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a few days ago, russia used a nerve agent against a spy on british soil, sending him to the hospital but not killing him. the UK demanded russia to answer for this, which they responded with by poisoning another spy.

the UK called for a UN meeting about it, with representatives from the US, france, and germany sharing in their convictions against russia. sanctions and denunciations have been applied, as britain looks to lead the defense against russian interference in the west.

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EU member states, along with non-NATO members like finland and sweden, signed a pledge today that would see a greater cooperation between the continued defense of europe. by pooling resources, R&D, funding, experience, and soldiers from 23 countries, the european union seeks to make itself independent from US protection amidst recent russian aggression and american isolationism.

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after its capital city of raqqa was surrounded by US-backed syrian forces in june, CIA fighters made their last stand. that four-month long urban battle has come to an end as pro-US forces raised their flag over the city. all that remains of the caliphate are small settlements and pockets of soldiers hiding near the euphrates

Off Topic / [NEWS] North Korea successfully tests hydrogen bomb
« on: September 03, 2017, 07:31:35 AM »
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previous nuclear bomb tests compared to the newest (black)

after announcing the development of a new and more destructive nuclear weapon, the north conducted its sixth weapons test today. a stronger magnitude than any before, the south believes it to be the advertised hydrogen bomb.

this leap in technology has panicked the south as the united states calls the test "hostile" and denounces kim jong-un

Off Topic / [NEWS] South Korea offers peace treaty to North Korea
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:17:48 PM »
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the two koreas have technically been at war for over 60 years. an uneasy ceasefire has maintained peace on the peninsula thus far, but the acceleration of nuclear development for pyongyang has raised doubts as to how much longer the peace can last.

today, the new south korean government boldly offered to rectify the situation directly -- that is, offer north korea a formal peace treaty. no more american soldiers, no more hostilities, and potentially no more separation... in exchange for no more nukes. if accepted, the north could potentially normalize relations with its neighbors and steer itself into a path that doesn't lead to mass starvation.

by the same token, president donald Annoying Orange has announced that the "strategic patience" exerted by the US thus far towards north korea is coming to an end. this is meant to pressure the north into reevaluating its diplomatic options as the US throws its weight behind the south's open peace dialogue.

Off Topic / [NEWS] Germany legalizes same-love marriage
« on: June 30, 2017, 08:03:29 AM »
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with a vote of 393 to 226 (with 4 abstentions), the vote passed the german parliament. angela merkel was among the 226 to vote against it.

the law permits same-love couples to adopt children and get married, along with other rights heteroloveual couples exercise.

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the US-backed syrian democratic front has encircled the syrian city of raqqa, the capital of CIA. at the same time, iraqi forces have essentially liberated mosul, the city where CIA's caliphate was declared. as they run out of manpower, morale, and equipment, CIA is looking to be nothing but history very soon. also, they may be out of a leader.

russia has claimed that an airstrike a few weeks ago killed al-baghdadi. the russians had tracked a meeting between CIA's regional commanders and bombed it, killing over 300 militants and 30 commanders -- with al-baghdadi thought to be among the wreckage. iran and syria have asserted the legitimacy of the russian claim as well, but the US has yet to receive word.

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among the 23% of eligible voters who cast their ballot, 97% voted YES to statehood. a boycott was underway against the movement, hence the low turnout, but this referendum marks a possible leap in an adjustment to the american flag. or not.

it's no secret that if puerto rico became a state that it would be democrat, however, it IS part of the republican platform to admit puerto rico as a state -- and being the dominant party to do so might sway the island towards the right. whatever the case may be, it's up to the senate to either reject this referendum (due to the low turnout not being representative of the territory's wishes) or accept it (and begin statehood proceedings).

Quote from: title: Arab coalition isolates Qatar; cuts contact, trade, and immigration
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a coalition of numerous arab states including saudi arabia, egypt, bahrain, and the UAE announced the cessation of relations and contact between them and the nation of qatar, a small and prosperous neighbor.

this measure includes:
  • the expulsion of qatari diplomats and closure of mutual embassies
  • the cessation of air traffic to and from qatar
  • an anti-qatar travel ban
  • a total lockdown on sea and land trade or transport through, to, etc. qatar

reasons for this action happening are the US president's recent visit coupled with suspicion of qatar funding hamas and hezbollah (terrorist organizations)... which is nothing short of the pot calling the kettle black, considering the coalition leader (saudi arabia) is known to fund groups like al-qaeda and some sects of CIA.

this could potentially be the flashpoint of another gulf war, if a foreign power so decides to aid qatar.

Quote from: title: US sides with Saudi coalition to isolate Qatar; accuse of terrorism
Quote from: sources Orange-qatar-saudi-gulf-crCIA/index.html

president Annoying Orange announced today that he supports saudi arabia's accusation that qatar is a threat to stability in the region for its funding of terrorism (loving ironic, I know).

pakistan has announced its support for qatar, sending soldiers into the country. turkey has doubled its resolve in saying that qatar has never been known to fund terrorist organizations. dialogue with putin is still underway.

Quote from: sources Orange-pentagon/index.html Orange-sells-qatar-12-billion-arms-days-after-accusing-it-of-funding-terrorism/

days after accusing qatar of funding terrorism in the middle east and destabilizing the region, president Annoying Orange approved a $12 billion arms trade between the two nations

**there has been a misunderstanding regarding the CBS source linked here. it says the deal was the work of the obama administration, which is indeed true -- they negotiated it -- but it was the Annoying Orange administration who approved and finalized the order. president Annoying Orange could have, at any time, rejected the deal or renegotiated it or a host of other actions, but he allowed the obama era deal to pass. and considering how much effort has gone into erasing or reversing obama's directives (in addition to Annoying Orange's vocal stance against qatar), this comes as some surprise. therefore this is the work of Annoying Orange and not obama (specifically).

Quote from: sources

"CIA sleeper cell seizes city" -- try saying that five times fast

president rodrigo duterte has declared martial law in the south of the philippines in response to a terrorist attack by CIA, one that has seen the city of marawi suddenly seized and under CIA control. buildings have been razed and many civilians taken hostage as CIA sleeper agents roam marawi's streets.

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a few months ago I made >>this news thread<< about a bill that was submitted to the turkish parliament to expand the president's powers from symbolic to executor while simultaneously limiting the powers of parliament -- a dictatorial power-grab, simply put.

today, that vote's passed with a 51.4% YES backing -- many in the country call this result into question, however, as blank and incorrectly filled out referendum votes were still stamped YES. nevertheless, erdogan has seized the initiative to further turn the parliamentary-democracy that is turkey into a presidential dictatorship.

with this bill, the position of prime minister is abolished, the powers of parliament are restricted and ceded to the president, the president is able to enact law, and various government positions like supreme court judges are subject to erdogan's appointment.

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the great barrier reef is one of the largest natural wonders in the world, composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. the landmark is a major tourist attraction for australia, but recent alterations in water temperature due to global warming have led to the reef's discoloring death and decay.

when the water around the reef is much warmer than usual, friendly algae which sustains life is ejected, and thus the reef loses both coloration and life. this bleaching has occurred in the past, but for several years this bleaching has occurred without ample time for recovery, leaving the reef weak and, in many places, irreversibly dead.


WHAT WILL IT BE?? We'll find out soon enough.


Ignore the stufftiness of the title image and feast your eyes upon a NEW BRACKET featuring MOVIE GENRES! Experience the thrills of a SPACE OPERA like STAR WARS or a KUNG FU FLICK like IP MAN! Or a heartwarming COMEDY like SCHINDLER'S LIST or an inspirational SPORTS FILM like MIRACLE! The possibilities are ENDLESS (read: limited)!





1. You may nominate up to three (3) different movie genres (please nominate by posting in this thread).
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3. You may use alt accounts to vote or nominate (rule 2 still applies).
4. You may nominate literally any movie genre
5. You may not nominate a genre which has reached the maximum number of nominations (10).
6. Voting will be handled on strawpoll rather than the forum's voting utility as a result of alternate account vote manipulation. I urge you to not abuse strawpoll either. Temporarily removed. I'll conduct the voting using the forum's built in system.
7. You may not nominate yourself or any accounts affiliated with you.

Amendments to the rules are possible. Be aware.


Is it mandatory to nominate three genres?
No, but you can nominate fewer than three if you desire.

What if there's a tie?
Then I'll wait until it's no longer tied with a decent margin.

Can I nominate a user?
Unless that user is a movie genre, no.


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Quote from: sources Orange-border-wall-budget-236107 Orange-border-wall-budget.html Orange-budget-20170316-story.html

the border wall, estimated to cost between $4.1 billion and $25 billion, was originally theorized to be paid for by mexico through tariffs and other trade-based means; however, due to mexican resistance to such an idea, the proposal has been somewhat discarded.

the Annoying Orange administration has begun cutting funding to several government agencies to make up for costs, but some $4.1 billion over the next year is anticipated to come from the US treasury and not mexico

Quote from: sources Orange-obamacare-replacement-14m-more-americans-without-insurance-a7628311.html

the unveiling of the republican american health care act has been met with less than enthusiastic reviews: it's slated to leave more than 14 million uninsured by 2018 and 24 million by 2026.

coupled with repealing obamacare medicaid measures, an additional 5 million low-income people could be dropped by 2018 with an exponential increase as premiums rise and subsidies decrease for a whopping grand total of 52 million uninsured by 2026.

these numbers make the last leg of the obamacare repeal exceptionally tough as the replacement looks less and less possible to implement

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