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Summary: A script that runs every (interval) minutes that respawns or recovers vehicles that are stuck inside of bricks.
Purpose: To not have to deal with vehicles being off-limits because some fool drove a vehicle under the map (Thanks, physics engine) and make vehicles more available to people.

Script should detect all vehicles every (pref) minutes, and if not within (pref) distance from a player (if vehicle in a minigame, a player in that minigame), it checks to see if any bricks with raycasting OR colliding on are within it's collision zone and if so, (pref:respawns or recovers) the vehicle.


Suggestions & Requests / Shaking Charge Pulse Laser
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:18:01 AM »
So you know those flashlights that you shake to charge them?

Goofy idea, but I'd like some kinda single shot pulse laser that you charge by shaking some part of the apparatus, or the whole thing really—your design choice if you choose to do this. Has a shake-charge mode and a fire mode. Pulse laser scales in direct and explosive damage, explosive radius, and knockback the more it is shaken.

Shaking it for not very long should not do much at all. The whole point of it all is that it is stupid and unconventional.

A gimmicky quirky thing. Anyways, that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

Suggestions & Requests / [SCRIPT] Randomized Sounds on Spawn/Death/Kill
« on: October 23, 2019, 05:14:40 PM »
Hoping this would be a simple script, but basically if a user is in a minigame, play random sounds.

So how would I do this if I ONLY want to play sounds to the client and not touch the spawn/death functions? Like, reduced so pseudo-code:

Code: (Example Pseudo-code) [Select]
onPlayerSpawn {
    if client.inMinigame {
onPlayerDeath {
    if client.inMinigame {
        client.playRandomSound(Datablock2, Datablock3, Datablock4)
onPlayerKill {
    if client(killer).inMinigame {
        client(killer).playRandomSound(Datablock5, Datablock6, Datablock7)

That's it.

Forum Games / Discord Boss Battles (BFBB 3)
« on: September 07, 2019, 07:24:33 PM »

Iiiiit's BACK!

You remember the old classic Blockland Forums Boss Battles ( 1 & 2 )? Well, we're back, under the same management of lord techno (or Aqua on Discord). There probably won't be much, if anything posted here, but if you want to get in on the action or just spectate, come on in!

Suggestions & Requests / [EVENT] setEventEnabled but better
« on: May 19, 2019, 01:43:58 PM »
We have toggleEventEnabled, setEventEnabled, and shiftEventEnabled. The first toggles whether an event is enabled, and the last two set whether a list of events by line is either enabled or disabled, but no matter what, if there's events that trigger more than two options, it always requires ≥2 event lines for each choice, or >n lines of toggling for each n options.

I would like an event where it contains two large spaces for listing events by number, the first field enables all listed, and the second field disabled all listed. Additionally, there would be a check box after which if unchecked, defaults to disable event lines if the line number is present in both fields, and if checked, defaults to enable the line numbers if present in both fields.

That's it. It keeps everything clean and in one line, optimized for when you have more than two choices within the events.

Suggestions & Requests / [SCRIPT] Auto-Kick Multi-Clients
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:42:21 PM »
Just a simple script. If a client tries to join the server with a BL_ID matching someone currently on the server, it auto-kicks the extra client who just joined. Will exempt admins, super admin and host.

Suggestions & Requests / Mirror for Add-On "Seawolf Submarine"
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:19:49 PM »
THIS Add-On here. I'm getting a 404 on the download page.

Help / Forum Text Being Censored
« on: June 03, 2018, 10:46:05 AM »
I thought that it was supposed to happen only when logged out/when you browse as a guest?

Suggestions & Requests / Mirror for Add-On "Ghosting Utilities"
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:44:50 PM »
If anyone has a mirror of Gosting Utilities by Port, I would appreciate it.

Help / onActivate is Admin only?
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:46:48 AM »

I feel like some mod is breaking it. Does anyone have a list of mods that can or do break it?

Suggestions & Requests / Automatic SimTime Loop Autosaver
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:21:57 PM »
So although I don't know the exact point at which this occurs, I am aware that SimTime variable will exceed a certain number and go into the negatives, messing up a lot of mod functionality. Is there any way we could get some sort of thing for dedicated servers that will auto-save all bricks on the server and shut it down, say, 10 minutes after that point, with regular messages to those on the server that the server will shut down for maintenance? Perhaps it could even create an alert so the next time you start up Blockland, it would give you a prompt saying that your server was shut down to prevent the server from breaking.

Forum Games / Land of Despots
« on: May 19, 2018, 09:53:06 PM »

Land of Despots is a game where you RP as your tribe to influence and control your surroundings. You want power, wealth, love, and all the finer things in life—But so do others, and they'll be more than happy to get you and your clansmen out of the picture to accomplish that. The focus is upon yourself, the leader, and how your decisions affect your tribe and other tribes around yours.

It is 1,000 years before a perhaps the holiest man was born in a land very far away. The world you know is situated on the northern shores of the great continent Iusa. People have inhabited this land for thousands of years, and it is now your turn at the levers of power. The winters are white and frigid, the summers are hot and humid. On top of that, with the wildlife out there—snow leopards, bears and wolves—nature isn't exactly holding your hand through it.

You play as the leader of your tribe—primarily. What do I mean by primarily, you ask? (Clarification). There are two modes of playing the game. You could either play as your tribe's leader (Example), or as the authority that the tribe represents (Example)—It all depends on what kind of narrative, story or picture you want to create.

Copy the below application and paste it into a reply. You may add any additional details if you like, but make sure that all the details in the template are included.
Replace the [FIELDS] with Information.
Code: (Player Application) [Select]

[b]Population:[/b] [POPULATION(Minimum: 50, Maximum: 200)]
[b]Apparent Ethnicity:[/b] [APPARENT_ETHNICITY]
[b]Culture:[/b] [CULTURE(A summary of your tribe's culture)]
[b]Power Structure:[/b] [POWER_STRUCTURE(Saying "government" might be too much. How in charge is your ruler? Do you allow democracy or do you rule your people with uncompromising cruelty?)]
[b]Starting Location:[/b] [STARTING_LOCATION(Indicate where on the map you might like to start. Remove this when you have been added the the map in the OP.)]

[b]Leader Name:[/b] [LEADER_NAME]
   [b]Physical Description:[/b] [LEADER_PHYSICAL_DESCRIPTION]
   [b]Personality:[/b] [LEADER_PERSONALITY]

PLAYER                EMBLEM        TRIBELEADER
grunterdb1951      Haluti   Halut-dan Onn Feorla
Agent Legit 22      Kolyion Scars   High Khan Azared
SWAT One      Yndrys   Yaksha Tiwak te-Koh

  • No powergaming (Clarification).
  • No metagaming (Clarification).
  • Name your people, tribes, places, traditions, etc. originally.
  • Fair warning that people have the liberty to be as violent as they want, however, I please ask that overly graphic and descriptive detail of such be avoided. If this becomes a problem, and I hope it never does, I may ask you to dial it back or even to leave the game.
  • Don't be ridiculous so that I need to add more rules. We're here to have fun.

Forum Games / Warlords [TURN 7: AWO (4/4) & SELLING 2]
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:06:59 AM »

What is this?
At any point, hover over Navy text.

Warlords, or at least this game, is a top-down military strategy game where, put plainly and simply, you wage war against rivals and forge alliances with friends. Unlike most of my games, I have focused on making this as simple as possible.

Ok, cool. How do I play?

To start, simply paste this in a post and replace the [details] with information. Feel free to add more details, but this is the minimum:
Code: (Player Application) [Select]
[center][size=15pt][b][organization name][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Alliances:[/b] [list of alliances, when applicable]
[b]Faction:[/b] [faction to which you belong, if applicable. (If you aren't the one to start the faction, ask to join the faction you want)]
[b]Color:[/b] [color in hexadecimal]

[b]Starting Position:[/b] [post a picture of where on the map you would like to start]

Now, getting to the game, there are unit types. I'll list them in a table below for you.

Buildings/Static Weapons Platforms
*Note that bases can stack up to twice it's Population capacity in movable units, but they cannot attack from this position.

Small Base – A small base.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 2 | HP: 9 | SPD: 0 | PRICE: ??? | CAPACITY: 5 Population | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Medium Base – A medium base. Acts as an upgrade on your small base.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 3 | HP: 12 | SPD: 0 | PRICE: 65 | CAPACITY: 10 Population | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Large Base – A large base. Acts as an upgrade on your small or medium base.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 3 | HP: 15 | SPD: 0 | PRICE: 125 | CAPACITY: 20 Population | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Missile Silo (WAL-680) – A cruise missile silo manufactured by Wayne-Leonard Engineering. Great for dealing damage to faraway targets. Must be built adjacent to your base. Fires up to 1 missile per turn.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 3 | HP: 5 | SPD: 0 | PRICE: 200 | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: (See Missiles section.)


Short-Range Missile (WAL-1250) – A short-range SSM manufactured by Wayne-Leonard Engineering. Great for dealing damage to advancing targets. Fired only from a Missile Silo.

Mid-Range Missile (WAL-2250) – A mid-range TBM manufactured by Wayne-Leonard Engineering. Great for dealing damage to distant targets. Fired only from a Missile Silo.

Long-Range Missile (WAL-7500) – A long-range non-nuclear ICBM manufactured by Wayne-Leonard Engineering. Great for dealing damage to very far away targets and then some. Fired only from a Missile Silo.

Vehicles/Deployable Weapons Platforms

Troop Transport (C-450 "Mule") – A small truck for carrying troops, fitted with weapons and munitions storage bins for optimal travel. Manufactured by Caravan, Inc.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 1 | HP: 3 | SPD: 4 | PRICE: 25 | CAPACITY: 1 Infantry | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV-20 "Wolf") – A mobile multiple weapons platform fitted with an auto-cannon and machine-guns purposed for preventing passage of infantry. Manufactured by Integrated Ballistics.
ATK: 3 | DEF: 3 | HP: 5 | SPD: 4 | PRICE: 50 | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: 1

Battle Tank (BT-60 "Lion") – An armored weapons platform outfitted with a main cannon and a machine-gun. Manufactured by Integrated Ballistics.
ATK: ??? | DEF: 4 | HP: 8 | SPD: 2 | PRICE: 75 | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: 2

Pickup Truck (V-12A "Courier") – An unarmored pickup truck used for carrying small amounts of cargo. Manufactured by Venture Corp.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 1 | HP: 2 | SPD: 5 | PRICE: 10 | CAPACITY: 10 Point-Cargo | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Technical (V-12B "Fox") – An unarmored pickup truck converted into a combat vehicle by mounting a machine-gun to it's bed. Manufactured by Venture Corp. and modified with arms and munitions from Integrated Ballistics. If upgrading from a Pickup Truck, there must be a Pickup Truck unit stored at your base in order to upgrade it.
ATK: 3 | DEF: 1 | HP: 3 | SPD: 4 | PRICE: ??? | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: 1

Cargo Truck (V-22 "Cargo") – An unarmored box truck designed for hauling moderate amounts of cargo. Manufactured by Venture Corp.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 2 | HP: 3 | SPD: 3 | PRICE: 20 | CAPACITY: 25 Point-Cargo | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Heavy Carrier (V-47 "Crawler") – A heavily-armored cargo carrier, basically a freight train without the rails and plus a more-than-modest amount of armor. Purposed for carrying huge hauls. Manufactured by Venture Corp.
ATK: 0 | DEF: 4 | HP: 7 | SPD: 1 | PRICE: 60 | CAPACITY: 75 Point-Cargo | ATTACK RANGE: no attack

Artillery (WAL-155 "Gorilla") – A set of truck-towable field guns that can be deployed just prior to firing. Cannot attack in the same turn as deployment and packing up. Deployment requires no other unit type except Infantry and artillery on the tile. Infantry is required to man Artillery. If destroyed while manned, then it reverts to the Infantry that were manning it at 50% health. Manufactured by Wayne-Leonard Engineering.
ATK: ??? | DEF: 1 | HP: 3 | SPD: 3 | PRICE: 60 | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: 3


Infantry – Multi-focus foot-soldiers armed with rifles and anti-vehicle weapons. Can navigate through forested tiles.
ATK: 2 | DEF: 2 | HP: 2 | SPD: 2 | PRICE: 10 | CAPACITY: none | ATTACK RANGE: 1

Jeez! Are you done yet?!
Almost. Just gotta mention a few rules on how some of these units work.

Rules of Engagement
(Or just how the units work)

  • You begin with 25 points to spend.
  • You cannot create combat units if your base has reached population capacity.
  • No unit may move on water.
  • Only Infantry can move through forests.
  • Clearing a forest yields a dropped 5 points and can be done by moving to the tile using any unit, and clearing it. Doing this, however, sacrifices your combat capabilities, so it's best not to clear forests while enemies are nearby. Additionally, clearing a forest will eat up any movement that you have free.
  • Per-player turn order is currently randomized.
  • You gain points by destroying units or bases, retrieving randomized point drops, called "supply drops" or "troves", or clearing a forest. Units gained from destroying units and bases, and clearing forests are automatically deposited into your treasury. Points dropped randomly or by destroying a unit or base are left on the tile on which they were destroyed, and must be carried back to base before it can be deposited back into the treasury.
  • If your base is destroyed and you have 50% or more of that base's capacity of units, then you can retreat to any tile within 5 tiles of your recently-destroyed base that is not A) occupied by any unit or building, B) within 2 tiles of a non-allied unit, or not within 1 tile of any current base. If you meet all these conditions successfully in one or more tiles, a small base will be built in whichever tile of your choice qualifies. You will keep your treasury. If you do not meet these conditions, it's game over.
  • Yes, you can donate points to other players. You just need to carry it to them in a cargo vehicle.
  • You may only have 1 unit per tile unless it is soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning which appropriately pairs with that other unit. Troop transports & Infantry, and any units stacked at a base are the only exceptions.
  • Move order is as follows:
    • Deployables Pack-ups
    • Missile Strikes
    • Unit Movement
    • Point Pickups
    • Interception Attacks
    • Ranged Attacks
    • Guarding Counterattacks
    • Regular Attacks
    • Reactive Counterattacks
    • Tactical Retreats
    • Deployments
    • Automatic Diplomatic Adjustments


Player   |   Organization   |   Faction
lykakspars   |   Plantor   |   none : (SELLING)
Agent Legit 22   |   The Emperor's Guard   |   IWBM
Zoltan   |   The People's Republic of Stazia   |   none
cHeEsEpIzZa2   |   Champions Corner   |   none : (SELLING)
Snaked_Snake   |   Warbonshire   |   IWBM


Code: (Faction Application*) [Select]
[center][size=15pt][b][faction name][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Members:[/b] [list of members]
[b]Leader:[/b] [faction leader]
[b]Color:[/b] [color in hexadecimal]

[b]Alliances:[/b] [individual organizations who are jointly allied with the entire faction]

Faction Name   |   № Members
Imperial Warmongering Buttbuddies of Mars   |   2

"I thought we already had rules?!"
(Not game operation rules. Just have a read.)

  • Be a good sport. You can even backstab your friends, but don't be rubbing it in their face or anything. Keep that to PMs, DMs & Discord. I don't want to see that here.
  • Respect GMs. We respect the dice. So should you.
  • If you throw a fit in the thread, you will be ejected from the game and all your assets will be lost.
  • Refer to this for covert actions and communications:
    Judging that everyone seemed to want privacy in the poll, I made a barebones Discord to handle inter-faction communications and move submissions all in one place.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to TristanLuigi, who will be the GM and Media Manager while I am getting new computer components/getting a new computer altogether.

Off Topic / What is BLF's Opinion on "Spirit Week"?
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:27:03 PM »
It happened at my high school twice a year and once in college. And a few weeks ago, it was a thing that happened in my company.

Imo it just makes me feel uncomfortable, and especially in a corporate setting..... why?

What are your opinions on it?

Help / Are there any hosting services out there?
« on: April 13, 2018, 05:22:33 PM »
Is anyone offering a hosting service at this time? Links would be nice if you have them. Thanks.

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