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Off Topic / Dysfunctional Family Circus 2 [no registration]
« on: August 27, 2018, 05:09:06 PM »

As requested, no more logins or registration. Just write whatever dirty stuff you want. Only rule is try to make it funny. There's a hard limit of 2 captions per image. Let me know if there's any bugs.

Off Topic / Dysfunctional Family Circus caption project
« on: August 18, 2018, 11:33:51 PM »
So I whipped up a custom Node.js web server on AWS, but the subject requires a lot of user input to be interesting. I figure you starfishs would be the best people to try it out on.

If you're unsure what Dysfunctional Family Circus is, a quick google search will help. Go ahead and post the most vulgar captions you can think of, only rule is try to make it funny. Two captions max per user per panel. Source code if you're interested. Let me know of any bugs you find.

Off Topic / How to really stop my brother's videogame addiction?
« on: August 28, 2015, 12:40:36 AM »
As you might now, I've made topics about my little brother before, and he's truly unpleasant. But this time, it's starting to make me really sad, because my parents are really starting to get hit by his addiction.

My brother was complaining of the need for more hard drive space on our desktop PC, but my parents refuse to buy him any games or even remotely support them. However, he found a way to manipulate my tech-savvy father by saying he was getting interested in computer building. And the first thing he wanted to try replacing was coincidentally, a bigger hard drive. My father was heartbroken when he caught on, being manipulated for my brother's gaming habits, and I feel immensely sad.

Does anyone know truly efficient methods of solving videogame problems? I mean, there's cold turkey where they just place take away the desktop PC and put it somewhere else, but then he's got his laptop which he supposedly does schoolwork on. Is there some supremely uncrackable parental control that would stop him dead after a certain time? Or do you guys know any alternative strategy to all this?

I really need your help. I can't stand to see my parents like this. If I solve this problem, things will undoubtedly take a turn for the better, at least somewhat.

Off Topic / "Slender Man stabbing" girls face adult court
« on: August 10, 2015, 09:19:32 PM »

This interesting story popped up on my home page. While the actual case was a year ago, only now has the proceedings begun.

Basically, two girls were convinced the Slender Man creepypasta stories were real. They wanted to become his "proxies" and live in his mansion in the forest, and the only way to achieve this was to murder one of their friends. They lured her into the woods and stabbed her 19 times, but fortunately she survived.

The question of this topic is, should they really be tried in adult court? They would face 65 years in prison, rather than 5 years of rehabilitation in Juvenile prison. What do you think?

Off Topic / Why does BLF have these emoticons?
« on: August 06, 2015, 05:25:07 PM »
 :cookie: :cookieMonster: :panda: :iceCream: :nes:

The only one of these I've seen used regularly is the Cookie Monster, and it's used as a sort of trollface. Aside from that, none of them insinuate any sort of emotion; they're simply random objects. And I noticed when even a single one is used, people begin to assume that person lacks social ability/is a child/has autism.

Why do we have these? Do they serve a purpose besides a mocking expression or insinuating autism?

Off Topic / A website that literally jams your speaking ability
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:53:52 AM » (warning, only works on Chrome for some reason)

Basically, you plug in headphones, turn them up, turn it on, then speak into your microphone. It plays back your own voice right after you say it, and confuses you. Give it a try!

Off Topic / Narkro's car got #rekt
« on: August 04, 2015, 11:59:53 PM »
Well, not fully. I just broke the headlight and dented the bumper, but it still sucks. I'll tell you the story.

I was going back home from my job, which is an hour-plus commute across three highways with the car my brother and I share when at home. I get paid minimum wage, but I figured since I'm not paying room, board, or gas, and that it's pretty fun, a summer job is worth it. However, as I was pulling onto the first interstate, a woman made a quick stop at a light I didn't see, and I slammed on the breaks. I was looking over at the traffic to my left, not expected a stop light, and yet still driving the speed limit. I drove to the shoulder, and she followed. She lost some paint, and my right headlight shattered, though the bulb still works. I did step-by-step what I remember from driving school: Calmly share info with the other people, call police for a report, get out license and registration, and call insurance provider. The cop was nice and told me he's seen this many times, and should be happy I wasn't hurt. The lady also seemed relieved because her insurance covered it, as I assume did mine. All-in-all, things seemed pretty okay, although my driving anxiety was heightened again.

Then I got home. I'll sum up the consequences:
1. My nerves are forgeted, which were already bad when it came to driving.
2. I get to drive around with a beat-up looking car, which already looked bad from the massive, unfixable dent my brother put in the door.
3. I have to drive it to the shop and wait a day to see if they can repair it.

I think I deserve these things. Getting scared stuffless is probably one of the best ways to learn something, not to mention having to deal with fixing it. But I left out one consequence: I will be paying the deductible, hopefully only part of it, which is 500 USD.

Now, people with wages either non-existent or higher than mine could easily say, "You deserve this, it's a good consequence, suck it up." Well, for this next week and a half, I have to do that hour long commute across three highways just to try to not lose as much money, rather than get more to save for my future. This feels like me getting off my ass this summer and getting another job will be made essentially worthless because of a mistake all new drivers are very likely to make, and especially ones as minor as this. That's not the only reasoning though.

My brother, which sits on his ass and refuses to do any chores all day and has never had a paying job yet alone any sort of real commute, put a massive, ugly dent in the side of the car. Cost-wise, his accident is 3000x+ worse, and it was because he turned and ran into a truck, likely because of not using a turn signal as usual. I, however, was following all traffic laws, and especially after I crashed. The difference between our reaction is that my brother forgot to call the insurance company like he was supposed to, and therefore we have this dent in our door forever.

He doesn't have to pay anything. Not one god damn penny. And usually I wouldn't care about this if I weren't getting monetarily punished infinitely more than he was, for a lesser mistake and for following the law. I don't deserve to ultimately be punished for taking a difficult job with a relatively miniscule slip-up so many people do. My nerve-wracking stress is slowly being replaced by anger at having everything go to waste in such an unfair manner.

They should be deciding on what to do tonight. I can only hope my father changes her mind, else my promising job turns into one big gut-wrenching long term punishment.

TL;DR: I made a minor crash from a surprise about an unfamiliar highway's on-ramp, and am expecting a massive monetary punishment. This makes my summer job a loss, and is especially unfair since my brother with a far worse crash and no job hasn't had to pay anything.

Off Topic / Mac help: needs restart after closing lid for a while
« on: August 02, 2015, 02:56:40 PM »
I've scoured the web looking for answers, and nothing works. I'm hoping there are some Apple nerds who can help.

If I close my lid, then open it again, it brings up the lock screen, just like it should. However, the issue is when I leave the lid closed for a long time. When I pull it up, it no longer automatically shows the screen. I press buttons, still black. Power button, still black. I have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds and force restart it for it to make it turn on again.

It has full battery and I checked screen brightness settings. It just seems to go into this brick state if I leave the lid closed for too long, where it makes no sounds, has a black screen, and responds to nothing but a force restart.

Pls help.

Off Topic / Boeing just offered me a job, I think
« on: July 31, 2015, 03:18:15 PM »
I have a LinkedIn account, and my email just notified me that someone from Boeing has sent me a job offer. Boeing, if you weren't sure, is an aerospace company which designs planes and rocket ships. It's pretty well known. However, I'm a bit iffy about the offer.

It is official all right, but instead of setting up an interview, they told me to make a "job account." Another strange part is that they told me I could forward this email around to other people who I think might be interested. Finally, I don't want to put myself down as a programmer, but my only real job thus far has been an assistant instructor teaching children Java and Python at summer school for two years.

What should I think about this? Is this just some net offer they spread around, or could it be an attempt to get me started in the business?

Side note: the place they want me to work is on the other side of the continent, in the land of confederate flags and tribal shootings.

Off Topic / What song is in this video?
« on: July 29, 2015, 05:01:26 PM »

I came across this video with some older Bing gimmick where it showed where different videos were taken, and it happened to zoom in on some Northern Europe slope. It's really pretty, and I'd like to find the song itself, but SoundHound is baffled. Anyone know how I could find this track?

The logo at the top, which usually leads to the index of the current page, should logically go to what it's labeled, the forums. But instead, it leads to the home page. And the button labeled Home, which logically should lead to the Home page, doesn't. It instead goes to the forums, unlike the image labeled so.

Did anyone else notice this?

Off Topic / The thread of counting blessings
« on: July 27, 2015, 02:54:52 PM »
I remember many times in which people have posted here about being depressed, considering Self Delete etc. And a lot of reactions to that are just calling them pussies. Rather than those, I was thinking we could just link them to this thread. The most uplifting way to make people less depressed is simply to remind them that they have a good life. People may of course have genuine depression and this won't help too much. But a number of them don't, and simply need to appreciate what they have.

I'll start.

1. You have a brain that allows you to think clearly and function in a way that allows you to be conscious of the world
2. You have hands that allow you to work with everything mankind has ever created
3. You have working legs, that allow you to walk, run, and jump unhindered. Many people do not have this ability.
4. You have a computer. Only 22% of people in the entire world own or share a computer.

What else can you think of that might make a person appreciate the life they have as much as they should?

This has been a massive problem and something I've wanted to rant on for a while.

It started with our dog. We have drunk redneck starfishs down the street who hinted that they would shoot our dog if she got into a fight with their dogs or wandered onto their property again. They often have their own dogs out, who love to bark and growl. If it wasn't for a leash, she would run over and get in a fight, and likely be shot, or at the very least taken away by animal control. So because of this, we tell him to always use a leash.
Except he doesn't, solely because we told him to. He's endangering our dog because he's too lazy to grab the leash. And that's not the only thing.

I let him drive the car today, and I learned he never uses the turn signal. I asked him about it, and he stopped in the middle of the road and glared at me, saying "I already get enough of that from mom, want me to drop you off here?" (We live up in the mountains, and the car isn't even his, but it didn't stop him from saying that).
Lack of turn signals lead to many crashes, even when you think you don't need it. He's making sharp turns and cars don't know when or where he's going to do it. He's already hit the side of a truck, giving our third car a nice dent in the door.

Right now, I'm trying to work out a compromise for use of the third car. His goal so far has been to make sure I don't use it as much as possible, the only reason being I had to use it for my job recently, and now that he has a volunteer job, he doesn't want to do the same kind of compromise I had to do.

I don't even know what to do. He's so dense and self absorbed. He puts more effort into avoiding chores and taking care of the pets than actually doing it. Anything that interrupts his videogames makes him angry and impatient. It's miserable for me.

What do I do? Has anyone else been in this situation before?


Off Topic / Where is the fun in ruining other people's games?
« on: July 20, 2015, 02:19:49 PM »
From what I've seen, there is a ton of drama lately about the distribution and use of BLHack and client add-ons designed to crash servers. Not to mention all the DDOS attacks and threats. There are many things being created and used solely for the purpose of preventing people from playing a game.

Why do people do this? Often times it's not even because they think someone wronged them, which still isn't an excuse, but just breaking the game "for the fun of it." Why would someone draw pleasure from ruining other people's fun for no reason?

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