" weapon pack consists of weapons that are scripted to perform like, but not identical to(for slight balancing reasons), their real-life counterparts. The models, on the other hand, are meant to fit Blockland very well; the models do not use round shapes with over 10 sides or disgusting hands! The ammo reserve/weapon info HUD is alike to T+T's because everyone's used to it.

"Alright cool whatever, what makes this different from some default-gun re-skin weapon pack?"
I am not glad you have asked! Now I have to type more!

The original "Blockombat" weapon pack features:

 -Completely stand-alone! No add-ons other than the support package is required!

  -Varying damage to vehicles depending on the weapon's caliber

  -Headshots(Can toggle for non-snipers in RTB Preferences)(most fully-automatic weapons will not kill in one headshot)

  -Custom ground and player impact effects/sounds

  -Custom muzzleflash effects with lights(Lighting effect can be toggled)

  -Sights and scopes that you toggle with your jet button

  -Selective-fire capabilities for non-SMG's/MP's(Can toggle)

  -Reserve ammo and reloading(pickup models are a WIP)

  -The guns caliber affects how fast and far its projectiles go, and how much gravity affects it

  -Dynamic recoil that affects accuracy(Camera-shake recoil can be toggled)

  -Crosshair removal for non-snipers when aiming down sights(Can be toggled)

  -Depending on the gun's attachments and caliber, you can hear them being fired from different distances

  -Compatible with T+T and Frog's Weaponry*

= = - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = =


Zloff (Scripter, UI, founder)
ShadowsfeaR (Modeler, co-founder)
Dnitro (Sounds, audio editor)
Navaro (Sounds)

Beta-Testers(including the ones that were replaced):
Kiwi Bear
Boba Fett/Rediac

Special Thanks:
The Corporation (Former modeler, came up with the name  'Blockombat')
= = - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = =


Blockombat Support Package(REQUIRED):

Innovative Arms:

HK Specialties:

European Engineering:

We don't have our own explosives yet, so this grenade that is not ours should be a nice placeholder: credits in the description.txt

= = - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = =


I have bad screenshot quality






You may use the scripts as templates for your own add-ons, just give Zloff credit.

Feel free to post screenshots or videos, they may be added to the OP.

Please do not upload any of our files to RTB.

*It is highly recommended that you do not use BKT with T+T or FW, as the RTB preferences and ammo limits may interfere, or you may hit the datablock limit.

Games / Got an xbox 360, suggest games
« on: June 24, 2012, 06:34:16 PM »

I already have Medal of Honor, MW2 and Halo 3, and prefer action, fps and adventure genres. I don't have the cash to buy any games for I spent it all on the previously listed games, a 12-month gold membership and snickers

connection with xbox is wtf til me and my dad fix it but my gamer tag is 'mtn m00se'






 -Shoes(preferably shoes meant for running, tennis shoes are great, skating shoes are decent enough)
 -For parkour and some freerunning: Obstacles such as walls, trashcans, rails, poles, etc.
 -The ability to run, jump and climb(That's right, if you're crippled, you can do any of this)
 -You should be physically fit; being able to lift your own weight really helps
 -Intelligence is very important
 -Confidence and ambition-- this stuff isn't for sissies or one-timers

 -Don't do any of this in restricted areas; I will not lie, I've trespassed before, but it's not worth it if you get caught
 -If you don't or can't do any of this don't mock traceurs freerunners or tricksters it pisses us off
 -You should of course stretch before doing this crazy stuff or bad things will happen
 -Haters will hate
Yeah that's about it

 -Lifting weights and any of this crap don't mix too well; your big puffy muscles will restrict movement and will cause you to tire out faster. Go for toned over buff.
 -It's easier to do pk and freerunning in urban areas than anywhere else, but if you're new to it you'd best start in a gym or someplace where you won't break anything or fall to your death.
 -It's always good to do this stuff with other people; it makes everything safer and learning easier.
 -If you're going to wear jeans make sure they're loose or you'll find yourself tripping and falling more often.
 -Work on flexibility, it really helps.
 -If you're doing any this just to look cool you'll never get good at it so gtfo
 -Haters will hate


-For fitness
-It looks and feels awesome
-For the love of the sport
-Zombie apocalypse
-Be like EZIO or CONNOR
-Ease of foot traveling I guess
-If successful this could mean lods a mone: STREET PERFORMER LOLOL


"What is 'parkour'? How do I 'parkour'? Teach me how to 'parkour'? Why do 'parkour'?"
I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. Parkour is french for "the art of movement," and it's all about getting from point A to point B in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Not to be confused with freerunning.

Here are some good beginner PARKOUR moves:

PK roll:
You NEED this for sure. Not just for pk but real life; you'll never faceplant from tripping ever again! Do NOT start out doing this on concrete or any hard surface. It's not like the acrobatic roll. Roll onto one of your shoulders. His hand on foot thing is not required

Reverse Vault:
Adds a spin to the vault for momentum reasons. Fairly simple and fun. This vid is short is good at showing what a reverse vault is

Speed Vault:
While running, jumping sideways and then using one hand to vault over something quickly. Looks hot and is easy.

Lazy vault:

Like the speed vault, but during the vault you place your other hand on the object/obstacle and push off using both hands

Kong Vault:
Where you place both hands on the object and use them to get you over the object and/or propel you out of the vault.

Tic-Tac/Wall Jump:
Running up to a wall and jumping off it. Don't do it on slippery surfaces.

Jumping from one object to a precise area on another. Requires good balance and confidence. Don't try this on bars or thin objects unless you got a lot of experience because you don't want to miss and bust your balls.

Vertical Wall-run:
Running UP a wall. Place foot on wall at knee level and jump off other foot while pushing up, not out off the foot on wall.

Intermediate Parkour Moves

Horizontal Wall-run:
Running SIDEWAYS on a wall. Not very orthodox or as easy as the vertical wall-run. I typically put my outside foot on the wall first, after jumping on to the wall at an angle as to run on it easier. Get good at these and you can actually gain like eight feet off the ground.

Dive Roll:
Fun stuff right here. Just add a running dive with the PK roll. Swing your arms back, then forward as hard as you can when you jump in to the dive to increase height, land on hands first. It's a little scary at first, be careful with the landing.

Useful if you don't want to vault over things. My frontflips I've been told look half-side half-front, and I can't even land that, so I have no idea how these work. Look somewhere else if you want a tutorial.


Freerunning is like parkour, but it's all about freedom of expression, and is more based around aesthetically pleasing movement with no defined destination rather than efficient movement. Basically flips n tricks.

Here are some good beginner FREERUNNING moves:

A prerequisite to other moves. To help get over backflip fear, from a standing position, drop to your knees really fast and do backwards somersaults, and/or jump and fall on your back on a trampoline. NEVER tilt your head back when doing a backflip! I'm not going to type up a whole tutorial in this so search youtube or something.

It's kind of like a horizontal cartwheel. There really are no prerequisites to this move. The concept may be a little hard to grasp but once you understand it, doing it is easy. I would type out my own tutorial but I changed my mind; I don't see the point when this video covers pretty much everything on it:

Tornado Kick:
Basically a jumping/spinning roundhouse kick. A simple prerequisite to many other moves.

Intermediate Freerunning Moves

'Swagger' Dive-Roll Variants:
hands on hips, behind head, or arms crossed before landing

A super fun move where you run up to a wall and do a backflip off of it. I myself am still new to this so search it up.

540 Reverse Tornado:
My favorite kicking move; it's a jumping/spinning hook-kick where you rotate an extra 180 degrees.

A backflip where you kick out one leg and land on it; fairly simple but hard to translate from backflips.


Get out there and try if you want to, just keep in mind that I am not responsible for any injuries or death if any of you follow my tutorials. If you have any questions just ask me cuz I got a whole team of traceurs and tricksters who can help thoroughly explain things if I myself don't have the answer. Feel free to post any pictures or videos of you or others doing this stuff or just talk about the it.



Known fellow urban ninjas and stunt-devil morons alike:
The Corporation

Modification Help / 6-Round burst fire script not working
« on: April 03, 2012, 12:54:12 PM »
Trying to make a weapon fire in a burst of 6 boolets, for some reason it's only firing a burst of 3 and the triggercheck doesn't work. I'm too lazy to figure it out myself atm and I gotta go somewhere, so here's the code

Code: [Select]
  minShotTime = 1000;

stateName[0] = "Activate";
stateTimeoutValue[0] = 0.2;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[0] = "LoadCheckA";

stateName[1] = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[1] = "Fire1";
stateAllowImageChange[1] = true;
stateSequence[1] = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[1] = "Reload";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[1] = "weaponLoop";
stateTimeoutValue[1] = 0.05;

stateName[2] = "Fire1";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[2] = "FireLoadCheckA1";
stateTimeoutValue[2] = 0.01;
stateFire[2] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[2] = false;
stateScript[2] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[2] = true;
stateEmitter[2] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[2] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[2] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[2] = M4SFireSound;

stateName[3] = "LoadCheckA";
stateScript[3] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[3] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[3] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[3] = "LoadCheckB";

stateName[4] = "LoadCheckB";
stateAllowImageChange[4] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[4] = "Ready";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[4] = "ReloadWait";

stateName[5] = "Reload";
stateAllowImageChange[5] = true;
stateEjectShell[5] = true;
stateTimeoutValue[5] = 0.63;
stateScript[5] = "OnReload";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[5] = "Reloaded";
stateWaitForTimeout[5] = true;

stateName[6] = "Reloaded";
stateAllowImageChange[6] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[6] = 0.35;
stateScript[6] = "onReloaded";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[6] = "Ready";

stateName[7] = "weaponLoop";
stateTransitionOnTriggerDown[7] = "LoadCheckA";
stateTimeoutValue[7] = 0.0;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[7] = "Ready";
stateAllowImageChange[7] = True;
stateScript[7] = "onWeaponLoop";

stateName[8] = "ReloadWait";
stateAllowImageChange[8] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[8] = 0.4;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[8] = "Reload";

stateName[9] = "TriggerCheck";
stateTransitionOnTriggerUp[9] = "LoadCheckA";

stateName[10] = "FireLoadCheckA1";
stateScript[10] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[10] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[10] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[10]= "FireLoadCheckB1";

stateName[11] = "FireLoadCheckB1";
stateAllowImageChange[11] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[11] = "Fire2";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[11]= "ReloadWait";

stateName[12] = "Fire2";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[12]= "FireLoadCheckA2";
stateTimeoutValue[12] = 0.01;
stateFire[12] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[12] = false;
stateScript[12] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[12] = true;
stateEmitter[12] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[12] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[12] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[12] = M4SFireSound;

stateName[13] = "FireLoadCheckA2";
stateScript[13] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[13] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[13] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[13]= "FireLoadCheckB2";

stateName[14] = "FireLoadCheckB2";
stateAllowImageChange[14] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[14] = "Fire3";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[14]= "ReloadWait";

stateName[15] = "Fire3";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[15]= "FireLoadCheckA3";
stateTimeoutValue[15] = 0.01;
stateFire[15] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[15] = false;
stateScript[15] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[15] = true;
stateEmitter[15] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[15] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[15] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[15] = M4SFireSound;

stateName[16] = "FireLoadCheckA3";
stateScript[16] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[16] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[16] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[16]= "FireLoadCheckB3";

stateName[17] = "FireLoadCheckB3";
stateAllowImageChange[17] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[17] = "Fire4";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[17]= "ReloadWait";

stateName[18] = "Fire4";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[18]= "FireLoadCheckA4";
stateTimeoutValue[18] = 0.01;
stateFire[18] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[18] = false;
stateScript[18] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[18] = true;
stateEmitter[18] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[18] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[18] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[18] = M4SFireSound;

stateName[19] = "FireLoadCheckA4";
stateScript[19] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[19] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[19] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[19]= "FireLoadCheckB4";

stateName[20] = "FireLoadCheckB4";
stateAllowImageChange[20] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[20] = "Fire5";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[20]= "ReloadWait";

stateName[21] = "Fire5";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[21]= "FireLoadCheckA5";
stateTimeoutValue[21] = 0.01;
stateFire[21] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[21] = false;
stateScript[21] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[21] = true;
stateEmitter[21] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[21] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[21] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[21] = M4SFireSound;

stateName[22] = "FireLoadCheckA5";
stateScript[22] = "onLoadCheck";
stateAllowImageChange[22] = false;
stateTimeoutValue[22] = 0.05;
stateTransitionOnTimeout[22]= "FireLoadCheckB5";

stateName[23] = "FireLoadCheckB5";
stateAllowImageChange[23] = false;
stateTransitionOnAmmo[23] = "Fire6";
stateTransitionOnNoAmmo[23]= "ReloadWait";

stateName[24] = "Fire6";
stateTransitionOnTimeout[24]= "TriggerCheck";
stateTimeoutValue[24] = 0.01;
stateFire[24] = true;
stateAllowImageChange[24] = false;
stateScript[24] = "onFire";
stateWaitForTimeout[24] = true;
stateEmitter[24] = ME3Flash1Emitter;
stateEmitterTime[24] = 0.1;
stateEmitterNode[24] = "muzzleNode";
stateSound[24] = M4SFireSound;

Fixed, thanks Jetz

Off Topic / Avatar drawing with PDN(taking requests)
« on: March 16, 2012, 07:21:37 PM »
Title says it; you want me to draw something I might do it. It's all in 75x75 so you can use it as your avatar n stuff
Don't expect animated .gif's to be made

Previous works(some recent ones were unsaved):



I can also edit images but the results are wtf:


Made requests:




Off Topic / I almost killed my ginger friend on accident
« on: March 16, 2012, 03:00:31 PM »
Well, I'm pretty sure he didn't come close to dying, but who cares here's the story:

So me and my ginger friend were just sitting in the halls one morning being all bored since the rest of our group had their new classes at the main campus and we were stuck in the freshman campus. Just sitting there, joking around about craids(crab-AIDS STD mutation combo) and this one jack wagon's facebook profile picture; the pin head was dressed all ghetto-styled with tilted hat, saggin stuff, a shoelace belt and all that other crap, and he was holding like five one/five-dollar bills like he thought he was loaded. We decide to have some fun and mock him, so I take my wallet out to get my six 20-dollar bills, next thing I know gingy grabs my wallet and throws it. I tell him to go pick it up, but he's doesn't, so I elbow him in his ribs right where his heart would be and he freaks out n says "OW WOAah I just felt a jolt go through me haha!" I'm all ":S". Then I get up and take 2 slow minutes to go walk over and get my wallet back. When I get it I turn around I see him leaning to one side with his eyes half closed and think "What the hell is he doing?" so I ask him, "What the hell are you doing? You look like you're stoned" ...No response, so I walk over to him, push him so he's sitting up straight, and he starts blinking fast n asks "...Did I just pass out? How the hell..?" I'm all ":O IT WAS THAT JOLT FROM THAT ELBOW TO THE HEART" he spazzes n says "I MUST'VE HAD A MINI HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING" I say "I COULD HAVE KILLED YOU AND GONE TO JAIL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!" him: "Hahaha that felt weirder than gettin high off ayero-sol with my brother" me "Aerosol can kill you ya know -__-" him "You loving serious?!?!" The end

tl;dr: I elbowed gingy where his heart was which apparently sent a slightly painful jolt through his body and he passed out for 2-3 minutes

Discuss near-death/homicide experiences I guess

The most badass multi-pump .177 air rifle I've seen for under 100$, it will truly enhance my bird killing experience (I have a Daisy M880, but it's not as good as they say it is and gets boring to use really fast, but if I ever get bored of this lovey thing I can always buy attachments <3)

or this 6mm bolt-action airsoft sniper for shooting bitches who I don't like, like my brother and a guy named Sam

Off Topic / Meaning of Names
« on: October 04, 2011, 06:42:49 PM »
So I found this website and searched my name:


Victorious people/Diminutive of Dominick: Lord
Soul urge #: 9 (pretty accurate)
Expression #: 1 (once again, pretty accurate, besides the self-centered/egotism thing)

for better soul urge descriptions use this website instead:

Suggestions & Requests / New Vehicles: Quad ATV's, do want
« on: September 11, 2011, 12:38:34 PM »
We have motorcycles, but not quad ATV's? I personally have always liked quads more than dirt bikes, and I think they'd be as fun as hell to ride around on BL. A Couple different types would be nice to have:

Light: They'd accelerate quickly, be slightly maneuverable in the air, and it's max speed would be close to the jeeps max speed, higher or lower, I don't really care

Heavy: Wouldn't accelerate as fast as the light quad, but it's max speed would be higher, it wouldn't be as maneuverable in the air and it would weigh more, but it could scale steeper walls and stick to the ground better, and hold 2 people maybe



Games / Having problems starting up HL2
« on: August 16, 2011, 11:54:43 AM »
So I installed HL2 yesterday and tried starting it up by clicking the shortcut icon, and so the menu GUI comes up like it's supposed to and click the play button. It starts loading steam, but then a window comes up that says something about a fatal error and a module platform, then steam crashes and all windows are exited. I tried doing it again today, no windows show up and my screen goes black for a second or two, then goes back to my desktop, but nothing else happens. I do not know what to do, I tired searching the internet for fifteen minutes but I found nothing

Off Topic / Terraria or stuff for TF2?
« on: August 04, 2011, 01:11:50 PM »
I just added some money ($10) to my steam account for the first time and I'm wondering if I should get that terraria game or things for TF2 so I could play the upgraded version and trade with people and stuff

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