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Add-Ons / Pine Tree Playertype
« on: September 14, 2019, 07:14:59 AM »
Player_PineTree - Be the tree.

A playertype that looks like the default pine tree.
500 health.
Can't crouch or climb stairs. 2 plate jump height.
Color of pine tree depends on your chest color. You can also pick a color with your paint can and hit crouch to change to that color.
Walks slow.
Hit the jet key to run at a faster(normal) pace. It does drain your energy.
No hurt sounds or pain emitters for ultimate stealth.
Health regenerates very slowly.
Moving plays a rustling sound.
Use the sit emote to snap to the brick grid for better blending in.

No pictures needed. You look like the default pine tree brick.

Requested by maxymax13.

Download on Blockland Glass

Add-Ons / Support_FixAddOnSorting [v4]
« on: August 20, 2019, 09:42:11 AM »
Old topic too old.

This add-on fixes client and server add-on execution order and the custom game GUI add-on list order. Also fixes the order of the resolution list.
This is pretty much only a problem with Linux, Wine, and some versions of Mac, because they use a different filing system. This add-on only fixes the symptoms of the problem. Only Badspot can fix the source of it. Probably doesn't work with dedicated servers.
Someone else made this add-on a long time ago, but it didn't work well and only fixed the custom game GUI add-on list order.

Requires you to start Blockland and then restart it to start working.
You only have to do it once.

Code: [Select]
v3 to v4
- Now also fixes the order of the resolution list.

v2 to v3
- Fixed a bug that caused force required add-ons to load twice in some cases.

v1 to v2
- Forgot to delete an object.

Add-Ons / Event - Treasure Chest Extension
« on: August 01, 2019, 08:08:10 AM »
Event - Treasure Chest Extension
Adds extended functionality for the default treasure chest brick.

If you have Event_onChestOpen, Event_onFoundAllChests, or Script_TreasureChestVars, delete them and replace them with this mod.

Adds the following events:
Brick > collectChest [NAME] [BOOL] - Collects or uncollects the target chest from the activating client.
Brick > checkChest [NAME] - Checks whether the activating client has collected the target chest or not.
If NAME is blank then the target brick will be considered the treasure chest brick. If it's not blank then the brick name you put in will be used as the chest brick.

onChestOpen - Called when a chest is collected that the client hasn't found yet.
onCheckChestTrue - Called when checkChest is called if the client has already collected the target chest.
onCheckChestFalse - Called when checkChest is called if the client has not already collected the target chest.
onFoundAllChests - Called when someone has collected all the chests in the server.

If Event_Variables is enabled, adds the following variables:

Download on Bockland Glass

Add-Ons / Game Mode Add-Ons Importer
« on: July 27, 2019, 12:44:18 PM »
Game Mode Add-Ons Importer
Just a small mod I made because I wanted to easily enable the add-ons for a gamemode and some other add-ons along with it.

Click the "Import" button in the custom game GUI to open the importer. Select the gamemode you want to enable add-ons for and click import. If append is checked then it will enable all of the add-ons for that gamemode and keep any additional add-ons enabled. It'll let you know if there are any add-on/music files that you're missing.

(GameMode_Custom is in the list in the picture, but I've fixed that)

Download on Bockland Glass

Modification Help / Slayer Pathfinding
« on: July 25, 2019, 02:45:30 PM »
Anyone know how to use Slayer's bot pathfinding or if it even works? I'm looking to make some zombies. They need to break through a barrier and then attack the nearest player.

General Discussion / Best Event GUI Mod
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:19:16 PM »
I know there's a good number of mods out there that modify the event GUI(changing the order of events, copy events and such). What's the best one out there that I should get?

I have models of a barricade, mystery box, perk machines, and perk bottles based on Black Ops Zombies. I've converted the window barricade and mystery box into bricks. What should I do with it all? Release them as separate functioning mods? Release them as one mod? How should they all function?

Add-Ons / Script_HealthBar [Now with vehicle health bar too]
« on: July 23, 2019, 11:11:25 AM »
Script_HealthBar - Now with vehicle health bar too
Iban made the original Script_HealthBar, then Visolator souped it up. Now I've added a vehicle health bar into the mod also and made the code generally better. I told Visolator to just update the mod on Blockland Glass with this version, but he hasn't, so I'm posting it here.

Displays your health in the upper right-hand corner. Also displays your health percent and how much health you have and your max health(if enabled). Also displays the health bar for the vehicle you're in below your own health bar. If you're in a vehicle that's mounted to another vehicle then it will display the health bar for the inmost vehicle. Example: If you're in the turret part of the tank it will display the health bar for the main vehicle part of the tank, not the turret.

Double backward compatible with Visolator's version of the mod and should be double backward compatible with the original version.
If you already have a version of this mod just replace the file with this one.

Blockland Glass preferences included.

Modification Help / Using Obj2Blb With Wine
« on: July 21, 2019, 07:27:46 AM »
Is it possible to use Badspot or General's Obj2Blb converter with Wine?

Add-Ons / Eval
« on: July 21, 2019, 06:17:59 AM »
Use the console/Torquescript in the server chat using the $ symbol(default).
Comes with some shortened functions. A raycast is also fired whenever you use eval and some useful variables are added in so that you don't have to type as much. Eval is host-only but can be used by super admins also if you wish. There are a couple of things to block eval from being disabled with eval, but you probably still can if you really try. Any time eval is used the code is broadcasted to the whole server in the chat, as well as in the console.

Blockland Glass preferences included.

Never set $Eval::SuperAdmin to true unless you absolutely 100% trust your super admins!!!

You can use /evalHelp, $help(default), or check the description.txt file for help.
Included things:
$Eval::Symbol - Symbol(s) used to perform eval. Can be any length.
$Eval::SuperAdmin - Wether or not super admins can use eval.
fcbn(%name); - Find client by name shortened.
findPlayerByName(%name);- Find player by name.
fpbn(%name); - Find player by name shortened.
clearConsole(); - Adds whitespace to the bottom of the console.
colorTest(); - Shows you the \c# colors in the console.
%client, %cl, %me - Your client object.
%player, %pl - Your player object.
%hitObj - Object hit by a raycast fired when you use eval.
%hitData - Datablock of the thing your raycast hit.
%hitPos - Position where your raycast hit.
%hitDist - Distance from you to where your raycast hit.
%hitNorm - Normal where your raycast hit.
$Eval::Range - Range of raycast fired.
$Eval::Typemasks - Typemasks for raycast fired.

So for example, if I did $new AIPlayer(Bob) { datablock = PlayerStandardArmor; position = %hitPos; }; then a bot would be spawned at the spot I was looking.
If I did %cl.isSuperAdmin = false; %pl.kill(); then I would no longer be a super admin and I would die. Etc. The built-in variables are there to make your life easier, as are some of the included functions.

Download on Blockland Glass

Add-Ons / Image2Brick
« on: June 17, 2019, 12:06:32 PM »

(Took about 5 seconds)

(Example of background color selection and background exclusion)

(Don't do this. I don't remember how long it took, but it was over 2 hours)

  • Entirely in TorqueScript, unlike other Image2Brick mods.
  • Probably slower than other Image2Brick mods.
  • Can't close GUI, open the console, or put your mouse or practically anything else over the image while the mod is running.
  • Estimated time gets less accurate the bigger the build is.

Other things:
  • Any size image works.
  • Easily pause and resume the build.
  • Works with any brick.
  • There are small red and blue lines as X and Y indicators on the image that represent the build's progress.
  • The build starts in the lower left-hand corner and builds up/forward row by row.
  • You can click and drag on the image to resize it.
  • Optional proportional image scaling(only works with manual input, not dragging).
  • If the image has transparency, you can change the background color.
  • If you select a transparent background color, the correct transparent brick color will be selected.
  • Re-color the image in the GUI(ish).
  • You can build the image upright or flat on the ground.
  • If you select a background color and then exclude the background, then the most transparent color in the server will be selected to replace the background color(if you have it set to tall). If flat is selected then the background colored bricks won't be planted at all.

File selector module by Nexus.

The keybind to open the GUI is under Options > Controls > Building.

Happy spamming.

Add-Ons / onTeamWin [v1.1 - Re-download]
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:07:05 AM »

Adds the input event onTeamWin(Team#).


Add-Ons / Rainbow Mod
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:35:34 AM »

It's like funky shirt but way better.
  • Select individual parts of your avatar to be rainbow or greyscale.
  • Sync rainbow/greyscale colors with each other.
  • Set how fast your color changes.
  • Works with symmetry or without.
  • Turn it on with a keybind or in the avatar window.

Keybind is in Options > Controls > Action > Toggle Rainbow Mod
Also comes with a keybind to toggle the avatar window found in Options > Controls > Gui > Toggle Avatar Window

Video (made by Grayte):

Modification Help / Port's Node Hit Detector
« on: March 04, 2019, 11:49:59 AM »
Port put out a thing that finds the player node given the position you were hit at. Does anyone know where it's at? I can't find it anywhere.

Add-Ons / Zelda Health Bar
« on: February 27, 2019, 04:01:36 PM »

Adds five hearts to your bottom print. Each quarter heart represents 5% of your health. There's a beeping noise when you get down to one heart.
Other people aren't required to download the mod to see it as long as they have download textures on.

Requested by Gautier00.

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