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The Castle of the Goblin King


Singleplayer/Coop rpg adventure gamemode.
Fight your way through a dark castle to defeat the Goblin King and rescue a princess!
NPCs with dialogue!
Lots of custom models!
Sword levels!
~1 hours playtime!


Put the contents of the zip into your Add-ons folder. All the required add-ons/music are included.
- Dropbox
- Google Drive


Port for the level loading stuff.
Credits for add-ons included can be found in the descriptions in the add-on.

Game Modes / Space Zombie Shooter (Singleplayer/Coop Quake type FPS)
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:26:00 AM »
Catchy name, I know.


Singleplayer/Coop quake type shooter.
Shoot your way through a space station full of zombies and monsters to reach the escape shuttle at the end!
~15 minutes playtime to get through the whole thing if you aren't focussed on 100% kill/secret rate.
For 1+ players.
There is currently no in-game music, but I have been sitting on this gamemode for far too long already.



 - Dropbox
 - Google Drive


Quake-Type weapons from Bushido. Dropbox - Google Drive
Print_Mod_ter_Demian from Demian. Dropbox - Google Drive
Sky_Nebula. Dropbox - Google Drive
Ground_Blank. Dropbox - Google Drive
Emote Critical from Space Guy Dropbox - Google Drive

Further Credits
Included in the gamemode (And therefore you don't need to dl) are:
Dragon Playertypes from Army Unit, Hydralisk and Lordician.
Dinosaur Bots from Phydeoux
Brachiosaurus Bot from BlockAlpha
Energy Shield from Bushido
Hit Notifier from Curse
Blood and Gore from Amade
Boss playertypes from Tuevon

Add-Ons / Cyclops, Minotaur and Big Knight Bots
« on: June 16, 2018, 09:01:08 AM »
Big Knight Bots (I couldn't think of a better name)
(A cyclops, big knight and minotaur)

  • A cyclops bot with 400hp!
  • A big knight bot with 500hp!
  • A minotaur bot with 750hp!
  • The cyclops is automatically on the "goblin" team, the others are just enemies.
  • Weapons that use custom animations!
  • Complete animations!
  • Node customization!


Updated to remove some teeny weeny error messages caused by trying to change the speed of an object that isn't there.

Add-Ons / Wraith Bots [Animation names updated]
« on: March 26, 2018, 02:54:49 PM »
Wraith Bots

(A wraith and a wraith archer)

  • A wraith bot who can move
  • A wraith archer bot who can't move!
  • Weapons that use animations to telegraph!
  • Compatibility with goblin weapons!
  • Mostly complete animations (can't crouch or sit), and node customization!


Actually added crossbow sounds. This removes some minor errors.

Updated the animation filenames from anim.dsq to wraith_anim.dsq.

Removed the spawning animations to fix the death animation.

Gallery / Kobble's Savedump II
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:55:48 AM »
It's been over a year and a half since my last savedump, so I figured its time for another one! This time with pictures!! Previous savedump here!

A castle with a little village at the base. Featuring fully furnished rooms, working gates, and secret passages! This probably deserves its own topic.

 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Abstract Tower
An abstract arrangement of towers and platforms. Can be navigated by the base no-jet player. I may return to it one day, but probably not.

 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

A city of facades, originally intended to host an fps but began to get too sprawling. I may return to it one day, but probably not.

 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

2 Apartments
Two apartment blocks designed for an apartment freebuild type thing. Each apartment is exactly 16x32 in size iirc.
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Hell Tower
Not a save, but a tower for my Rescue the Princess Gamemode. Drop this in your addons folder when you host it. Nb this tower is very easy.
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Desert Tower
Not a save, but a tower for my Rescue the Princess Gamemode. Drop this in your addons folder when you host it. Nb this tower is very hard.
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

All the builds listed here use default bricks+colorset

Add-Ons / Two Seater Horse
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:44:53 AM »
Two Seater Horse Vehicle

  • A horse with two seats!
  • Made in response to this!


"He float" removed.

Add-Ons / Boar Vehicle/Bot
« on: September 21, 2017, 07:27:00 AM »
Boar Vehicle/Bot

(A boar bot and a boar vehicle)

  • A boar vehicle that you can ride!
  • A boar bot that you can't ride and will fight you!


Add-Ons / Troll Bots
« on: September 12, 2017, 11:58:55 AM »
Troll Bots

(A troll (1500hp) and an armored troll (2500hp))

  • Mostly complete custom animations! (troll cannot jump or crouch)
  • Randomized appearance upon spawn!
  • Ability to change nodes with respect to the players avatar! (limited to 3 hats, 2 packs and 3 second packs)
  • Troll fists item to telegraph attacks using custom animations!
  • Belongs to the goblin team, so will fight alongside goblins!

(A key node if you want to make a troll boss that drops a key or something (won't occur with random generation))

(size comparison)


Changed the item model for the troll fists from a non existent trollFists.dts to empty.dts. This will remove the one line error nobody would ever notice.

Add-Ons / Goblin Bots
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:33:15 AM »
Goblin Bots

(A goblin, goblin warrior and goblin mage)

  • Complete custom animations!
  • Randomized appearance upon spawn!
  • Ability to change nodes with respect to the players avatar.
  • Goblin sword and axe items to telegraph goblin attacks. Uses goblin specific animations so no standalone version.
  • Magic missile wand that fires a bouncing magical projectile for the mages. Since this can also be used by players there's a standalone link at the bottom.

(Using the randomize avatar button)

(size comparison)


Standalone magic missile wand
 - Dropbox
 - Google Drive


Changed fixAppearance to fixGoblinAppearance to avoid potential clashes but it might not be relevant for all I know
Added goblinAxe weapon. Its literally just a reskin of the sword.

Game Modes / The Golden Wrench (Singleplayer FPS)
« on: December 21, 2016, 10:25:06 AM »

A singleplayer first person shooter.
Battle against national socialist forces and the undead to claim the legendary golden wrench!
~20-30 minute playtime, however area loading is a feature if you want to drop it and come back later.




 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Most addons are packaged in with the gamemode, but since music files and faces cannot be, they must be separately downloaded and added to your addons folder.
The music can be downloaded here: -Google Drive -Dropbox
There is also a soft requirement for the bots' faces, just follow the links in the bot topic here:

Add-Ons / [Bot] national socialist + Egyptian Skeleton
« on: December 21, 2016, 10:23:32 AM »
Three bots made for The Golden Wrench gamemode.

Bot_national socialist
Contains a soldier and an officer. Both have 40 health and spawn with a gun.
Uses Face_BlueEyes from here:
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Phydeoux's skeleton with a headdress. Has 30 health and does melee damage.
Uses Face_Smiley_Skull from here:
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

It should be noted that the added hats and chest-pieces are only applied to the bots. Changing your datablock to be a national socialist will just give you 40hp and no jets.

Faces, Decals, Prints / Face_BlueEyes
« on: December 21, 2016, 10:21:27 AM »

A simple edit of the default smiley to give it blue eyes.
 - Google Drive
 - Dropbox

Gallery / Isla de Bloque [WITH SAVE DL]
« on: July 29, 2016, 03:15:14 PM »
So a while ago I built a large modter island taking inspiration from GSF Paradise and people seemed to like it, so I built another one.


(The whole thing will not fit in the draw distance, so this is several images poorly stitched together in photoshop)


Small towns and villages

Large towns and a city

Industrial areas

Military areas


  • The Island was built with Latin America in mind, so the signs are in Spanish.
  • There are a large amount of 64x modter bricks, so you will struggle to clear bricks if the save is loaded.
  • There may be a few vehicle spawns and such about that I didn't clear up
  • There are 13 chests to find, but I didn't personally place all of them.

Download Stuff
The map uses Blur's Rainy day colorset
The trees used are Zombekillz MoRPlants and Phydeoux, [GSF]Ghost, Elm and Crispy's DetailTrees (If anyone has links to the topic for these bricks, let me know)
It also uses Modular Terrain, including the 4x pack, which is not default.
Otherwise everything is default.


If you want a version without trees (I don't blame you) then either load the save without one or both of the above tree addons, or click here. One thing to note with this version is that it reveals some things hidden in foliage, potentially hurting your experience.

I began building this a year ago, so if I missed you out or you think you don't deserve credit, please tell me.

Kobble - 6942
Secondary builders Listed in order of contribution
Refticus - 14771
Mac Workin - 32882
Klarck - 26586
Plastiware - 1118
Vitawrap - 47621

Gallery / Kobble's Savedump
« on: March 12, 2016, 09:36:14 AM »
Someone told me it would be a good idea to dump my saves on the forums, so here are some of the more complete things
I will briefly go through everything contained. Underlined items are more complete/more interesting.
Excuse the occasional interesting spelling choice.

  • 1980s space base - A small classic space styled base in a crater. Already posted here
  • Buildcore - A prototype for what would later become power panic, click the button to rebuild the core
  • Camp thing - A desert camp with a brickbuilt tank. Preview
  • Castle wall + corner - Self explanatory
  • Church - Self explanatory, but I cannot remember how complete this is
  • Clearing - A clearing with a small tower. Designed for small deathmatches with flintlock weapons
  • ClearingRainEnabled - Same as above with zonebricks lining the roof of the tower
  • Deouum - A Doom inspired fps. The only reason I couldn't finish this is because I didn't know how to end it. It shouldn't be too hard to set up and play if you want to. Preview 123
  • Desert ruins deathmatch - Self explanatory. Includes bots to fight
  • Dragons lair - A small cave with lava and gold in it
  • Facades - A street for the start of Sector E 2. I don't know if I will go any further than this
  • Galleon - Self explanatory. Already posted here
  • hauswithterrain - An old house I built with disgustingly flat terrain. The people I showed it seemed to like it though.
  • Kobble Cove - A section of coast. Already posted here
  • Little Industry - A small industrial deathmatch arena. Preview
  • Manor - An unfinished manor designed for a thief gamemode
  • Variations on Merpmap - A map for a mini empires roleplay I hosted a while back. Its fairly small and flat and while that suited my tastes, it might not suit yours
  • Museum - Very old museum I don't remember well.
  • Pirate bar - Self explanatory
  • Pirate Island Fortified and Treed - The brickbuilt island I made a while ago with a pirate fort and trees on it
  • plane - A small plane. Not much to look at but the propellers are evented to 'spin'
  • Random DMs - Various quake styled DM arenas. All but the Jungle DM are finished and have been posted here
  • Random sea fort - Small fort designed to poke out from the sea.
  • Rockpill - An underground cave with a tower of crates that can be built bit by bit. Designed for some sort of zombie/monster defence
  • RockTerrain with rocket - Self explanatory. Already posted here
  • Rockwall - Self explanatory
  • Shooting range - Self explanatory
  • Sloop - A small ship, already posted here
  • Small Castle - A small castle, already posted here
  • Sorting office - A map designed for super creeper
  • Story thing - An old attempt at a singleplayer gamemode. Not much to see here.
  • Terrained village - Self explanatory. Rather incomplete iirc
  • Train - A steam engine pulling passengers and goods. Uses the tree projectile to emulate movement
  • Warehouse DM improved - Very old, but I remember it being fun at the time.

Download here

I would advise using something like save checker to see what addons are required. In terms of coloursets, Truenos is usually a safe bet.

Game Modes / Power Panic!
« on: September 18, 2015, 06:33:38 AM »
Power Panic
Restore the power to the mining facility before it is too late!

Power Panic is a round based cooperative gamemode about restoring power.
The aim of the game is to restore power to all the rooms in the facility before time runs out.
Rooms will randomly lose power so you need to respond quickly.
Power is restored by clicking terminals till they have been clicked 100 times.
Do this while fending off a relentless zombie horde.


When you first spawn, click one of the red buttons to start the game.
Game is entirely default, there are no requirements.


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