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Faces, Decals, Prints / Alternate Letter Prints
« on: December 30, 2019, 02:05:47 PM »

i showed off some of these in BCC and took some requests
to use these, drop them in your Add-Ons folder like normal, disable Print_Letters_Default and enable one of these.

im aware the preview icons aren't updated

this is what i use to generate these if you want to make your own! edit the style portion of index.html and load it in a browser, use #render at the end of your browser's address bar to render out previews of all characters, and #save to download all 53 generated images (i'd advise that you have your browser auto-download somewhere, it gets a little dicey). extract/copy-paste/etc Print_Letters_Default, drag all generated images into "prints" within it, and boom. (some fonts may require some manual tinkering)

Music / remember marble blast gold?
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:01:16 AM »
i do

EDIT: shell's loop doesn't appear to have that stereo -> mono phase distortion effect with the synths because it's actually only one channel there. when the pads kick in, both are playing, and the kick where the Annoying Orangeet starts playing, it goes back to one. if you just combined the 2 channels for the whole song, that section would sound strange.
edit ur loops :cookie:

BLOCKLAND Speedrunning
We beat things really really fast.

Join the Discord!

Speedrunning is just beating things as fast as possible, not really much to it. I set up a speedrun leaderboard for beating the Tutorial map years ago, but I never really took it any farther than that. I want to now, so I did that.

Right now we've got categories for the Tutorial both in and out-of-bounds for both v21+ and v20, and 5 individual level categories including the Ninja Jump Challenge, Cog's Click Challenge, and Dix Miggie 3 (semi WIP).

(i lost the topic to the SMF exploit oh no)

Games / any of you (still) play rocket league?
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:02:44 AM »
trying to find some people i might play well with (honestly sick and tired of solo queuing), currently gold 3/plat 1
maybe we can all form a group or something

i'll make a player list here
TheBlackParrot        Gold 3 / Platinum 1

Game Modes / Jumping Simulator
« on: August 30, 2017, 11:03:18 PM »
hosted this for a couple of weeks (see: leaderboard before i shut it down), it's an infinitely generating "stairway-to-heaven" type gamemode that uses floating cubes

jump on cubes and go high

if something's wrong, i'll get around to fixing it at some point. nothing should be in need of fixing though, hence me releasing it.

General Discussion / Linux Dedicated Server Script
« on: August 29, 2017, 03:49:03 PM »
I kept having issues with Greek's script and felt it was overdone a bit, wrote my own and made it a bit lighter.

Automatically sets the server root directory and server number (via $Pref::Server::Port, this should be a unique number) as well, all that really has to be passed as an argument is the gamemode.

Requires xvfb, wine, and screen.

Just drop this into your Blockland server's folder, chmod +x, and ./ -g [gamemode].

Code: [Select]


while getopts "ag:hz" opt; do
case "$opt" in
a) ATTACH=true
h) echo "Blockland Dedicated Server Script"
echo "version 1 -- August 29th, 2017 15:46 CDT"
echo "TheBlackParrot (BL_ID 18701)"
echo ""
echo "Usage: ./ [options]"
echo ""
echo "Options: -a Automatically attach to the session [default false]"
echo " -g Specify a gamemode [default \"Custom\"]"
echo " -z Don't attach to a seperate session [default false]"
exit 1
z) NO_SCREEN=true
shift $((OPTIND-1))
[ "$1" = "--" ] && shift

SERVER_PATH=$(dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")")
echo "Using $SERVER_PATH as the server directory."
PORT=$(cat "$SERVER_PATH/config/server/prefs.cs" | grep '$Pref::Server::Port' | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g')
echo "Should be running on port $PORT."

if [ ! -f "$SERVER_PATH/Blockland.exe" ]; then
echo "Blockland executable is missing!"
exit 1

if [ ! -f "$SERVER_PATH/Add-Ons/Gamemode_$GAMEMODE" ]; then
if [ ! -f "$SERVER_PATH/Add-Ons/GameMode_$GAMEMODE" ]; then
if [ ! -f "$SERVER_PATH/Add-Ons/Gamemode_$" ]; then
if [ ! -f "$SERVER_PATH/Add-Ons/GameMode_$" ]; then
echo "Gamemode_$GAMEMODE does not exist in your Add-Ons folder!"
exit 1

if [ $(screen -list | grep -c "$SERVER_NAME") -gt 0 ]; then
echo "Session already running on screen $SERVER_NAME, please shut that down first."
exit 1

if [ $NO_SCREEN = false ]; then
screen -dmS \
xvfb-run -a \
-n 100 \
-e /dev/stdout \
wine wineconsole \
--backend=curses \
"$SERVER_PATH/Blockland.exe" \
ptlaaxobimwroe \
-dedicated \
-gamemode "$GAMEMODE"
xvfb-run -a \
-n 100 \
-e /dev/stdout \
wine wineconsole \
--backend=curses \
"$SERVER_PATH/Blockland.exe" \
ptlaaxobimwroe \
-dedicated \
-gamemode "$GAMEMODE"

if [ $NO_SCREEN = false ]; then
sleep 3

if [ $(screen -list | grep -c "$SERVER_NAME") -gt 0 ]; then
echo "Session started on screen $SERVER_NAME"
if [ "$ATTACH" = true ]; then
screen -x "$SERVER_NAME"
screen -list
echo "Failed to start server."
exit 1

If you use PM2 for process management, you can use this if you want, instead:
pm2 start wineconsole -n BlocklandServerName --interpreter bash --cwd $(pwd) -- --backend=curses Blockland.exe ptlaaxobimwroe -dedicated -gamemode [gamemode]
all one line

Add-Ons / some music player, now with pitch controls
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:37:19 AM »
this was something i wrote a few years ago and i'm still told people use it. it does what you think it does and lets you play music from servers.
it will look for loops in Add-Ons/Client_MusicPlayer, Add-Ons/Music, and config/client/music.

discovered accidentally that client-sided pitch controls are possible with alxSourcef, so you know what comes next

Cannot build in Single Player hardly at all, most numbers being spat out (ex. /timescale) are being rounded incorrectly.

No idea what to do in order to fix it, this is more of a "is this happening to anyone else?" thread. If it's happening to others I might try to submit a bug on Wine's bug tracker.

TL;DR don't update Wine for the time being

Games / Xonotic: The Free and Fast Arena Shooter
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:42:21 PM »

Xonotic is an addictive, arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons. It combines intuitive mechanics with in-your-face action to elevate your heart rate. Xonotic is and will always be free-to-play. It is available under the copyleft-style GPLv2 license.
(taken directly from the main website)

Available on Windows, OS X, and Linux (may also be in your package repositories (see: Arch's [community] repo))

Not hosting a server right now, but probably will if there's enough interest in us having one.

General Discussion / Web-based Server list browser + API
« on: September 24, 2016, 07:01:14 AM »

Click on any of the servers listed to join them (steam/linux users, this doesn't work for you yet)

All functions are sent with GET parameters to this address, and all results are returned in JSON with the server address as keys.

Sort the results (in alphabetical order) based on the requested value

Sort order of the returned results

Hide servers from the results if they are empty, full, or locked.

Print results in a more readable, white-spaced format.

** Multiple values can be used here, chain them with a comma.
N/A As long as the parameter is set, this will turn it on

CORS is enabled, you can call this address with AJAX if you want with no issues.

Example request:,full,locked&pretty=1

Github source:

Modification Help / Discord guild for content creation
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:27:33 PM »

I've seen these things around before, made one specifically for Blockland. I don't expect it to be super active.

I'll also make a text channel for your addon if you just ask, so long as it can warrant having one (ex. shoe/chicken rp wouldn't. Glass, Slayer, New Duplicator, etc. would) (just ask)

 - Bot to reply with a function description if mentioned with a function name. Moderators will be able to curate content over a DM. (trusted users too if the time comes)
 - Some fair way to call someone a "trusted user"
 - Bot to assign the "Builder", "Eventer", "Programmer", "Modeller" roles
 - Bot to assign the "See Ads" role
 - Bot function to post a link to various resources

also could use an icon lol

Add-Ons / Client_CustomChat [v0.3.1-1] :: bitmaps bitmaps bitmaps
« on: September 15, 2016, 04:11:39 AM »
last topic was too old  :nes:

Extensively customize your in-game chat. That's all there is to it.
Forget only changing the font size, what is this 2007?

(note screenshots may be outdated)

New in v0.3.0: backgrounds!


Blockland Glass:


 - Fix issue with Blockland being a special snowflake and resetting the chat profile at odd times
 - <bitmap> markup removal added
 - Fix issue with newChatSO.addLine not updating the chat area
 - Added the ability to change the maximum bitmap height (can fix this issue)

 - Host added as a rank tag
 - BLID tag now exists for custom strings (%id%)
 - Background boxes for chat
 - I now consider the addon stable enough for general release
 - Moved to Blockland Glass/Github releases

 - Added the ability to use custom strings. You can now reorganize chat any way you wish to.
 - Servers can now override strings (and settings) per-client %client.CCOverrideData or server-wide $Pref::Server::CustomChat::Override.
 - Added a chat message counter (%i%, only accessible in custom strings right now)

 - Fixed Slayer's dead chat not being interpreted as a chat message
 - Fixed chat being duplicated in the console if the option to echo was on while hosting a server
 - Slayer color name override is now optional
 - Admin cache will now update when someone's rank is changed
 - Portions of the GUI have been separated to allow easier updating/etc.

 - Added a swear word filter, applies to all messages regardless if it's regular chat or not
 - Added an alpha/opacity slider for shadow color
 - Allow Slayer to override name colors if team colors are enabled in a minigame
 - Tagged string IDs are now sent with chat messages as per default chat (%fmsg)
 - Added an auto-punctuation toggle
 - Fixed chat messages involving Slayer + names recolored to a player's team not being interpreted as a chat message

 - Support_Updater support
 - Fixed bug with Slayer(?) chat modifications

 - Fixed colors not being updated correctly in profiles
 - Fixed tagged strings not related to chat improperly rendering as a standard chat message (e.g. onActivate > Minigame > chatMsgAll > "test")

 - Fixed font and color tags not being stripped in specific use cases
 - Fixed ranks not showing up for ranked users in minigames

 - Fixed conflicts with other addons using RGBToHex

 - Fixed Admin/Super Admin Rank fields accepting color tags
 - "Example Chat" is now hidden in the options menu
 - Timestamps are no longer forced to 12-hour mode
 - Message blip mode settings were corrected in the GUI
 - Filename changes for sounds now take effect upon saving settings
 - Font sizes can no longer go over 64
 - The window now initially starts on the Appearance tab
 - Colors are reset to ""\c0"" when timestamps are visible on all messages (\cr and \co do not work, had to resort to conerting fontColors[0] to hex)

 - The GUI editor likes to give "Button" as the text for buttons when you set them as blank. Fixed.

String replacers:
String examples:


workaround would be to mirror the master server, but it seems silly to mirror what is essentially just text content

was going to write a master server list viewer with some extra functionality that requires no webserver, but \_(ツ)_/

EDIT: adding Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * to the response headers would fix this


last topic was too old  :nes:

DO NOT USE THE STEREO LOOPS unless you know what you're doing with them, or using a gamemode that creates music datablocks itself.
Blockland will delete the files otherwise.

Source for the loop dump viewer, if you want one yourself:
(requires ffmpeg and PHP's zip extension)

If you're not hosting a dedicated server, you don't need this. Don't use this if so.
This adds support for server management over a TCP connection. This will spawn a TCP server in Blockland listening on whatever port you're hosting on minus 1000 by default, unless $Pref::Server::TCP_Control_Port is set.

Really the only thing that needs to be added at this point is better support for custom commands, and more default commands (give me ideas, that would help a ton).
And a better menu, definitely a better menu.

my password isn't hunter2, if yours is hunter2, why

Command Reference:
All commands must have their arguments separated by "\t"
If you're coding your own interface, the very first part of each command must be the sha1 hash of "username:password"

If a command had no errors, you will get OK as a response, ERR [code] [description] otherwise

KICK\t["ID" or name]\t[ID if "ID"]\t[reason]
BAN\t["ID" or name]\t[ID if "ID"]\t[length]\t[reason]

I've included a very basic example client, you'll need Python 3 to run it.

and here is said menu so far

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