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Modification Help / Blockland Glass Developer's Guide
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:07:50 AM »
Blockland Glass Developer's Guide
This documentation is way overdue, but late is better than never.

Glass automatically brings in any old RTB preferences, already supporting nearly all RTB add-ons.

You can create a new preference category for your add-on with the registerPreferenceAddon function:

     registerPreferenceAddon(%addon, %name, %icon);
     registerPreferenceAddon("System_BlocklandGlass", "Glass Prefs", "gear");

The preference itself is registered objectively, similar to Datablocks. An example is below:

Code: [Select]
//Object-based preference initialization

registerPreferenceAddon("System_BlocklandGlass", "Glass Server Prefs", "gear");

new ScriptObject(Preference) {
  className      = "MyCoolPref"; //namespace

  addon          = "System_BlocklandGlass"; //add-on filename
  category       = "General";
  title          = "Can use";

  type           = "dropdown";
  params         = "Host 3 Super_Admin 2 Admin 1"; //list based parameters

  variable       = "$Pref::BLPrefs::AllowedRank"; //global variable (optional)

  defaultValue   = "Super_Admin 2"; //two words due to dropdown

  updateCallback = "myRealUpdateCallback"; //to call after ::onUpdate (optional)
  loadCallback   = "myRealUpdateCallback"; //to call after ::onLoad (optional)

  hostOnly       = true; //default false (optional)
  secret         = false; //whether to tell clients the value was updated (optional)

  loadNow        = false; // load value on creation instead of with pool (optional)
  noSave         = false; // do not save (optional)
  requireRestart = false; // denotes a restart is required (optional)

function MyCoolPref::onUpdate(%this, %val) {
  //myRealUpdateCallback should have already been called by now,
  // handled by the Preference generic

  if($Test::Pref $= %val) {
    echo("Passed update callback test");
  } else {
    echo("Failed update callback test");

function MyCoolPref::onLoad(%this, %val) {
  echo("Loaded \"" @ %this.title @ "\"");

function myRealUpdateCallback(%this, %val) {
  $Test::Pref = %val;

The following preference types and parameters have been defined by Support_Preferences:
  • bool
  • num <min> <max> <precision>
  • playercount <min> <max>
  • string <len> <strip ml>
  • slider <min> <max> <snapTo> <stepValue>
  • dropdown <name1> <value1> <name2> <value2> ...
  • wordlist <delimiter> <maxWords>
  • color
  • datablock <type> <canBeNone>
  • datablocklist <max words>
  • button
  • colorset
  • rgb <has alpha>

However, only types used by RTB have been implemented along with RGB. The rest can be implemented at request (probably all of them in a single update).

Required Clients
Glass allows servers to set required or optional client sided add-ons to use while playing. Once it's setup Glass will automatically handle the downloads and prompting of downloads for the client. This is the function to register a required client:

     registerRequiredClient(%name, %glassId, %optional);

%name - This appears to the client when connecting, you can name your add-on whatever you like. It does not have to be the same as it is on Glass.
%glassId - The Glass ID of your add-on, this can be found in the url of the add-on. (Example: add-on.php/id=398 your ID would be 398).
%optional - Set this to 1 if you want the client to be an optional download.


     registerRequiredClient("Jailbreak Client", 135, 0);

Loading Screens
Glass allows gamemode creators to set custom loading backgrounds for users loading their gamemode. Setup is quite simple:

     registerLoadingScreen(%url, %fileType[, %crc]);

Calling this method inside your gamemode makes clients (who have loading backgrounds enabled) download the specified image URL. Any jpeg, png, or jpg image is supported. Note that Glass has to be running on the server.

%crc is an optional field allowing the client to cache your server's preview image. If a client already has the loading image with the given CRC downloaded, the image will load automatically without needing to be downloaded.


     registerLoadingScreen("", "png");

The background must be below 2MB in file size, or else it won't load!

Player List
A lot of servers have more than just the normal admin and super admin ranks so Glass allows server hosts to set their client's rank on the server list. This can be done by calling a client command to update the letter.

     clientCmdGlass_setPlayerlistS tatus(%blid, %char, %color);

%blid - The BL_ID of the client you would like to change.
%char - The desired character. This has a limit of one letter.
%color - The color you would like the line to be.

Color code:
1 = Black
2 = Grey
3 = Light Grey
4 = Pinkish Red
5 = Blue
6 = Red
7 = Green
8 = Orange
9 = Teal


     commandToAll('Glass_setPlayerlistStatus', 2143, "J", 7);

General Discussion / -wrong board-
« on: August 25, 2018, 11:06:10 AM »
-wrong board-

Add-Ons / Admin Chat
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:45:45 PM »
Admin Chat v2.0.0

It's been around for nearly eight years now, my original admin chat. I revisited the old code and decided it could use a little tweaking. The old topic is certainly locked, so I've made a new one.


Admin Chat allows admins to communicate directly. You can use /ac or a delimiter (@ by default) to talk with other Admins and /sac to talk to other Super Admins.


Original v2 (2010) -> 2.0.0
  • Added support for URLs
  • Added delimiters (changeable via prefs)
  • Changed "AdminChat(name)" to "AC(name)" (toggle via prefs)
  • Added super admin chat via /sac
  • ML control characters are now stripped from text

General Discussion / Blockland: Community Edition Proposal
« on: July 01, 2017, 10:41:14 AM »
There's been decent talk about a Community Update and also an "apocalypse plan" recently. I've commented about my thoughts in both topics, but wanted to make a formal topic about my idea and see what the public opinion surrounding it is.

I would like to make a custom launcher that installs and starts a different installation of Blockland. This allows for community-made updates to be issued through this new system. The initial update would include a handful of new add-ons, BlocklandLoader by default, and maybe a few default (stable) DLLs like SelectiveGhosting and bl-browser.

A few other ideas that could be implemented (ripped straight from another post of mine):

  • Entirely fresh UI (not just a skin change)
  • Server-sided gui support
  • Chunk-based real-time autosaver
  • Persistent "worlds"
  • Easy packaging of maps and gamemodes, Halo 3 style
  • TCP-based (or otherwise optimized) save loading
  • New staged add-on loading system

There's really a ton of options and new routes to be explored. If a DLL such as blocklandLua or blocklandJS were default, a whole new realm of add-ons (or perhaps just called mods) would be available, like faster file transfer systems, dynamically generated mini-maps, binary file uploads, etc.

I recognize all of these can be individual add-ons and that people can pick and choose what they'd like, but I think having a common update stream that allows for mass adoption of these is persuading to modders. Many don't utilize DLLs because they recognize there's a higher bar to entry, and add-on dependencies get complicated. Some users don't recognize the usefulness and potential of mundane looking mods, but a lot can be built off of them and it can really make a big impact to the playability of the game.

Now, I don't want this to be viewed as having any overlap with Blockland Glass or in any way being my project. Ideally, I'd like to set up a very democratic system on implementing new features. Perhaps put up every feature as a detailed "proposal" and leave it up to a community vote on whether it should be pursued. I'd like to work with other content makers, such as the people who've actually made the mentioned DLLs and add-ons, to make sure everything fits seamlessly together and feels native and intuitive.

I don't mean this to go the way of early Blockland mods that have power-hungry and game dominating reputations. Blockland's default authentication scheme would still be in effect, every change would be open source (not much choice with TS anyway), and it would still be Blockland.

Of course, some popular concerns would be effort vs reward. Personally, I believe this could spark a big change in the way Blockland is modded and open the possibility to a lot more creative content, however I'm making this topic because I recognize there's other views and would like to hear them.

So, what are people's thoughts on all this?

General Discussion / Blockland Glass Hosting Service [Closing]
« on: October 14, 2016, 05:40:29 PM »
Glass Hosting

I'm happy to announce the launch of Glass Hosting. We provide premium Blockland servers located on the US east coast, providing the best average connection to all players. We've built a web-based control panel to easily manage your server, and it just happens to be mobile friendly too.

[Click to enlarge]

[Click to enlarge]

Currently, we don't support steam users, but we intend to soon.


So far, we've hosted Crown's Jailbreak for a few weeks now, and with excellent uptime and connectivity. Servers are allocated a gigabyte of RAM which is more than enough to surpass Blockland's player limits.


We charge a flat $7/mo, almost none of which comes out as profit.

Visit the Glass Hosting Website, create an account, and head over to Subscriptions to get started. We're available for support at all times, and feel free to PM me with questions.

General Discussion / Glass Hosting Development
« on: August 26, 2016, 09:28:45 PM »
Now that Blockland officially has no remaining hosting services with Blocknet closing down, I'm curious to see if there's a market for dedicated Blockland hosting to continue. I've worked on a Blockland web-based control panel before maybe 5 years ago (it was bad because I was a novice at the time) and again around when RTB closed down, as well as having worked on an in-game remote server control and a server wrapper. The service could be up within a month.

A big issue I've realized is the lack of Steam integration with dedicated servers (caused the demise of RTB). The solution to that is to buy a series of keys, but that could mean I end up spending more than the service brings in (part of the demise of BlockNet). At a small scale, I can match BlockNet's $7/mo for non-steam users and I'd offer $10/mo for steam users. If Blockland had promise of continuing on and expanding, I could offer less to Steam users, however each Steam account requires $20 investment for a new key- If I get, say, 5 Steam users out the gate, I'm out $100. If I match BlockNet's $1/mo, that won't return for 20 months, and Blockland has already gone 8 months without even simple updates, showing no signs of future growth and updates. Plus, if there's more users now than later, say those 5 Steam users drop to 3 after a few months, then that investment may never end up returning on itself and I'm out money. There's a very small profit margin from hosting the servers themselves, and not enough to cover a large number of keys. Charging an extra $3/month leads to a 6 month turn around, which is a good amount of time to determine whether the service is feasible or not for me to continue.

If there's a large demand, I could rent a dedicated server as opposed to getting VPS's. I could reasonably drive the price down to $5/month, but a dedicated server is a lot less flexible than a VPS, so there's more of a risk of losing money.

I'm not aiming to make much of a profit at all, but I'm not in a position where I'm able to lose much money. However, now that money is involved, the Glass service would certainly be a lot more rounded out and tested than previous web releases, which I've learned a lot from.


Small Scale:
  • Non-Steam: $7/mo
  • Steam: $10/mo

Large Scale:
  • Non-Steam: $5/mo
  • Steam: $8/mo

  • Instant set-up
  • Paypal
  • Online Management Panel
    Console, chat, add-ons, Support_Updater integration (pre-launch updates), preferences
  • In-Game Management Panel
    The same features as the online panel, integrated in to the Glass overlay but as an independent add-on
  • Semi-Private VPS
    Each node is only shared with one other user and receives it's own IP address; this provides some degree of protection against DDoS attacks, as not all nodes will be impacted at once
  • 10 GB SSD storage, 250 Mbps (or greater) connection

I'd also likely extend the web-panel, server wrapper, and in-game client to be available to all, not just Glass Hosting servers.

Modification Help / Missing ScriptObject/SimObject inheritance?
« on: January 03, 2016, 02:39:16 PM »
I've come across this multiple times and I have no idea what the cause is.

When I create an unnamed ScriptObject with a defined class, it fails to inherit all of the default functions of ScriptObjects.. ::schedule, ::dump, ::getClassName, etc.

It seems to happen particularly while add-ons are executing, but occasionally afterward too.

Code: [Select]
  %this = new ScriptObject() {
    class = "Structure";
    file = %file;

    rotation = 0;
    position = "0 0 0";

  if(%this.getClassName() !$= "ScriptObject") { // I have no clue why this happens, but it does
    error("Registered a non-scriptobject script object?");

    new ScriptGroup(StructureGroup);


If I load the server first, then execute my add-on, then call the command, it works fine.

It occurs regardless of the namespace I use, I've tried others thinking that Structure may be some default engine class.

Add-Ons / Development Tools - 1.3.0
« on: December 29, 2015, 10:54:28 PM »
Development Tools

I got tired of having to re-type the same discoverFile and exec commands each time I was doing work on Glass, so I made a little console mod. You can now resize the console by pulling on a resize tab, and also re-load and re-execute common files.

Nothing too fancy, but I figured someone else might find this useful. The file list is persistent, so it loads the same each time you start Blockland. If I think of any other little tweaks, I'll release them later.



1.2 -> 1.3.0
  • The console can no longer be extended past the size of the screen, nor below 100 pixels
  • Almost everything calls ConsoleEntry.makeFirstResponder now, so the text box will always be in focus
  • Double clicking fixed, now opens Copy to Clipboard prompt

1.0 -> 1.2
  • Files that have been changed more recently than they've been executed turn red
  • The entire file system is now re-discovered as opposed to only the file being executed

Add-Ons / Blockland Glass 4.2
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:50:40 AM »

Stable 4.2.6   

Welcome to Glass.

Blockland Glass is a general-purpose enhancement

suite focused on extending the community.

Glass primarily features a mod management

system and a chat room and friends system.

Other features include a required client

system, backward compatible preferences,

favorite servers, server previews, and various

enhancements throughout Blockland.

Read on to find out more about Glass in general,

our team, and any future developments...

Mod Manager
The Mod Manager allows you to browse, search, and install add-ons without ever exiting Blockland. Youíre able to access all add-ons upload directly to Glass, as well as search and download add-ons from the RTB 4 Archive. The Mod Manager also ensures that all of your add-ons are kept up to date, thanks to Support_Updater, and import your old RTB add-ons to be updated to the latest version.

Glass Live
Our social system, dubbed Glass Live, allows you to keep in touch with your friends, chat through public chatrooms or direct message, and join and invite your friends to servers.

Weíve implemented our own preferences system to make up for the loss of RTB preferences. All RTB preferences are automatically imported and available to control, along with some new preference types and optionsrticular.

Server Features
Glass enables you to preview servers before you join them, viewing the serverís preview image and player list. On top of that, we allow you to mark favorite servers, giving you notifications about the serverís status and allowing you to view and join it from the main menu. Glass also allows servers to have their own custom loading screen images, similar to how maps images worked before shadows and shaders.

The project is forever growing with new ideas and features being developed and tested all the time.
If you have a suggestion, we invite you to join in the conversation here on the forums!

Glass Live chat and friends list


Custom server preview and loading screen

Server preferences window

Mod manager displaying an add on page

We would also like to give notable mentions for their contributions to McTwist and Greek2Me.
Also, thanks to Mr.LoL for in-game photo assets.

As a team, moving forward we would like to be more open with development and discussion of Glass. We plan to do this by keeping you up to date on what's happening and posting on our website and thread as regularly as we can.
Your feedback is vital to helping improve the service as best we can!

4.2 Update released!
Posted 01/10/18

The Creators Update is a focus on adding new features for content creators to help manage and test their work using new bug reporting and crash detecting tools. Alongside this, there has been a big overhaul of Glass Live and the system's stability and reliability along with a handful of neat little tweaks and features added into the mix. See below for further details.

New Features List

  • Added bug report system, available from the bug button on the top right of the overlay
  • Added crash detection system
  • Added new logging system
  • Blockland console.logs are now backed up

  • Improved Glass Live reliability
  • Optimized Glass Live user list rendering, nearly 100x faster (less lag!)
  • Added category headers to rooms
  • Added chatroom persistence
  • Added emoticon suggestion/prediction
  • Revamped authentication system, improving reliability and stability
  • Added DAA authentication for Glass Live, improving security (thanks, McTwist!)

  • Added add-on groups
  • Added RGB preference type
  • Re-added RTB imports, again
  • The Glass Manual is now pulled from the website so that it can be modified without an update

Stable 4.2.6

Two Years
Posted 08/21/17

Today is the two-year anniversary of the release of Blockland Glass. To say the least, we've come a very far way. The very first topic was posted two years and four months ago. Just a little trip down memory lane...

The Blockland Glass we have today isn't always what it's been. Over the past 5+ years, I have named a few different (but similar) projects by the same name. The name was originally derived from the core functionality of allowing servers to interact and control GUI elements while you play - a sort of "Glass" screen over your display. This is dated back before Google Glass, so the name was indeed original at the time...


Content coming soon...

Modification Help / wrong board
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:49:26 AM »
- browser forget up -

Modification Help / Blockland Glass Development
« on: July 16, 2015, 11:46:36 AM »
Blockland Glass 1.1 Development

2.0 Milestone

We're redoing everything.

  • Upstream Repositiories (website) - previously functional and then broken, any add-on with an upstream repository will automatically update to match it's upstream parts
  • Searching (addon and website) - pretty much essential, I overlooked this
  • Full S3 Integration (website) - currently implemented for RTB add-ons, all add-ons will be kept on an amazon S3 storage space


Jincux - That's me. I've been playing Blockland since I was a little kid. I've had a few shameful attempts at large framework projects, but it was always a big undertaking and poorly made. My last attempt was 3 years ago, and I've learned a lot since then. I've made the entirety of Glass up to release.

teozkr - Also going by Nullable and DontCare4Free, he's worked with me on the last Glass project and is working on ParseTS, a project to take TorqueScript and essentially make objective break-down of the code, which allows us to have automated code review.

Nexus - Joining me on development of the redesigned site, he's taken over a lot of the design of the project, reworking almost everything. A huge thanks to him.

Modification Help / Support_AdminEvents.cs Eval Vulnerability
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:32:17 PM »
Someone uploaded an add-on containing the common library Support_AdminEvents.cs in it to BLG. The system automatically picked up an Eval command, and while looking at it, I saw it had a large vulnerability. Discussion with the author revealed that this is widely used.

The code of issue is as follows:
Code: [Select]
function serverCmdAddEvent(%client, %delay, %input, %target, %a, %b, %output, %par1, %par2, %par3, %par4)
//Define aLevel based on whether the client is host, super admin, admin, or none
if(%client.bl_id == getNumKeyID())
%aLevel = 3;
else if(%client.isSuperAdmin)
%aLevel = 2;
else if(%client.isAdmin)
%aLevel = 1;
%aLevel = 0;

//Get more information about what event the client chose
%class = getWord(getField($InputEvent_TargetListfxDTSBrick_[%input],%a),1);
eval("%name = $OutputEvent_Name" @ %class @ "_" @ %output @ ";");
%reqLevel = $AdminOutputEvent[%class,%name];

//Does the client have sufficient priviledges to use this event?
if(%reqLevel &rt; %aLevel)
messageClient(%client,'','You do not have a sufficient admin level to use the event %1::%2. It has been removed from your brick.',%class,%name);
Parent::serverCmdAddEvent(%client, %delay, %input, %target, %a, %b, %output, %par1, %par2, %par3, %par4);

As you can see, %output is completely exposed. For example:

/addEvent delay input target a b output;quit()

Would turn in to %name = $OutputEvent_NameSomeClass_output;quit();, which would obviously shut down the server.

Scripters, please review your add-ons. You can replace the entire line of the eval with the following:

%name = $OutputEvent_Name[%class @ "_" @ %output];

General Discussion / Blockland Glass Mod Manager [Released!]
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:00:25 PM »
Blockland Glass
Not related to Glass the player whatsoever
Blockland Glass is a name I've used on several (rather underutilized) projects that have attempted to work alongside RTB back in it's heyday. It's worked as a reskin, as an underutilized GUI downloading system, and now I've re-branded it as a new Add-On hosting system to fill in the gap of RTB.

Now, Blockland Glass is an add-on hosting and management system. Bringing together Greek2Me's Support_Updater, the old RTB Archives, an modern in-game downloader, and a whole load of new features, Glass covers the add-on system from head to toe.

I'm posting this in General Discussion as I believe the Modification Discussion mainly relates to developing Add-Ons themselves. If the in-game portion of this becomes significant enough, I'll create a separate thread there to detail that process. For now, it's just about the website

Add-ons are, naturally, sorted in to categories based on their functionality.

RTB Add-ons have their own board, with information pulled from their RTB files. Add-on developers are able to recover their old RTB add-ons, importing them in to the Glass system. From there, the in-game mod manager will automatically put them on the right update paths and recover all the lost followings

Again, add-ons can very easily be retrieved from old RTB followings. Unfortunately, RTB didn't log the author's BLID, however Glass attempts to match names.

Glass add-ons can be kept on three different branches: stable, unstable, and development. This allows developers to make public changes and tests to their add-ons without interfering with the live versions. Greek2Me's Support_Updater is implemented throughout the system. version.txt files are automatically generated, pointing to the Blockland Glass repository. You don't have to do a single thing.

Conversely, for those that only wish to update their own private Updater repository, but also would like their add-on listed, Glass can check upstream repositories and mirror them, enabling all the functionality of the system without developers losing any control over their updates.

Each add-on that is submitted is automatically scanned for malicious code. After that, add-on reviewers can come by and either validate the security of the add-on, or point out any bad code. Either way, the add-on will not be removed for having bad code. Unlike RTB, all add-ons (except obvious spam and IP theft) are welcome. However, malicious add-ons will not be available in-game, only online.

Source code is available for easy view. Syntax is marked up, and detected problems are highlighted in red.

Add-ons also will have a rating and comment system in the near future

Planned Features
  • Private Files
  • Peer-review system
  • Statistic display and graphs
  • Comment/Rating system

Blockland Glass

Please, feel free to leave comments and suggestions

Jincux's Blocktopia alpha
Rise of Blockland copy/spinoff

Blocktopia is a new City gamemode that I've developed. Currently, it's very reminiscent of Mr. Wallet's Rise of Blockland, but I'm planning on taking it in a different direction later on. In the city of Blocktopia, resources are a thing. To build, you need plastic. You need food to do anything. To supply these, we have wonderful fabricators. Every (10 minute) day, your nifty little fabricator will produce 10 of a selected resource. These resources are immediately transferred to your storage block. From there, you can sell it through a sale block! Isn't that neat?

How to Play
First, simply get on the server. Currently, you can play either all through commands or a mix of commands and GUI. Note that the GUI is still in early development. Bugs are expected.

To get started, you need to buy two lots. We've given you the money to do so. You can do this by standing on an open area and typing /buylot. Select one of those two lots to be a shop, then go stand over it and type /setLotType resource. Currently, the  resources are food, plastic and engineering.

Next up, open up your brick menu. Browse over to the "Blocktopia" tab and select the Fabricator, Storage Brick, and Sale Brick. Place one of each on your shop lot.

Now, first thing next morning you'll get a fresh batch of whatever resource you're fabricating. One problem: it isn't for sale yet. First, set a price. /setPrice price will be your friend here. Next, if you have the GUI downloaded, simply click on either your Fabricator or Storage bricks; otherwise, type /sell amount. You're good to go!

Eventually some Blocktopian will come around and buy something from you. You'll most likely want the money. To collect the money from your lot, use the command /collectMoney. Don't forget to collect money from your residential lot, it slowly generates some spare cash!

The GUI is still in an early state. You'll be able to receive notifications about updating it after you download it.
Download (b2)

This is currently in an open alpha phase. What does this mean? Well, I'm still constantly working on it. Features are still be added. Bugs are likely. Fortunately, most updates are silent and you won't notice a thing other than a one second lag spike. If I'm online, you can assume that work is getting done.

Modification Help / Blockland Glass - Open Beta
« on: April 23, 2013, 05:09:44 PM »
Blockland Glass Development
Here we go again...


Blockland Glass is a project aimed to enhance the experience of playing Blockland though framework. The original version was released April of 2012, slightly over a year ago, aimed to remove the need for downloading GUIs. Since then, we've explored various new paths to take Blockland Glass (BLG) on, but none of been successful. Unlike the first two topics, this topic was made after much of the work has been completed, not before.

What's in development

Server Information
The next version of BLG will be aimed at the server list and server control. I've gathered a few screenshots to show you - note, these aren't mock-ups.

Anyone who has RTB has seen the information button on the server listing. I've set a goal to make this information page useful, providing (atleast somewhat) informative data before joining a server.

By release, server rating will be functional.

The general statistics will display more data by release, and allows for other add-ons to display data.

To provide better access to information and less reliance on our servers, the server information operates by listening to the same port the server is on. Blockland itself only uses UDP, but often during port-forwarding and when a server is started with UPNP, the port is opened for TCP but unused, allowing us to utilize that open space. If that port is taken (by something such as a hosting service or another add-on), simply open the settings and change the port. Both of the major hosting services provide plenty of extra ports for you to use.

If you don't want any of your information shared, simply disable them!

Gui Requirements
Our previous attempt at treating the GUI issue, although completely functional, failed. So, here's take two. Instead of seamlessly downloading and creating a shell of the GUI while relying on the server for functionality, our new approach simply downloads the GUI file (with client approval). Be warned that the downloaded files can potentially hold malicious script - you run the same risk as when you download any other file that isn't posted on the forums.

Code: [Select]
BLG_S_GUI.addGui(%name, %url, %mandatory)Do not include "http://" in the url.

Open Beta
We're currently providing an open beta. This current version of BLG is rewritten from the ground-up and does not contain ANY functionality from the previous versions.

Please report any bug via the forum until we can implement a bug-tracker.

Beta 2

First off, I'd like to thank the 13 of you who have downloaded beta 1! Your participation was a great aid in squashing bugs and fixing up the server. Unfortunately, a flaw in the engine led me to believe that beta 1 was actually functional, while in reality it was not at all. I've fixed that up in beta 2, along with adding server tracking, which currently only works with BLG servers. I've decided just to ship that functionality in beta 2 to just show that I am indeed getting work done, and to release a fix of the server information page.

You may notice that the ratings area has changed. There is currently no way to submit a rating, and I'm currently rethinking the entire system. Once again, simply disregard the rating area.

Please post regarding any bugs, and please include your console.log. This is crucial to fixing the bug.

Server tracking can be found on the RTB overlay. If you don't have RTB, you'll have to wait until beta 3. When adding a new server to follow, add the host by BLID. My server, as usual, will be available if you'd like to experiment. My BLID is 9789.

Beta 2

Known Bugs:
  • Only functions on dedicated server

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