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Help / Players underwater able to float through bricks?
« on: November 14, 2019, 04:07:32 AM »

this isn't supposed to be a thing lmao

I don't even know where to begin finding a solution for something like this, any ideas?

Gallery / Unused Community RP Map
« on: August 07, 2019, 11:21:37 PM »
Skill4Life's Community RP Map


Originally made this to host my own Community RP, but later on realized I probably wouldn't be the best host for this kind of server.
So instead I'm release the build for public use, with add-ons included. COOL FACT, the build was mostly built in just 6 days.

  • 84767 Bricks.
  • Working Railroad System.
  • Working Railroad Crossings.
  • Three Distinct Towns.
  • 573 Brick High Mountain Peak (9 64x High).

  • Conan, Zeustal, Brickitect, ANT, UngaBunga, Sleven, Sylvanor, Mr.Nobody, Skill4Life.
  • (I think)


  • Includes the save, and required Add-Ons.
  • Water height should be set to 25F.
  • The train & operator spawn in Broxton.
  • The train works via events that are placed on specific railroad bricks.
  • You're better off going through the save itself to find these events than checking each brick.

General Discussion / [WIP] Skill4Life's Community RP
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:17:54 AM »

Welcome to the Island of Truenos!

Trogtor is gay so I started making my own community RP map, and this is what I made.
Server is almost done, all that's left to make is a rulelist/get some scripts going.

What is a Community RP?

Community RP is a light roleplaying server, where all events are orchestrated by players or groups.
There is no currency system or grinding, players can do whatever they want within the boundary of the rules.

If you are looking for a city setting to deathmatch in, then this isn't the server for you.

While DMing is allowed, Random DMing is against the rules and repeat offenders will be banned.
There are plenty of servers to play on to scratch this itch, a roleplaying server is not one of them.

Join our Discord!


It should be hosted sometime within the next week, hopefully.
This thread is just up for hype/discussion/opinions



    Autumn Railroad, Pathway, and Road Terrain Build


    This year's theme is based around Railroads, which allow you to take any vehicle (or even your own player), and mount them to the tracks.
    Type /train while in a vehicle (or outside) to be turned into a train entity.

Baseplate Alignment
    This year features an edited Baseplate Building Ruleset. Smaller baseplates can now be claimed, from 16x16 up to 64x64


  • Continue the Railroad/Pathway/Road through your build. Do not end them on your build.
  • Try not to split the Railroad/Pathway/Road (This isn't strictly against the rules).
  • Do not claim more than a reasonable amount of baseplates at once.
  • Blend your terrain in with your neighbor's.
  • Do not create enormous features (Oceans, Mountains).
  • Be efficient in your terrain. Do not have corners of large cubes jutting out of the terrain.
  • Keep some space from the railroads so trains can get through.
  • Do not change the level of the railroad.


  • Conan - Creating the Railroad Add-On, Server Assistance
  • Barnabas - Modeling the Railroad Add-On
  • UngaBunga - Spawn Preperation
  • Zeustal - Spawn Preperation
  • Trinko - Spawn Preperation
  • Jam Jar, Goldtits, Goose - Cuties
  • ANT - very gay


    The server discord can be found Here.

Okay I need the best detectives that the Blockland Forums has to offer. This'll be a hard case to crack, I have loads of evidence but I can't seem to make any connections.

Lemme set the story. Someone in Glass chat was saying that Mr. LoL's Christmas Giftbuild was being spammed and lagged. I'm an admin, so I went on to check it out, and almost immediately an accusation was made.

I spawned and noticed the accused had an avatar that was strikingly similar to the avatar that the bots had...

Strangely, he died. I must have been seeing things, because when he respawned, he was in a completely different avatar.

Still unsure if he was the no-good doer, he cleared the air when he removed his bricks from the server.

With that, I'm not sure who it was that spammed the server! I never ended up finding those bot spawns, so my only remaining clue is gone.

If anyone runs into Makrookonomie, please ask him if he saw who was spamming.
His ID is 219572.



Help / Mouse sensitivity in-game freaks the fuark out
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:54:11 PM »
This only happens in blockland.

Someone recommended that override dpi scaling behavior thing in compatibility options, but it didn't work.

pls help its torture

General Discussion / Skill4Life's Fall Block Party
« on: November 03, 2017, 02:16:30 PM »


    Pathway/River Terrain Build



  • 154,947 Bricks
  • 7,361 Events
  • 83 Builders


     Skill4Life' (1.35MB) [1][2]

This has happened to me twice in the past two weeks, looking to see if anyone else has encountered the problem.

Don't know what i was doing when i quit, but as soon as i launched, the resolution was reset and i had to apply all my settings again.


Welcome to the [WIP] Caribbean

Hey guys, if you've hopped on my server any time in the last three months (before i passworded it),
 you've probably seen this build being developed. It's entered such progress that i decided to add a
password to keep all the new puzzles a complete secret for the release.

Skill4Life's Pirate Adventure is an upcoming treasure hunt/all-around good fun server inspired by Plastiware's Pirate forgetaround

This thread will serve as a development/update/hype thread. We're aiming for 50 treasure chests minimum before we launch the server.
With that, we also want to include:

Redirecting here cause im a lazy forget


Will be adding more as the server progresses
(In Alphabetical Order)

Clearly Obvious
Jam Jar

Essentially half of Cohort

If i missed your name, just hit me up. There's no minimum requirement to be on the credit list.

ALSO, i need some island theme ideas for those last small islands, feel free to throw any suggestions.
I'm giving out the password to close-knit friends/builders atm, if you think you're under that definition,
feel free to PM me for the password (here or on glass).


Followup to

All evidence provided was captured on the Survival server.

Open image for higher resolution.

Direct link to the vids:

This is the initial video we caught of him speedhacking. Although he did type in chat, it alone wasn't enough evidence to accuse him.

As bait, we had sprinting on the Survival server turned off so he couldn't say he was sprinting and not speedhacking. These two videos present: Evidence of him speedhacking when sprinting was disabled, and him and everyone else on the server acknowledging the fact that it's disabled.

Ravencroft, i wouldn't even care about you cheating if you weren't straight up lying about it and using it maliciously. Not only this, but you straight up accuse me of banning you for a previous hackusations because you "showed me up".

I don't hold a grudge, but stop cheating, starfish.

Alright so we're trying to find out who's in the minority for this stunning question.

So you found the perfect girl. She shares your interests and hobbies, she's got everything. the looks, the brains, the damn near perfect body fine tuned tastes. She's everything you could ever want in a girl. There's just one thing.

She's a hardcore research actress and has love with other dudes once a month. or maybe twice a month.

would you still date this chick. the flawless girl of your DREAMS, who would let you die a happy man.

Help / Is there a command to change turnleft/right(1); turning speed?
« on: April 17, 2016, 01:57:57 AM »
I remember being some command to change it but i can't remember.

Help / all of my forum profile settings are missing
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:20:02 AM »
alright so i went to go change my profile email and found that i have zero account options available.

this is what it should look like

how do i get them back

Help / My brick menu seems to be cut in half.
« on: November 09, 2015, 09:07:07 AM »

Anything i can do to check what's causing this? Hasn't been a thing until something i wasn't paying attention to updated from the updater client thingymajigger addon.



Rocket Raiders is a team-based objective gamemode, where two teams of 16v16 are pitted against
each other in a high-flying rocket-only battlefield with the goal of destroying the other players Base.

Situated inside each base is a Core, the heart of the bases, and the gamemode itself. For a team to win,
 they must destroy the enemy core. Though this is no easy feat, as it is protected by a shield and plays alike


Teams can win this gamemode by destroying the enemy core before the enemy destroys their core.
While in-game, your BottomPrint will show you vital information about the current round.

Each team starts with 100 Core Health.
Each time a core is hit, it loses 1 Core Health.
This only applies if the Shield isn't active.

Each team starts with 10 Shield.
Damage done to the shield regenerates every other second.
This only applies if the core hasn't been hit in the last 7.5 seconds.

At round start, the control point is neutral, showing blue and red equally.
Standing on the control point will push your color towards the rest of the bar.
When the control point is captured, your team will get a 15+ raise on your shield limit (25).
If you lose the control point with more than (10) Shield, your shield immediately gets set to (10).


Suiciding is removed from the gamemode. As a replacement, we've introduced Recalling
To recall, find a safe spot and Suicide. This gives you a 5 second countdown, which can get cancelled by any movement.
after 5 seconds, you will respawn at your base.


Will put pictures here after the server has been up for a bit!


Armageddon - 5784
ottosparks - 10293
Bokeh - 5203
Skill4Life - 4382
Orion - 3599
myst - 13649


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