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I got a lot of screenshots, but I edited the best ones together.

Around when I joined his server, I got the impression that it was something akin to Super Smash Bros., because of, well, you know, the server name.

Instead, what I found was a Afghan TDM with lava where the teams had weapons that varied wildly, and the host was trying to set everybody to the "noob" team as they joined, because auto-sorting would set them to either of the admin teams (both of which had greater weapons, and enough HP to last 10 minutes of combat) or the "cool" team which was for veterans only.

I ended up on the Cool team myself, and was rapidly swapped to noob. Around this time, one of the admins was panicking because a "noob" had gotten hold of a rocket launcher, which the host never bothered to remove from the map. Several spawns were also under the lava, and made it impossible to escape. Keep in mind that the minigame had 5 lives for each player.

For a while, we fought, and nothing interesting happened aside from the host using chat to blurt out "mondaySSSSSS :D" and assorted stupidity.

After a while, however, the host had apparently gotten bored, deciding both to delete the ground and all existing bricks, leaving everybody in a freefall where only one or two people were able to get kills. In the middle of the confusion, I made a join request to switch to Epic Pro (GS's team / rank) to see what absurd assortment of weapons he had, as well as how much health he possessed.

I got a single kill, where only two other people out of the whole server were able to score a kill even once.

Still panicking, the other admin saw fit to load the Bedroom build. The host set timescale to 2, mistakenly believing it would make the upload faster. For several more rounds, we fought, and the host would purposely reset the minigame each and every time he fell out of range of anybody else. He came close to me quite a few times, but didn't notice I was using the team he made for himself.

Eventually, the host realized that I wasn't on the "noob" team anymore, just a few minutes after the bedroom successfully loaded, and after everybody was gone from the server except for myself, the admins, and two other people (who left when I challenged GS).

After a few attempts of trying to explain to him why playing against people like him is not fun, I issued a challenge where I claimed the reason he used this over-powered loadout was because he couldn't beat me without it.

I was hoping to get him to switch to Noob and fight against me, but what happened was even better.
For reference, GS's class had the Chidori, an assault rifle, the Flamer, and two others I cannot remember. Meanwhile, I, the "noob" had three melee weapons, a pushbroom, and a default bow-and-arrow.

He swapped me to epic pro once again. For three minutes I stood still under direct fire from the "flamer" from the Warhammer 40k pack, which in itself was a very damaging weapon, all while hoping GS would get the message. He did not, and I was banned for 24 hours.

Add-Ons / PJ's Addons [Bricks, Cosmetics, Environments, Prints]
« on: June 16, 2014, 05:33:27 PM »
Simply put, the person who generously hosts my homepage doesn't have as much money as he should have, so I can't reliably host my stuff on my homepage anymore.

From now on, I'll be hosting them on until I have something more reliable. This means they will be deleted if nobody downloads them for over a month.

Screenshots soon. Eventually. Maybe.

Coded by Chrono, models by myself.
A set of tails with four color variations.

Brick_VideoGames_Pack1 -Fixed nested addon, redownload or fix it yourself.-
A collection of 3 bricks resembling Mario items.
Image 1
Image 2

A LEGO-like chair that better resembles Blockland's style.

You might remember these. A set of print-bricks where you can assign which side has which texture.
Image 1
Image 2



Print Letters from the Standard Galactic Alphabet of Commander Keen and Minecraft fame.
They're arranged in reverse, but I'm working on solutions to this.
Image 1

Suggestions & Requests / Set Default Centerprint Settings
« on: June 09, 2014, 02:54:42 PM »
Simply put, I'd like a server mod that automates certain things for centerprints.

Like, if I wanted to automatically make centerprints white unless I specify a different color.
Or if I want to use a sans serif font by default.

Suggestions & Requests / Output Event: FakeActivate
« on: April 05, 2014, 10:25:17 PM »
An event that fakes an /activatestuff command (defaulting to the brick owner, if a player object can't be found) would be fantastic.

Basically, a SendRelay event that instead activates things.

Drama / Lieutenant Sharp, RainbowDashie and ẞiller
« on: April 05, 2014, 10:13:02 PM »
Lieutenant Sharp has some very poor choices in administrators.

When I joined, two admins with the same ID by the name of "Emmet", presumably relatives, were fighting a Super Admin named RainbowDashie. Rather than administrate the server, they spent several rounds duking it out over some dumb excuse I didn't hear before. They were also tossing grenades into the build.

After some time, RainbowDashie decided it was almost time to leave, not before chastising the host. RainbowDashie looked at the admin password, posted it publicly in chat, and then after posting it, told nobody to use it except for one person.

Although RainbowDashie was obviously a poor choice of an admin, Biller was even worse. He started running people over with a jeep he summoned, taking players on joyrides as well. I stole it from him in an attempt to make it unusable, but then he kicked me for it.

When he kept trying to make official decisions as if he meant something, I pointed out that he wasn't actually an administrator for the server, and only got the password that RainbowDashie posted.

Music / Roundabout by Yes
« on: March 19, 2014, 09:05:46 AM »
Prepare your Jojos.

Main is 14 seconds long, intro is 40~ seconds long.

Add-Ons / Brick_64xRoads
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:28:32 PM »
A set of five baseplates with roads on top of them, very similar to the default roads. They've been doubled in size. An Adaptor has also been added so you can connect 64x roads to 32x roads.

Screenshots are not needed, please do not ask for them.

Download from

Drama / Book (ID: 21841) - Admin abuse, deliberate team-killing
« on: March 07, 2014, 04:19:20 PM »
So, I'm playing on Zapk's server with a single admin online. The helicopter's just arriving, and I'm on top of the skyscraper that connects to another skyscraper by a bridge that kills itself when a player touches it. However, if you jump at the very middle of it, you can make it across. If anybody else touches the bridge, though, it's gone.

So, you'd think the right thing for an admin to do would be to let me cross properly. Apparently not. Book steps onto the very end of the bridge, and causes it to collapse before I can jump to safety. I fall to my death, and as that happens, he d-wands another player, then fetches them to himself right before they fall to their death. I ask for Book to justify his actions repeatedly, and each and every time he avoids answering me.

At this point, he just goes back to the ritual of kicking / banning AFK players, or players who just refuse to play.

Screenshots. May be slightly out of order.
x, x, x, x, x, x, x

Boshy has been excessively rude to another player on ButtMan's server. Additionally, he was also being rude to the host himself, but only for a few seconds.

It started off with somebody named Blockboy asking a harmless question about why he was in spectate mode. Now, he did ask it numerous times, but Boshy decided to throw a fit a Blockboy, and started cursing at him and calling names. I wasn't going to stand for this. I called him a "stuffhead", and told him to stop freaking out over Blockboy.

He responded by claiming that only people over 60 could be stuffheads.
Some time after this, he decided to politely ask the host how to get money, with sparse use of the word "forget".

x x x x x

Some time after, where he pretended to had me muted, he suddenly came upon the revelation that I'm "Zuki".


Theeeen he tried to blame it on his brother.


After a while, when I made an off-hand mention of writing a drama topic, he all of a sudden had a change of heart, and began begging me to not do it. At one point he threatened to counter-drama me five times.

Add-Ons / Polycubes and Dicecubes - Print cubes with 4 or 6 different sides
« on: February 21, 2014, 09:15:28 AM »
Original topic is too old, so here's a repost, as I just finished making a six-sided version.

These are print cubes that can have four or six textures applied to their sides. The drop in resolution is entirely unavoidable.

I've created some example prints that can be used with each. They're packaged inside the prints this time.
Print categories for these bricks are "Print_Polycube" and "Print_Dicecube".

These are being hosted from my personal website. Feel free to re-host or make modifications. Delete Brick_Polycubes if you already have it.

Suggestions & Requests / Free flight system for players in minigames
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:03:59 PM »
I want to make a magic-based deathmatch where players fly around. Kind of like "Noclip" in source games, but with a little bit of sliding.
If somebody could make this sort of flight as a mod for me, that'd be fantastic. Minigames-only would be preferred so I can build without sliding around everywhere.

Suggestions & Requests / ChangeToFavoriteColor + SetFavoriteColor
« on: December 21, 2013, 10:27:35 PM »
I tried to get this to work with VCE, but it just doesn't seem to work right for some reason.

Basically, I'd like two events that do the following.

A event for bricks that change's the brick color to match one set as the "favorite color".

An event for clients that sets their favorite color to the color of the brick that triggered the event.

Modification Help / Syntax error in server.cs?
« on: December 21, 2013, 04:00:53 PM »
Code: [Select]
datablock fxDTSBrickData(brickFullRingData)
brickFile = "./ring.blb";
category = "special";
subCategory = "misc";
uiName = "Stunt Ring";
iconName = "";

datablock fxDTSBrickData(brickTopRingData)
brickFile = "./ring top.blb";
category = "special";
subCategory = "misc";
uiName = "Stunt Ring - Upper";
iconName = "";

datablock fxDTSBrickData(brickBottomRingData)
brickFile = "./ring bottom.blb";
category = "special";
subCategory = "misc";
uiName = "Stunt Ring - Lower";
iconName = "";

I can't seem to find where the syntax error is supposed to be. Console says line 11, but, again, I can't figure it out.

Music / Peejster's Loops - 2spooky edition
« on: January 19, 2013, 07:58:53 AM »
Sonic the Hedgehog
》Super Sonic Racing: Download (thread)
》Aquarium Park: Download (thread)

Touhou Project
》Nuclear Fusion: Download (thread)
》Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me: Download (thread)
》Lunatic Princess: Download (thread)
》Dance of Witches: Download (thread)
》U. N. Owen was Her?: Download (thread)
》BAD Apple!!!: Download (thread)

》Sperm Factory: Download (external)
》No Risk, No Phun: Download (external)
》Japanese Toy Car: Download (external)
》Riding a Dragon: Download (external)
》Pitstop: Download (external)
》Battles 3: Download (external)
》Turtle Race: Download (external)
》Race for Life: Download (external)

》Into the Wasteland: Download (thread)
》Tales of Phantasia: Download (thread)
》Rolling Turtle: Download (thread)
》Dial Tone slowed down by 700%: Download (external)

Requests will be considered.

Previous thread got too old to reply to.

General Discussion / How to Make a Server: The Incomplete Guide
« on: October 16, 2012, 07:50:22 PM »
Table of Contents

  • Embodiment of Server Doctrine
    • Highly Responsive to Players
    • Subterranean Administration
    • Unique Fantastic Objective

Embodiment of Server Doctrine
Congratulations, you decided to host a server for some reason. Maybe you want to test something. Maybe you want to get to meet people. Or maybe you think you can do it better than those other guys.

If you agree with that last statement, then you are most likely wrong. Leave it to the players to decide that.

Remember, you are offering the players a free service. The players are more important than you are. Do not expect the players to entertain you. You are there to entertain your players. It's like starting a restaurant, putting your feces in the food, and pleasuring yourself as the customers try to eat it. If you don't care about what the players think of your server, you aren't fit for hosting a server.

Highly Responsive to Players
Naturally, since your server exists for the benefit of the players, the players should have some say in how the server is run. You should consider what they say about the server, the build, and the other players. If several players complain about the  build, there is clearly something wrong. If everybody complains about a particular player, then you need to have a talk with that player.

Fix the problem before your players go elsewhere.

Subterranean Administration
In addition to the content of your server, administration will have a huge impact on how people view your server. While people tend to have different standards for who to admin on their server, I recommend that you do not make people administrator on any of these bases.

  • The person is a friend or family member.
  • The person won a challenge or got a certain score ingame.
  • The person asked for it without giving a good reason.

You should judge people only by what they can contribute to the server. Did somebody help fix your events? Admin that guy. Did somebody build something big for you? Admin him too. Did a person make an addon exclusively for your server? Holy stuff, admin that guy as well.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with picking an admin because you trust they'll keep the players under control.

Unique Fantastic Objective
Since you're hosting a server for the benefit of the players, ask yourself. "What can my server offer that the others can't?"

Have you come up with an answer for that? No? Then you need to start over again.

Have you finally come up with something unique? Oh, we can check our ping with a chat command that anybody can add to their server? That's great. Start over again.

Wait, you're hosting a freebuild now? Get out of my sight.

Think about the games you like to play. Why do you play those games instead of something else? If they did not have the features that made them unique, would you still play those games? It's like taking the motion control away from a Wii, and then asking people whether they want to play on the Wii or a Playstation. The reason why people like the Wii is because it has something unique. Of course, there are people that would prefer the Playstation over the Wii anyway, but hopefully you understand the point.

If your server does not have anything unique, it will see many, many less players. This is something I have even experienced myself.

I once hosted a server that played like a puzzle game. Players could paint themselves various colors. If they touched a brick of the same color, that brick would disappear temporarily. The server had quite a few players.

Another time, I hosted a Mirror's Edge server that, while it still saw plenty of places, was somewhat less popular than my puzzle game.

And, even later after that, I hosted an ordinary racing server. I never had more than 8 players at a time.

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